Archdiocese of Philadephia Expected to Announce Two More Priest Removals

One month before an Archdiocesan Mass for victims of clergy sexual abuse, Archbishop Chaput is expected to announce the permanent removal of two more priests.This information comes via several reliable sources. Victims of the removed priests are routinely notified by the Archdiocese prior to these announcements.

One of the priests, Father John P. Paul, had been left in parish ministry at Our Lady of Calvary without notifying parents after a “historical” allegation had been lodged this past year. The archdiocese finally removed him a week after his publicized resignation brought forth more victim information (of course).

The second removal is reported to involve Father James J. Collins who last resided St. Martha Parish in Philadelphia.

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    1. Pathetic, embarrassing, and sickening how low the bar is. Chaput needs to go and the Archdiocese needs a healing Mass for itself.

        1. May the hell he put Andrew Ward and his family through keep Archbishop Myers awake at night in his new $500,000 addition.

          They are a slippery lot of men, aren’t they?

          1. “The research, conducted by Erin Buckels of the University of Manitoba and two colleagues, sought to directly investigate whether people who engage in trolling are characterized by personality traits that fall in the so-called Dark Tetrad: Machiavellianism (willingness to manipulate and deceive others), narcissism (egotism and self-obsession), psychopathy (the lack of remorse and empathy), and sadism (pleasure in the suffering of others).”

            It’s easy for me to believe that pedophiles and Trolls share this Dark Tetrad.

            Keep those thumbs down coming. Being an empathic person I feel your pain.

          2. As followers of Jesus Christ we are to follow and live like Jesus especially those in leadership how can they expect us to respect their office and authority when they don’t even respect and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ? Its insanity. Myers should take a lesson from Chaput and live in a seminary I hear they are mostly empty right now and guess what its people like Myers that are responsible for the lack of priests. I am disgusted. Maybe also because of what I have heard from some about the abuse of power that continues to take place.

          3. Saw Bob Hoatson (sp?) on CNN tonite. A quick way to remove all the corrupt bishops might be to defrock all the ones with houses 500,000 and above. Private donations or not it still seems like stealing from the poor to me. Its amazing how he managed to pay all his lawyers and still have enough to add an addition on to his house……….

          4. Beth,
            The diocese of Peoria covered Myers’ a**. Which means the parishioners foot that bill. However, the Catholics around here just can’t connect the dots, so they think Myers walks on water. Maybe Myers can host a house warming for all of his parishioners who funded his corruption and politics.

          5. Sw,
            How many people do you know that can afford weekend houses in this economy? …….I would like to know when Pope Francis is making this house into a soup kitchen………..

          6. Here is a small article about Cardinal Roger Mahony which was in the Delco Times on Thursday. The nation’s largest RC archdiocese In L. A. has agreed to pay $720 million to clergy abuse victims and released internal files that showed Mahony shielded priests and ordered a surrogate to withhold evidence from police yet Mahony and other archdiocese leaders are unlikely to face criminal charges. Final payment was made on Wednesday of $13 million. Mahoney has emerged from the scandal tarnished, but his place in the church intact—-even after hiss successor publicly rebuked him for internal church files showing he and others worked to protect priests, keep parishioners in the dark and defend the church’s image.

            Amoral, apathy, Stealing, ignoring victims, do as I say, not as I do…….. and on and on.
            JPII, Pope Benedict, Cardinals,Bishops Mahony, Bevilacqua, Rigale, Law, Finn, etc……………………..and the pedophiles who are protected…. .
            Do they represent Jesus on Earth? I don’t think so.

            I believe the victims/survivors and will stand up for them, and behind them.



          7. Beth,
            I don’t have a problem with people (including Myers) spending their money however they see fit. But, its not only his money…parishioners maintain and fund part of this. I’m guessing if the laity haven’t held these men accountable for child rape, then why be so bothered by an addition? Lets keep this in perspective.

            Don’t you love the justification of why he thinks he’s entitled to such an addition? “Previous priests have done it too.”

            Be a man and tell the parishioners you have saved your pennies, and have accepted some gullible loyal Catholic’s offer to buy (their way into heaven) this luxury.

            A coward til the end.

