Two More Priests Removed From Ministry For Life of Prayer and Penance

One of these removals hit home for Kathy Kane. She’ll post her thoughts later. Click here to watch: “2 More Priests Found Unsuitable for Ministry,” by NBC 10, May 20, 2012

Excerpt: “Mazzotta, 73, had not been permitted to wear clerical garb, perform his ministry, or present himself as a priest since May 2010, when the Archdiocese first received an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor. According to the Archdiocesan statement, the allegation has since been “substantiated,” and cited as the reason for the Church’s action.

Mazzotta, who was ordained in 1966, had served at the following parishes and schools, according to the Archdiocese: Saint Joseph, Downingtown (1966-1971); Epiphany of Our Lord, Philadelphia and Saint Maria Goretti High School (1971-1976); Saint Gabriel, Philadelphia (1976-1978); Saint Clement, Philadelphia (1978-1980); Saint Eugene, Primos (1980-1985); Saint Paul, Norristown (1985-1988); Saints Cosmas and Damian, Conshohocken (June 1988 – November 1988); Saint Robert Bellarmine, Warrington (1988-1990); Mother of Divine Grace, Philadelphia (1990-1997); Saint Madeline, Ridley Park (1997-2008); Stella Maris, Philadelphia (2008-2010).

Campbell, 77, was ordained in 1961 and retired in 2007. He reportedly confessed to the sexual abuse in December 2011, in response to which, the Archdiocese placed him on administrative leave. Like Mazzotta, Campbell was not permitted to practice his ministry, wear clerical garb, or present himself as a priest.

Campbell had served at the following parishes and schools, according to the Archdiocese: Nativity B.V.M., Media (1961-1966); Saint Agnes, West Chester (1966-1968); Newman Chaplain at West Chester University (1968-1986); Newman Chaplain at Chester County Hospital School of Nursing (1968-1986); Newman Chaplain at Cheyney University (1971-1986); Saint Maximilian Kolbe, West Chester (1986-2007).”

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  1. I knew Msgr Campbell,a friend called me early this morning to tell me the news. I have no idea why, because I certainly know at this point that abusers can seem like nice,normal people…but I was shocked. I have had many conversations with various people over the course of the day and people seem numb at this if nothing else could shock them. Ironic that I have read everything there is in relation to abuse within the Church,have heard the stories of so many victims and have been involved in this issue for the past year,am the one who seemed to be the most shocked. Msgr Campbell was not on the list of suspended priests,this news came out of nowhere. I was so angry this morning but now like most others just numb..always aware the other shoe can drop at anytime

    1. Kathy I was driving home when I heard the news and I was wondering if you knew him. I will pray for these priests victims tonite…….the whole thing is so sad.

    2. Of course, for those of us that have come to expect it, my rhetorical questions:

      – are they actively searching out victims, and did Campbell have to admit all of his victims?
      – were any records of Campbell kept in any other secret archives, and what other priests are listed there?
      – who else knew, and where is the list of his accomplices, conspirators, and enablers?
      – have all internal documents been given to law enforcement?

      and the following questions that can be answered truthfully, if you send it a federal investigative team to rip the truth out of the Catholic church:

      – is he getting a fully paid retirement?
      – will Cardinal Dolan give him a $20K bonus as he did to others?
      – are Campbell’s victims actively getting unlimited therapy?
      – who aided and abetted in hiding Campbell?
      – is there any way we can still send this guy to jail?

  2. Kathy…I don’t know what to say. I know your heart goes out to the victims…but, I’d be interested in hearing your perspective as a person who loves/loved her church. I think you could put a voice to what so many may be feeling.

    Are there people in denial and putting blinders on even in the face of this removal?

    1. survivors wife, Msgr Campbell admitted to the abuse so that takes the guilt/innocence debate off the table. I have lived in the Archdiocese for 44 years,in various parishes and have known or know of many priests. People ask me questions all the time “do you know Fr X from parish Y,he gives me the creeps” or ” I am surprised Fr so and so from parish such and such was not on the list.” I have never once heard Msgr Campbell’s name mentioned in any negative manner .
      I have had a few conversations with Msgr Campbell over the years. He grew up with some of my family members and he talked of the fun times and typical childhood escapades they shared. He was not the clerical,authoritive type ,more down to earth. I know that he responded to people in crisis in a pastoral way. A few years ago I was at a Mass where he gave a sermon to children and afterwards I knocked on the door of the rectory to tell him I thought he did a good job and connected with the children. He was eating lunch and invited me in..we talked for probably 30 minutes about children, being a parent, my family members that he grew up with. I am an intuitive person and usually size people up within 5 minutes of meeting them and to be honest, am rarely off the mark. I never picked up one thing from Msgr Campbell that would make me any way.I think that is why I am so shocked,almost like my inner radar failed me.
      It’s interesting because when these things happen,it opens up conversations with people that maybe would not usually take place. At this point I think people have moved past the anger and denial phase with most of the priest removals and have entered into the “nothing shocks me anymore” type of reaction.
      In my area we are also dealing with the news of a local swim coach being arrested for the sexual assault of a swim team member,the dust had barely settled from that fallout and now the news of Msgr Campbell. A lot of difficult, but necessary conversations between children and parents taking place

      1. Actually I did hear years ago that a parishioner went to talk to him after the 2005 GJ report and he said something about false allegations,I can’t remember the story exactly.

  3. Hasn’t anyone wondered about the list of 320+ priests in the secret archieves that Lynn “whittled down” to 35 having credible allegations?! Really??

      1. YES.. and it is important to keep this conversation going…. 320+….and for that matter, who knows if ‘that’ is all of them..?

    1. where did you get that number “320+”?

