FYI on Beliefnet


I have recently signed on to contribute to For those who may be interested, here are links to my first two blog entries. Thanks!


How to Sense God this Season


Your Best New Years Resolution Ever





3 thoughts on “FYI on Beliefnet

  1. Nicely done, Susan. Catholicism is an earthy religion. Sounds, smells, sights, taste…..the incarnation. Art, music, human touch – all sacramentals pointing to the ineffable. Keeps me going and I believe so many others who have a simple, from the gut faith. Happy New Year and Peace of the Lord be with you.

  2. Yes, and the best of every good thing for the New Year to all the faithful contributors to Catholic4Change, [and for the grace to accept the spelling mistakes and diction to my comments when they appear}.

  3. Susan, I found your articles at Beliefnet very inspiring. I am going to adopt your idea of writing down how I spend my time and then seeing if these are aligned to my priorities. Happiness, health, peace, love, and joy to Susan and Kathy and to all the participants of Catholics4Change.

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