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  1. Susan, the number you gave below is his District Office – they are telling people to call “Michelle at the Capital office in Harrisburg 717 783 6757.” I called both numbers and suggested my contacts call both – maybe that will stir them up to take action. JOE GABLE

      1. I called the 2nd number and only was able to leave a recorded message. The first number was a live person who took the message.

        1. Susan, I called explained I am a survivor and that what I want is to protect ALL children!

    1. I called today, left messages on both recordings. There was a web site, also. listed.

  2. Great, Susan, keep up the pressure please.

    The effects of C4C’s earlier pressure that helped convict Cardinal Rigali’s key subordinate, Msgr. Lynn, keep rippling through the papal Conclave preparations.

    Please see my, “Criminal, Not Spiritual, Convictions Top Concerns at Conclave”, accessible at:


    1. This is a forum where people share thoughts, ideas and support victims. At times we direct people to important legislative issues to make phone calls,write letters,send emails.
      We did not indict or convict anyone and although a few cardinals may have taken a peek at this blog in the past two years,we are not on the minds of anyone in the conclave..at all. We are very well aware of the impact we have had,sometimes in the least expected places, but not in courtrooms or conclaves.

  3. Two points, Kathy. You are wrong on the facts. And when did you change C4C’s objectives of change? Unless you want to be chasing priests away from your great-grandchildren , you must pay attention to the Conclave, or you will continue to get new victims forever to clique on here. That said, I will move on and leave you to your social work. Godspeed!

    1. I changed nothing at all, I am just aware of what we have and can accomplish and what we have absolutely no credit for doing. The victims and law enforcement did the work, while we are a forum. I will absolutely pay attention to the conclave while being very aware they are paying no attention to a blog . We are what we are,those thinking we deserve credit for things that others did all the hard work, will continue to be disappointed by my very realistic responses.

  4. Gets so confusing.

    Reynolds v. United States (10-6549)
    Reynolds moved to Penna in 2007


    JOP guidelines


    sex abuse defense blog:


    Looking at a case and realize that not only are our reps confused, but people on both sides. sex offenders are getting away because of errors in spelling (Congress), laws poorly written, and our prosecutors not educating themselves.

    Hopefully this law is not filled with lines(crossing out what we need to protect or kids) as special interest groups continue to roadblock our need to protect children, and that we continue to educate the public to how little value these victims have in our system. That case I have in front of me now where the prep doesn’t have to register because the charges that stuck doesn’t require it. Both the 13 yr old and the 34 year old agreed “sex” occurred and the judge knows it was legally non-consensual. Can’t rule for required reporting if proper charges aren’t brought and I am sure the defense lawyer knew that. Guess I better get that letter written so I can read another poor excuse of why that guy isn’t registered.

  5. Not really sure where I should be posting this…but, thought those who were hurt in the RCC would appreciate it. I also think she calls out the Body of Christ in a way that is refreshingly honest and beautiful.

    I started to tear up when I read, “Can I just whisper? I know you must feel like people have wanted you to go away. Sweep your scars under the proverbial rug. Erase you, avoid you, silence you.”

    I have followed this person’s blog for years. I like the way she writes, never in full sentences, but always from the heart. Where are the RCC priests? They are worrying about robes and red shoes and helicopter rides to retirement facilities and conclaves and lawsuits and who gets the closest to the pope mobile.

    Imagine what a victim or their family would have felt if THIS had been the reaction to the abuse.


    1. survivors wife ,I have now have the link to share with people to try to explain what we must do for victims. That was the most beautiful and true reflection I have read, thank you for sharing.

    2. Thank you , Thankyou, Thankyou Sw…… this author gives words to express what I experienced the other day. Vicky unbeknownst to her called me on the anniversary of my dads death on Feb.4 (my dad’s love for us kids and my love for him is part of why I got involved in catholics4change) I also had other personal issues going on. She spoke such medicine to a broken heart and soul and even managed to get me to laugh thru my tears at her brutal honesty……….the following words describe Vicky and that beautiful experience to a tee…..”It is the wounded ones who makes us heal and the hurting one who makes us honest and it is the broken ones who put us back together again and it is the scarred ones who make the Body of Christ sensitive.”

        1. Beth, I emailed Vicky right reading this beautiful piece. It sounded so much like Vicky and some of the conversations we have had over the past 2 years.

  6. “Vatican, Iran, Russia resist UN efforts to stop violence against women.”

    “The Vatican, Iran and other religious states are resisting efforts by a UN conference to demand tougher global standards to prevent violence against women and children.”


    Look at the company the RCC keeps, Iran and Russia. The Church’s actions become more despicable everyday. They claim to be fixing the problem, while in fact the leadership is becoming worse. How bold to they think they can become without inciting a ‘Catholic Spring’?

