Archdiocese of Los Angeles Forced to Release Names of Those Associated with Abuse and Cover Up

Click here to read: “Catholic Church Can’t Withhold Names in California Priest Files,” by Greg Risling, Associated Press, Daily News Los Angeles, January 7, 2013

Excerpt: “(Superior Court Judge Emilie) Elias said she weighed the privacy rights of priests and others – including those who are mentioned in the documents but were not accused of any wrongdoing – versus the public’s interest in learning details of the child abuse that prompted the archdiocese to agree to a record $660 million settlement with victims in 2007.

“Don’t they have the right to know what happened in their local church?” Elias said before ruling from the bench.

The documents include letters and memos between top church officials and their attorneys, medical and psychological records, complaints from parents and, in some cases, correspondence with the Vatican about abusive priests. There are approximately 30,000 pages and it wasn’t immediately clear how soon they would be released.”

6 thoughts on “Archdiocese of Los Angeles Forced to Release Names of Those Associated with Abuse and Cover Up

  1. Does anyone really believe, documents will be handed over unsullied?
    Melbourne Archdiocese back in the late 1990’s had a frenzied period whereby they were destroyed when it became obvious abuse relating to clergy was becoming tidal wave.
    These documents,files whatever were under the juristriction of the Judicial Vicar, and the time lapse in discussions in the present tense is givng ample time to do the same where you are.
    To be taken into account is the “diplomatic bag” within the duristriction of the Papal Nunciature’s office, never to be underestimated!
    It makes you wonder, what went off with the recent Australian Nuncio in his sudden and unexpected departure, in line with his duties, and where his loyalities must lie.

  2. L. Newington,

    I was involved in the window down in Delaware, and my attorneys told me that when the diocese of Wilmington and the Oblates of Saint Francis De Sales handed over their documents, I think it was something like 35,000 pages, they said it looked like they took all the boxes and dumped them out of a window and put them back into boxes just the way they had fallen, unsorted and mixed up. It was like no two pages that were together in a box were part of the same file.

    Would you expect anything less? The institution already allowed for the rapes of countless children, an exact number of victims we’ll never know about, because most victims never come forward, some commit suicide without anybody ever knowing what happened to them, and some just somehow live life without ever talking about it. You can’t expect an institution like this to play fair. Chaput wants the playing field equal, but from what I’ve seen, since I came forward almost 4 years ago, the playing field will never be equal. Besides, how many times have you seen the church willing to play fair? They contract All-Star lawyers, pay them millions of dollars, to put runs on the board for their team before the game even begins.

    They cheat and we have to play fair. It’s hard to win a game if the other team relies on illegal pitches and has a lineup filled with Hall of Famers.

    But, let them cheat. I will get my justice someday and it will happen because I stuck to the same play throughout, and it’s a strategy they will never be able to use – The Truth! Even if I never do get my day in court, or if I’m unable to ever tell my story to those who I think need to hear it, I can be somewhat content because I have the truth and the church doesn’t.

    1. Do you really think they never get to hear yours and others stories?
      Have you never seen in print, things that have come out of your mouth, literally used by them to counteract.
      It’s the blind leading the blind, and even the so called “All Stars Lawyers” will have to eat their words one day.
      I’ve already seen it in Victoria Australia at least, especially if the lawyers don’t do or say what they want, even if to their advantage down the track.
      As far as my comment re removal of files, that came from a digruntled member of the Melbourne Resonse team in the 1990’s, she was never sued, but “she had to go” and did, in fact if my memory serves me right, with a payout for unfair dismissal.
      They never give up-so don’t you!

  3. If the rcc honors their pledge of accountability and transparency they will literally go out of business !

  4. And let’s hope they to do. go out of business. Christianity will not go out of business ‘ cause it isn’t a business. It’s THE LORD’ S. WORD! (INFORMATION) TO HIS PEOPLE HOW HE WANTS THEM TO KNOW & LOVE HIM..

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