4 thoughts on “Trial Twists and Turns

  1. I have not attended the trial but have been following the news accounts and Cipriano’s blog on the Big Trial. It is hard to speculate when you are not in the courtroom but I am wondering if the prosecution proved their case? I was shocked at the limited amount of witnesses in the Shero situation.The four pgs of GJ report would suggest that there were a few principals who should have been on the stand,rather than just the one they called. Also Engelhardt seems to be MIA.I thought I was maybe just missing it in the accounts I read, but there seemed to be little testimony involving Engelhardt.

  2. I think something happened to Billy at St Jerome’s and my feeling is that it involved Avery,who happens to have plead guilty and is sitting in jail. As for Shero and Engelhardt, that is up to the jury just like every other case that filters through the Criminal Justice Center. I would never want to be on a jury concerning a child sex abuse case..you get it wrong and you just sent someone to prison tagged as a child abuser or you just set a predator free to prey on more children. They have heard the testimony, if it is enough is their job to determine.

    1. Sir Charles won’t have the same accomodations as his brother Oblates.
      http://ncronline.org/news/accountability/oblates-settle-abuse-suits-paying-248-million. Finally some justice against a group that was supposed to educate our children.

      Thank you Billy for your courage. Also, Thank you to the relative of Sir Charles who supported Billy. Just he (Englehardt’s relative) won’t be attending many Thanksgiving dinners with his relatives, but am very thankful for those words”horrible priest”.

      Thanks to all, the wall is crumbling. Priests aren’t “special”.

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