Church Found Compliant… with Coverups

With so much compliance, why are there still so many issues? The archdioceses of Philadelphia and Kansas City have always been found in compliance. Clearly, there are many who would beg to differ – the newest victims, the courts, the parents, law enforcement, etc.

Who wants to bet that Newark will always be in found in compliance despite this month’s Father Fugee scandal?

This year, Boston had a volunteer with a known criminal background working with kids. By “known” we mean the pastor knew it. Anyone who thinks the Church has a handle on this isn’t reading the news.

Click here to read what they want you know: “2012 Annual Report: Findings and Recommendations / Report on the Implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People”

Pick up any national newspaper, to read the facts.

Kathy and I prefer the latter source. We will continue to offer the reality and urge everyone to protect children. That can’t be done until the root causes are addressed and there is punishment for those who ignore the charter and put children in danger.

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  1. And change won’t happen, because they don’t actually believe the church is about its people. It’s about money, position, greed and power. It is a large festering conglomerate. While there are many good works being done by Catholic missionaries, the more serious problems seem to be in the general church hierarchy from the parishes right on up to the Vatican. Until they make an effort to take responsibility, rectify mistakes, make positive changes for the future, including be able to see women as viable potential leaders of the church, and not just subservient beings to be tolerated, nothing will change within this institution.

    1. I doubt very much that there are “many good works being done by catholic missionaries” If this is so, why are they NOT touting them all over the place, with their “top notch PR people?
      “They are not, because their missionaries to Hati and other 3rd world countries have pedophiles sexually abusing the children in orphanages, etc.
      I know of one priest who ran away with a known pedophile priest to buy and orphanage in So Am.

      1. The priest I speak of, was some one we knew personally and was our pastor for many years St. Maria Goretti , in Scottsdale , Az.
        I can name him if you like but his name is on / if you want to look it up.Initials are; JS

        1. The scary pattern of buying an orphanage to abuse the kids fits what others have reported. This is why women need to stage a global birth strike: to highlight why the Vatican opposes mother-saving contraception — so pedophile priests will have unlimited victims.

      2. Do you know what country that orphanage is in and have you tried reporting those priests to authorities there and here regarding their “missionary charity”? Would hate to see unsuspecting people donate to their “cause”.

        1. Some one has asked if I knew where these priests were in So. Am. I can’t believe anyone would even think a lay person would know this. My God in Heaven, how could they say if I knew it would be allowing more children to raped and murdered. I have been blogging for 12 years against these hidieous CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. If anyone knew they’d be on it in a hot second. Sounds like a question ,a very naieve person would ask or someone who wants to maybe question if I really knew. Maybe I do and theInternational cops are after them.

          1. I didn’t mean to alarm anyone here, but I have read of brazen criminal “charities” operating for years with impunity in developing nations, despite complaints from victims.

  2. After all that has taken place and continues to take place within the RCC, there’s nothing more that can be said to change the minds of those who trust the USCCB.

  3. Speaking of “reliance on institutional information” for your facts, judgments and analysis, the following is one from the Ski-files that I feel is appropriate for this topic. I cannot remember whether or not this information was ever shared at C4C when the 2nd JJC Report was issued.

    Posted by Michael Skiendzielewski
    Sunday, June 26, 2011 02:10

    My comments relate to the issue of academic integrity and conflict of interests. Specifically, investigation has discovered that Dr. Terry was the academic supervisor for a master’s level candidate at John Jay and this individual is a long-time news reporter with Catholic New York, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of New York.

    Claudia McDonnell
    Topic: Child sexual abuse by Catholic Priests
    Expected completion date: December 2008

    As a matter of fact, this reporter covered the news conference in Washington, DC in May 2011 where theUSCCB presented Dr. Terry’s study. Did the Archdiocese of New York pay for the masters program and courses attended by this news reporter?

    Is such involvement and interaction between researcher, journalist and funding source (Archbishop Dolan, New York, is President of the USCCB which funded the study) acceptable according to the rules, regulations and protocol that is standard practice in such research and study work? Is such involvement by a journalist (with the study and work being covered and reported on) acceptable and approved conduct according to the rules of professional conduct in the journalism field?

  4. The cover up is a major problem. The stats in the report are questioned, as there are people in leadership who participated in document shredding, among other things, and they are participating in this audit. The page 31 conclusion found SIGNIFICANT (meaning probably more than mere chance) progress; not SUBSTANTIAL (meaning considerable). I use to write audit reports and its all about the key words in the conclusion. If one were to try to minimize the complaints by comparing it to the Catholic population, do not forget that only 25% attend Mass regularly, so the opportunities for these crimes are much less. What happened to zero tolerance?

  5. What a joke.

    The audits are entirely controlled, and very tightly I might add, at the diocesan level and by the diocesan bishops. No surprise there! What the auditors hear, see, and read is ONLY what diocesan bishops say, show, and write.

