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Many on this site, including myself, have commented that they no longer wish to contribute to the archdiocese. We’d like to offer a comprehensive a list of Catholic or victim organizations that could use those funds for their good works. Please submit you suggestions (with url and short description) in the comments and I will create a Charity Resource page. Thank you.


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  1. Our Lady of Confidence Day School
    314 N. Easton Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090

    OLC is a wonderful school that serves 86 special needs children. Years ago OLC was fully-funded by the Archdiocese. Now the AD’s funding is about 20%. I have first-hand experience with the wonderful work done by the incredibly devoted, caring and talented staff. Funds for tuition assistance are needed so that no child will be turned away for reasons of finance.

    1. How do you know that the people who work there are trust worthy?The Pope’s brother headed up a home in Germany, for the deaf and blind and was, along with priests, nuns & brothers, accused of sexual abuse of these precious handicapped, who could not speak up for themselves. It never was reported to anyone in authority, so was just left to stay with a warning. He is the Popes brother…Ratzinger..what else is new?

  2. The Catholic Worker is a wonderful organization that practices the true message of Jesus. Also, Ignatian Lay Volunteers was founded by a family friend who was a Jesuit priest, Charles Costello. They have offices across the United States including Philadelphia. The organization was started in Baltimore.

  3. Claire Matthews…….just want to check, you’re quite sure that the AD funding for Our Lady of Confidence is only about 20%? Whatever happened to the Confidence program part that was in Cardinal Dougherty HS?

    Having been involved for many years, both personally and professionally, in the field of disabilities, I have always been interested in the AD’s support and funding for individuals with disabilities, physical, cognitive and psychiatric.

    Another sad, sad story……..just think what the $11 million could be used for in support of our parishioners with special needs and concerns. And we all know, for those working in the disability field, we sure aren’t paying our staff $200-300 per hour.

    1. Michael, the Confidence Program formerly at Dougherty is now at Bishop McDevitt.

  4. Let’s start a Universal Philanthropy fund to collect diocesan appeals and Peter’s pence in one place and distribute by grant every quarter. Maybe to the diocese and Va. if we actually see non ambiguous transparency.

    1. Excellent idea, MLLamb. It’s one thing to divert money away from the Church and to other charities, it’s another thing to use money to advance and foster transparency.

  5. I suggest that donations be sent to SNAP for their tireless efforts over the years in pursuing justice of Survivors and their families. Without SNAP’s US and international membership, the world would not have seen the lid blown off the Priest Pedophilia Scandal. We owe them their day of glory as they are having enough trouble already, trying to defend themselves against the powerful maneuvers of the USCCB. It would be ironic if after all of the time, money and effort they have spent to expose this world-wide, criminal scandal if they are financially crippled in trying to defend themselves against the US Council of Catholic Bishops’ unlimited warchest!

  6. Any organization run by Sister Maureen Paul Turlish would also get my vote, as she has proven time and again, over the last 12 years, where I have become familiar with her thru her postings and blogs that she is an outspoken Sister of Integrity and isn’t afraid to stand up to bishops!

    1. Three thumbs down for Sister Maureen just by mentioning her name?!? It is clear: the thumbs down is sometimes evidence of the recipient’s effectiveness!

  7. The following charities are the regular recipients of our donations:
    1. Food for the Poor

    2. Dawn’s Place

    Recently article in Philly Inquirer hilighting the work at Dawn’s Place. I know first hand that they are in desperate need of funding to keep Dawn’s Place alive. Sr. Terisita is an amazing woman and the services provided to the women who come to Dawn’s Place are so very needed.

    1. “Is (fr) Robert Hoatson still affiliated with the rcc? or has he become ex-communicated by the rcc? “Once a priest always a priest” is what the rcc says but what does Robert say…who does he believe??? Id have to ask him that.?

      Many priests that have left , who have been asked to leave without trial, are still plying the children all over the world ..still wearing the roman collar(example)
      fr. jack spaulding & fr.loren reibe , who are in south america, having bought their own orphanage to …..who knows what………….Trust but Verify!

