Victims’ Groups Question Pope on Vatican Envoy Child Sex Probe

Click here to read: “Pope under fire over Vatican envoy child sex probe,” by Agence France Presse, September 5, 2013, Capital News

Excerpt: “Pope Francis came under fire from victims groups on Thursday following news that he had quietly sacked the Vatican’s envoy to the Dominican Republic over allegations of paedophilia.”

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25 thoughts on “Victims’ Groups Question Pope on Vatican Envoy Child Sex Probe

  1. How can anybody be surprised at a single tbing that goes on in the RCC. Church of “con” It’s a diabolical place !IMHO!

    1. The civil/criminal legal system moves slowly, but at least it moves. Any improvements within the RCC were driven by legal action and media reporting. Worthless prelates will never do the right thing on their own; they must be FORCED to act morally!

  2. Who wants improvements ? Whether good or evil, evil is what we are experiencing.. There is absolutely NOTHING that would change JESUS’ mind on equivocating
    with the devil.. or do you think HE’D give the devil a second chance??????

    1. It’s a jungle environment; prey on the youngest and the most disadvantaged. As it becomes more difficult to exploit US children they’re taking their filth to the 3rd World. Keep your eye on the Philippines.

  3. CSA Explained:
    THE CHILD: Bewildered, frightened, guilty and confused; therefore, will not mention the event to anyone.
    THE PERP: Won’t mention it to anyone. If the victim is family, or close because of church or school etc. will frighten the child into not revealing the event to anyone.
    THE FAMILY: Denies anything transpired because the consequences of exposure are too destructive of family relations, and the child victim is therefore not believed, nor relieved of consequences.
    OFFENDING CLERGY: Denies anything happened similar to Family above.
    Outcome: The child victim suffers in silence for a lifetime.

    1. drwho, Yes but a hopeful sign that the laity and some fellow clergy are taking a stand. A gentleman i respect very much told me 2 years ago that the real difference in protecting children will come when the bishops lose control of the sounds like that is happening in this priest’s parish.

      1. “What I have had to face is something very evil. Had I known what I would experience when I was lying on the floor at ordination, I would have stood up and walked out. I focused my life on priesthood, thinking it was about goodness, kindness and everything I wanted to aspire to. I discovered it was nothing like that.” These are the words of Fr. Michael,

        I felt exactly the same way when I entered religious life, and when I left.

        I agree with you Kathy. I love the fact that the People of God are standing up to them. Many of these bishops are evil bullies and we have an obligation to stop their actions.

        1. drwho13 Pardon my bluntness but when priests and bishops care more about “saving their butts” than saving souls why are they so surprised no one gets baptized, gets married in the church nor goes to mass. I see these corrupt bishops and priests as blasphemous. God save there souls because otherwise we know where their headed. “Hell paved with skulls of bishops” St. John . I believe the laity will help save the church.

          1. Beth,

            You’ll get no argument from me. Many of these “priests” and “bishops” who are at the root of the evil within the Church are NON-BELIEVERS; that’s right they’re non-believers! They don’t believe in the RCC or Jesus.

            They like the life style they’re living, and that’s all they care about. They don’t care about you or your children. These non-believing clerics use religion as a front so that they can live their selfish, worthlessly empty lives. They exist not only in the RCC, but are found in all religions.

    2. By removing a Priest who had the courage act morally and responsibility was sacked ! This test of sincerity confirms the failure of the rcc in that it will NEVER change ! Garabedian said it is also a reminder that, despite decreased media coverage, the clergy sex abuse crisis is ongoing. “I don’t expect it to ever end”. And neither do I,
      as the enabling and protecting of abusers is part of what the rcc is and always will be !

      1. A new cover jacket showing new austhoe,Francis and new title, BUT the same old sory inside the book, Agreed, they will never change and what a betrayal of people’s trust and beliefs. May God change all of this , so we may have decency in the rcc church.

  4. You will never have decency in the RCC as the devil has taken over the rebellious , arrogant, elitist, lying predators,of our children. If it is. not abanded soon, all who stay, will be held as accountable as the perpetrators! That’s scriptural! Aiding and abetting! Driving the “get-away-car!” All punishable along with the Criminals! Not A Happy Thought is it? GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED!

  5. It is getting very interesting to say the least. Gloria I agree with you. Spirit-filled people know all about the anti-Christ, the evil one who is alive and dwells among us.


  6. We must remember the scripture..” We don’t fight against flesh and blood but against the principalities of the air. ” that dwells in m a n. !

  7. Yesterday, in Kansas City, Ratigan was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison for child pornography. The judge who sentenced him noted his unconscionable and persistent arrogance, his compulsion for lying, and his relegation of young and innocent girls to mere sexual objects as he photographed and fondled them, “devastating” them, and persisting in his behavior even after he was caught. This is the person whose priesthood Finn made every attempt to save, saying so himself, thus foregoing his duty to report Ratigan as required by the Dallas Charter that he, himself, participated in writing, and Missouri state law. For Finn, saving the priesthood of Ratigan superseded his duty to the Charter and state law. But how did it supersede the health and well-being of precious and innocent, young girls? It is utterly unfathomable that it did. When “priesthood” arrests the conscience and normal, human feelings of its members it is dangerous, threatening, and menacing to all of us. Nothing, however, has changed in terms of the priesthood. Blind loyalty and obedience remain rampant. Incarcerating offending clerics will not extinguish clericalism. The Church must make concrete efforts to reinvent and reform the priesthood so that the individual consciences of its members are free to emerge and operate in manners deemed civil and humane by the rest of us.

    Kate FitzGerald

    1. naothinag will change until there is complete transparancy in the church. they will seek to ide and protect their “own” without care of any of the laity-including innocent children whose lives are destroyed forever by their inaction to obey o ur laws. Tim Dolan of NY stated he laicized all of the perverts and paid them $ 20,000 wo they could start over- as an act of charity. And so they could continue on with teir perversions outside of te priesthood and were never reported to the authorities. no one willever be able to believe them in the future and i hope the authorities will catch up with all of them, including Finn and Dplan and make them an example with proper punishment.
      may Gpd bless those innocent children who will sugger all their lives because of the rcc\s non-action.

    2. Shame and pity on you thumbs down.

      “I think the greatest illusion we have is that denial protects us. It’s actually the biggest distortion and lie. In fact staying asleep is what’s killing us.”

      Praying for you.

      Kate FitzGerald

      1. If I don’t get a few thumbs down I feel I haven’t hit them hard enough. I bet I would be on Dolan’s and Finn’s downer list; at least I hope I would. I love to afflict those who are asleep, and those who are actively involved in protecting pedophiles.

        I’m praying that Gov. Jerry Brown (former Jesuit seminarian) signs Bill 131 in California. I understand that the prelates are personally lobbying him to veto it.

  8. Does anyone know if the September 17 date set for oral arguments in the Lynn appeal is still on? Back in April, Bergstrom, one of Lynn’s attorneys, said he was fairing well in prison, working in the library, and acting as an informal chaplain and counselor to other inmates. Will Lynn be in the courtroom during his appeal hearing? Will clerics from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia be present to support him? Will Sarmina’s rulings in Lynn’s trial stand? Will the hearing last weeks or months? Has Chaput contacted and/or visited Lynn with any regularity since he’s been incarcerated? Is Lynn still a priest in good-standing? Today, I can visualize Lynn’s face as though he were standing in front of me. Red-faced. Pilsbury dough boy. Shrugged his shoulders a lot. A relatively big man yet, in the grand scheme of things, small.

    Kate FitzGerald

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