Benedict Denies He Covered Up Sex Abuse

Click here to read: “Benedict Emerges and Defends HIs Abuse Record,” by Nicole Winfield, Associated Press,, September, 24, 2013


“Benedict wrote the letter to Piergiorgio Odifreddi, an Italian atheist and mathematician who in 2011 wrote a book “Dear Pope, I’m Writing to You.” The book was Odifreddi’s reaction to Benedict’s classic “Introduction to Christianity,” perhaps his best-known work.

In his book, Odifreddi posed a series of polemical arguments about the Catholic faith, including the church’s sex abuse scandal. The former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger headed the Vatican office responsible for abuse cases, and was pope when scandal erupted in 2010, with thousands of people coming forward in Europe, Latin America and beyond saying they had been molested by priests while the Vatican turned a blind eye.

In his letter, Benedict denies personal responsibility, saying: “I never tried to cover these things up.”

“That the power of evil penetrated so far into the interior world of the faith is a suffering that we must bear, but at the same time we must do everything to prevent it from repeating,” he wrote, according to Repubblica.”

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    1. Joe, great understanding. But our Catholic faith covers both options, doesn’t it?………Omission and/or Commission.

  1. It is possible to think that when Benedict was simply an Archbishop of the Diocese in Germany that he never covered up any scandal of sexual abuse. But as Director of the office of Faith and Doctrine, as he bashed so many theologians who raised questions of church doctrine, suddenly he became involved with the sexual abuse scandal. In this position, like John Paul II, he did his best to “protect priesthood” as opposed to weeding out those criminals who were abusing children. Could he claim truly that he was “not covering up” sexual scandal? In his mind, trying so hard to “protect the idea of priesthood”, he failed to recognize the depth of this evil and as this violation of child after child began to encompass the whole church, he would have to close his eyes and ears to this horrible tragedy. Much like the many bishops in Germany at the time of the holocaust, if one did not speak out and confront this evil, then one had to close off one’s whole moral conscience.
    Nobody wants to “beat up” on an older person, especially a retired Pope, but it would be better if he had just kept these thoughts to himself and possibly just apologized that he made severe mistakes on this issue of sexual abuse and that he wished that he had done much more for victims as opposed to issuing letters and decrees which encouraged bishops to protect predators as they ignored victims.

    1. Matthew Fox and ex Dominican was eventally dismissed from his order, even though he was privately supported by his superiors, I thought I had better put that in.
      His book The Popes War is a good read, covering what your comment contains.
      Don’t look at Benedict now as a harmless eighty year old, he was vicious during his time In CDF, trashing lives at wiil, leaving a legacy with his predeccessor that can’t be repaired.
      To cry innocent now for his past is a miscarrage of justice, for those whom have gone before and after.

  2. No matter what Benedict says now, I remain firmly convinced that not only Benedict but also his predecessor covered up the abuse of innocent children but also orchestrated the Church’s response to victims. If one goes on Bishop Accountability.Org, no matter what diocese you punch in, the response of the Hierarchy was and is always the same. Protect the priest at all costs,question the veracity of the victim and deny the extent of the problem.This response has been universal. How did all of these prelates arrive at the same game plan unless it was orchestrated by someone from above. Simple coincidence, I think not.


    Since the current topic involves “defending the record”, the current abuse case at the link above is one for the record book. If we started voting on cases that are special enough to be inducted into the US Catholic Church “Hall of Hypocrisy”, this one would certainly receive a unanimous vote for induction into the Hubris Hall.

    And, the best part, Minnesota just passed SOL reform so the timing could not have been better.

    1. Mike, the account you posted is just sickening. Just when you think you the RCC abuse stories can’t get more outrageous, nor the cover-up more blatant…a gun-toting, pot-smoking priest in Minnesota pulls his camper up to the parish rectory and lures children into it….and when his bosses hear, they don’t even blink.

      “At every step of the way, this could have been prevented,” Haselberger said. “This is just failure after failure after failure after failure.”

      Haselberger’s wording doesn’t even quite nail it here. These bishops didn’t simply “fail” at something. They intentionally sent this sick, dangerous, known criminal out to the people he hurt and enabled him to continue hurting them. They were completely comfortable with the Situation. These leaders are monsters….and pope Benedict, no matter how much he whines about being accused, is as subhuman as the rest of them.

  4. Thank you Michael for that link and to read it all the way to the end is really discouraging.
    It really is a wonder that do we learn anything? When the person who is a canon lawyer for the diocese quits because she sees nothing happening to protect children, then we are truly in trouble. Her statements are enough to make one really ill.

  5. Benedict did a lot less suffering than the thousands of innocent children who were raped while he looked the other way. This happened on his watch, and all the rationalizations, mental reservations and meaningless distinctions won’t make it go away. Any suffering he is experience is just payback for his sins of omission and commission.

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