Brzyski Finally Faces Judgment

The archdiocesan coverup of sexual abuse in Philadelphia successfully protected James Brzyski from prosecution. A monster to at least 100 victims, he has been found dead in a Texas hotel. The priest was only defrocked after the 2005 Grand Jury report exposed the hidden allegations of rape and molestation.

Please read: “James Brzyski, infamous Philly priest, found dead in Texas hotel,” by Maria Panaritis, The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 13, 2017.

Excerpt: “But, like 62 other priests the grand jury said abused hundreds of children over decades in the five-county archdiocese, Brzyski was never criminally charged or prosecuted. After top archdiocesan officials learned about his assaults, Brzyski admitted to acts of sexual misconduct, and he was sent to a Catholic treatment center, where a top clinician said the priest manifested pedophilia.

Brzyski walked out on treatment, however, and refused to stay in ministry. Church officials chose not to report him to law enforcement and only told parishioners at St. Cecilia’s that he had left for medical reasons. The church further issued a policy instructing that no effort be made to locate victims from St. Cecilia’s, the grand jury found.

By the time prosecutors conducted their expansive probe of clergy abuse decades later, the statute of limitations had expired, barring the filing of criminal charges or any lawsuits against him or the church that had once overseen him.

Editors’ Note:

Kathy and I would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to his victims. We know his death brings far more complicated feelings than just relief. Please know that you can reach out to us and the Catholics4Change community.

14 thoughts on “Brzyski Finally Faces Judgment

  1. The Key Quote in this this article is “Church officials chose not to report him to law enforcement and only told parishioners at St. Cecilia’s that he had left for medical reasons. The church further issued a policy instructing that no effort be made to locate victims from St. Cecilia’s, the grand jury found.” I would love to see Catholics with So Called Christian Values Defend this Blatant “Criminal” Activity that comes directly from Chaput and his predecessors. How people can knowingly respect, follow, and give their hard earned money to this corrupt business which has zero respect for anything but their own pockets is freaking beyond me. In ALL Honesty putting your kid into a Catholic School is the same as throwing them into a prison cell with BUBBA! It should be a punishable Child Endangerment offence. To knowingly hand your kids over to this organization is Complete INSANITY and in most parents cases Pure Stupidity especially knowing what we know now with the media coverage/Grand Jury Reports over the last 20 years.I hope Brzyski hits his head on EVERY BUMP on his way to HELL! I can only hope his victims find some solace in this monsters death but, also seek someone to talk to if need be!

    1. Yes Chris, as a victim of clergy abuse many years ago, I feel a sense of relief that another of these predators can no longer abuse children. Who really knows how many victims this priest or any other priest left behind in their wake. There are estimations that he abused over one hundred kids in Philadelphia alone. How many more were there in Texas and other places that he has lived since he left here. Most victims simply never come forward. And can you really blame them. Our society and that includes both the Catholic Church and the Pennsylvania State Legislature have done little to bring these predators to justice. The Church has continuously tried to protect the Institution from scandal and in the process protected sexual abusers from prosecution. The State Legislature has also failed in its’ duty to protect the most innocent in our state by bowing down to the likes of Chaput , the Catholic Lobby and the Insurance Lobby. It saddens me that most predator priests will only be stopped when that die.

      1. Jim,

        Unfortunately until when/if the State allows a look back window on the Statutes of Limitations most survivors will be stuck. Even if SOL reform is passed you can be damn certain the Arch of Phila. will do their best to settle old cases out of court to avoid the info they are hiding to get out into the public realm. Its amazing that after 12 years of Catholic School the AOD cant do what they taught us all those years. Its as simple as “Do The Next Right Thing”. Chaput like to profess that he had nothing to do with what happened here in Philly all those years ago however, by his constant covering for his predecessors his hands are just as dirty as far as I’m concerned. He is not a part of the solution he is part of the problem! Heres to hoping the State does the right thing and passes the SOL look back!

  2. So sorry for all his victims. I doubt if his death will be comfort to any of them. But, at least we all know that now he can’t hurt any more kids. There is some peace in that fact and hopefully they can feel it. I continue to pray for them.

  3. If the diocese made a consciuous decision not to report bryski knowing he was an abuser then why isn’t the SOL tolled ? The AOD of Philly ‘ fraudelntly concealed crimes by bryski and the numerous other abusers in the diocese ( which is ” SOP ” ) .’ Is this conduct of a ‘ moral ‘ institution or that of a business who’s only goal is to protect themselves ?

    Excerpt from ” Whistle ‘ by Tom Doyle

    A power structure that is accountable only to itself will always end by abusing the powerless. Even then, it will , paternalistically, ask to be trusted to repair the damage.

    ( The pope/vatican/rcc & hierarchy can not be trusted ever )!

  4. The archdiocese had a duty to warn and protect. It failed to meet common and universal standards of human decency. Wicked, depraved, immoral, corrupt. Cruel, inhumane, destructive, ruinous.

    Reform the priesthood. The curse of Catholicism.

  5. When I found that all 3 of my priest abusers had “passed on” it did very little to comfort me. Why? Because not one had been prosecuted! As for me, I never saw justice. To all the survivors I know how you feel. My heart reaches out to you. I do however, believe in the God of Justice. Brzyski will meet his due! Karma will exact what he deserves. I know it brings little solace to your pain. Seek support. My thoughts and heart are with you as you journey through this painful place in your soul!

  6. You only mention St. Cecilia, what about the multitude of victims from St. John the Evangelist in Lower Makefield in the late 70s to early-mid 80s?
    I was a student at the grade school during Fr. Jim Brzyski’s reign of terror. Thank God I was female. My girlfriends and I always found it strange that Fr. Jim never showed any ‘interest’ in or had any ‘time’ for the girls. Something now we will forever be grateful for.
    I knew one of the most heavily abused and favorite victims’ quite well (this victim is listed in the court/investigation papers under the pseudonym ‘Richard’). Everything about this extremely handsome boy’s quiet, unassuming demeanor back then now makes compete sense (he never dated or had a girlfriend). Please read for yourself, it’s easy to find.
    Another alter boy’s family moved clear across the country in the middle of 7th grade within the span of a week. Looking back, I’m quite sure this boy was another who suffered at the hands of this wretched man. God only knows how many others, but there were many.
    I pray for these innocent victims daily as I’m sure unlike ‘Richard’ there are many I don’t know about.
    May the flames of hell be licking at this depraved man’s backside for eternity.

  7. I am a victim of this monsters time at St. John’s.
    “Richard” was a very good friend of mine.
    I remember the mass for his brother’s funeral.
    I have lost track of him now though.
    Fr. Jim liked to prey on us altar boys.
    My life has been forever altered due to this.
    Came very close to suicide in the 1980s.
    After reading about what this priest did after St John’s I have tremendous guilt that I could not “speak” up and maybe spare the boys in the next parish.
    I only hope that there is a hell and that he is roasting in it.

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