Priest Treatment Facility Across From High School Causes Concern

Community concern over St. John Vianney, a psychiatric treatment facility for priests, was addressed last night during a Downingtown Council meeting. The discussion was prompted by a recent incident of a patient trespassing on Bishop Shanahan property during school hours.

Unlike most other treatment centers, St. John Vianney allows “approved” patients to leave their premises to walk through the neighborhood.

Please note it was a parent who finally called the police after the archdiocesan high school administration neglected to take action in regard to her concerns. Please view this Fox29 news segment from last night. More to come.

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  1. I’m so glad a parent came forward about this. The reporter said the AOP told them that no patient considered a “threat” was allowed off the campus and that the risk of a patient is determinded by independent health professionals. We all know the entire center is under the AOP’s thumb, and they pay and control the employees making these determinations. And we also know that security there seems pretty lax. Just look at the website for the entry 5/3/12. The priest noted in that entry left the center more than once. He wasn’t considered a risk because he “only” had affairs with married women, until he molested the 13 year old daughter of one of the women. Still, the priest walked out again, and fled the state. Even if upon arrival a priest isn’t considered a “threat”, my big concern is the problem of “yet”. Well, he only viewed child porn and hasn’t actually touched a child…yet. He only made inappropriate comments to children and/or (insert inappropriate behavior here) but never went beyond that…yet. We all know that often one behavior is a stepping stone to the next. Why aren’t more parents making noise about this?

  2. Had I known about the meeting, I would have attended. This should be a concern for the entire community, not just the parents of BSHS. This is a town where the public school kids, walk in the vacinity as well, since there are a couple of shopping centers with bowling alleys’, movies, etc. Good point, catholicmom, the “yet” is a completely reasonable comment. It seems like there are many making decsions about the safety of our children based on a lot of unknowns. As with many things, the AD has kept a lid on this faciitity apparenlty refering to it at times as a retirement home, from what I have heard, so that sounds pretty non-threatening. Now most of us who have kids in Shanahan, and I do, are aware of who Vianney houses and what some of the issues have been. However, until a parent took it upon herself to watch a man wander off the property on to Shanahan, and report it prompting a letter to be sent home, it makes you wonder….how many times has this happened before no one was really watching? What was his issue, what he a pedophile? In addition to sexual predators, I think most parents of high school age kids have concerns about drugs, too. I know of one patient known as Msgr. Meth that was housed there for a time as well. These are questions the enire community needs to be asking, not just parents of Catholic school kids.

    1. Deidre, Msgr Kevin Wallin who was dubbed Msgr Meth in the press, was a patient at Vianney last Spring and walked off treatment. He was back in the news last month trying to be released to Vianney, however the judge had the good sense to keep him in federal custody.Good call by the judge,I doubt Vianney has the same security as a federal prison where it seems Wallin may be spending a very long time.

      1. Just FYI. That Priest never was a patient at St John. Please do your research. Thanks

        1. Actually mom of four I could list about 5 articles that state Wallin was there. If you can prove differently,please share. St Luke’s first and then Vianney is what I have may also want to contact the NY TImes as well as Wallin’s friends who talk of his stay at Vianney and also the spokesperson of the Diocese of Bridgeport.


          mom of four, it is a lengthy article but talks of Wallins stay at Vianney even the diocesan spokesperson saying he bolted for the second time. I also guess the courts do not know what they are talking about?.The federal prosecutor,judge and defense attorney in court? Maybe you are right but if you are then you know more than the other people involved. Do you work at Vianney to know he was not there? Because you seem to have info even the courts do not have.

          1. Sorry meant to say unless you are employed by the Archdiocese or Vianney…think that covers it much better.

  3. Haven’t we learned not to trust in the hierarchy, they are going to be the downfall of the church along with those who blindly follow believing they will gain salvation in doing so.

    1. I am more than furious about this! I was raped by one of my priest perps when I was in High School at the age of 14. One of my perps is still living in St. Vianney’s who was principal of my High School! This whole neighborhood had better get together and get answers quick because your children are in grave danger!

      1. Your mother must’ve had such a strong self restraint system.
        You too for that matter.
        I can’t say I would in the same circumstances, in fact I know I wouldn’t have.
        It reminds me of when a woman was suing the church and when she suggested the clergyman drop his dacks that would’ve shown a “physical impediement”, there was no further questions asked.
        Naughty me for laughing.

    2. As a matter of interest, read what’s come to light in NSW Australia:
      Questions over police role in church abuse handling process ABC February 28 2013.

