Archdiocese Helps Lynn Post Bail

Not too much leaves me speechless, but this stunned me to the core. This is no longer just a blog. I will continue C4C but will start living the “change” part. I’m furious for survivors and Catholics in general. 2014 is a new year. Tune in tomorrow.

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51 thoughts on “Archdiocese Helps Lynn Post Bail

    1. As soon as I heard there would be bail I knew what would happen. I prayed I would be mistaken — but no. So many reasons how they can rationalize this action, I am sure: ‘On advice of counsel, mercy, etc.’ But only one reason not to, which continues to elude them. They seem to have a hard time parsing basic right from wrong. So much dissembling!

  1. Who provided the archdiocese with the funds to pay Lynn’s bail?

    Just another sheepish act in a long series of sheepish acts.

    1. I hope everyone knows that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has paid for Msgr. William Lynn’s defense from day 1. While appalling, providing Lynn’s bail isn’t all that surprising.

      Sister Maureen

      1. Operating deficit of $4.9 million at Fiscal Year End June 2013. Unbelievable! Was this a “loan” to Msgr. Lynn? Was he still paid by the Archdiocese while in prison?
        Moral responsibility aside – perhaps someone should inquire as to fiscal responsibility?

      2. Hi Sister Maureen,

        I have no doubt what you are saying is true. However, I do believe I do have a statement from Chaput stating that the archdiocese was no longer assisting Lynn financially during the initial trial.

        I’m looking for the article.

        1. Dennis,

          I’m nor aware of that. If your locate it please pass it along.

          What I do remember is that when I was in the courtroom in one of the earliest days Judge Sarmina spoke at length to make sure Lynn was aware that the lawyers hired to defend him were hired by the AOP and that if push came to shove their allegiance was to the archdiocese. Lynn responded that he understood.

          Sister Maureen

        1. Dennis,

          Also, if the A/D did fund a portion of Monsignor Lynn’s appeal, the money will be returned when the forthcoming appeal is answered, so I guess one could view it as a short term loan as opposed to a gift, right?

  2. And not another penny of mine will go to the Archdiocese in my lifetime.

    Thank you Kathy and Susan for your hard work – 2014 will be the year the people take back OUR church!

    Happy New Year to all!

  3. You folks at CATHOLICS4CHANGE ought to be ashamed of yourselves. You show no respect for the Appellate Court who judged the facts of this case, reviewed the points on Appeal, and knew the law of the Commonwealth and concluded the good Msgr had violated no law of his jurisdiction. Now how hard is that to understand anyway?? All I can think of is that your are bad and uninformed citizens, should have had a Citizenship course in junior high.

    1. Lynn’s conviction was overturned on a technicality of law. This does not affirm moral innocence. Did he or did he not follow Bevilacqua’s directives? I’m a citizen but I’m a Catholic first. What would Jesus have done?

      1. Susan, I have news for you, every Appellate Court case from the Atlantic to the Pacific, hundreds handed down every week, turn on a technicality. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be there, they would have long ago been settled because appellate practice is very expensive,—for all parties involved, and takes time to be heard, but that is what Court Houses are for. This case was handled no differently from all 50 state Appellate Court cases. Sometime, or out of this, you might learn some citizenship, hopefully. Wm

        1. Mr. Brady: So you want us all to learn citizenship. If the Appelate court had ruled the opposite way, would that be the case? For many years ,courts have haggled over what they call the letter of the law versus the spirit of the law. The United States Supreme Court has gone back and forth, arguing on either side. Judge Sarminna in her decision went with the spirit of the law. The Appellate Court went with the letter of the law.Which way will the State Supreme Court rule? I don’t know? But neither do you. And by the way, learn some humanity.

    2. Excuse me William – go back and read ALL of the posts – many have commented that the conviction was sketchy from the beginning due to the law in place at the time.

      Now – if the current law was in place at the time of the “GOOD MSGR’s” actions, he would be sitting his butt in jail for another 3-5 years.

    3. Denial, denial, denial. Would you comment differently if Jesus had been abused As a child? Imagine it. There is the law of the land and the law of God. My vote is for God’s law. BIG DIFFERENCE.

    4. I absolutely understand the law and have posted accordingly. I did not go to junior high because Catholic school does not have junior high and in 16 years of Catholic school I was never taught that schools and parishes would close, old people would no longer have Catholic nursing homes,students could be forbidden from receiving report cards or attending dances if their tuition is not paid in full, however the Archdiocese would spend millions of dollars defending themselves against heinous crimes of the sexual violation of innocent children’s bodies and the cover up and protection of predators.

