41 thoughts on “May the Lord’s Miracle Strengthen Your Faith and Renew Your Hope

  1. Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there. Clarence W. Hall

    Blessed Easter to all.

  2. Susan,
    Happy Easter!
    You are an inspiration for remaining faithful, while at the same time fighting for Truth and Justice in the ‘Church.’
    I hope to meet you sometime, and have a chat over lunch.
    God Bless You,
    Walt Sandell

  3. Happy Easter,,,thank you for of the great work that you are doing for the people of God’s Church!

  4. Wishing you, a blessed Easter, Susan and Kathy, AND ALL the folks who comment and/or read C4C

  5. “And strenghen your Spirit”.
    Someone once referred to John resting on the breast of Jesus.

  6. Thanks Kathy and Susan for all you do on behalf of our victims, families and children.
    Since April is Child Abuse Awareness Month, I think a meaningful word to meditate on is


    The virtue of humility may be defined: “A quality by which a person considering his own defects has a lowly opinion of himself and willingly submits himself to God and to others for God’s sake.”

  7. It sure is refreshing to see that you have taken Jesus off the cross. I guess even you have had enough of the guilt and shame that has been preached for centuries from Roman Catholic pulpits around the globe. Jesus’ final words before His death on the cross were “It is finished.” He was and still is the ultimate sacrifice for the atonement of our sins. Acceptance of Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior is all that is necessary for salvation. The word “purgatory” was used as scary, made up place to intimidate Catholic school students and keep them returning to the priest for “salvation.” No wonder so many have left “Holy Mother Church.” Forget pedophilia. The main reason that your churches are empty is false teaching. Read Revelation 2:18 -25 Kurt Gladsky Founder: Christian Brothers Sexual Abuse Survivors Network and a born again Christian.

    1. Kurt I am sorry for the suffering that you have gone through. I am not a survivor myself but I don’t think many people understand the depths of the suffering you have been through……..again I am sorry and I am trying to do my best to reach out,changes laws and increase awareness this is something people deal with for a lifetime. I don’t think the church is teaching false teachings as much as not following the churches teaching. I don’t want to debate you as I understand to an extent where you are coming from. My husband was abused by a member of a Bible church and actually that church and pastor were very kind to me……

    2. Kurt, it is a long, long time since I have heard your reference to the words of Christ on the cross.
      Being a convert, I brought that with me from my Salvation Army upbringing.
      Yes it was all done on the cross over 2000 years ago. This suffering at the hands of clergy has no place in the identifing of suffering on this cross.
      He has risen indeed, and justice is a right, and blessed are they that seek it.

  8. I was in mass today and I was thinking to myself “I am so glad Jesus rose from the dead” 🙂 Happy Easter everyone! I have hope and his name is Jesus!

    P.S. I shared with my priest today after mass what I experienced in the city on Good Friday……..so much love of neighbor so much compassion that will bring change and justice I believe…………. all in God’s time

  9. A big Thank-You to Susan and Kathy for all their hard work. A Blessed Easter to all.

  10. False teaching about what they expected you to be, in their GOSPELS OF MAN , not what Christ taught in HIS Gospels, is what I prevcieve the rcc institution to be.NOW Sad that it took us 60 yrs to be enlightened.

    The priests that I knew and there were many, had a way of being very superior intellectually about many things, except the”real world that all of us live in” . They had an expectation that their parishioners should GIVE THEM what ever they needed or wanted.. They always seemed to be on the “poor me” side.

    Whether it was money, a new refridgerator, a cashmere jacket, or a HOT TUB at the rectory(my husband and the men’s club of SMG bought them because they were asked to by the pastor Fr. Jack Spaulding, who just this yr., was thrown out of the church and is in South America with his buddie Fr Loren Riebe,thrown out of Mexico for sexually abusing the orphans he cared for in his orphanage. Many sexual abuses happened in that hot tub. They had enough money to buy their own orphanage in Souh America. They were never laizied. Never went to trial etc. Just go and they did just that.

    Then again the Bishops,etc., wish you to know, that they “knew” all the” right people” and were “given”all the special gifts by these elite people; Cuban cigars, Crown Royal, Grey Goose, Ralph Lauern, etc., every thing that the rich worked hard for and handed to them as they showed interest in not being able to afford. When you get used to expensive things you have a hard time getting used to Wallmart. .

    So goes all the hierarchy, they’ll tell you everything was a gift(asked for that is) The boldness of them, was a sickening sight to witness. People gave as they felt sorry for them.

    Every expensive restraunt where you’d think they couldn’t afford was a hang out for them in San Diego. They’d even go alone. Putting it on a credit card and dressed as civilians too! Same in Vegas and at the Beach Hotels. Whinning little cowards that are so” Me” oriented that they thought they could get away with sexually molesting our innocents. NO MORE! We gotch- a -Don’t post til after Easter. Shame on me for doing this today.

    1. glorybe1929,
      I would be disgusted by priests like that also. When I was in the restuarant business I met a few like that.And then to turn out to be abusive on top of that……….I would feel both had and betrayed. I believe your heart is in the right place.Peace and Happy Easter.

    2. Sundays and especially Church holy days are particularly hard for many people who have exited the Church because their consciences can’t support it, or who have been driven out for whatever reason. They have to endure these days without the company of a Church community, and without the mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment provided by sacred rituals. A person can feel a great deal of anger and resentment for having been put in this unanchored position.

