13 thoughts on “Breaking News: Philadelphia Priest Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

  1. Add this to the preist in the Scranton Diocese that was arrested earlier after being caught doing pastoral counseling in a car in a parking lot with a pantsless 15 year old boy. It never ends despite the hierarchy’s claims to the contrary!

  2. I am also hearing rumors that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has incardinated a priest previously stripped of his pastoral and priestly duties for conviction in a child pornography case. I guess Chaput does not mind his priests to be a little devious.

  3. We will be doing a follow up post about this arrest later today but for now : Fr Robert Brennan arrested today..already highlighted in the 2005 report..shuffled from parish to parish…treated at St John Vianney… Lynn will not be charged being charged with endangerment of children because the EWOC statute expired 3 months ago. This victim fell within the statute for Brennan to be charged with the crimes..rape and other offenses. This is not the same Brennan from the trial in 2012..that was William Brennan

  4. So much for Francis’s “new approach”.
    If he can make personal calls at random, let’s here it for those using the statute of limitations to get out of jail.

  5. From the Philadelphia Inquirer, 9-27-2013…..

    “…Bevilacqua testified before the grand jury that he considered Brennan’s problems “innocuous-sounding boundary issues….”
    Was the late Cardinal’s understanding here based on his Canon Law Degree perspective or his Civil Law Degree perspective?

  6. …one has to wonder if this institution has EVER had Divine Inspiration as any accounting of responsibility shines the light of complete indifference…

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