    Permit me to bring to your attention the #1 Scope Limitation listed in the report: “The most common scope limitation encountered in the Charter audit process was the unwillingness of most dioceses and eparchies to allow us to conduct parish audits during their onsite audits. Although an understanding of Charter implementation may be gained through interview of personnel and review of documentation at the diocesan/eparchial level, greater proof of compliance– or lack thereof– can be found at the parishes and schools.”

    Great. The auditors emphatically state that the absolute best way to measure compliance to the Charter is through parish/school audits. Unfortunately, though, the bishops’ “unwillingness” precludes them. “Unwillingness”???? Excuse me? So all it takes is for bishops to balk and the absolute best way to measure whether children are safe goes out the window?

    Permit me to bring to your attention the #1 recommendation listed under General Recommendations: “We [the auditors] strongly encourage dioceses and eparchies to participate in parish audits.”

    Why? Because it’s the absolute best way to measure compliance to the Charter, and because measuring it at the diocesan level, alone, does not compare.

    Why is the “unwillingness” of diocesan bishops being allowed to impede the BEST method of measuring compliance to the Charter?

    And why are bishops unwilling in the first place?

    Any thinking person would rightly be consumed with utter mistrust toward, and aversion for, the bishops who take their orders from the Pope.

    Every place I turn, there is corruption.

    1. The way that the priests get to groom their victims with all the stuff , travel, booze , drugs, etc., is because they “pilfer” the coffers of the church when ever they feel like it and that is often. They all steal what they think is theirs because they have given up so much…ha ha. (their choice to become priests, nuns and brothers). No moral capacity there for any of them.

    2. Furthermore, the report states that parish and school audits are “optional.” Bishops get to personally decide whether proof of Charter compliance in their dioceses is measured the superior way as noted by auditors or the inferior way due to their “unwillingness.”

      Does this sound like an organization that is seriously sorry and seriously concerned with children and victims, its crimes and sins, and reform?

      Its culture is its demise.

  6. I was at a seminar on child sexual abuse Monday, April 29, at Paoli Hospital. All the talked about was Sandusky. When I asked about the clergy abuse I was told the archdiocese was taking of it. Nancy Mortimer O’Brien

  7. Brief summary….

    34 children came forward with abuse allegations during audit period 2012
    -6 credible
    -15 still under investigation
    -12 unfounded or unable to be proven
    -1 boundary violation

    887 adults came forward with past abuse allegations against 805 priests and 11 deacons
    -242 deceased
    -64 already laicized
    -132 unfounded or unable to be proven.(only 31 returned to ministry)

    CARA report states
    -390 victims reporting 397 allegations against 313 offenders, roughly 20% decrease over prior year.
    -child porn allegations account for 2% of all allegations.
    -victims are 15% female, 85% male
    -half of all victims 10-14 years old
    -Year offense began/occurred ON THE RISE
    —–1990-94 – 16 (avg 4/yr)
    —–1995-99 – 8 (avg 2/yr)
    —–2000-04 – 5 (avg 1.25/yr)
    —–2005-09 – 2 (avg .25/yr)
    —–2010-11 – 7 (avg 3.5/yr)
    —–2012 – 11 in one year

    Diocese paid out approx $113 mil in costs related to allegations. $4.3 mil more than in 2011.
    Therapy for victims…$7mil
    Support for Offenders…$12 mil (50% MORE THAN FOR THE VICTIMS THERAPY!)
    Attorneys…$35 mil

    87% credible new allegations in 2012

  8. Or what? The document is as worthless as the paper it is written on. No consequences. No accountability. Controlled, self-reporting audits.

    I’d like to take parishioners through the bishop-ese of that document. Quit lying and deceiving your flock!!!!!


    1. survivors wife, I would take guess that most parishioners do not even know about the Charter.

      1. I meant to say the Charter,audits etc..I have called the USCCB Office of Children and Youth a few times.The latest when I had questions about Essential Norm 12 of the Charter. I have a decent relationship with a staff member and she laughed and asked what the reason was for my call because most people don’t sit around reading the Charter or coming up with questions about the Essential Norms. She was correct ,I did have a specific example of a concern, but I do agree with her..I doubt many lay people sit around reading the Charter and audits,compliance reports etc.

        1. Kathy, in April, my diocesan newspaper had a two-page spread on what it’s doing to protect children. The spread was published in April to coincided with National Sexual Abuse Month (not sure those are the exact words). The graphic used as the header for the spread was the same one used as the header in the 2012 Annual Report on Charter audits (entailing red and orange colors and figures of children and adults).