      *** You need to support your “facts and claims” as Susan and Kathy “supposedly encourage”

      1. John – The actual number is 323 priest files… a fact that Lynn does not dispute. It is noted in his deposition, Grand Jury reports, as well as his recent motion to dismiss his case. I suggest you catch up on your reading.

      2. 4thechildren, thanks for mentioning the value of ‘reading up’ on these issues.

        It’s no accident that Susan and Kathy in the RESOURCES link at the top of this page have included both the 2005 and 2011 Grand Jury reports.

        It took me several hours and some ‘rereading’ of those reports to understand what the District Attorneys and their Jury’s were dealing with when they investigated the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, for sexual abuse of children.

        Some of the content, particularly the descriptions of rape and sodomy were and are shocking.

        The reports are extraordinarily important to the Lynn trial, the ‘suspended priest’ issue and the further trials of Englehardt and Spero. The prosecution has been using the reports in the trial.

        There are many folks visiting this site daily….lately over 2000 per day.

        I would encourage them, if they have not already done so, to do a bit of ‘research’ in the RESOURCES link.

  4. I was one of those people who was numb when I heard the news of Msgr. Campbell. Nothing shocks me anymore in this whole mess. I will admit it gives me a bit more sickening feeling knowing my children were in the presence of this man and he was well loved by parishioners. But so were many other abusers. The only consolation is that more people around me will now, hopefully, be awakened to reality. I felt that in some of my conversations today.People react when it hits home. Personally, my disillusionment continues to build.

  5. The channel 10 report on this new news tonight indicated that these new revelations have nothing to do with the current court case against the Archdiocese. YES IT DOES! Come on people. The Archdiocese had an opportunity to come clean on all of this filth years ago. They did not. They had another opportunity a few years later. Did they? No, they did not. They have been hiding, delaying and attempting to take advantage of every legal loophole that can be found. We cannot take this any longer. I truly hope the courts throw the book at them. They deserve the strongest punishment allowed.

    1. John, I hear your frustration…but how do the courts ‘throw the book at them’?

      Unless these priests have recently molested a child, within the criminal timeframe for prosecution, AND a victim comes forth ….chances are good that these men will have a comfortable retirement, characterized as prayer and penance.

      Opening up the civil law statutes of limitations ‘window’ ie a time extension for victims to come forth and have their day in court is the only way that I know of to hold the Archdiocese somewhat accountable.

      I think opening up these SOLs is hugely important to protect innocent kids….in CA the SOLs window was opened for one year and 300 unknown predators were discovered. God only knows how many predators (not just clergy) would be identified if PA enacted such a law.

      You can count on the fact that the PA Catholic Conference (bishops lobbyists) are opposed to it…so are insurance lobbyists and others.

  6. This is a very difficult thing to accept… It makes me cry..!————————

    Something to keep in mind-
    Child predators are very cunning and manipulative. They know every trick on how to groom, threaten, lie, and put the fear of god into their victims and sometimes even their family members.

    They also appear to do a lot of goods things, they can be very charismatic and you may think they would never harm a child. They have to be this way, in order to not get caught and to continue to abuse

    Sexual predators are often powerful and well-loved. It would be comforting if those who preyed on the vulnerable were obvious social misfits whose appearance would somehow set off alarm bells and give us ‘the willies’ or ‘the creeps.’ They rarely do. Usually, predators are among the last people we would suspect of sexually violating others. At a party, the predator isn’t some oddball sitting alone in a corner because others feel uncomfortable with him. Most often, the predator is the guy throwing the party.

    We must overcome the dangerous myth that because someone is successful or warm or caring, he or she “couldn’t have done that!
    Also, we must stop thinking that because a man is old, that somehow he’s automatically “safe.” It’s just irresponsible to endanger kids by assuming an adult is “harmless” simply because he or she may be losing hair, wearing glasses, using hearing aids or walking with a cane. These can be signs of advancing age, but they are not signs that an individual is safe around kids.

    It is extremely rare that a child predator has only one victim.

    Also, link to Marilyn Van Derbur’s interview…”Miss America by Day” her book is very video..

    1. I know Judy..and still thought I would be able to see through it even if someone appeared trusting and normal..

    2. In addition to these wise words from Judy, there is another dimension emerging [I hadn’t seen it so clearly before] with the Fr. Feeney guilty verdict in Wisconsin now. Commenters in the news article say over and over, “we all knew about ‘Fr. Feely'” It was ‘old news’ that he was an abuser yet nothing was done about it by anyone. for years and years. Things like this show that as R. Sipe has so well documented- the whole body is sick and should be eliminated. That is the Truth few will face today.

  7. The fact that there was an allegation against Mazzotta and that he was placed on administrative leave was revealed to the public via an AD press release–May 2010. See
    Mazzotta has been on administrative leave for quite some time and that fact had been made public knowledge via the AD press release. However, the situation with Cambell appears to have been treated differently. According to the AD press release (5/20/2012), in December 2011 Cambell self reported abusing a minor. The press release notes that at the time he self-reported having abused a minor(12/2011), Cambell was placed on administrative leave. The AD press release also notes that Cambell retired to a “private residence in 2007”.
    Why didn’t the AD issue a press release in Dec. 2011 notifying the public that Cambell was placed on administrative leave for admitting to sexually abusing a minor?

    It seems that if a priest self reports he sexually abused a child, the AD still questions whether or not the guy is suitable for continued work in ministry and carries on an investigation that lasts 6 months? Really? It seems like a decision that would take all of about……hmm….. 10 seconds for me to make. Here’s how I understand it SHOULD unfold………..priest self-reports sexually abusing a minor = automatic decision that he is unsuitable for ministry and all clerical faculties are stripped from the priest. Law enforcement is called. Priest is sent to live at Villa St. Joseph under supervision in clergy sex offender program while law enforcement investigates to see if criminal charges can be filed against said priest. Public is notified of priest’s name and previous assignments via AD press release.
    Why let Cambell live on his own in a private residence, even after he admitted to being a child molester? Why keep Cambell’s admission, the condition of his being placed on administrative leave, and his living situation (private residence) from the public?
    I am still shaking my head saying “really? the AD had to investigate for 6 months whether or not this guy, WHO ADMITTED TO SEXUALLY ABUSING A MINOR, was “suitable to return to ministry”?
    Anyone else asking these questions?