      1. Susan,

        I am not aware if you know but upon the resignation of fr. Paul of so-called stress he did make the statement his future plans were to leave the United State, destination Italy to be with an order of monks.
        We can only hope if there are accusations out there that fall into the time restraint of the SOL’s the authorities are aware.

    2. Kathy, Fr. John Paul was planning to work at a mission in Malawi, Africa? May God protect those children. Who will warn their parents?

    3. I have been told by the archdiocese that this will be announced this weekend. My case, as well as multiple allegations, are still pending. He was removed based on another case. As documented on this site and others, this guy was a scum! My fear is that my case and all the others will get swept under the rug. We must be diligent in getting all the instances of abuse out to the public – especially in light of the article posted above where he ignored his victims and instead, made himself out as the persecuted one! For anyone who filed a complaint with the AOP or law enforcement, continue to follow up!

      1. Tee, I hope you reported this to the Police. The rcc will absolutely try and sweep this under the rug, please don’t let them as Victims gain strength from other Victims who fight on ! Do not TRUST the AOP or their reps !

    4. FYI – this is the collection for this Sunday – Collection for the Care of the Aging and Infirm Priests of the Archdiocese. Remember that these $$$ also go to those abusers that have chosen a life of prayer and penance at the Villa!

  1. This posting may not be appropriate for your blog. But I’ll give it a try. We don’t have this type of interest in exposing sexual abuse in the Pittsburgh Diocese. To the best of my knowledge there are two people working to expose the criminal behavior of Bevilacqua, Wuerl, Zubik and some others. Myself, a 9-dollar an hour security guard and my colleague who is homeless. There are no others.

    I understand if you choose not to post the comment, no hard feelings.

    An open letter to Pope Francis concerning the former tenure of Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, and Bishop David Zubik current leader of the of the Pittsburgh Diocese.

    Could the attempted murder of my son, Adam Ference been averted if diocesan hierarchy had properly supervised your former Catholic priest Father John Wellinger.

    Please review my allegations, noting which ones are true or false. If you need additional information, I would gladly provide it.

    Question 1. Allegedly, in the first quarter of 1987 Fr. John Wellinger, a priest of the Pittsburgh diocese and pastor of Holy Spirit Parish in West Mifflin, PA, drugged a University of Pittsburgh student in an apartment that the victim shared with his older brother, also a Pitt student.

    According to the victim, he was knocked out for hours. When he awoke, he intuitively called 911.
    After rushing downstairs, against the wishes of Fr Wellinger, the teenage victim flag down meet the ambulance and the attending EMTs in the street.

    The allegation of the rest of the event goes as follows: The ambulance whisked away to Presbyterian University Hospital emergency room (now University of Pittsburgh Medical Center; UPMC). Fr.
    Wellinger allegedly followed the young victim to the hospital. Upon finding him in the emergency room, the victim requested that Wellinger find his nurse. When the nurse returned the victim would explain that Wellinger was the man who had drugged him.

    Wellinger was ushered out by the nurse. To the best of my knowledge police were not notified; not even a security guard from the hospital. The victim was not examined by a doctor. In other words, the entire event was covered-up.

    The parents of the victim came to the hospital and took their son home. Furthermore, I was told by then Clairton Public Safety Director William Scully, in January of 1990, that a hospital worker, possibly a social worker, warned the parents to not take on the Pittsburgh diocese, because they are too powerful and wealthy.

    I can provide the victim’s name and contact information to verify my story.

    Cardinal Wuerl or Bishop Zubik is this event TRUE or FALSE. If it’s true, the attempted murder of my son could have been averted.

    Question 2. Allegedly, a few days after the above event, the victim’s father searched out Wellinger at the parish house. At the time, Wellinger was holding a parish council meeting. So, there were plenty of.
    witnesses present, including the victim’s mother. The victim’s father was angry, because Father John Wellinger had allegedly drugged his son and possibly raped and sodomized him. The man was also angry over an outing that lasted all night long between Wellinger and his wife. According to an eyewitness Wellinger was ushered out a back door and the West Mifflin.
    Police were called.

    Concerned for the safety of Fr. Wellinger, parish council members ushered the priest out the back door and called the West Mifflin Police. Parish councils were logically concerned, because the victim’s father may have been intoxicated and carrying a weapon.