      I have respect for the Appellate Court and will respect the decision that comes from the Pa. Supreme Court…my issue is not one of that with courts. But I am fascinated how in this case people all of the sudden people are clinging to the laws ..throw away the religion books and do away with the theology courses and let’s just instruct the young Catholic kids on Pa. law and how they should act.

  4. Wow! What more could one say to the Phila. AD covering Lynn’s bail. What a kick it teeth for the survivor’s. The Faithful Pew Sheep will not even acknowledge this latest move and it truly makes me sick. How can one respect an institution and it’s people after today’s announcement? What has really changed since this came out a few years ago???? Not much.

  5. So, next year, when parishes are closed and Real Estate sold, think about the “contribution” the Archdiocese made to Lynn’s bail.

    1. Owlfan: You are looking at this from the wrong perspective. The Church has invested an awful lot of money in Monsignor Lynn. Just think if he were to get out of jail and offered a book deal to expose the truth from inside the Church. It could be worth millions.He would no longer be subject to any prosecution, unless he had somebody murdered. It is best for the Church to keep him on their side. After all it is what the Mafia would do.

      1. I didn’t mean soul murder. That has a statute of limitations attached. I meant actual murder.

  6. They are playing “can you top this” with this whole circus….shameful! God be with all the victims and their families!!!

    1. The circus is the loyal priesthood and they are playing “we take care of our own.”

      1. I know! It is so sad and discouraging……what happened to holding themselves to a higher standard and taking care of their flock?

  7. Somehow and someway this information needs to get out. Parishioners of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia need to know this.

    This action by the catholic church is clear evidence that Archbishop Chaput is a liar.

    I am searching my past files now looking for an archdiocese statement they made regarding no longer giving Lynn financial assistance for his legal problems.

    I would have thought Bill Donahue and his cult would have done such a thing, but Chaput ? A NEW LOW AS HE SITS BACK AND LOOKS DOWN OVER HIS SLAVES AND LAUGHS.

    The envelopes on Sunday should be placed into the baskets empty or better with notes stating the disgust of such a decision.

    Damn it I’m angry if no one can tell. What a slap on the face to victims of clergy abuse and what a slap on the face to catholics who want to see change.

    There continues to be no change in the catholic church play book.

  8. Mr. Brady, I am a survivor of clergy sexual abuse at the hands of 4 catholic priests in the philadelphia archdiocese. The review board has found my allegations to be true and have posted the names of 2 of the perps on their website, the other two which I won in court were Franciscans. My case in which the review board found credible was the oldest case they reviewed dating back to 1963.

    perptraitors with the help of the then victim coordinator. Msgr. Lynn both times, walked in with the priest sat along side him, put his hand on the priest back in order to support him. On another occasion I pleaded with Msgr. Lynn to get me help as I was having very strong feelings of suicide. He, did, nothing, his response was “i was an empty well”. Three of my priest abusers were listed on the “list” that the Cardinal wanted distroyed. I hav

    Christ-like kindness and compassion. Three of my priest abusers were on the list that Msgr. Lynn hid. These are priests who hav
    In order for me to put the shame where it belonged on the abusive priest, I asked Msgr. Lynn to arrange for me to confront the 2 priests. On 2 separate occasions, Msgr. Lynn sat along side the priest, in solidarity and support of the priest. The victim coordinator was at that time, shocked at the indifference and total lack of empathy shown me.
    I always hoped that every parrishoner would have read the grand jury reports, or at least, ask one survivor to tell their story and be met with a C

    On 2 occasions, Msgr. Lynn sat along side the abusiv

    On 2 occasions I have found myself before Msgr. Lynn because I needed toe put the shame where it belonged on the perpatraitor. Msgr. Lynn on both occasions sat along side the abusiv

    Three of my priest abusers were on the list that Msgr. Lynn had hidden away. I started my journey to wholeness by seeing Msgr. Lynn and telling him about my horrific abuse in 1993! I found the Msgr. to be very dismissive of me telling me that out of charity they would pay for my therapy. I again went to Msgr. Lynn 6 years later to confront Rev. C

    1. So sorry, having major problems with my computer! I think Mr. Brady gets what I am trying to convey. Msgr. Lynn belongs in jail. He knew about my priest abusers back in 1993, when I went to him. All of the priests who raped me continued in ministry for the next 45 years.

  9. Any Philadelphia Roman Catholic Parishioner who is in need of financial support for a legal defense or Bail.

    Contact: The Dog Chaput (Bondsman)
    Philadelphia Archdiocese
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    ***Specialty*** Known to be able to protect child abusing clergy and those who enable them.