      1. Gloria,
        I think it’s important to kick the tires of any charity you are supporting, perhaps you should visit his website. I think you will come away with a better understanding of the work they do with abuse victim/survivors.

      2. No. Bob Hoatson was placed on administrative leave years ago and recently defrocked for speaking out for the victims. Bob was the first person I had ever met with, other than law enforcement, to tell him what happened to me.

        Bob runs which actually helps victims heal. He uses donations to help victims with therapy and sometimes even pay their bills or put for the table for their children because they can’t work or missed some work because of the fallout from sexual abuse. Road-to-Recovery is the only support organization that I know of that actually helps victims with the money that’s donated, and I know “a lot” of support organizations.

        Bob Hoatson also drives about 200,000 per year, and that’s no joke. He will drive anywhere in the US, or fly anywhere in the world to help a victim. He stages protests like nobody I’ve ever seen before. I’ve done many protests with him and he’s probably responsible for handing out tens of thousands of flyers, at least in the 3 & 1/2 years I’ve know him.

        He’s a good man with an impossible task! If you truly want to donate to an organization that helps current victims and helps prevent anymore victims, Bob Hoatson and is the best way to go. (Fr. Ken Lasch is also co-founder of R2R)

      3. One more thing, I absolutely vouch for the integrity of Bob Hoatson. There isn’t a single human being on the planet that does more for children and victims than Bob. Does he believe the victims? I say with 120% confidence – YES!

  8. I’d like to ask you to place Voice of the Faithful on your list:

    Voice of the Faithful is a worldwide movement of concerned mainstream Roman Catholics working to support survivors of clergy sexual abuse, support priests of integrity and increase the laity’s role in governance and guidance of the Church. More information is at


  9. I don’t want to sound cynical but what makes you think you can TRUST any charity that is affiliated with the rcc. I know I couldn’t..ISN’T THAT WHAT HAS CAUSED THIS WHOLE PROBLEM….? NO TRUST, IN ANY AND ALL.!

  10. I just ck’d Robt. Hoatson ‘s web site.. He is still calling himself Fr. …. what’s the deal? Is he or isn’t he?

  11. I believe that all Catholic Charities are, in some shape or form, connected to the RCC and send money to them, especially if they are allowed to include the word ‘Catholic’ within their company-name. I suggest that the money goes to charities that are protecting children from sexual-abuse such as SNAP. Once the International Trial at the Hague is over, we can divert our funds to other worthwhile charities. We are not millionaires but our accumulated wealth can help this worthy cause. If the RCC can spend around 11 million on the Philadelphia Trials, how much more will they put together to protect the Vatican-Aristocracy… a blank check with the funds drawn from varied global enterprises … no accountability as to which schools, parishes, or charities have to be closed.
    Just a thought.

  12. I think its a wonderful idea to channel money to worthy organizations, especially to help the victims/survivors of abuse. Having all the web-sites on C4C is a good place to list the organizations!! I believe the victims/survivors, and pray always. Remember that this world is not of Jesus but of the evil one, who comes in many faces. Pope on down….Peace

  13. Here is a charity you can help:

    Mercy Neighborhood Ministries of Philadelphia, Inc.
    1939 W. Venango Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19140

    Mercy Neighborhood Ministries provides year round child care for underprivileged youth, Pre-K through 8th grade, adult day care for the frail elderly and adult education for GED applicants and adults who need help with their education. Started by the Sisters of Mercy and the parishes of North Philadelphia, Mercy Neighborhood Ministries has been working with the poor of North Philadelphia for over 40 years. Our programs are housed in a renovated warehouse which was certified the first “green” building in North Philadelphia back in 2009.

  14. Bob Hoatson is one of the most decent human beings I know and whom I had met while attending the Lynn/Brennan trial. He walks the walk and talks the talk … he is “another Christ” who was kicked out of the Newark diocese by the bishop b/c Hoatson was making too much noise in support of the victims of priest pedophilia. Monies should be donated to his cause in assisting victims to heal from sexual abuse by priests. His organization is called:
    “Road to”.