          No where in the two-page spread was the 2012 Annual Report mentioned (even though its graphic was borrowed from the Report). No where in the two-page spread was it mentioned that our diocese and dioceses across the country go through an annual Charter audit process resulting in a final report. Therefore, in my diocese, the Diocese of Ogdensburg, NY, the laity was neither informed of the 2012 Annual Report nor was it directed to where the Report could be accessed. The two-page spread does, however, state that, for the last eleven years, our diocese has undergone independent audits to determine compliance and, each year, it has been found to be in compliance. The statement conveniently ends the conversation in its tracks. “We’re in compliance, so there is nothing else to know or learn.” And… “We won’t mention the Report or how to access lest you come to know or learn more.”

      2. Kathy,
        I agree. I’m sure they don’t know. If kids were getting raped on their watch, you’d think they would be holding those responsible accountable.

        It is for this CURRENT reason that victims now hold parishioners responsible. Their complacency and ignorance of their OWN church, their failure to currently protect the very youngsters they intend to inherit the faith…this marks them as enablers right along with their bishops.

        I can forgive elders in the church who didn’t know,blindly trusted, social rules being what they were and all…but now?! Not now. Headline after headline, diocese after diocese. Thousands of victims! They choose to turn a blind eye. They have become their bishops 20, 30 years ago.

        Everyday I drive by a home that has a huge posting near the end of their driveway, “You can’t be Catholic and Pro-Choice.” I completely understand their belief, but I sure wish those same people carried through with their thinking that ALL life is precious! The vulnerable, voiceless children that were raped…all precious! I want to take that red spray paint, Jerry, and write, “You can’t be Catholic and Rape Children.” Or “You can’t be Catholic and Enable Abusers that Rape Children.” But, that’s not what the hierarchy tells their own, is it? The hierarchy will stand before all and fight for the right to life for unborn babies (no argument there), but they somehow can’t find the courage to speak for the children they raped. They have essentially convinced their own that they can be Catholic and rape your own…and lie about.

        Catholics in the pews today have blood in their hands.

        Pope to pews….

        I believe the victims.

        1. You should tell your neighbor that Dr. Richard Sipe reported in one of his books that he knows 50 women forced to get abortions by their priest lovers. I’ll bet those priests are still considered Catholic!

          1. I have no personal experience with priests and their involvement with abortion. But, as a former seminarian and member of a religious order, I have encountered a number of priests who don’t believe in the “Real Presence,” or confession.

            Some of these guys simply go through the motions. Why? They love the lifestyle. The life of a priest in affluent parishes and religious orders can be very comfortable. I enjoyed it! If some of these guys (so called priests) had to do a little missionary work, they’d quit within a week.

            Click on the link below and Fr. Tony Anderson will give you some insite into what the Priesthood and faith in Jesus is really about. Yea, there still are real priests out there!


  9. A priest commited suicide in kenya to avoid prosecution after abusing children for years ! This must be stopped even in third world countries .

  10. Ok so they found themselves compliant????? OK really? Yes covering up the cover-ups….The pope making a “statement”. Oh Ok….
    What happened to the re-trial of Brennan? suppose to be in March?? Did I miss It? Just asking? I believe the victims and survivors.

  11. Drwho13…I read the article but have trouble with the catholic church in Mex. I know they threw out Fr. Loren Reibe for sexually abusing the orphans in his care in Chiapas , Mex. but he,is still a priest and hooked up with his friend Fr.Jack Spaulding , in Phx. Az. who had befriended him and the 2 of them took off to South America to buy the orphanage with the stolen money. Why is it that they get rid of the priests but do not turn them in to the authorities so that they cannot sexually abuse more children? The same in Phx. They had many questions re: Spauldings sexual abuse of a youngster in a hot tub. but never let the police know, thus allowing them to steal what they needed and off to So. Am. to buy their orphanage and were still priests.

    1. I have tremendous problems with the RCC in Mexico and through-out the world. The link I provided addresses only the integrity and courage of one priest that I personally know.

      My position remains unchanged. I believe that the RCC is one of the most corrupt institutions on earth!

      1. Michelle,

        That was my experience. There’s an underbelly in the Church that I found to be immoral and vicious, and I saw it firsthand as a member of a religious order. My experience was of course limited, so how can I speak for the entire institution? I can’t, base upon what I alone have seen. My experience was intense and graphic, but limited.

        My conclusion that the Church hierarchy (not the people of God) is among the most corrupt collection of men on earth is also based upon reading history, keeping up with the news, and counting the number of laws suits filed again them. Just watch how the bishops treat the victims, cold! You’ll know then by the way they love the the little ones. I don’t see the love; do you?

        I would suggest reading some of the books written by Jason Berry, and any of the people that makeup the recently formed “Whistle Blowers” group. These individuals know what they’re talking about, and aren’t afraid of speaking truth to power.

  12. I find that nothing anybody says about the catholic church can change my mind of their intentions. They want to get rid of those who are “found out” to be doing things that hurt the image of the rcc. They do not care about the abused at all. Only thier image!There is “no good ” done in any way, that takes away this evil CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY…

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