Review and Resolutions for the New Year

Here’s a look back at last year on Catholics4Change.

Visitors came from 131 countries. Thank you for stopping by and referring our site to others.

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The List Cardinal Bevilacqua Didn’t Want You to See

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Hold a Child Sex Abuse Forum

Kathy and I would like to extend special thanks to and the National Catholic Reporter for all the readers they referred to this site in 2012.

We’d also like to thank Joan for the most comments this past year. Her contributions were as informative as they were passionate. Beth, Had It Catholic and Survivor’s Wife you were also in our top five. The comments section is what makes C4C so special. We are very grateful for everyone’s input.

2012 was a professionally and personally challenging year for me. I could always count on Kathy Kane to keep things on track. There is no finer mother, friend or colleague.

Moving Forward:

Msgr. Lynn’s trial changed me at my very core. For me, evil is no longer abstract. I will never forget the victims on the witness stand and in the courtroom. Because of them, I still have faith in human strength and goodness. I know we can prevent others from facing this pain.

If you are a victim who does not wish to pursue legal action but would like to prevent harm to other children, please consider giving an anonymous tip to the District Attorney’s office. Please help remove predator priests from ministry. Information is available on our Resources page.

In 2013, Kathy and I promise to keep you informed on clergy child sex abuse and related issues. We hope this knowledge inspires readers to take action to bring justice to victims, prevent future abuse and expose cover ups. Please share your ideas on this post. While so much was accomplished this past year, there is a long way to go in 2013.


4 thoughts on “Review and Resolutions for the New Year

  1. This past year I have learned so much from the victims/survivors and their family members. Every word you write,every thought you share, resonates on some level. I know the fear sometimes is that you feel no one is listening..I know from this site that people are listening, finally gaining some understanding of what you have been living all of these years. Vicky always says ‘to be heard and believed” is so important. My hope is that you find that here. A safe place to be heard, believed, supported and loved.

  2. A very Happy New Year to everyone….and I thought I would mention what I value on this site…

    The fact of its existence…..thank you Susan….and you were right it was meant to be.

    The fact of Kathy’s determination to keep C4C ‘on message’ and not distracted by other issues.

    The victims stories…..there is no way to properly honor them.

    C4C commenters…from near and far…

    Like Susan, I am forever changed by the Lynn trial….incredibly ugly as the facts were….C4C provided an invaluable service is their coverage and several thousand folks a day learned some very very painful data.

    It has been a privilege to be a part of this project and I thank everyone.

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