Faith Crisis Leads Mom to Child Sex Abuse Advocacy

Click here to read: “Justice 4 PA Kids Fights Childhood Sexual Abuse,” by Emily Riley, Main Line Today, November 29, 2012

Excerpt: When the sex-abuse scandal in the Archdiocese of Boston broke in 2002, Martinez had convinced herself that it was an isolated case. But as the scandal grew, so did her concern that the issue was bigger than she—and most others—first thought. “I spent some time doing research, and I couldn’t believe what I was finding out. It bothered me to the point where I didn’t want to go back [to church] ever again. It made me want to do something proactive.”

9 thoughts on “Faith Crisis Leads Mom to Child Sex Abuse Advocacy

  1. Does the insurance industry assist in the RCC’s pro-pedophile lobbying efforts in Harrisburg? What other agencies do so?

    1. Absolutely ! The rcc has not denied the abuse and cover up they just don’t want to be held accountable as the money is more important than some poor soul possibly finding justice and salvaging what ever is left of their existence ! The rcc claims that they are being treated unfairly !

      1. Maybe the church should lose it’s tax exempt status, the bishops conference would soon do something about it.
        Considering all the Catholic charitable organisations, not to mention the countless voluntary workers upholding the church’s image, Rome would not be amused.

    2. Crystal, any agency that can be “bought” with RCC funds and clout do its bidding.

      SOL reforms and education help, of course, but as Chaput’s continuing stonewalling ten years after the Boston scandals shows, they are clearly not enough.

      Please sign, and urge all you know to sign, brave Kate Fitzgerald’s bold new petition to President Obama at:

      The petition seeks a US national investigation commission on organized child sexual abuse like Australia is successfully pursuing.

      The petition is being promoted to many advocacy groups, including VOTF, SNAP, CTA, ARCC and many national child welfare groups, as well as to key national and local media persons.

      The petition already has attracted dozens of signatures, including by Fr. Tom Doyle, Sr. Maureen and me.

      This is a national crisis and demands a national solution, in addition to the local law changes promoted so heavily by, among others, parents and survivor groups and their lawyers.

      Children and survivors need and deserve Federal protection and aid. The Federal clout is already making headway in the child porn area and now needs to bear down on organizations, like the Catholic Church, that protect child sexual predators.

      Obama must be pressed hard now.

  2. “There is a business angle to this issue as well. Congress would do well to investigate the machinations of the insurance industry on these issues. The industry has been insuring institutions for liability for child sex abuse for decades, and until recently did not have to pay out much, because of our socially contrived secrecy. Now the industry is lobbying against legislative reform to protect children, including statutes of limitations. ”

  3. This blog started me on a journey I didnt know i would end up taking nor in many ways I wanted to go but I am glad I did. Recently someone from this blog sent me a link to a workshop on forgiveness…..I know I know…….that’s the last thing I wanted to do or hear either….some really amazing things happened that I am not at liberty to write unfortunately on this blog ….it always amazes me when I see how God can set things up and bring things together……I learned about forgiving myself and others……some I have forgiven and some I work on forgiving everyday as they continue to hurt me its a process but I feel I am not totally stuck anymore and I am learning to forgive but not condone certain behaviors nor take away peoples responsiblity for the harm they have done. I just really had alot of peace that lasted for a while in the core of my being and I met so many others that were in various stages of forgiving and I felt such a heavy burden lifted so thankyou for your prayers I needed and continue to need them …..thankyou

    1. Rich to answer your earlier question I think all things are possible but they get done alot quicker if we allow God to work thru us:) and I have to tell you I myself am pretty stubborn and would rather do things my way but that does not work nearly as well as me going in the direction God wants me to go despite what I would like to do.

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