      This process was put in place by the Australian Bishops Conference, with one bishop then a VG, whom I have loathed for years, since conveying to a woman who had given birth to a priest’s child “The archbishop [of Melbourne at the time},wished you and your baby would disappear off the face of the earth and on record], on the board of Catholic Insurance ……[

      The Age July 1 2002 Church insured for abuse claims.

      Give a thought for Brigidine Sister Angela Ryan who has personally been accused of a conflict of interest by many.
      What hope did she have, better a little than nothing at all.

  4. A Sample of Vianney Patients in the News…

    Msr. Kevin Wallin…Msr. Meth

    Fr. Matthew Kornacki Child Porn
    b. 150 illegal images of children engaged in sexual acts
    c. His attorney stated “He’s going to be at (the St. John Vianney Center) for the rest of his life…That’s a life sentence. And he’s done a lot of good things for the church”
    d. “Kornacki lives at the St. John Vianney Center, a church-run psychiatric care facility in Downingtown, Chester County.” (2004)

    Fr. Dennis Carey Child Porn Patient At Behavioral Health Center
    a. “arrested in July for first-degree possession of child pornography, is now a patient at the St. John Vianney Center. “ (Dec 2012)
    b. Met $100k bail in July and ordered not to interact with children, avoid internet, not possess pornography

    Fr. Robert Timchak child porn
    a. 2010
    b. A Diocese of Scranton priest will serve up to six years in state prison for having photos of naked, underage boys on his computer.

    Fr. Charles Plock child porn – ordered to check into Vianney after posting $150k bail
    b. A St. John’s University arrested in a cybersex sting was allowed to trade in his jail cell for a treatment facility in a leafy town known for its country clubs.The was ordered to check into the residential facility after being released on $150,000 bail late Friday.
    c. He’s accused of e-mailing a vulgar photo of himself to someone he believed was a 13-year-old boy.

    Fr. Peter Petroske Drunk, Naked Driver Dec 2012
    b. Dearborn District Judge Richard Wygonik approved the postponement sought by defense lawyer Edward Zelenak and over the objections of a city attorney. “He’s in a lock-down facility,” Zelenak said of Petroske, a longtime Detroit area priest. “It’s not as if he’s thumbing his nose at the system.”

  5. What happened to the list of current comments that was along the right side of the page?
    Also, I have not been receiving any but “new posts.”

  6. Parents have to be aware of their children, and their surroundings. Kudos to the parent who called the police. I think every Roman Catholic should see the documentary on HBO, Mea Culpa. I was approached recently wondering if I had seen the film, and after saying yes, I was told it was horrible, disgusting, and many other descriptions. I stated that the film was 1 “example” of the sexual abuse by catholic priests. Picture thousands of children being abused, all over the world, just the tip of the iceberg, is what I said…
    I believe the survivors and victims of sexual abuse, and pray for all.
    I plan on going tomorrow to the vigil.

    1. Yes the word is getting out about this movie recently someone emailed me asking if we were aware of this movie with the movie link surprisngly from a very conservative catholic…..I really believe some progress has occurred at the parish level and it is about time.

  7. This is so unbelieveable.. The people who love their kids more, (than ANY church?)must be fearful.. I know I would protest. Guess what?

    You will have to be very careful in next few weeks I heard a commentator TODAY say on TV, the church will be WITHOUT A LEADER, now that the old Pope has abdicated… Be watchfull Catholic people! The bad boys across the street and now NO LEADER, what on earth will anybody do until lthe cardinals elect another leader?
    ???? IS THIS PRETTY BAD OR WHAATTTT???? WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO “THE HOLY TRINITY?????? Remember……. WE ARE THE CHURCH,THE PEOPLE!!! No man leads..only God leads ” !

  8. There is DANGER FOR CHILDREN anywhere in the world where perpetrators can roam. As I reported in another thread, as a child in Wash. D.C. I went wherever I wanted (my father was serving in WWII) and I went to movies alone at times. A complete stranger sat next to me and gradually molested me. I didn’t know what to do as a child. Another time, a man “befriended” my young friend and I while we roamed in Rock Creek Park in D.C. I remember breaking away and running through the woods to get away, and shouting to my friend to do the same. This was all in the 1940s, and I am sure it is no better today.

