11 thoughts on “Pope Finally Makes Statement on Clergy Child Sex Abuse

  1. While it is true things are coming into place to help prevent this evil against our most precious gift, our children, how do you fix it without removing those in leadership (pastors, bishops, etc.) who continue to cover up these crimes? All the controls are focused on perpetrators, but as the article noted, we have to remove those in leadership who have been, and may continue, to permit these crimes to occur. If you are not aware of it, you can see a copy of documents, including the directive to shred documents in Philly, in the Msgr. Lynn trial evidence on bishopaccountability.org. We must keep the pressure on for action in this regard: letters, email, withhold funds, etc.

  2. “I’d prefer Pope Francis Himself act decisively and directly with this issue.”

    For what reason is “Himself” capitalized?

  3. Oh my gosh. This Pope is no more likely to do anything than any of the other Popes who have taken the “blind eye” to the sexual molestastion of the innocents of “their (so called) church” How dare they call it a church. It is a den of eniquity.!. It is the place where satan dwells….Our God took care of us before we found out about this but HE won’t put up with now”Kowing” and doing nothing but filling their coffers for more satanic abuse of our children.

  4. Cardinal Mahony is still in good standing, and performing Confirmations, Cardinal Law is still living the “good-life” in Rome, and what’s happened to Finn?

    Sorry, this pope is not going to do anything. Well, be patient maybe the next pope will fix things.

    Sorry again, its not going to happen. The RCC is one of the most corrupt institutions in the world. Any questions?

  5. I quess he has to say something with Australia’s Cardinal Pell well and truly in the spotlight with inquiries and royal commissions, especially giving him the advice on how to deal abuse, corruption and mismanagement in the central administration of the church.
    Catholic Leader, Cardinal Pell to advise Pope.
    What a *%#@$ joke.

  6. The new pope didn’t ‘inherit’ anything as he was part of the institution and no more talk, change the laws ! Even when the laws are changed child abuse will still be a problem for the roc.

  7. I heard an expression today that was used to describe another organization, but it applies perfectly to the RCC.

    “They are like a self-licking ice cream cone.” Meaning that their sole purpose is one of self-preservation. That’s a real gem!

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