8 thoughts on “Jury Selection Underway in Sex-Abuse Trial of Shero and Engelhardt

  1. I really want to see Shero nailed to the wall. Here’s a guy who isn’t a member of the “brotherhood” who could’ve helped this kid, and instead he raped him. These assholes passed this kid around like he was some kind of toy to play with, but that’s how our abusers treated all of us. They looked at us like objects, and they preyed on us because we were small and weak and defenseless and they knew we couldn’t fight back. I’d love for one of this scumbags to try screwing around with me know, but now that I’m an adult and bigger then them, they don’t have the guts to pick on me.

    I wonder if there are past allegations against Shero. Nobody wakes up one morning and goes to school to teach and then decides to pick out a child he can take for a ride in his car and then rapes him. This guy’s deviance has manifested over time. How many other little boys (or girls) did he also abuse? Shero can also be charged with failing to report, because obviously he knew “Billy” had already been abused by the scumbag priests, because how would he have known what boy he could choose?

    Damn, I hate these guys so much. They have not one clue of the hell they put us through when they’re raping us and when we have to figure out how to live life after they annihilated our spirits. What the hell kind of life do we have anyway? How many non-victims spend most of their days thinking about evented that took place early in their childhood? How many non-victims jump out of bed in the middle of the night, drenched in a shower of sweat, gasping for oxygen, and scared shitless? This is no way to live.

    Who wouldn’t turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain? I wish I was there for “Billy,” and I could’ve saved him from all those scumbags. I would’ve never left him there to continue to be abused like Mike “Coward” McQueary.

    I hope like hell these guys get what they deserve. A tiny dark cell without windows or doors, with just enough food to barely live on every day, and they can listen to threats from other inmates, and they will be scared, and defenseless, weaker than the rest of his jailhouse mates, and I hope they cried and scream out for help and nobody comes to save them. I want them to feel everything that they made us feel when they were raping us, and hurting us, and threatening to do it worse next time. I hope they worry every day, all day long, if this is the day someone breaks them down the way they broke us down. I want them to feel just like I have felt in my life.

    No plea deals or special considerations. No 2 & 1/2 – 5 year sentences either. These are the kind of monsters who need to be locked away for good. They don’t deserve to breathe the same air as we do. They shouldn’t be allowed to roam public places where kids are just trying to be kids. They shouldn’t be allowed to take anything from anybody ever again. The best way to protect children is to keep these guys locked up!

    1. Rich there were past allegations of Shero touching students,making them uncomfortable in various situations. If you the read the Shero section of the 2011 GJ report it is all spelled out. He actually taught at a few Catholic schools and the policy was to remove anything negative from a file when the teacher went on to another school. One mother even reported him to the police but his acts but I believe the acts were not ‘criminal”. This was the mother who was then chastised by the pastor of the parish because of her allegations against Shero. At one school I believe a group of students went to the principal to complain about Shero.

  2. Kathy,

    Thanks for reminding me about that. I actually vaguely remember reading that now. It’s been awhile since I read that GJ report, and over the passed couple of years, I’ve read too many GJ reports and it’s hard to keep up on the facts in every report. I’ll have to go back and read it again to refresh my memory. I’ll just wait until I feel good though. I can’t read these reports if I’m even slightly depressed. They’re just so awful.

    Thanks Kathy.
    Peace out!


  3. This is a question for Mr. Slevin, will the prosecution be able to use ” propensity evidence” in these cases ?

  4. Ok small news but a glimmer of progress my husbands offender committed his crimes before megans law so was not on the list but now all offenders no matter if the crime occurred before megans law have to be on a registry. So I heard from those attending his parole hearing.Amen

    1. SW…those are some disgusting details. My oldest son is Billy’s age. There is only one thing i am certain of…At both of the non-archdiocesan schools (both public and private) my kids attended, a teacher who was this allegedly “weird”, wouldn’t have lasted one week. He would have been fired and replaced immediately. I saw several teachers come and go during a semester, over the years, over far less serious issues. I have never heard of a teacher making sexual gestures or references to his class and getting away with it.

      It sounds like this teacher got away daily with a ridiculous amount of very public, dirty behavior (allegedly).
      Got to wonder about the environment in that school. Who enabled this? Got to wonder about it all. I don’t understand how this happened.

      1. Crystal,
        I went to a private Catholic high school with a lay person as a coach that made a sexual reference about me while swimming in front of an entire co-ed class.

        He was the beloved coach. I never said a word. Who would believe me? And I had an entire class witness it! It wasn’t the first inappropriate situation either that I had witnessed. Don’t be so sure that they fire “weird.”

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