    1. Nichols1,
      You have persevered on this site with us on this site and I now understand more the depth of the motivation for doing so. One thing we all have in common is we want to protect children. I am sorry for what happen to you everytime I hear of a child being hurt it hurts my heart and makes me more determined to help make kids safer. Thankyou for being honest and sharing with us your truth.

      1. I am concerned how it seems that parents these days are lax about
        allowing their kids to be alone with various friends/family etc. I am trying to find words to use to caution some near and dear to me about this danger. How can I approach them without offending?

        1. Nichols 1, Sometimes no matter what u say people are going to be offended . I noticed when u are honest and sincere about why you are concerned a wise person usually will listen. I find speaking your truth encourages others to do so just as was revealed on the site today.Your courage gives others courag
          e and strength.

    2. Nichols1: Your story about being molested in a movie thater brought to mind something that happened to me at the age of fourteen,two years after I was molested in the sacristy of St. John of the Cross in Roslyn Pa. I was starting my freshman year of high school at Bishop McDevitt in Wyncote. About two weeks before the start of school,my mother took me down to center city,Philadelphia to get a new suit for school at Boyds, the mens store , located then on Market Street,around 12th street.I picked out the suit, I wanted but adjustments had to be made. The following week, I took the train from Glenside into center city to pick up my suit. There was a movie theater across the street on Market Street. I think it was called the Family Theatre. It was playing a cowboy flick, and I decided to go to the movies. I wasn’t suppose to go there but being fourteen and somewhat adventurous, I went to the movie. It was very dark in the theatre and since it was hard to see, i found the first row I could feel and sat on the second seat in the aisle. A few minutes after I was seated, a stranger sat on the seat next to me.He was a middle aged man. I immediately moved over a seat and he did the same.Again, I moved and he followed. That was as far as I could go because there was a person sitting two seats over, and if I moved again, I would be sitting next to him. I felt trapped and very uneasy. The next thing I knew the man on my right had his hand on my knee and gradually moved it up my leg to my crotch. I was terrified. I immediately ran out of the theatre. I ran to boyds, got my suit and took the next train home. To this day, I have never told anyone about what happened to me that day.I thought I was being punished by God for going to the movie when I wasn’t suppose to be there.That was the mindset I was in that day.There is a saying, I heard in AA meetings many times that”Your’e only as sick as your secrets”. I feel a little less sick today because of your story and recalling my ordeal at a movie theater.Obviously, this incident had a profound effect on you, if you remember it some seventy years later. Thanks for sharing this.

      1. Yes Jim, being here on C4C has been instrumental in my remembering every incident of molestation or near molestation in my past— at least I HOPE there are not others still buried I haven’t yet recalled. Reading your story makes it seem that there probably are many, many others who may have similar experiences. I get saddened when I think about all the pornography we are told is being watched by so many today. That must be where the offenders come from— and they are legion it seems.

  9. In Mea Maxima Culpa, they make reference to the fact that one of the “clinics” allowed child abusers unsupervised access to the community…considering there are only about 2 out of the original 5 clinics in the country left…it is likely they were referring to St. John Vianney!!

  10. Food for thought. Let’s say I plant some flower seeds in my back yard, and after they bloom (I am no gardener) I pick all the blossoms and leave the roots bare. Will those roots bear any
    thing other than the same blossoms again?
    Then let’s imagine the priest child sex abuse never occurred, and all we have is the Church and no abusers. Could that Church produce a different “blossom” from those roots?

  11. This is a continuation of the post above. I stated that at AAmeetings, one of the many cliches’ that was passed around meetings is that”your”e only as sick as your secrets”. If that is true for individuals, isn”t it also true for organizations like the Catholic Church, who seems to be the most secret organization in the world today. Benedict, the former pope, will pass on to the next pope, the results of the study done on the Vatican. It will be their secret. We have all heard about secret archives, secret lists of abusive priests, secret meetings between the archdiocese and lawyers for some victims. I’m sure I am missing some of the secrecy.Perhaps others could help. My point is that this organization is very very sick. Maybe It is time to open the shades and let the sun shine.Maybe it is time to open the windows and let some fresh air in. Perhaps then, the stench could be gotten rid of.

    1. For those of you on this site who are old enough to remember the Carly Simon song from the 70’s……”We Have no Secrets”. Here’s the last verse. I’ll be sure to send a copy of the lyrics to Archbishop Chaput.

