Statute of Limitations Prevents Charges in Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Click here to read: “Church sex abuse files unlikely to lead to charges, experts say,” by Harriet Ryan, Ashley Powers and Victoria Kim, Los Angeles Times, January 22, 2013.

“Statute of limitations is the main stumbling block to prosecuting Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and aides in the sex abuse files from the 1980s released this week, experts say.”

Editors note: A pointed reminder of why we need to push for the removal of the statute of limitations for child sex abuse here in PA.

3 thoughts on “Statute of Limitations Prevents Charges in Archdiocese of Los Angeles

  1. So mahony along with the enablers and abusers escapes punishment, if the faithful can read the files and still donate then they deserve everything they receive !

  2. The Catholic Archbishop of Los Angeles which I believe is his legal name withheld the information so long that prosecution is not possible. The Archdiocese already paid at least $760 million in civil awards. The people need to have more control of the affairs of our church. The culprit is the legal structure, corporation sole, that makes our diocese the personal fiefdom of the ordinary. We need to do as the Swiss have done. Change our structure so there is an independent board responsible for running the dioceses. That board needs to be answerable to the People of God in the diocese. I would suggest that you run stories to get the legislatures to take a look at corporation sole.

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