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  1. Jane..if you are following..I thought of you when I read this article about Cudemo..hearing his awful excuses must be difficult..Peace

    1. Thanks Kathy. He hurt so many innocent young girls and the AD just let him get away with it. It is very painful.

      1. Jane,

        I am more angry at the people who knew about the priest who was abusing me then the priest himself. I hate them both, but does anyone have any idea how angry I am that someone knew and could’ve stopped this guy before he even laid one finger on me, but instead just ignored it? Errrrr…. it makes me grind my teeth until my jaw hurts!

  2. Learning the sordid details of the lives of sexual abusers in the RCC is a bit sickening, but it might be worthwhile if it causes those in the pews to rise up and say: No more; we want to have healthy people as Catholic clergy; we want married people, women, honest men who are emotionally mature. Hopefully, the high powered attorneys for the AD will not be able to get Lynn of on some sort of technicality.

    1. Sorry Elizabeth T. but when you posted:”, but it might be worthwhile if it causes those in the pews to rise up and say: No more;” I had to shake my head and sigh. It just won’t happen.

  3. This is your typical Catholic priest, always blaming someone else.

    Here’s a Cudemo summary, so you don’t have to read the whole grand jury report. Cudemo was truly evil, and was well protected by Cardinal Bevilacqua, Bishops Cistone, and Cullen, Lynn, Malloy, and dozens of others.

    *trigger alert*

    According to the grand jury report, Cudemo:

    – ejaculated on the face of a 10 year old girl as she was nude on the ground (p 142)
    – he got a 12 year old girl pregnant and took her for an abortion (p 20)
    – he had a total of 16 victims that they know about
    – even Fr Malloy called him “one of the sickest people I ever knew (p 19)
    – as Molly said, this started with complaint letters to Cardinal Krol in 1966, but had happened for years before (p 19)
    – As more and more victims came forward, Cardinal Bevilacqua steadfastly refused to remove Fr. Cudemo as pastor of Saint Callistus parish (p 35)
    – Cudemo was related to at least 2 of the girls he molested (p 133)
    – Cudemo sometimes brought in other priests to rape his victims (p 135)
    – Cudemo sometimes stuck a Eucharist into a young girl’s vagina (p 135)

    Quoted from page 143, the admissions to Msgr Lynn in 1991:

    “Father Cudemo was interviewed twice in response to his family’s allegations, on October 2 and 3, 1991. Father Cudemo gave a rambling mixture of admissions and denials – stating he “possibly” lay nude on top of an undressed girl; had been confronted by a girl about touching her and performing sexual acts on her, but didn’t remember doing those things and “I remember everything”; that he had “known lots of women and that it always takes two to do these things;” that if sexual activities did occur, they must have happened 20 years ago; that all the girls were willing, and that “nothing close to sexual happened with these girls.” When told his accusers were family, he immediately said their names and talked about having “incidents” with them.”

    Cardinal Bevilacqua allows Cudemo to retire, as a good priest, with full reedom and retirement benefits, in 1997 (p 149)

    Quoted – “Bevilacqua bestowed on Fr. Cudemo the status of retired priest, and gave him permission to fully exercise his priestly faculties throughout the Archdiocese. On Jan. 21, 1997, Monsignor Lynn issued an open-ended certificate of “good standing” to assist Fr. Cudemo in his efforts to minister in Florida parishes as well.”

    All told, at least 16 child rape victims that they know about, but Cudemo continued to work with children, courtesy of the Catholic pedophile protection program. He is free today, around Jerry Sandusky’s age, living anywhere he wants, on a Catholic pension.

    Cudemo is satan – protected, promoted, and paid by the Catholic church.

    1. Thank you Patrick…. sometimes I feel like I am living in a “science fiction movie” I have listened to so many sickening stories.. !!! But those victims know it is NOT science fiction at all.!!! How horrific…?
      They are very brave for speaking up and allowing this horrible truth be exposed..

    2. Correct Patrick! “They invented confession. The world’s greatest invention.”

      In seminary we were OVERTLY instructed regarding the enormous power confession will give us over the laity. It goes right along with kissing rings, and magical hats.

      1. I believe that priests “hearing confessions” is much more a “factor” in the abuse story than most have realized to date.

  4. He belongs in jail. He belongs on the sex offender list. He does not belong free in society. I believe he owns property in Orlando FL. Where is he living now? This is unbelievable.

    1. He is living anywhere he wants, courtesy of the Catholic church, and don’t think he isn’t dangerous because he is 75 years old.