    I can only wonder how many other priests are on administrative leave wherein the fact that they were placed on administrative leave due to allegations of sexual abuse against a minor, violations of ministerial boundaries/behavior, or self-reporting that they abused a minor(s), was and has not been made public via an AD press release.

    1. Michele, you cannot rely on anything you are told by the Philly AD. These cases are being “managed” to reduce the AD’s criminal exposure and civil liability.

      If a “smoking gun” can sit on an AD lawyer’s desk for 6 years and noboby can even find it, nothing can be relied on if it comes from the Philly AD. It’s all Pinocchio without the long nose.

  8. can someone tell me what a life of supervised penance and supervision means,and does the support for this come from my weekly donation???and where do these people go for this ??

    1. Kathy’s link explains it.

      I can boil it all down for you steve w. They live in various places across the country and it doesn’t have to be within the same AD they served. The prayer and penance placements are usually retreat center and seminaries and no one would be the wiser. They aren’t labeled “Prayer and Penance House.” If your average Catholic didn’t do their homework, they wouldn’t have a clue where pedophile priests were placed.

      Yes, you are paying for every penny of it. The shufflling, the lying, the defense team, the insurance premiums, the housing, meals, travel, and supervision of the abusers.

      Every contributing Catholic needs to examine exactly what it means to be a good steward of what God has given you. What is your moral leadership spending your (God’s) money on? Are they being good stewards?

      1. Survivors wife… no offense… but you’re wrong!!!

        (You wrote) I can boil it all down for you steve w. They live in various places across the country and it doesn’t have to be within the same AD they served. The prayer and penance placements are usually retreat center and seminaries and no one would be the wiser. They aren’t labeled “Prayer and Penance House.”

        ***In the Archdiocese of Philadelphia — They all live at Saint Joseph’s in Darby, they are not free, but supervised.

        (You wrote) Yes, you are paying for every penny of it. The shufflling, the lying, the defense team, the insurance premiums, the housing, meals, travel, and supervision of the abusers.

        *** In the Archdiocese of Philadelphia — This does not come from parish donations or donations to specific fundraisers in the Diocese but from other sources.

        Nice try at deception… You can’t make sweeping claims without hard core facts. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, but that doesn’t stop you or countless others on this website… who mix reality with suspicion/emotion.

      2. Oh John Ventorino…I’m wrong in a lot of areas…but not this one.

        1. My husband’s perp is living states away from where he served, so are other victim’s perps. Clearly, you haven’t done your homework on how ADs across the country are doing business.

        2. They live in various places and they aren’t labeled, “Prayer and Penance Houses.” That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. Most Catholics have their heads in the sand on this issue…do you think they even know that St. Joseph’s in Darby is a placement for pedophile priests? I doubt it.

        3. “they are not free, they are supervised.” ok. Let’s have them watch your children and grandchildren. Supervision is a joke. It’s pedophilia we’re talking about, not petty theft.

        4. Bwahahahahaha….”other sources.” Yes, instead of your left pocket, it’s coming out of your right pocket.

        I’m going to keep singing John…I won’t shut up. All we have is our truth. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

        I’m sorry you can’t accept that your moral leadership has betrayed you. how fragile.

      3. John, actually Donna Farrell said she does not know which prayer and penance program Campbell is residing. Also if the funding comes from other sources can you please let us know what you mean by that? What are the sources? And I am just wondering why you have so much anger for people on this website who have never hurt children or have actually been harmed, and not for those who perpetrated and covered up crimes against children. An inaccurate statement seems to set you off, child rape….not so much.

      4. “… other sources” ???

        Possibly John is speaking of some sort of miraculous intervention to which I nominate Mark as the best responder.

      5. SW, Hadit, Kathy, Joan, et al.: It is encouraging and gratifying for me, a professional advocate, to see how effectively and fairly you are marshalling the evidence to show what a sham the PPH “punishment” program is.

        The bishops are signaling predator priests as follows: “Don’t worry guys, we will shred or hide the evidence until the SOL bars the criminal and civil claims against you. If the evidence is later uncovered, you will get the full PPH package–full pay,pension and health insurance–but you can’t rat out your bishop no matter what.”

        What a disgrace and pew Catholics fund it while beating their breasts.

        It is part of the “preserving secrets” rewards program, similar to Chaput’s big secret priests’ shindig for Lynn, to “glorify” Lynn’s keeping his mouth shut and falling on the sword Judge Sarmina will likely soon give him.

        There is so much work to do, and you still have to waste time with the John V’s of this world!

      6. Jerry,
        Rich, Vicky,my husband, and any other victim will tell you they’ve had a lifetime of John Ventorinos. The pews are full of them. They can think whatever they want…it doesn’t change the truth.

        It’s why this site was so refreshing…because where could there ever be a group of Catholics who were willing to believe the victims and demand accountability and transparency from their hierarchy…with the priority being safety and protection of children?

      7. didn’t Kathy post a link about where the abuses are staying? I believe she did that…

        I’m not talking about other diocese, as you are, but about Philadelphia. We do monitor those priests who live in the house, as Kathy’s link explained. I’m NOT defending practices in other dioceses.

        As for letting people in the area know… that’s a legal question… not a diocesan one… they have no obligation to tell anyone….