    What kind of Church do we belong to? Please call please call PA Rep. Ron Marsico TODAY and tell him how disgusting this institution is locally, as well as globally.

    1. Drwho13, I lived in India I am all for protecting women and child from rape. My question is what does the article mean by “sexual rights” does that include abortion? It is not clear.

      1. Beth,

        It may include abortion I don’t know; the Church refused to comment at the time the article was released. Nonetheless, I don’t believe that abortion would be the only reason the Church would be in opposition to global standards involving violence against women and children.

  7. Drwho13,
    Thanks for your reply. I just see issues all lumped together and sometimes better to deal with one at a time but I also see from even this site how many are interconnected. When I lived in India I was molested in broad daylight at a train station surrounded by my family at age 14. We were walking thru a crowded train station.Someone grabbed my breast. It happened so fast and there were so many people at the train station I didn’t even know who did it. It was a shock. Attitudes towards women in Indian and other places definitely have to change. I could even walk the streets alone talk about lack of freedom.

  8. Luckily that was the only incident and it was a big eye opening experience living in a different culture but I appreciate and don’t take for granted how women are treated better in the US.

  9. It is well known why the church and religious orgs are interested in places in Asia, Africa and some areas in South America. Even UN and Peace Corps have problems with sexual abuse(have posted those links before).. I’ve dealt with an Indian pastor and his atitude towards children and women. I cringe when I learn of a priest being ordained from a nation with strong anti-women ties. Maybe when you storm the vatican you can get the documents and we can find the erasers,missing sentences and mistranslations that preventwomen from being priests. Maybe the women at the tomb were bishops according to Jesus and did ordain other priests(opinion – no facts to back it up). JPII kept many from the documents that may prove there were women bishops.

    I know we can’t destroy the vatican -too many countries support it, I don’t even see the law in Penna. changing or at least having people understand it so proper charges are filed. More time is being spent on blaming the other political party over budget cuts than protecting our kids. No vote, no say – rememember when we said no vote no serve. Since I don’t live in Philly, do you get any coverage for your vigils? Where I live in Penna, I get more news about the poor perps having to register for 15 years than what happens to victims like Vicky,Rich,Nicolas, Jim spouses of SW and Beth and the many others serving a life sentence.. One difficulty we have is the protection of pre 2006 cases and the difficulty in exposing young children when calling out these abusers ie can’t discuss incest without exposing child relatives to questions – yes was exposed to possible lawsuits because of that concern – I didn’t reveal anything but our blog tracking preps was discontunued because some pushed over the legal limits of what can be revealed about a prep, especially a pre 2006 conviction

      1. Sorry for not spelling your name correctly, Nichols1. Here are a few links. The RCC has been covered by so many so I won’t get into it. I am very disappointed in the parish I was raised and how they allowed a priest to serve, after being accused, in their parish. It was not the first incident in which an abusive priest was tolerated.


        ““This is crazy,” police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said. “We just received the Megan’s Law community notification flyer today (Thursday). It says ‘recently enacted legislation requires the Pennsylvania State Police to display the mailing address rather than the physical location of the offender.’ Whoever came up with this state legislation should be tarred and feathered.”


        “Three sisters raped and murdered: the tragedy that engulfed an Indian village”



        “When Peacemakers Become Perpetrators: Kathryn Bolkovac Introduces The Whistleblower at the UN ”


        We expect organizations to police their own ie RCC and expect the government to write laws properly. Now I have to talk to my better half. She is still angry at a american anti women catholic male who shows little repect to women. I still laugh – could you leave your husband at home. My kids have the same problem – my daughter changed schools ( early childhood tosocial work), but she cringed when the department chairman brought up child abuse – he got off the subject real fast. Later that year a retired professor from that University,” early childhood” was arrested for child porn.

        Again, I left religious life because of sexual abuse in the RCC.

        1. But wait, there’s more!! We never hear anything from the Vatican about Catholic priests raping Nuns in Africa because they don’t have AIDS. Of course those moral freaks in the Curia oppose the United Nation proposal to prevent violence against woman and children.

  10. hmm:

    Will be interesting to see what comes out of this suit. Will the insurance companies be exposed? Who are preventing the above bills from being scheduled for a hearing? How much has this epidemic costs us ? we can’t trust those who profess to represent God in our lives. Will the RCC come clean as a result? What is an illegal contract? Can the insurance company refuse payment because Penn State accepted responsibility(if that is the reason) and not fight in court sparing the victims more pain? Or is it a problem with covering up abuse and these institutions have forfeited their coverage? Will the news media continue to cover this story? Will they have to wait for the other trials(criminal) first?

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