    Is there evidence of any police report? Did the fatherwould receive notification from attorneys for the Diocese of Pittsburghto stay away from Father John Wellinger and to stay off Holy Spirit property in West Mifflin, PA.

    Cardinal Wuerl or Bishop Zubik is this event TRUE or FALSE. If it’s true, the attempted murder of my son could have been averted.

    Question 3. An allegation was brought to my attention within the past year or two, by a Catholic priest who stated to me via telephone that a person by the last name of Volmer went to Father Charles Bober in 1987 and warned Bober about Fr Wellinger’s deviant behavior. To the best of my knowledge, nothing was done.

    Cardinal Wuerl or Bishop Zubik is this event TRUE or FALSE. If it’s true, the attempted murder of my son could have been averted.

    Question 4. Sometime in 1988, the personal secretary of Father Wellinger allegedly went to the Pittsburgh diocese and spoke to Father Ronald Lengwin about Wellinger’s deviant behavior. She also reported that a teenage boy used the rectory as his home for the longest time and enjoyed making 900 calls to porn sites, while costing the parish hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

    Sadly, the women whom I interviewed would be labeled as a rumor-monger, and once again, Bishop.
    Bevilacqua and would err on the side of dysfunctional sex freak, Fr John Wellinger, rather than erring on the side of caution.

    Cardinal Wuerl or Bishop Zubik is this event TRUE or FALSE. If it’s true, the attempted murder of my son could have been averted.

    Question 5. A suicide occurred in Father John Wellinger’s parish in 1989. According to then Clairton Public Safety Director William Scully, the suicide allegedly was linked to Wellinger. Scully said that he just didn’t have the needed proof. The boy was a 16 year old who took a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

    According to Scully, the boy had an interest in the occult and Satanism. Wellinger would hold a.
    seminar on occult practice and Satanism months later. He met with a former Mt. Lebanon police officer by the name of John Mihelic, an expert in the occult and Satanism. Mihelic has since retired but is still a consultant.
    Cardinal Wuerl or Bishop Zubik is this event TRUE or FALSE. If it’s true, the attempted murder of my son could have been averted.

    If you need contact information for any victims or the names mentioned in this letter please feel free to contact me at

    Mike Ference
    For more information visit my blog at

      1. Sorry Joyce that reply above was for you…maybe the safety committee that “watched” him will now travel abroad?

  2. It truly has been an interesting week with reference to the Catholic Church.

    1. A group of Roman Catholic parishioners in Kansas City and a priest with expertise in canon law petitioned Pope Francis this past week to take action against Bishop Robert Finn, who was convicted in 2012 of failing to report a priest who was an active pedophile.

    2. The information we have learned about Archbishop Myers and his plan to the 1/2 of a million dollar expansion to his already large resort that would consist of a swimming pool, hot tub and elevator. Please remember this price tag does not include what it will cost to furnish this property. I don’t know about anyone else and how they feel but he should have to walk up the stairs like the rest of us. If he has some difficulty with stairs let the archdiocese purchase him a one floor mobile home and give him a “Hover Round”

    What is shocking did not Pope Francis mention a short time ago that the Bishops of Bling to curve their spending.

    On a brighter note to this story, the parishioners and citizens have spoken up enough the archdiocese has had to go into damage control with a public statement. I wish the parishioners the best of luck.

    3. It has been learned that a L.A Bishop kept information from the police during sexual abuse investigations because the Bishop felt “he did not believe alleged victims were among them”. Could it be the Bishop knew there was victims among them ?

    4. The list of 33 abusive priests with credible accusations of sexual abuse the archdiocese of St. Paul had released to the public has more then doubled to 70 after an investigation by MPR.

    5. Finally the information Susan has informed us in this blog.

    I look at these events as the good that can happen, but I can’t help remembering bad had to occur first.

    In conclusion what is standing out the most to me is in two of these events it was the parishioner with the power of the pen saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    1. This is an update to item 1 of my earlier post regarding Bishop Finn.

      Kansas City, Mo. — Waiting may prove the hardest part as a petition seeking a canonical review of Bishop Robert Finn is en route to Rome.

      Catholics here received notification Friday from the apostolic nuncio to the U.S. that he had received and forwarded to the Vatican their formal request for a canonical penal process investigating Finn, bishop of the Kansas City-St. Joseph, Mo., diocese.