        Plus if a priest was criminally charged, he’d be in jail… our IN PHILADELPHIA (where you are not living and have no connection to or real understanding of). those priests have no criminal charges! There are laws that regulate revealing the names of CRIMINALLY CHARGED persons, not people just being held on suspicion

        As for the whole right pocket left pocket thing… please don;t be demeaning to me…..Susan and Kathy have said many times that facts needs to be supported, I’m merely defending them.

        Again I stand by my statements… we shouldn’t be judging or making blanket statements…. be realistic people

      8. John, You seem to expect so much concerning statements of others and little from your own,what are the other sources you refer to that pay for the prayer and penance program and I provided a link that shows 323 was the number in the secret archives. You present things as you want to see them,the same as you are accusing others. Maybe survivors wife is not close to the situation in the Philly AD..I am..she is being kind with her remarks in my opinion and I have seen it up close. Don’t just sit in Church and believe what you are told,or read the latest press releases or articles in Phaith that refer to the “searing criticism, and then sit at a computer claiming that we don’t know what we are talking about.

    2. Good question Steve; and, with so many implications.I doubt the term “penance” is used anywhere other than in Roman Catholic religion. It seems not to be mentioned in the scripture; at least not in connection in any way with reconciliation with God or the salvation of soul.

      1. The former Eastern State Penitenary in Philly, I am told, gots its name from the Quaker belief in doing penance. Cells have no wiindows just a small opening in the ceiling where the inmates could look to heaven. Inmates were not expected to stay forever; they were to do penance and leave

      2. Martin posted: The former Eastern State Penitenary in Philly, I am told, gots its name from the Quaker belief in doing penance. Cells have no wiindows just a small opening in the ceiling where the inmates could look to heaven. Inmates were not The whole burden of the gospel of grace is that God has decreed that no thing a man does can save him. Only the faith of Christ and His cross.expected to stay forever; they were to do penance and leave

    3. Steve, P&P facilities are AD-run, adult babysitting services for very lucky priests who have molested/raped/sodomized the children of the Archdiocese and got away with it… with the help of the RCC. They are fed and housed in unlocked, local institutions where they’re encouraged not to hurt anymore kids on their time off away from the facility, if at all possible…
      Who in their right minds are providing money for this service?..Anyone who donates to the parishes or AD! –Pretty silly, huh?

      My prediction for the RCC: It can’t be too much longer before it’s ALL just too silly to continue.

    1. Thanks Hadit that was an interesting read some of it was mentioned in previous articles years ago I believe…….but he has updated it so to speak.

  9. i think i know,they get a pension and medical benefits and a place to live and meals and all this just for whatever,can anyone see what is wrong with this scenario,and we get to pay for it.seems far to me

    1. Obey – Pray – Pay…. That is what the church wants and we are ALL stupid enough to agree to it…

      1. the Church does not want that//// where are you getting that? is it in the Catechism? have you ever heard a bishop r priest say that they way the lay faithful should live….

        You people are crazy on here!

        And Kathy… you may find survivors words “always kind” etc… but she is always sarcastic and citing and with now facts…

        1. is that you again Deacon Joe under a different name? You sound a lot like him. Have you even bothered to read both grand jury reports? Do you have children? Are you so blind that you are unable to see the truth about this institution? Try just once, close your eyes and try to imagine a small child being raped by a trusted catholic priest and then you tell me how it felt. Then, afterwards go to therapy for a very long time because those rapes will always have some impact on the rest of your life.

      2. I planned to ignore you, John, but when I see you attacking people I respect, well then let’s just say “your comments have not been constructive criticism, but rather personal attacks upon good people.” I’m sure your mother is proud.

        If you want to attack someone, come look for me. I’ve got more than you can handle, pal.

        Why are you even here? What is the purpose of your comments? It’s obvious by the “thumbs up & thumbs down” buttons, you sure aren’t winning anybody over. Maybe you’re just a troll, and if we stop feeding you, you might just go away.

        Child sexual abuse is not committed by only men (and women) when an entire worldwide institution is covering up for those who would abuse a child by transferring the scum and then denying knowledge about their actions. That is why people are enraged with the Catholic Church as a whole. That is why Msgr. Lynn is standing trial – for failing to protect children by transferring known abusive clergy to other locations where they could abuse more children.

        What is your agenda, John? It’s obvious you care not of the innocence and protection of a child. Why be here? What kind of a person interacts with those of us who are “crazy?”

        I have heard a priest tell the laity how he should live. The priest was Rev. John M. McDevitt and I was the laity. I was 14, he was in his 50s. He told me, “God wants you to do this,” as he was forcing his penis into my mouth. He said, “God loves you very much,” when he was anally penetrating me in the boys bathroom at school. When I cried and screamed out for help, he told me “shut up.” He made me kiss him before I could leave for the day. He said it was my JUG that was my punishment. (Justice Under God)

        STOP your criticism of these people here. STOP your sarcasm and listen first before you pass judgment.

        Now I understand why the dog has so many friends. He wags his tail instead of his tongue.

      3. John Ventorino stated, “You people are crazy on here!”

        If that’s the case, thank you John for serving as our Voice of Reason. Of course I’m being facetious.

        John, you’re not a serious defender of the faith; you’re gaming us, but I’ll play.

  10. Father Givey who is still being investigated was at St Max for a time with Msgr Campbell…..this stuff keeps getting creepier

    1. It really IS creepy…Several offenders are often planted together at the same time in certain rectories and schools …This often seems to be the case…doesn’t it? –Probably so that they don’t annoy any non-minor attracted priests living in the same rectory—?–and that way the “good priests” can keep on pretending not to know that their brothers are molesting parish kids..
      There must be a handbook full of tried and true tricks to running an AD filled with child molesters…and have it tick along like clockwork for decades…

  11. Boycott.

    Folks who go to church can still go, just don’t go inside. Meet outside and don’t go back in until the Bishops support the SOL legislation.