      Bishop Lahey from Canada, at 71 years old, was caught smuggling child porn into Canada, so its not like Catholic pedophile priests are bored with sex by the age of 70.

      Cudemo is just one of thousands and thousands of these pedophile “land mines” that the Catholic church hid, protected and then set free in the US.

      1. And further to your point, Patrick from the article cited above:

        “Some within the Catholic Church maintain that not enough has been done to protect the public from abusive priests.

        “When they’re not charged criminally, there’s no way to get them on a sex-offenders list or registry,” said the Rev. Tom Doyle, a Catholic priest and co-author of Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes: The Catholic Church’s 2,000-Year Paper Trail of Sexual Abuse. “What you’re dealing with here is an issue of public safety and the safety of children.”

        Mary Gail Frawley-O’Dea, author of Perversion of Power: Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church, suggests the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops create a registry that lists, by diocese, the estimated 700 priests who have been removed from ministry after charges of sexual abuse or impropriety, and include their last-known addresses.

        “A lot of them are getting retirement checks, so the church should know where they are,” said Frawley-O’Dea, a Charlotte, N.C., psychologist and trauma specialist”

        I think the suggestion made by Mary Gail Frawley-O Dea …suggesting that ” U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops create a registry that lists, by diocese, the estimated 700 priests who have been removed from ministry after charges of sexual abuse or impropriety, and include their last-known addresses”. IS A SMALL STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!!! and very timely in THIS discussion, TODAY IN PHILADELPHIA.

      2. Florida? ..My friend waited on Cudemo in a restaurant in Abington, PA, a year or two ago. She mentioned it to me at the time because she was put off at the way he rubbed her arm as he spoke to her.

      3. It comes to mind: Would not God protect the “One True Church” from these horrors?

      4. amazed,

        No, God would not protect the one, true Church from these horrors.

        So we are not His puppets, controlled and manipulated by His will, He gave us free will. All of our dignity lies in our freedom to make choices, one of which is to turn the one, true Church into an abomination.

      5. Its pretty simple. This isn’t God’s church.

        2000 years ago, Christ started the “one true church”, and if fragmented into a bunch of different directions.

        One branch, the Catholic church, did some brilliant things (from a financial and demonic point of view) that the others didn’t:

        1) They invented confession

        The world’s greatest invention. Tell every sinners who didn’t want to be responsible for their actions that they could have a “10 minutes fix” that allowed them to get away with any sin without worrying about the victims. Only Catholic priests could give it. Free tickets to heaven, all under Catholic control. Brilliant, if you could get suckers to fall for it.

        2) Change the commandments

        Remove the “shalt not follow false idols” commandment, since you want to have a Pope, and God wasn’t that smart when he wrote up the original 10, so they needed tweaking. Make bishops take an oath to follow the pope instead of God, and make priests take an oath to follow bishops instead of God. Lying to protect the church is ok. God just wasn’t smart enough to put that in the fine print.

        3) Remove marriage for priests so that the church could own their assets when they die and assemble huge wealth, and somehow, try to accumulate followers would still believe the God wants the Catholic church to have ridiculous riches when 15,000 people are starving to death every day.

        4) Rape 100,000+ children. Move he rapists. Lie about it. Bully the victims. Convince the people that are left that this is all ok.

        Anyone who thinks this IS God’s church should think about what they would say before God, and better hope that God is stupid and accepts all excuses an accepts Catholic confession.

    2. I would caution that sometimes those addresses are outdated. I’d hate for an innocent citizen to be the brunt of good intentions. I think I remember the Diocese of Detroit creating some type of tracking for public safety. If anyone has any info on how they went about that, I’d love to post it.

      1. Susan, Kathy and everyone, my sincerest apologies for posting that info. You are right, it is not worth bringing any risk to the site or innocent folks.
        I suppose my thinking was blurred because I recently found out a defrocked priest is living nearby and active in the parish. He’s been seen regularly interacting especially with the children, and it sickens me.

        Statue of limitations…. the rules must change!

        1. No problem Mimzy and believe me I understand your concern about abusive laicized priests being out among the general public with no prosecution, no Megans List..nothing.

    3. We can’t post this info..it is a risk for the site…we just can’t do it. the posts with addresses etc…will be taken down. I know everyone’s intentions are good but there are reasons we can’t post this.

    4. Susan, I think the argument for asking for current addresses of laicized priests is that if they are receiving pensions, the AD would know the address.

    5. Anyone can find out where anyone lives if they own a house, since real estate tax is a matter of public record. Google “Lastname, Firstname” using the quotes and you can find out where he is.