      In his brief, two-sentence letter, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano stated, “I acknowledge receipt of your letter addressed to me. The correspondence which you sent has been forwarded to the Holy See.”

      If anyone cannot tell I am a firm believer the parishioners of the Catholic Church maybe the answer to problems of the church. A group of laity that would be involved with every decision their archdiocese may make. No more closed doors.

      Every step the letter from the parishioners from KC makes and the goals here by Kathy and Susan only shows proof that it can be done.

      1. I really admire the gentleman/parishioner who started this petition..while some may say it is futile, it is certainly better than sitting back and doing nothing. Each time someone speaks up or takes an action, it is chipping away at the culture of secrecy and control.

  3. Why do you think the Catholic Church hates us (victims) so much? Why do you think the Catholic hierarchy supports the people (clergy abusers) who are mostly and directly responsible for damaging the church’s reputation?

    Will it ever end?

    1. V4J,
      Because they are narcissists and our survivors expose their flaws which in their eyes is equal to death………..

      1. V4J,
        V4J I should have put flaws in quotes you can replace that world with any others like sickness, defects, crimes on on the bottom line is they are not perfect and in their minds they are and they cant handle any contradiction………Therefore they send the message to the priests underneath them survivors are the enemy and not to be trusted……This mentality of “them against us” is a definite reality……..The leadership then use words like needs to be fair for everyone, attacking the church and will be no money left if laws passed etc etc. with all this fixation on self they forget about their neighbor and their mission sadly. iI they would start focusing on others this scandal would be over , survivors would be helped, children would be safer and churches and collection baskets would be full. But since the leadership continues to focus on its self it only causes further damage. A normal healthy person asks for forgiveness and makes amends……..a narcissist will only do so in order to save face and when its in his best interest to do so.

      2. and some are scared and don’t want to go to jail but I believe it all started with narcissism as its root cause…….

    2. Rich: I believe that victims are hated by the Hierarchy because we know their secrets and because they now know that we will not hesitate to reveal those secrets to whomever we need to to get justice for those who have been abused.As we both know, they have been keeping these secrets from the laity for decades. We are a threat to them now. As long as victims kept quiet and blamed themselves for what happened to them, the Hierarchy was free to make and break all the rules. They could move known abusers from parish to parish, without anyone catching on to their criminal behavior .They could claim anti Catholic bias and get away with that.I wouldn’t say that they hate us as much as they fear us. We are between them and the goose that llaid the golden egg. And their goose is cooked.

  4. These pedophiles are men with sick minds; children (victims) are their playthings. They only hate victims when when the victims report them. That spoils their fun and cost them money.

    It will end only when the prosecutors start putting bishops in prison, unfortunately not anytime soon (the scandal in Boston occurred over a decade ago).

    1. dr who, I was thinking of you and the comment you had made awhile ago about some of the religious you were with in the seminary who did not believe what they preached..I don’t mean practice, but actually believe.
      Yesterday afternoon I had the tiniest of an ethical situation and I chose to do the wrong thing. In the 2-3 minutes window of time when I could have corrected a person’s mistake to fix the situation..I waffled back and forth between doing the right thing or the easy thing..I chose the easy thing and no person suffered for the consequences..the only thing that suffered was my conscious..which I KNEW would happen..I knew I would think about my decision and be kicking myself last night.

      Then I started thinking what it would have to be like to preach a homily on Sunday when I was wrestling with my own mistakes..a small lapse of good would I get up and preach to other people. The simple answer is I couldn’t..I would probably use the homily to admit my own failure .
      I really believe that many religious who have been involved in the cover ups do not believe the words they preach. It actually scares me if they do..that they could play both sides so well.

      1. Imagine being taught “Faith & Morals” as a junior in High School by Fr. Edward DePaoli – whose room in Holy Martyrs rectory was raided the month I graduated from McDevitt – and was filled with over $15,000 in child pornography? Pretty scary when the students have more morals than the instructor.