  10. The comments are getting ugly folks. Do not lose sight of the fact that children have been hurt by by evil men and in a majority of the cases William Bill Lynn allowed it to happen with the help of the Catholic Church bureaucracy. All Lynn had to do was report it to the authorities rather than his bosses. If a priest cannot do the right thing than what has our church become? You want to make a statement???? STOP GIVING TO THE CHURCH AND OR YOUR PARISH MONEY. Our church leaders show zero Catholic guilt so why should you when ya cut the purse strings. Hit them were it hurts THE WALLET. Maybe we should have a church boycott ie go to mass but do not enter the building and pray together without any priests.

  11. I don’t understand why everyone is so upset by chaput / archdiocese of Phila “assisting” with lynn’s bail as this is what the rcc does, it takes care of its own, and the politicians that “assist” in stalling legislation for Victims, the greatest fear the rcc has is that the ” Laws will be changed and the TRUTH will expose the hypocrites running the church !

  12. One from the archives, but clearly very appropriate for the topic and issue in question.

    In my opinion, the conduct and decision-making of many of those leaders in the US Catholic Church hierarchy re abuse allegations and subsequent internal investigations suggest a different understanding of that most precious commodity, TRUST:


    With this definition, the machinations and chicanery of their TRUST becomes much clearer.

    Wonder if TRUST in the Archdiocese of Denver was similarly portrayed and exemplified?

    Michael Skiendzielewski
    Captain (retired)
    Philadelphia Police Dept.

  13. It is sad that Catholics still expect the bishops to be concerned with them. They aren’t. They are concerned with the financial bottom line and they are concerned with the priests in their care. Bishops act in loco parentis to their priests. And if the priests who are meant to be in the trenches looking after the Catholic parishioners turn out to be sexually abusive, or porn addicts, or embezzlers, then the parishioners are on their own. A bishop takes care of his “sons” first. Catholics need to stop paying the bishops to finance the legal defenses of all the criminal priests out there. As has been said above…get Catholics to stop giving money. Have a leafletting campaign, speak to the media, hold a press conference of victims and the writers of this blog and state your concerns. And boycotting the mass by praying outside the church? Could be good, but you might get labelled as anti-Catholic rather than anti the aiding and abetting bishops. You want to remain part of the Catholic community rather than being seen as iconoclastic like SNAP is seen by many.

    1. I consider it a compliment to be labeled anti-Catholic, Mona. Especially by the clergy and Catholics who have their heads in the sand.

      If I’m so pro – children that it makes me anti-Catholic…something is wrong with them…not me.

      1. I hear that! I am a survivor and no longer consider myself catholic. But it has been a painful divorce. I worked as a religious educator for 27 years believing in the goodness of the church despite my own abuse. The writers here are trying to continue something I no longer can: change from within and I respect that.

  14. I don’t understand all the outrage over this?

    I expected it.

    Lynn is one of their own. I’m quite certain they will keep him close so he can share all the inside details/pitfalls to avoid for future run-ins with the law.

    All those good Catholics posted bail for an enabler. Hell, they’ve been funding this cover -up for decades.

  15. During the trial of Msgr.Lynn in the summer of 2012, we were with victims across from the court house each day. Several times, the monsignor and his legal team and family members would come into the Marriott for lunch. We were surprised that the monsignor was actually staying in a suite at the Courtyard Marriott during this trial. Who paid for this? The Lawyers? They were being paid by the Archdiocese in this case. The “pro bono” came after the trail and applied to the appeal afterwards. But who paid for the Marriott??
    As to Mister Burke, if there were a technical mistake in the trial of Bernie Maddoff, would he still be a thieving criminal who ruined the lives of thousands of investors if he were allowed out of prison for an appeal?? Please Mr. Burke, cynicism does not help to find Justice for victims.
    Can you not understand what really is at stake here? JUSTICE, JUSTICE, JUSTICE in place of DECEPTION, DECEPTION, DECEPTION.!! The list from the safe is truly a smoking gun.

  16. If priests were allowed to marry, maybe the bishops wouldn’t be so out of touch with the impact of violation on a child. Perhaps they’d feel a little differently if it was their own child that was raped!

  17. In an organization and leadership that shares very little information with its members, I find it interesting that Archbishop Chaput permitted the release of a statement acknowledging that the archdiocese contributed to the bail money for Msgr. Lynn’s release. Why is that? I submit it is that Chaput wants to show Philadelphia Catholics that he is in charge and that he will do what he wants, when he wants to do it, regardless of the facts, circumstances, pain or risk to the victims and their families.

    Reminds this writer of the soiree held at St. Helena’s in Blue Bell in October 2011:

    During the invitation-only dinner for Archbishop Charles J. Chaput at a parish hall in Montgomery County, Chaput singled out Lynn in the crowd and noted how difficult the ordeal has been for him, according to one priest who attended and two people briefed by others at the gala.