      In the name of honesty, in the name of what is fair
      You always answer my questions
      But they don’t always answer my prayers
      And though I know you say that it’s me that you adore
      Sometimes I wish
      Often I wish
      That I never, never, never knew
      Some of those secrets of yours
      Some of those secrets of yours
      Some of those secrets of yours
      We have no secrets
      Telling each other most everything now

    2. I don’t wish to change the thread of thought Jim began about secrecy; however, his post reminded me of something that seems to come up for discussion from time to time, but never
      actually gets resolved, and that is the problem of the part confession to priests plays in the big picture of dysfunction. Think of all the “secrets” told for many many years in confessionals! If some priests have offended by sexual abuse of children, it may be that they have also offended by discussing things heard in confession with their fellow priests. I was Catholic for around 44 years of my life, so I do know about confession. I understand Catholics today seldom go— not like when I was younger and it was almost a weekly event.
      Just sayin’.

      1. Nichols 1 and Jim, I to had almost the exact same thing happen to me in a very dark movie theatre, an old man sat down next to me and put his hand right on my private part, I was stunned and could not breathe, got up after the showing of comics on the screen and left. I wonder if we all wore invisable red scarlet letters. I know that what nichols 1 shared about confession is true. One of my perps told me that he always knew who he could go to to confess his “sins” after raping me and they did talk among themselves, I have first hand knowledge of this. This belief that a priest is “forgiven” by another friend priest and never needs to have a “firm purpose of amendment” which for me would be coming forth to the victim you just raped and asking forgiveness of the one who has been offended! They have managed to cover all there basis to protect themselves. So sick and so sad.

        1. Vicky: there were times as a boy, that I thought I had a sign on my back that said”Molest Me”. This happened alot after I was molested by the priest. Perhaps we gave out some sign to others that we were vulnerable.

          1. Jim, you strike me as a very sweet man, I am sure you were a sweet boy. We didn’t deserve what this lifetime brought us. I know one thing for sure, we will see heaven and God will embrace us as He will be so happy to see us. I think of you and hope you are doing ok. Maybe one day we can meet as it seems we have a lot in common to share. Be good to yourself.

      2. Nichols: another memory came to me when reading your post on confession. About the age of nine, my mother came to me as I was playing outside with some friends on the street in front of our house. She wanted me to go to confession. I told her that I had nothing to confess.Not too hard to believe for a nine year old.She told me to make something up and go to confession. So I faked it and went to the Church but never went inside.So I lied to my mom. Now I had something to confess.

  12. I just listened to Dr. Phil and he told a woman who’s husband had been lying to her for years, that had NOT gone to work & faked it, hadn’t paid the mortgage & was in foreclosure. Dr Phil said ” I’m sure you thought something was wrong ” and she said “yes ,but I didn’t. know what to do.
    He said,” Now days you Don’t give anyone the Benefit of the Doubt! You have to be INVESTIGATIVE” He said “You Don’t let anyone LEAD you down the wrong paths” ” BE INVESTIGTIVE! DON’T BE THE VICTIM! This is what the pew people are NOT doing …They are Being victims by their inaction INVESTIGATE EVERY THING THAT COMES DOWN THE PIKE! That’s what we at “c4c” have been doing for ages. Fruit is coming from our diligence! Thanks Be To GOD!

    1. It comes down to the fact that God has to open their eyes. I pray He opens the eyes of my loved ones, and many others as well. There is much scripture about times when God or Christ opened men’s eyes and hearts, and women too— think of Lydia in the Acts. ACT16:14 And a certain woman named Lydia, a seller of purple, of the city of
      Thyatira, which worshipped God, heard us: whose heart the Lord opened, that
      she attended unto the things which were spoken of Paul.

    2. Right Gloria. You said: ” He said “You Don’t let anyone LEAD you down the wrong paths” ” BE INVESTIGTIVE! DON’T BE THE VICTIM! This is what the pew people are NOT doing …They are Being victims by their inaction INVESTIGATE EVERY THING THAT COMES DOWN THE PIKE! ” Another lesson from Acts is about people[the Bereans] that didn’t even take Paul’s word for things, they investigated:”
      Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”

      1. nichols1….You are so right! Paul’s group tested all things, to make sure they were true! Amen to that!.
        The RC’s do not KNOW THE BIBLE!
        They know what they are told! What a shame they are so mindless, in the area of Holy Scripture. FEAR is where they want all catholic’s to be.
        Scripture says;”The Lord has not given you a spirit of fear but of Power, Love and a Sound Mind”..
        This is another prayer; ” that the parishioners will use the good minds that GOD gave them and then do something about the evil that resiides in that institution..

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