      2. Kathy right on! As humans living on this earth, we are in a constant battle to do right or wrong, and with our conscience it is a struggle. Jesus and His Holy Spirit guides us through our daily lives how can they get up and preach a homily is beyond my grasp.. Mahony, how could he give a sermon on for ex. stealing when he broke the 7th commandment. My children are grown, I tell them obey God’s commandments and live by the beatitudes…..
        I believe the victims/survivors.

        1. Denise , yes and thank you for using the correct spelling of “conscience” as I had used ‘conscious’ . However I guess both apply..I question whether these people are conscious or have a conscience.

        2. Denise,
          Doing the right thing at times comes at a great cost. I did the right thing once and I have been paying for it emotionally, mentally , socially, spiritually even financially (if u include counseling) ever since. Would I do it again yes but I will never be the same. I am trying to pick up the pieces and put myself back together again as we speak. I guess that’s why I get comfort from this site. I see courage, strength humbleness and vulnerablity and concern for others………

          1. It kinda feels like you standing there alone as a giant tsunami is heading your direction and you need to stand your ground……..and you cant run away…….it can be terrifying just the enormity of what you are up against……and that’s when I realized Jesus is all I ever had and all I will ever need no matter what happens………

      3. Kathy: In the early church, the Donatist claimed that priests had to be pure for the efficacy of a sacrament. This was considered heresy for Catholicism – Counsel of Nicea (not sure). We don’t expect purity, but we should expect goodness. We do expect that our priests and bishops know what is right and wrong by good conscience. Sometimes we choose what is wrong to protect a greater good: ex., the lives of a Jewish family hiding in our basement during the Nazi régime. Do we lie to authority to protect life? Human life trumps the ecclesial church always.

        Good Grief, at least you are a thinking person with a conscience.

        At this point, we have” traitors” who are running and ruining our church. They have no conscience! They have killed the spirits of children and family life. They seek to lie and distort the truth. The church is in the state of sin; not even looking at virtue to guide them because they do not even seek goodness and justice for their victims. They shouldn’t even have victims.

        It would be great if we could distinguish between the Traitors at the Top and the People of God on this blog. I am a people of God but I am not a Traitor nor do I follow Traitors blindly. There are many like me- some are sisters and priests. I wonder: who is the church?

        The reference above to the Counsel of Trent article in NCR is an excellent reference for us to use to comprehend the dynamics and of the fear of the crumble of clericalism. Maybe someone knows the answer to this: can a bishop be defrocked?

  5. “Will it ever end?” It will never end till this denial that lives in the Catholic Church is broken. Denial comes in many forms as there is pride, rationalizing, indifference, the veneer of sophistication, gratification before everything else, absolute power, feeling omnipotent and invulnerable, defying guilt feelings, dividing people into judge parts, deceit, fantasizing, fixations, schizoid withdraw, coward, and needing exciting experiences to fill in the emptiness and on-and on.. Denial underestimates the seriousness of the consequences their actions and will minimize the necessity of doing anything at all. The greatest trick denial has is its pride to endure whatever happens by tuning it out.

    Dealing with denial is dirty and mean. It will sacrifice children to the god of peace and sacrifice others just to minimize reality and to continue the illusion. Denial will believe its ego is better than anyone else’s ego. It believes its power to deceive other people and believing that my act is totally together. It will say the rules created for others do not necessarily apply to me. This denial is the holy water of the Catholic Church and doing anything about is like running into a stone wall.

    To me denial only starts breaking when there is a risk to create an opening and to allow something higher and essential touch this deep wound. It takes guts because when this denial breaks open the emptiness feels like schizophrenia. Fear becomes consuming and the madman attacks. Then denial comes back turning everything into a joke and as a way of dealing with anxiety and problems. Denials favorite activity centers around the mouth. Talking, eating, drinking, smoking, laughing, wisecracking, gossip are all undertaken. The mouth is a consumer of denial.

    So to me for the church to break their denial is to have the moral courage and the physical courage to put their lives in jeopardy. Denial has to feel the grip of death before a largeness of spirit uplifts and ennobles everyone. Breaking denial there can be no concern for self-doubt, anxiety and insecurity, nor can there be concern for their identity. It is literally overcoming the resistance of denial and every incentive has to be assertive that makes life better for everyone. Breaking denial is a wonderful truth and is learning the power to love.

