6 thoughts on “Prosecution Medical Experts Will Examine Bevilacqua

  1. Susan, this is a positive development. If Bevilaqua is mentally incompetent, fine. If he is competent, he should be subject to the criminal process, just like US presidents are, No one is above the law. The 2011 grand jury report indicates very clearly that Bevilaqua called the shots on the cover up of the rapes of Philly children by his priests. Lynn then becomes the fall guy. Chaput’s recent colossal and insensitive blunder with his secret cheerleading session will only incentivise the prosecutors in the Philly criminal case, as well as the lawyers who filed the International Criminal Court case against the pope. It would not be surprising to learn that the pope, Law and Rigali are as unhappy today as the Catholics of Philly about having Chaput continue in Philly..

  2. Why does this judge keep postponing Bevilacqua’s competency hearing and testimony? If the church is really lucky, maybe he will die before they actually get around to it. This sounds heartless, but let’s face it, he’s 88 and not getting any younger.

    1. don’t you think this is why they keep postponing it. He dies, no testimony. Somehow, I keep visualizing the DA and the AB hugging and giving each other the good ol boys’ slap on the back. Jaded, pessimistic, sometimes I am, especially after the other night’s clergy pep rally. I’m sure they held their glasses of champagne high 🙁
      But, in spite of this temporary pessimism, I will continue to pray for all Catholics to join in the fight for right.

  3. Yes, we must pray for all Catholics to see the light, to change the direction of the RCC–because WE ARE THE CHURCH.

    They have the best public realtions people; they have the most to lose. But they are NOTHING without US!!! WE will prevail. There is a new day coming for the RCC.

    Keep blogging. Keep praying for justice. Rally. Protest. Above all, DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!!!

  4. Abigal, you are not jaded. If anything, you may not be cynical enough. The DA should have pressed to have Bevilaqua examined by an independent physician years ago. Why did he delay? Therecent public outcry was the difference. In Philly, judges and prosecutors are elected. If enough Philly Catholics express their outrage often and loudly, as they should if they want to protect their kids from rape by perverted creeps who are sheltered by their bishops, you will be heard. Trust me on that.

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