    For those who give money, give it directly to the parish by sending it directly to their utilities.

    If you don’t have enough good reason to do so, think about this; they are in 304 laughing at you.

    As cleanstart tried to tell you, your kids are still not safe, and it is up to you to protect them.

    Wake up. Boycott. You are the few left who care.

      1. Amazed,
        I too have been wondering the same thing since the announcements from the AD came on May 4th.

  12. I just was speaking yesterday to someone who had some interesting ‘stories’ because they worked within the Diocese for years, and with Lynn at one point. Nothing shocks me. I would have never guessed that this person would have the same shared opinions I have. It’s good that people are still talking. Keep it up, if so, they won’t be keeping all their dirty secrets much longer. It is for the exact reason that Kathy posted, that I have NO trust for any clergy. It’s like only the surface has been scratched, and there is so much more ugliness to uncover. Horrifing, but shocking, not really.

  13. And both Msgr. Givey and Msgr. Campbell ran the West Chester University Newman Center at different points in their pastoral careers.

  14. I’m not the typical “cradle Catholic”. For me, being Catholic is both a calling and a choice. So I’m not a “do this, believe this, because I said so” kind of girl. Hearing about Campbell brought me to tears. Not only did he baptize me (as a baby, mom & dad did that at least) he also counseled me in my 20’s, and then taught my children. “All” I can pray for at this time are for the victim(s); that they find justice, peace and healing. For all those who loved/supported/believed in him, and for the man himself. I would love to know if changes are made in the seminaries curriculum to help these young men with their future lives so that no more children are ever hurt?

  15. It’s been well over a year now that the legislative proposals of Reps. Bishop and McGeehan, Philadelphia, HB 832 and 878, were referred to the Judiciary Committee of the State House for review, action and public hearings. The Chairman of the Committee, Rep. Ron Marsico, has received innumerable calls, faxes, emails and letters from PA citizens urging him to schedule public hearings for these important measures, which measures would provide further protection for our children and access to the justice system for those victims previously blocked from civil redress.

    This writer continues to be shocked, amazed and horrified that this man, Rep. Ron Marsico, has not, in the minimum, at least scheduled hearings in order to hear public comment and input on these vital proposals. Even with the personal, public disclosure by Rep. Bishop of her own sexual abuse many years ago, Rep. Marsico has not scheduled hearings for these proposals. But the most significant issue here is a deeply personal and family one…….Mr. Ron Marsico is a father and a grandfather and he chooses to block these important proposals from a public forum. These proposals would provide a safer Pennsylvania for his grandchildren as well as all children and grandchildren throughout the state. Mr. Marsico, is the safety and protection of your grandchildren important enough to allow public input and review of these vital proposals? I know it is important to this writer for this family’s children and grandchildren.

    Mr. Marsico, please remember…….WE BELIEVE THE VICTIMS.

  16. Just some points to ponder as everyone processes the removal of the latest 2 priests. For clarification, I do not have a personal connection to any of the parishes in the Philly AD. I wasn’t around the priests who were removed. But, I didn’t have to be in order to know how it would all go down. I hope Catholics are paying attention to the handling of these CURRENT removals…to be able to reflect on what is going on around them…and to have the courage to speak up.

    Several things struck me. One is the fact that Campbell confessed to the abuse. The victims have enough pain and suffering to deal with, without having to “prove” the truth of what happened. From the side of a victim, to have a perpetrator admit abuse, at the very least, does not add “the victim’s a liar” dimension to the pain.

    What if Campbell had been removed and hadn’t confessed? Given his personality, likeable qualities, and rapport with parishioners, I wonder what the response from the congregations would have been. Besides the people who believe the victims, I strongly believe Catholics in the pews would have rallied around this man, defended him and told the world that the victims and media were “picking on” the RCC again. I don’t have a lot of respect for the priesthood, given the current climate and silence, so to give anyone credit for admitting abuse seems to be a stretch. However, I am grateful for a confession for the sake of the victims and the denial factor for the laity. Things could have gone differently.

    Speaking of differently…the response and handling of the abuse has NOT gone differently, has it? That’s the second thing that struck me. Nothing has changed, at least not in tangible ways. Where was the transparency about the self-reported abuser? Were they more concerned about his privacy than they were about potential victims? What were the reasons for sitting on such important, child-safety information for so long? Better yet, why is the laity allowing such incompetence when children are at stake? Do you suppose it would have lit the AD on fire to have that information about the priest confession in Dec. 2011 become public as they headed toward a trial about conspiracy and endangering the welfare of children? Did they have any indication he was an abuser before he confessed?

    I’m sorry the laity has been betrayed again. Sadly, this is a logical consequence for complacency. I hope Catholics demand from their priesthood in ways they never have before.

    Of course Kathy (and others) could have never “identified” Campbell as an abuser…imagine the victims. It’s what keeps Catholics in denial…

    I believe the victims.

    1. POWERFUL! Thank you survivors wife, right-on! If people like kathy never suspected this man, how could a innocent child know? They play by their own rules and really don’t care about anyone else. We survivors have been treated so badly by these men of God. Lynn would have been relieved if I committed suicide, I was a bother to him, as he called it, “an empty well”.

      1. Vicky ‘an empty well’…how profoundly evil and profoundly arrogant, you have been such an inspiration to all of us….This man is horrible.

      2. Vicky,
        It makes me ill that you were mistreated by Lynn. His comment was callous and cruel.
        I am enormous respect for you and ALL the courageous survivors. Stay strong!

        PS. To survivors wife:
        I am one of the people you mentioned in a post from a few days ago.
        I did NOT need to see the smoking gun (secret archived files)…I believed the victims since early in 2002, when I read the grisly, sordid details out of Boston.

