First Friday Vigils Rescheduled

Sister Maureen Turlish would like everyone to spread the word that the June First Friday Vigil has been rescheduled for Friday, June 14th on the pavement in front of the Philadelphia Archdiocesan offices at 222 N. 17th St. from 12 noon to 1 pm.

The Vigil for July will be held on July 12th because of the 4th of July holiday.


11 thoughts on “First Friday Vigils Rescheduled

    1. To whoever you are that gave me a thumbs down you know where I will be on Friday , now the question to be answered is ‘where will you be’ ?

      1. Months ago Susan and Kathy did a blog on Arthur and his son it was heartbreaking……He was at the vigil this week and some guy had the nerve to say about the picture that Arthur was holding of his son that he looks like the age of consent………so much ignorance that’s why so much education is still needed …….I know people can learn and hearts change because people I never thought would get it are starting to “get it”. I just want to encourage people to continue to educate people and also to support our survivors with their thoughts and prayers but also physically by their presence at things like the justice for kids run/walk and fri vigils.

        1. Beth: That was a terrible thing to say. Evil is alive and well on this planet, and shows itself in many forms. We know the truth. I believe the victims/survivors. Peace.


  1. My husband and I will be there to support priests of integrity and victims of child sexual abuse by clergy. Let’s have a big crowd this month to represent the hundreds of thousands of Catholics in the Philadelphia Archdiocese. If you can come, please do. It is very important to witness in behalf of these people.

      1. Rich it was good to see you at the vigil. What struck me today is how everyone at the vigil looks out for each other some very good people there. I didn’t get out of the parking garage for a half hour because I guess everyone was checking out of the hotel. Anyway sorry I missed you all for coffee but at least when you go next time I know where both locations 🙂

    1. If I could be there I would be but I am there with you in Spirit . I am in San Diego attending our grand son’s graduation from Hi Sch. This is the family that is still attending St. Rafael, in Rancho Bernardo .California. Any one know anything about that church? If so let me know .We’re leaving for Denver on the 18th. God Bless your vigil.

  2. I’m back to Colo. from San Diego…. Tell me what you “feel” you accomplished at the 1st Fri. Vigil? Or maybe I should say, what DID you accomplish? Feelings, at this point don’t really matter in our area but what “they” are thinking, about what we the laity, will do about their evil cover ups in all areas of a human beings( spiritual and secular) life? Feedback ? IWAI

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