20 thoughts on “Cardinals Dolan and Mahony To Be Deposed

  1. Dolan was deposed????

    To hell with those civil proceedings……….I opt for the first definition of the word “deposed”

    1. Remove from office suddenly and forcefully

    When will these true “depositions” of these leaders take place in NY and LA? What about an old-fashioned “coup d’état”? Now that is what the US Catholic Church faithful need more than anything else here in 2013.

    Just love that phrase, can’t stop saying it………….coup d’état

  2. I thought Mahoney was stripped of his cardinal duties and could never Confirm candidates ~ yet he is still able to vote for a pope?? There’s so much I don’t understand.

    I think the world would be a better place if both men just stayed home & didn’t go to Rome & vote.

    1. Mahony, Rigali, Dolan, George, et al., a real rogues’ gallery, will help elect our new pope. May Gos help us!

      Hopefully, while they are on their Roman holiday, President Obama will reply and react to the severe criticism of his failure to address clerical child abusers and their protectors just leveled at him by the UN Commission on Children, annd echoed by SNAP.

      For more info, please see my remarks at: http://wp.me/P2YEZ3-u0

  3. Hopefully, while they are on their Roman holiday, President Obama will reply and react to the severe criticism of his failure to address clerical child abusers and their protectors just leveled at him by the UN Commission on Children, annd echoed by SNAP.
    I take it as “given” that we are opposed to child sexual abuse everywhere. What is the U.N.
    criticism saying about CSA in families, non-religious institutions, etc.? Why does the effort have to be directed against “clerical child abusers and etc.” only? Maybe I am missing something.

    1. You are missing alot, Nichols. Read the report, please. It is readily available and very readable.

      You don’t have to comment. But if you do, you owe it to C4C readers to try to know what you are talking about.

      Once again, you try to pivot by changing the subject to all child abusers, an old Chaput/Bill Donohue ploy. If you can’t fix everything, then fis nothing. Please!!

      If the UN Committee on children got President Obama to deal with the sexual abuse of children in religious settings, the UN would have earned our often unpaid dues, in my estimation.

      Please spare us all the usual right-wing rage over the UN. FOX News is the place for those comments.

      1. By singling out “religions” (read RCC) the U.N. invites speculation on how free of CSA their respective nations are. You know, the old “plank in your eye” thingy. And by the way — it is a stretch to imply
        I am in any way defending RCC authorities. Check my web forum.

    2. Nichols, be glad for the UN to have a role in this effort, and for the privilege of witnessing it. Why frame it as a swipe at religion, or a free pass for non-clerical CSA (as the rcc would have us believe it is)? It’s a focused, global effort to target a particular “species” of sex abuse….one problem with its own unique characteristics and solutions…one which has been exposed and is increasingly vulnerable these days. Hopefully this effort opens hearts and minds to the entire problem, and improves the ability of all law enforcement to sink its teeth into these crimes.

      1. Crystal, after reading your excellent posts for a considerable time now, I get the distinct feeling you only half-heartedly believe your reasoning above. I think eventually you will admit the U.N. action is disingenuous when it doesn’t target ALL CSA.

        1. Read the report and familiarize yourself, please, Nichols, with who this Committee is and all of their activities worldwide against all forms of child abuse. Forget your “distinct feelings’ please, and read before you pontificate here. You might really learn something, Nichols. A new experience, I suspect, but you might like it.

  4. Pay attention to the team of attorneys each of them will have…at parishioner expense.

    I’ll work on my own gleefulness that these men will have to “dance” when they thought they could hide.

  5. These same men are going to be filled with the Holy Spirit in order to elect a new Pope?

    Too bad they couldn’t have tapped into the truth when they were lying about hiding money and the rape of children.

    Black smoke, white smoke…it’s all so hideous in light of what they’ve done in God’s Name.

    1. Perhaps we will get lucky, SW, and the Spirit will jam the chimney. Instead of feeding us mystical smokescreens as Cardinals do so often, let the Cardinals “eat” some mystical smoke, God willing!

  6. Just finished reading the above article and comments about Mahony and Dolan and these are some of the comments: Conspiracy of silence, Image of church before images of victimized children, corrupt institution, cover-up, evil, criminal, moral matters, hatred of humanity,aiding and abetting child rapists, do “they” (Dolan and Mahony) represent Jesus? Should tarnished Cardinals be allowed to vote?
    I can’t imagine how the victims feel, when reading articles just like this, and try to carry on………
    I pray everyday for all the victims and all like myself struggling. My faith grows stronger in Jesus, despite what I read. My heart cries for the victims, of this most horrific crime against the innocent. God help us all………

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