      3. Vicky……….Lynnn was the “empty well” and you are a powerful voice for others………

    2. You wrote: “For clarification, I do not have a personal connection to any of the parishes in the Philly AD.”

      Well, in that case… please mind your own business….


      1. John Ventorino,

        In another post you made it a point to let Snap Judy know that your name is “John Ventorino.” I asked you if that fact was of any significance. If you responded, I missed it. Once again, why is the fact that your name (John Ventorino) should be of any importance to Judy, or anyone else on this site?

        As this trial is unfolding your comments appear to indicate that you are becoming increasingly rattled by the facts that are being revealed. You come across as being very protective of the Philly AD, and that has sparked my curiosity.

        Why have you become so defensive and agitated? Do you believe that the information we have gleaned from the trial is inaccurate?

      2. John Ventorino,

        Responsible and informed Catholics need no personal connection to any of the parishes in the Philly AD to engage in the discussion of its problems. Its problems are not isolated, they are systemic in the Catholic Church. The Philly AD’s problems are the problems of Catholics throughout the world.

      3. No. Can’t shut me up, John. I know too much.

        Philly is not unique in its handling of this issue. The trial is unprecedented territory, but certainly not the handling of it. There are “Philly ADs” all over this country (and worldwide).

        Safety and protection of children are my priorities. What are yours?

  17. To survivor’s wife’s comment: “Do you suppose it would have lit the AD on fire to have that information about the priest confession in Dec. 2011 become public as they headed toward a trial about conspiracy and endangering the welfare of children?”

    Chaput has released this information about this priest in an orchestrated and timely manner, just before the defense begins next week, perhaps in a bid to demonstrate transparency and accountability. Will the jury understand the politics of the trial, particularly as they have been instructed not to access information on it? I pray that the Truth will find a way to be heard. I believe the victims.

    1. Perhaps, but given the typically arrogant dearth of info released by ChaPEW, his calculated release of info hardly demonstrates transparency and accountability. His withholding of material info about known pedophiles may be laying the basis for Seth Williams, or his successor, to investigate ChaPEW for current child endangerment criminal actions. Will a red hat match an orange jumpsuit?

      1. Jerry,

        Considering how things are going in the AD, not to mention how the trial verdicts could further erode things, you wonder how Chaput can be left at the helm, particularly in the future? It would seem very unlikely that Philly Catholics would ever “warm up” to him.

        Does Chaput have one foot out the door, whether he realizes it or not?

      2. Jerry said, “Will a red hat match an orange jumpsuit?”

        As wrong as it was…I laughed out loud at this comment.

  18. I understand that the way things are being handled at this time is that any allegation whether they fall within or outside the statutes are reported to the DA’s office within the 5 county area that the AD encompasses.The local DA’s office then determines if any of the allegations are able to be prosecuted. Some of the decisions are still not signed off by local law enforcement. In the case of Campbell he admitted the abuse,so why not at least announce he was put on administrative leave while the legal process unfolded? And I do know of this process I described first hand.

    1. Kathy,
      Exactly the questions I posed in my earlier post.
      Why didn’t the AD issue a press release in Dec. 2011 notifying the public that Cambell was placed on administrative leave for admitting to sexually abusing a minor?
      Why let Cambell live on his own in a private residence, even after he admitted to being a child molester? Why keep Cambell’s admission, the condition of his being placed on administrative leave, and his living situation (private residence) from the public? Other priests who are placed on administrative leave due to an investigation related to sexual abuse of minors have their administrative leave published. Does the AD only publish the names of those placed on administrative leave when there is a third party who filed an allegation complaint involved?
      I find it interesting that at the OMC meeting wherein Sharon and Dr. Nines presented, Dr.Nines mentioned that priests are admitting on thier own, turning themselves in, so to speak, for having sexually abused a minor. How many other Cambell’s are out there?

  19. Michele, I can think of no reason that the administrative leave would not be announced,if anything when these things are announced it sometimes brings forward other victims. I think Rocco Palmo in a post mentioned that a small number of priests..I think 4 ..have been quietly removed (put on admin leave) over the past year

  20. If Campbell ,self-admitted, his guilt of abuse in December 2011, the only reason the AD waited, was for their own benefit.. …….It truly blows my mind. Do they(AD) really think that Our Lord doesn’t know and see whats going on?? Really?????? I feel this is the beginning of the end of the rcc as it is. Jesus knows and feels every emotion, that we as Christians feel. My soul and spirit is sad for all of us….. who know the truth…I stand up for the victims, and always will. Know that Jesus will set you free, and I pray He will continue to hold US in the palm of His Hand. Peace.

  21. The other thing about announcing an administrative leave is that AT LEAST the parents have a chance to talk to their sit in mass and have a bomb dropped with children present..I don’t advocate hiding info from children but at least if they had announced the administrative leave the parents could have explained to the children that he was under investigation and we could be hearing troubling news at some point.

    1. Kathy…this bomb dropped at mass, when you didn’t have the time to discuss the matter with your kids….so arrogant, thoughtless, insensitive and just plain typical….I bet they had ‘counselors’ to ‘minister to you’ read find any victims….

      1. Joan, I wasn’t there but had friends who were present with their kids. And again I want to stress I am all for disclosing things to children,the more they know the safer they will be ,but no forewarning..nothing..parents had to react to the news with their children sitting beside them

      2. There is an utter disconnect on the part of clerics when it comes to fostering the well being of children and families… not to mention victims and women. It’s an impediment to their pastoral development, and we really have to ask why so many of us are willing to put ourselves, our children, and our families in the hands of clerics, relying on their guidance and direction.