    Much of the audience, which included hundreds of priests, then stood and applauded, said the sources, who asked not to be identified.

    Look out for a similar back-slapping, hand-shaking celebration in the near future at a parish in the archdiocese welcoming back Msgr. Lynn and congratulating him on his courage and strength. Not to worry, I can guarantee that public notice to the press and media will most assuredly be made by the public affairs office down there at the castle on 17th St. regarding such an event.

  18. I still find myself in disbelief when I read comments like those of Mr. Brady. It is so upsetting to me that more Catholics like myself, lifelong devout believers in our Lord Jesus, can not open their eyes to the damage that was done to so many innocent human beings simply because it was more important to protect “the Church.” The vow of obedience that clerics take which apparently, in their eyes, binds them to following even the most corrupt orders of their superiors, has done so much damage to the people of the “Church”….the most innocent of people. The crux of this whole thing is not what the court’s ultimate decision is regarding Msgr. Lynn’s charges. It’s the debacle that has been uncovered regarding the morality of the Church’s leaders who, even now, are choosing to support those who’ve endangered children over the victims and our innocent children. Of course, they need to keep Msgr. Lynn happy so that he will remain loyal to them and won’t expose any others….and how awful that is. Should they really wonder why people don’t want to contribute any more funds to the Church… see it go toward this? So disheartening….
    To those who still focus on the legalities instead of the humanity, look at a child you love and imagine that child being a victim….maybe then you can put things into perspective.

  19. The archdiocese helping Lynn post bail is like they believe their own image is larger than life. They are Mafia dons. It is like they need to dominate everyone and this creates more conflict because they need to retain all power to themselves. They do not want anyone to threaten their preeminence, and it is like they trust no one. They just want total obedience.

    This belief in obedience is ego inflation. Obedience feeds those in power with the attention that a gardener gives his prized flowers. Giving such careful cultivation, their egos bloom and is chocking off the rest of their psyche. Their egos become the center of their lives. The point is they are playing God and relating to everyone as being greater than anyone else. Once the ego is set in motion it is difficult to stop.

    This ego identification is blocking any possibility of identifying with anyone else. They just want church people to obey and respect them unquestioningly. Their power understandably has gone to their heads. If the archdiocese can defy the law, morality and common decency there is almost no way they can stop. They cannot stop because they are in too deeply. They are desperate to hold onto their power at all cost.

    The dark side of power is its willingness to destroy. It even feels like the Catholic Church is on a death trip. This willingness to sacrifice children for their own survival is absurd and obscene. The church feels like an inhuman monster, taking away our rights, our freedom and our dignity. In short, what is missing is the over development of their egos and the inability to identify with anyone. If they have no capacity for empathy then they will not care whether they are right or wrong as long as they get their way.

  20. Dear Mona,
    What a wonderful, accurate statement you have made: ” If I’m so pro – children that it makes me anti-Catholic…something is wrong with them…not me.” Would Pope Francis , or any sane person Not agree with this? I so wish that that question could be asked to every member of the Church Hierarchy (especially Chaput and Lynn), and we could see how they could defend their actions, or answer that question in their vague double speak way that they are famous for.

  21. Currently, while the AD is writing that check, the get-out-of-jail-free-card for Lynn, I guarantee they are freezing out some victim or squabbling about paying counseling bills for a fraction of that amont.

    Which would you rather pay? Counseling bills and/or medication expenses to help a victim heal/cope with the abuse the rcc caused and allowed? Or, bail Lynn out of jail?

    Pew Catholics have got to start being held accountable for their part in this mess. It isn’t just the bishops, the pedophile priests, or the enablers…it’s the funding source. Until the Body does as Jesus would do…they will continue to be complicit with this spiritual and psychological raping of their own innocents.

    I believe the victims.

  22. From –
    Chaput has twice visited Lynn in prison and has said that no one person should become the scapegoat for the abuse crisis. Bergstrom, his attorney, said Lynn has become just that.
    Lynn remains a priest in good standing with the church, and could return to ministry.

    The more things change – the more they remain the same! Wouldn’t you love to be a parishioner and have this guy stationed there. Maybe they could bring Father Paul in as well and Msgr. Lynn could be part of his monitoring program?

    I have officially hit the “nothing surprises me anymore” moment of this ordeal!

  23. “Maybe they could bring Father Paul in as well and Msgr. Lynn could be part of his monitoring program?” Brilliant!

  24. My elderly aunts pinch their pennies from fixed incomes to support the church. How sad that their widows mite goes to a get out of jail card for someone like this . They will never get another penny from me. I will only give to directly to charities.

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