      As you would guess, (unless your Catholic and naive), he lives in a dense residential neighborhood, less than a mile from SeaWorld.


      Should we send letters to the neighbors?

    6. You know, there are a lot of websites where you can pay a couple of bucks to get someone’s address.

      I got Tyler Perry’s (Actor/Comedian) address for $1.95 I wrote to him because he is a childhood sexual abuse survivor. I was invited to the Oprah Winfrey Show last year when she did a show on 200 male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Anyway, when I heard Tyler Perry tell his story and I read up more about him, I just has to write to him and tell him how he impacted my life. After finding out about him, it was then that I swore to myself that I would never be silent about the abuse again and I would do whatever I have to do to keep other kids from being abused like I was.

      He wrote back to me too with a really great letter and had some great words for me.

      So maybe you all could try one of those websites if you’re looking for addresses.

    7. Anyone can do whatever they want about laicized priests -outside of the comments section of C4C..Make a site and post addresses.organize letter writing campaigns.protests whatever,but these things will not be posted or organized within the comments section of C4C.

  5. If anyone is interested SNAP’s David Clohessy is holding a vigil outside the AD headquarters this evening at 9pm

  6. The problem is that child sexual abusers are so f#cked up and twisted in the brain that they actually believe the child is willing to do something like that. Children CANNOT consent to sex, period!

    Just more lame excuses from scumbags who are trying to explain in some kind of skewed “ligimate” reasoning they had some kind of right to destroy our lives.

    I’m telling you all this, like I’ve said a million times before. I know the perfect punishment for these scumbags. Actually they will never be able to know what it’s like for us, so there will never be any “equal” punishment of course, but throw them in a tiny cell, with no windows or doors, no light, no clothing, no bed, and just a cold hard cement floor. Give them the bare minimum of food and water, just barely enough to survive on. Within a week their minds will take over, then they’ll have some kind of idea what they have done to us!

      1. PAIN!! Never in a million years did I think this surgery would cause so much pain. My surgeon did warn me ahead of time, and told me it would be a good 5 weeks of severe pain, but I just thought there was nothing that could be worse than the pain I’ve already experienced from when I was first injured throughout 10 months. Boy was I wrong!

        Anyway, I’m on very potent pain medication, strong muscle relaxers (Zanaflex) which has some very strange side effects, mainly bad nightmares, like I need that. But the muscle spasms are so extremely painful I have to take the Zanaflex. The surgeon also re-routed two nerves, so I’ve also got severe pain in my left leg, hip, and knee.

        I’m using a cane to get around, but I’m only good for about 10 steps before I have to sit. I’m not allowed to be in a sitting position fo more than 20 minutes, not allowed to lay on my back at all, and I can’t lay on my left side because of the pain in my left leg, hip, and knee. So I’m mostly laying on my right side and my stomach. I was thinking if I laid on my belly for 5 weeks, maybe it would flatten out my fat?? LOL Hopefully!

        Anyway, I wish I could be up at the trial or the vigils, protests, but I’m done for the count right now. Maybe by the end of the summer I’ll be good to go and I can get back out there supporting my fellow victims/survivors, and exposing the Catholic Church and its pedophiles, and anyone else who thinks they can abuse a child without reprocussions. The leafletting we did on Sunday rejuvinated my spirit and has allowed me something to look forward to when my back is healed.

        By the way, I’m sorry to Kathy and Susan for printing this webiste on my flyers I handed out last weekend when protesting David Sicoli. I thought it might get more traffic to the site and allow Catholics to see other Catholics who are fighting to protect children. I should’ve asked you, and I apologize that I didn’t.

      2. Rich, I wish you as speedy a recovery as possible. No apologies necessary in regard to the flyer. We appreciate the publicity and what you did to protect children that day. The only issue was a legal one. You know how that goes. I wish there was something that could get you to five weeks from now.

    1. Actually, the general population in prison knows how to treat pedophiles and pedophile protectors. They are the lowest form of life in prison, unlike the Catholic church, has a sense of morals and honor, and knows that it is at the core of humanity to protect children.

  7. Rich did you see the open letter that Tyler Perry wrote to the Sandusky victims? very powerful

  8. If you do get an address let me know. I’m going to Delray Beach for a week in late July. Maybe I’ll swing by his neighborhood and make sure his neighbors are aware of his predatory propensities toward children.

    1. Rich,
      The B.A.C.K Center in Melbourne FL is outstanding in back cases. They have helped me and many others. It would be great if somehow you could get in there.

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