    1. Here are two national organizations with oversight. (CASA) (Make A Wish)
      Unfortunately any organization can engage in corruption; human nature is subject to temptation especially where money is concerned. Perhaps with Road to Recovery you could ask to see the accounting books to ensure where the money is going. Unfortunately people can “cook the books” or have two sets of books. After carefully examining the words and deeds of potential charities, seeking guidance, and following your instincts, you ultimately have to take that leap of faith and trust any organization you choose.

  15. I would add that there is no scarcity of worthy charities that need financial support, and if there is a concern about money going back to the RCC then donate clothing, food, or other necessities instead of money. Many would even appreciate time and talent in lieu of money.

  16. I’d like to suggest Safe Harbor of Chester County– Safe Harbor Mission –
    Safe Harbor of Chester County is an independent, nonprofit organization providing food, shelter, friendship, counseling and recovery opportunities to homeless men and women in Chester County, Pennsylvania. My cousin, Glenn Fricke, is the Executive Director and they do wonderful work.

  17. I would like to make 2 suggestions: SNAP Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests….they have a wonderful website with news from throughout the world on clergy abuse issues. With much great information for survivors, they have chapters through out the country where victims meet 1 a month.

    The other is MaleSurvivor; The ONLY national non-profit that advocates on behalf of boys and men sexually abused. The have a very extensive book store on the website, as well as a very active discussion board and they conduct “Weekends of Recovery” where a team of mental health professionals spend the weekend with survivors performing various healing exercises…The professionals VOLUNTEER there time (several days) and do not recieve 1 penny for it. Many a man has attended and is the better for it, they are incredible experiences as I have attended several myself. or

  18. House of Grace Catholic Worker
    1826 E Lehigh Ave
    Philadelphia PA 19125

    Phone: 215-426-0364

    This house offers a Catholic Worker Free Health Clinic, hospitality, roundtable discussions, liturgies, a peace witness, and Community Garden. They have been friends of the poor for many years and make good use of the support they receive.

  19. PLEASE SUPPORT ROAD TO RECOVERY! So many of us as survivors need financial help, and road to recovery is the only organization I know of that actually takes every penny it gets and turns those collected funds directly over to survivors. There is no 50% overhead for adminstration. It all goes to help survivors who can demonstrate real need. The only problem with Road To R ecovery is that the need is great, and they do not have adequate funding to meet all the requests they receive. Since I am on disability (yes, because of the abuse I experienced by Catholic clergy) I panic each quarter as my property taxes come due
    I have been helped by Road To Recovery. I have been helped twice by Road To Recovery once to pay my electric bill another time to pay my quarterly property tax of $525.00. I panic each quarter as my property taxes come due, and having an organization like Road To Recovery as a resource when my creative financial manuevering fails would be a wonderful thing .
    Bob Hoatson is an intelligent man of deep integrity and compassion. Any contributions would be dealt with honesty and real help would be meted out to survivors who truly are in need. If anyone needs to contact me, kathy would let me know.

    1. I don’t think there is a charity mentioned here that shouldn’t be supported and compliments to Susan for the blog topic!!!!

      While its off subject a bit I am reminded of a school my grandkids attended, which had very strong social justice program.

      From the third grad on these kids, weekly, we’re engaged. If you were a third grader on Wednesday’s you spent your lunch hour serving food and chatting with the homeless, fourth graders spent an hour a week visiting in a convalescent home etc etc. Once a year the kids raised a fair amount of money and then pitched to their classmates which charity should get the funds….they researched the charities made pie graph charts etc and campaigned …..this school is turning out leaders, AND it is a private non profit with folks of every religious persuasion!

  20. Send your donations to SNAP – they need all the support we can garner – as they are being persecuted in Kansas City and elsewhere by the Catholic Church.
    ALso – without their work we would still be asleep.

  21. I would like to suggest donations to the Support Center for Child Advocates – a nonprofit organization celebrating its 35th year serving children of abuse in the Philadelphia area.
    SCCA provides legal assistance and social advocacy for abused and neglected children.

    Frank Cervone, the Executor Director works tirelessly to champion childrens rights and has been vocal on the sexual abuse issue within the Church and Penn State..

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