      1. haditCatholic,
        Thankyou for this heartfelt insight and pointing this out. I didn’t think about that. I learn so much from you and SW .

  11. While in Church today, I felt good about something (which hasn’t happened in a long time). It really hit me how close I have become to Jesus in the last year. I have felt so lost, disillusioned and hurt by the realization of who is running our Church and how they have acted so unlike Christ. But, in going through this difficult time in which my eyes have been opened, I have depended so much on my relationship with our Lord and it has been strengthened. By eliminating the focus on a “middle man”, I have become closer to the only one who is important and the only one to whom we actually need to answer….God.

    1. no Beth did not see that,

      Active priests such as OSA are included, but accused priests of religious orders are not. These are not just parish priests listed as active but also religious priests at the high schools? So why don’t they list the religious deceased and accused ?

      1. Ed,

        Generally priests of religious orders do not fall under the direct authority of the local bishop; they answer directly to Rome. That does not mean that the bishop has no control over them, but his control is very limited, and he is not involved in their day to day operations. That is the duty of their religious superior.

      2. Dr. Who13,

        The criteria they use is correct – active clergy, but as you point out the religious priests from the university are not under the Bishop, but are listed, yet a religious priest was allowed to work in a parish after the religious was accused. His name isn’t on the list as he is a religious. It was another case of a pastor not realizing the person was accused. That religious will have his trial soon..

        My point is – the active priest list allows religious to be listed, but the accused list doesn’t included religious. Small list of accused, large list of clergy(Archdiocesan Clergy + religious) with different criteria to the effect of skewing the numbers. So I just want to mention that the heading of the listing(Archdiocesan Clergy whose ministry has been restricted ) is correct, but doesn’t tell the whole story As an ex religious, I seen the reassignments to hide some priests – included names mentioned by my friends in the 60’s.

    1. Ok.I will answer my own question. They wrote about it before. I remember when the 1st grand jury report came out my dad saying something like this report is very serious and the catholic standard and times is writing about Harry Potter? Nothing about the report.

    2. Beth,the day I attended a staff member from the Catholic Standard & Times / Phaith magazine , was present in the press area of the courtroom. . I hope these blogs make it into the CS&T and Phaith to reach a larger audience and many older Catholics who do not use computers.

      1. I do too Kathy.Michael and a few othes commented on their online magazine we should try to do that when a trial article comes up.

      2. The piece is clearly intent on projecting Mark as not stable, not credible, not consistent in his testimony.

      3. Hadit, agree, the article was slanted. Would be curious to know if that paper has reported on any OTHER days in court. I doubt it.

      4. The piece projects the AD as having a firm handle on matters pertaining to the testimony of the police officer. Trauger, his abuser, was laicized. The AD has proof (a letter) of knowing about the police officer’s abuse before he, himself, was willing to divulge it. Schmeer was removed from ministry and is “praying” away his sins. What more could the AD do????? is what the piece is trying to say.

  12. Two of the world’s great religions share some of the same religious texts, and agree that they worship the same God. One is 5,000 years old; the other is 2,000 years old. The Newer Religion teaches its people to accept suffering in silence, to be obedient and humble, and to look for no reward in this life but to look forward to a Better Life in the Next World. The Older Religion teaches its children that they are The Chosen People of God, that He prefers them above all others, that they are Princes and Princesses among men and women, and that they are destined to rule the earth. Both of the religions hold many secrets. One religion created the other religion.

    1. Interesting Mark. Both are flawed and their followers have paid the price..both seem to be disintegrating. Maybe God doesn’t like “religion” -maybe it annoys Him -? Maybe there is only one important thing in this world…The Golden Rule.- (?)

  13. The article is disgusting.– just the sort of thing mouth-breathing, RCC apologists like to read…

    It’ll be too bad when the AD loses the trial –it’ll be hard to spin that story.

    1. The part about the civil suits is very confusing in this article. There are only somewhere between 7-9 active suits, not all are guaranteed to even go forward.

  14. It wont be too bad when the AD loses this trial, It will be the best thing in the world for our innocents!!! I get what you mean tho’! I hope the AP will be there and get a full load of what the rcc is really like, and report it all over the world.

    By the way I do have a wonderful Christian Church that we belong to..(non -denominational ) with lots of Praise and Worship. It’s a joy to be there and sing and praise your heart out and then leave the church feeling how much God loves us and we HIM and NOT how guilty we are and need priests for support, confession etc. There are more out -reaches than you can imagine and things for people to become more aware of the suffering people that don’t know Christ and be a witness to them by our daily lives. We are spreading the Gospel to those who’ve never heard it. That’s what Jesus said to do. Not have to spend your whole life fighting “the evil one” in the . rcc. “Go tell it on the Mountain ” That Jesus Christ is Lord” !!

    Our pastor is married , with a beautiful wife and two teen age children. My husband just loves him and his sermons…he is just so real and says things real people can understand and relate to, as they’re like he is.. He puts himself right into the Scriptures, with Mathew Mark, Luke and John,along with Elishia and Moses at the Transfiguration… My husband is taking him out to lunch next week. He accepted and just loves the fact that my husband is like a grandpa to him and tells him many of the testimonies and miracles in our lives… 60 yrs of marriage is a lot of time spent loving the Lord and he can see it in him. Me too…Lucky me!

  15. Dr Who 13, Even Franciscans? In Australia they pay the victoms off, binding them to confidentialities.
    This was a rude awakening to the youngest Provincial ever elected Stephen Bliss, the only one with any credibility

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