      3. I was there. With my 3 kids, my son was on the altar serving Mass, my daughter serving as Cantor. My girls were in their uniforms as they were supposed to give remarks about their high school. It was surreal…and devastating. I’m still struggling to figure out how to deal with this latest revelation. The comments posted here have been extremely helpful.

  22. They are self-absorbed…..they seem utterly incapable of looking at the other side of this….to actually think about the people they are making these announcements to…parents, grandparents, innocent children. We are just generic faces in a crowd to them….no personal connect.

    1. Jackie et all: What time do you have? I’ll tell you: It is past time for pitchforks and torches, that’s what time it is.

  23. It is now painfully obvious that the only motivations of the leadership of the archdiocese are minimizing their financial liability and the continued cover-up of cases not yet made public. I can only imagine what Jesus must think as these men continue to protect pedophiles and rapists. Seems there are three archbishops for whom the fires of Hell are raging!

    1. Perhaps, like Muslim fanatics who suicide bomb, they picture themselves going to heaven for unending sexual bliss as a “reward” for faithfulness to their “God.” Horrible fate!

  24. It’s a good idea to go back and watch the Friday press conference…as Gina Smith, Chaput, and the victim’s advocate stood there announcing their conclusions about the 26 priests…which they haven’t had the time to get to all of them, because they are being so thorough…ahem, cough, cough, sputter…

    How can they stand there and speak to anyone while they sat on this information? They withheld vital information from the laity. What reason could they possibly give that would be ok?

    vicky, I hope I get to meet you one day…to let you know exactly what you’ve meant to me and my family as you’ve so openly shared your story here. In the eyes of the hierarchy, all victims were an inconvenience…flies in the ointment. My husband felt the same way. Do you feel empowered knowing they can’t shut you up?

    1. “ahem, cough, cough, sputter”

      survivor’s wife… your comments are not helping anything… on one hand you want them to be hard and investigate things properly so that justice can be reached, and one the other hand you criticise and tear down.

      I don’t understand how you think your sarcasism will help anyone. If you have some constructive criticism , that’s fine, that’s great… but don’t tear down, that’s no way to rebuild

      I’m very confused about your comments on here and what your agenda is?

      1. John Ventorino,

        And, what’s your agenda John?

        I’m stymied by your support for the AD, and the wrongdoing by the Church in general. Please give us more info regarding your motivation.

        You’re clearly a stakeholder, but why, and to what extent? The attitudes you hold are peculiar, as well as intriguing.

      2. I don’t care who sticks around the RCC to rebuild it. I’m concerned about the Catholics in the pews waking up so they can protect their children.

        I’ll post what I want to post in regard to this issue…I have plenty of good points mixed in with my disgust. As the reader you may have to discriminate whether or not you’d like to read mine. That’s your call, but not my problem.

        Everything is my opinion, my perspective as a witness to the effects of abuse on a victim and as a person who has been around other victims…listening to their truths.

        If I have to rely on a documented article to tell me what I already know is my truth…so I can “prove it” to a reader…then the reader misses the point entirely.

        When I have facts, I’ll provide the links.

        Instead of spending your time discussing my posts, maybe you can share your perspective, experiences, and suggestions.

      3. SW, sadly and cruelly, JV is just trying to bait you. He has little more shame than the shameless criminals he poorly tries to defend. Pay him no heed, please. He may be a ChaPew plant–he wouldn’t be the first one, it appears.

        All JV is proving is how cult-like so many pew Catholics really are and why nothing short of a criminal law blitzkrieg is necessary.

        I’ve put on my red cap and orange jump suit, spray paint can in hand, and will just inconspicuously go undercover at the Philly AD’s HQ. I will bring my sister and try to pass myself off as Msgr. Lynn.

        Chin up, SW, we all love you and your husband by now.

  25. Watch the press conference video again? I watched the original “Charlie’s Angels” TV show years ago. I have to admit that this remake of “Charlie’s Angels” starring Gina, Donna and Mary at Archdiocesan HQ is even better than the original. I like the new wardrobe, particularly Charlie’s sparkling attire, but the production set is somewhat spartan in appearance.

  26. If they can’t care about kids being abused, they certainly don’t care about the rest of them. I found this out the hard way last year. And definitely they are most arrogent in thinking that a PARENTS right to know about anything going on behind the scenes, is somehow optional. The kids in the schools are the ones hurt, confused and often times scared about this information. It is never handled well, and more unsultingly, they don’t feel it’s thier responsibilityto handle it well.

    And Vicky, an ’empty well’? I have no words or any kind of response to such a callous thing to say to someone. Acutally I do, but it’s too rude to post here. Especially by someone who is supposedly had a calling from God to serve his flock of people.

    1. Deidre, yes the childrens feelings often go is where I have been putting my efforts. People talk about if this generation will remain Catholic…my concern is that they emerge psychologically healthy at this point.

      1. Today’s AP report in …”.it was the Bevil’s fault” defense is interesting.

        “The testimony Tuesday appeared designed to elicit information about Lynn’s duties without putting the defendant on the stand. If so, the strategy had its limits, as the judge did not let the colleagues testify about Lynn’s thought processes or his understanding of canon law.”

        I wonder if the defense IS going to put Lynn on the stand?

      2. Joan,

        I have no idea if the defense will put Lynn on the stand. BUT…

        On multiple occasions, Lynn spoke “unwisely” to the Grand Jury. If he’s going to speak to the prosecution and jury in 304, the defense better prep him well. Additionally, I agree with Cipriano’s depiction of Lynn, a “bumbling” kind of secretary. I found him to be passive and unimpressive. Maybe the defense can morph him into some sort of viable defendant with the ability to speak well on his behalf. Who knows.

      3. Joan and Hadit: Please see my new comment to Hadit under the “Trial Uncovers…” thread about the downside risks for Rigali and Chaput in using the ” blame it all on the dead Cardinals” ploy as Lynn’s defense.

