5 thoughts on “PA Attorney’s Analysis of the Lynn Trial

  1. I don’t know what happened but some how “Bob Skhie”( no spelling )” found an e mail friend of mine and has been sending her stuff and she is having a fit and wants to change her e mail. She’s not happy with me. Bob let me know what’s going on…Thank you …glorybe

    1. Thank you, Kathy.

      I would want to ask the attorney whether expert testimony or research on victims’ behaviors could be included in an appeal document in PA?

      Amazing how the epicenter of the priestly sexual abuse crisis, today, is in such a legally “unfit” state (PA).

  2. Is”PatO”, our Patrick O’M.? –The style sounds familiar (?) Wow, If only Patrick could sneak onto Chaput’s council of 30!!! –What a shake-up they’d all get –(at least ’til Security arrived!lol) Your point that the church exemplifies the state of the art when it comes to enabling and covering up child abuse, is so painfully true….and so obvious…To argue any differently is ridiculous and low-down….The Church’s hypocrisy is beyond disgraceful. History won’t be kind to the RCC of our times.

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