Accused Priest’s Bail Lowered

Click here to view: “Bail Reduced for Philly Priest Accused of Molesting Altar Boy,” by Dan Stamm and David Chang,, October 8, 2010


“A judge set Rev. Robert L. Brennan’s bail on rape, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse and aggravated sexual assault charges at 10 percent of $1 million back on Sept. 27. Brennan also was ordered to not have contact with his accuser.

On Tuesday, his bail was reduced to 10 percent of $50,000.”

16 thoughts on “Accused Priest’s Bail Lowered

    1. Mike I am not seeing it on this one. Brennan was kicked out a few years ago..and pending laicization. If you look at the case of the other Fr Brennan..James Brennan..he was persona non grata in the Archdiocese once his case hit the legal realm. They are pretty much on their own (criminal defense)..if it is member of “management’ then of course a whole different $11 million dollar defense story for that. But for the rank and file arrested clergy, I don’t think the AD throws their weight behind them . Avery, Brennan, McCormick were/are all out on bail pending trial

  1. Kathy, sorry to have given the wrong impression here. I agree with you, I think these guys, for the most part, have been “thrown under the bus” and are on their own. I just had to work that special photo-op of Chaput and Corbett into the fray someway or other.
    Spends so much time in Harrisburg, Chaput just might have to get an apartment out that way for his efforts on our children’s behalf.

  2. Given Fr.Robert Brennan’s history, as well as some other priests, does anyone have any idea why laicization would take so long? That makes no sense to me. In light of the serious allegations, wouldn’t an organization like to make sure that this was taken care of as soon as possible to avoid putting more children in danger. I guess not if protecting an innocent child is not your primary concern. Unbelievable!

  3. Interesting development Archbishop Chaput starting new seminary within St. Charles Seminary its in his lastest column apparently from a group named “the Way”. Archbishop Chaput no matter what you think of him has been creative lately. Wish he would come up with some creative ways to make the laws for child sexual abuse more “fair” and accessible for all survivors in the State of PA therefore further protecting the children of PA from “known” predators.

  4. Please everybody, n o t just Pa. This is a world wide evil. I know You have to start somewhere but this plague in Pa must. be publicized all over, so people get excited and empowered to do as you are doing… Remember to blog what you. are doing here in Pa. All over the internet..! .It’s remarkable !!!!

    1. drwho13………..a relevant, though not unexpected, event in the scheme of things here as we fight to protect our children. More of California Catholic parishioners contributions spent on lobbying and PR to block these proposals !

      The good thing…….the prelates’ celebration is most assuredly short-lived. The forces, incidents, advocacy, and awareness, coupled with the arrogance and hubris of US Catholic Church leadership, will certainly keep these efforts moving forward……it really cannot be stopped.

      US Catholic leadership reminds me of fools playing on the train tracks totally oblivious to the danger of the internal and external forces that are bearing down on them……..For sure, that train will get there, and then, at the last second, there will be a shrill warning and their world will be obliterated…….

    2. drwho13,

      Gov. Jerry Brown spent three years in a Jesuit seminary. Opponents of CA Bill 131 pounded away on the message that the bill would destroy the fiscal health of the Catholic Church, bringing it to its knees. Maybe the cultish indoctrination Gov. Brown received in the seminary lingers; maybe his loyalty to his former “brothers” persists; maybe his political agenda requires pleasing the Church… None of it changes the fact that, in vetoing 131, Brown protects a Church that has conspired and colluded for decades to rob innocent child-victims of justice. In doing so, he becomes an enabler.

      Brown is apparently notorious for putting things in his pipe and smoking them.

      “Enabler.” Smoke that one, Jerry.

      Kate FitzGerald

      1. micklega,

        I was hoping that those three years in the seminary would have opened his eyes to what goes on in the back rooms of the RCC. I suspect that he’s fully aware, but didn’t have the brass to face down the bishop. Indoctrination for sure, he never overcame it, never was able to smoke it out.

        Jerry, you done your people wrong.

  5. Drwho13, You see, it’s all about “being fair. ” Gov. Brown’s sense of “fairness” is what motivated him to screw these people who were victimized by the Catholic Church.

    Catholic parents: Watch and learn what your bishops are capable of making your political leaders do and say for them.

    1. Last night we had a very beautiful and moving end to our fourty hours adoration at OLG. Many times I visit the Blessed Sarcament and I am the only one there. But last night there were 100’s of people there and about 35 priests our guest speaker carried the Blessed Sarament around the outside of the church and the pathway was lite up with candles as well as each person carried a candle in their hands.I over heard alittle child say daddy why are there so many people and then she answered her own question ” I know because everyone loves Jesus so much” she was around 5yrs old. I wish I had the zeal and innocence of this child but I don’t but I can appreciate the fact that I do know Jesus loves us very much…..sometimes when we don’t feel it and other people disappoint us and have hurt us. That procession was bitter sweet because I remember all those at the vigil downtown and the pain they have endured that was avoidable if the leadership had done the right thing. My own daughter asked me why we carry candles and I told her it is a symbol of Jesus being the light of the world. And I was thinking to my self sometimes we have to be the one to carry his light to others. I prayed the memorae especially for our survivors these past few days because I know action must always be supported with prayer because God’s plans are always bigger and better than anything we could do alone. Before the procession our speaker spoke about the different popes and their different styles etc. he also acknowledged the corruption and scandals that the bishops allowed to occur ……..I hope and pray for justice, healing and wholeness for our survivors and protection for our children ……….and am working toward that end…….I believe our survivors and you are always on my mind and in my heart……..

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