        Lynn appears to have served for many months under Rigali as well and, though “publicly” removed as personnel chief in light of the 2005 Grand Jury investigation, Lynn must have still been consulted by Rigali often!

        Please pay attention Seth Williams.

      4. Hadit….I thought Lynn’s Grand Jury testimony was read into the record…but did not realize he spoke, ‘unwisely’….

        When I cited that AP quote, it seemed to me that the Jury would expect to hear from him?????

        Am profoundly confused.

      5. Relative to discussions about the Lynn trial….Peter Isely, today, posted the following info about a case in Wisconsin where a jury took BARELY FOUR HOURS to:

        “It took a jury today in Appleton, Wisconsin barely four hours to conclude in a landmark decision that the bishops and senior managers of the diocese of Green Bay had committed fraud in concealing and transferring serial child sex predator, Fr. John Patrick Feeney. 

        What is so significant about this decision is that the jury reached its conclusion even though the judge had severely limited the amount of evidence, including hundreds of pages of internal church files, that they could examine.  If the jury had seen the totality of Feeney’s file they would likely have reached their decision in even less time.

      6. Kathy,
        As a parent I have been wrestling with this very concern for months now, as I discern our continued Catholicism. I am asking myself “can one turn out psychologically healthy when having been raised Catholic?”

      7. Yes, I do think one can be raised Catholic and turn out psychologically healthy. All it takes is being informed. Know your faith, and know your Church. Knowledge!

      8. Wow Hadit…I could see the Hail Mary pass….it didn’t seem like the defense could stretch the defense out for another 7-10 days….what could they add to the Bevil made me do it stuff.

        Blessington has a distinguished track record….prayer is in order! Joan

      9. Yesterday, we were discussing a Wisconsin Jury that took 4 hours to hold a diocese responsible and awarded $700,000 to the plaintiffs….today the plaintiffs waived the punitive damages….they just wanted to get the truth out…..

        JSOnline today: Anderson, a nationally prominent clergy sex abuse litigator who represents 350 claimants in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee bankruptcy, said he supported the Merryfields’ decision.

        “Their intent was to get the truth out, not to recover more money from the dioceses,” he said.

        “Their issue from the beginning was to protect the kids.”

        I have no problem with plaintiffs being reimbursed….but thought this was an interesting story.

      10. Joan,

        Plaintiffs waived the punitive damages? Hmmm. I can’t say I’d do the same. What about accepting the damages, and then turning them over to a victims’ group or child protection group? Much of the cover up centers on the Church’s pocketbook. As a plaintiff, I would have made sure I hit it.

      11. Hadit…I thought the same thing….turn the money over to an appropriate charity…but one reason I posted this decision is that while I am just fine with plaintiffs ‘awards’….and God knows folks whose lives have been profoundly affected and perhaps earning power affected, need the money.

        There are some victims including I think one of our guys who eschew those awards…and I get very tired of critics….of civil suits…so in some kind of a way…this is helpful news??? Iam not a bit sure about this…it’s just a feeling I have….

      12. Hadit,
        Waiving punitive damages…I’m not sure what I’d do.

        The victims in the case are making a huge statement…IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY!

        My husband could have sued the church…and instead demanded what they had originally promised, counseling paid. It was a matter of principle at that point. The process to get the hierarchy to even honor their word was a full-time job and a lot of emotional stress. What motivated my husband to not go the legal route initially was because he wanted to be able to stand before any Catholic anywhere and when they challenged him, he could say, “No…that accusation doesn’t fit me because…”

        At a certain point though…you don’t give a hoot what anyone thinks. My husband and NO regrets in his situation…but, if he advises anyone else…it’s to sue the church. They pay attention to 2 things…money and media.

    2. “And Vicky, an ‘empty well’? I have no words or any kind of response to such a callous thing to say to someone. Acutally I do, but it’s too rude to post here. Especially by someone who is supposedly had a calling from God to serve his flock of people.”
      Suggested Keyword: “supposedly.”

  27. Jerry, I’m with you. I just don’t see how the DA, at the conclusion of this trial, regardless of the outcome, can stop from pursuing these child endangerment charges up through the chain of command within the Philadelphia archdiocese. I may be busy at the moment, but I could certainly clear a few days in my schedule and volunteer to drive down to Knoxville, Tennessee and chauffeur our retired leader back to the Criminal Justice Center. Let’s do it again, Just-in Case or is it Justin’s Case?

  28. I wonder….will they be able to find anyone other than another priest from their “gang” to testify that Lynn did “all that he possibly could” to help victims and protect children. I highly doubt it. Interesting ,,,,can they find even one victim or family member of a victim who can testify that he handled their situation well. Again, highly doubtful. Hopefully, that will tell the jury something.

    1. Outstanding! I’ve always been told that’s risky behavior for a defendant. He must be desperate, sure hope so.

  29. Here is a fact for you John V. For the entire 12 years of my catholic education in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia a predator priest was as close as the rectory or nearby classroom..the entire 12 years and now the recent news that for 7 years of my children’s education an abusive priest in the do you suggest rebuilding from that? By mocking survivors wife?..The Gospel would teach that you would extend an apology and support in reference to what happened to her husband when he was a child. And survivors wife,one correction to a statement you made..the pews aren’t full of John V’s..their numbers far outnumbered by those whose eyes are now wide open..the John V’s are feeling that,.. thus the visits he makes to the site lashing out at others

  30. Did I hear on the news that testimony today indicated that a priest is REQUIRED to obey any order that comes down from the bishop? Obedience is certainly important but not when the order is in direct violation of the law!

  31. Exactly, John Kaufman. Since when did one man’s orders supersede the laws of a state and country not to mention the teachings of Jesus who, by the way, they’re all supposedly representing on Earth.

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