    1. Syd: Your words resonate with me. To those of us who have dealt with addiction, the greatest obstacle to overcoming addiction is cutting through the denial. It only happens when the pain caused by the denial becomes greater than the pain that the denial has been compensating for in your life. Overcoming the denial is no easy task. I know that for me ,the denial had become my truth. For the Church to overcome the denial that has become their truth, they will need to remake themselves .I really don’t think that the hierarchy has the strength to accomplish that task.. For them, the pain of their denial has not reached that level.

    2. I still try to go to church to be around people who are in my community that are doing good things. They visit the sick, run the food bank, sincerely ask if I’m ok when they see me at the grocery store when I haven’t been to church. I want to be like those good people so I try to focus on what motivates them and makes them spiritual. It’s so hard to separate from the stuff like having to listen to the bishops Lenten appeal since I won’t support the institution that pimped me out. Yet I want to be with those people I love and sing of adoration and feel the joy of a community. It truly is a schizo place to be. Just don’t know where else to go.

      1. Suzpt, I appreciate you identifying with others and so completely you appear not self-aware, introspective, or self-doubting. What a positive force you are, making the most of yourself and bring your presence to others. Thank you!

    3. SYD, Your defination of denial is spot on. As I read your post I looked back on my years of therapy remembering just how difficult it was for me to break through my denial, I called them illusions. The most painful part of my recovery has been searing through my denials. I totally get what you so beautifully expressed. I know I did not find my courage without the help of the Divine, believe me I went through a period of rage at God for “allowing” so much abuse to happen to me,I eventually became aware that I was not putting the responsibility on the priest abusers but on God. This realization was the beginning of my journey to wholeness. I stuck it out for years facing my toxic shame and putting that shame on the men that deserved it and not on me. As a result, I have not only found my truth, I have found the power of love.

      1. Vicky,

        I for so many years asked that question why, why, why ? Why God did you allow this to happen to me ?

        Then I realized one day I may get the answer to that question of why. If God chooses to answer.

        I now ask the question what, what, what ? What can I do so this never happens to anyone else ? What can I do to help anyone who has gone through what I have.

        When I started to ask the question what, I felt so much more in control over the abuse, instead of the abuse having complete control over me.

      2. Wow, Vicky, I relate to your words of putting the responsibility on God instead of on the abuser. I have done the same to the point I considered God a dirty rat. I have also had to learn to own my part in identifying too much with my woundedness, even my inner deficiency, and then making a lifestyle out of it. I have got caught in my emotional reactions. I want you to know, I deeply appreciate you finding your truth and your value within love. In the spirit of your words I feel life flowing for you now and what a confidence to rest in hope. I bow to Presence within you and your presence Vicky.

    4. Syd: Your words resonate with me. To those of us who have dealt with addiction ,the greatest obstacle to overcoming addiction is cutting through the denial. It only happens when the pain caused by the denial becomes greater than the the pain the denial has been compensating for in your life. Overcoming the denial is no easy task. I know that for me, the denial had become my truth. For the Hierarchy to overcome the denial that has become their truth, they will need to remake themselves. I really don’t think they have the strength to accomplish that task. For them, the pain of their denial has not reached that level.

      1. Thanks Jim and thanks for your inner strength. You are solid, vital and real. Nothing more and nothing less could be better than having your firm foundation, your presence.

      2. Jim, I to relate to your wise words. I found that if I wasn’t willing to look at my denials I was keeping myself sick. In that sickness, I would project onto other people my hurt and pain, people that didn’t deserve my anger. In my illusion I thought I was keeping myself “safe”. I had to learn the true defination of vulnerable, once I trusted enough, that’s when I began to put the rage and anger on the perpatraitors. It took me 15 years to finally trust my therapist enough to be vulnerable, it no longer meant I was weak, to be vulnerable takes strength, but only with a safe person. All those years I watched my therapist to see if she would step off the path and show her “true colors”. Instead, she was always consistent in her words and actions, eventually, I began to trust again with healthy tools to go by. This trust led me to face my denials, my true healing had finally begun. I have tremendous admiration for every survivor who walks this very painful path. I can say that for me it has been well worth it, because I, was, worth it!

  6. Dennis what a grate post. What can I do? Would like to channel my frustration into changing the SOL
    I think I might donate money not going into the collection basket to th Child Advocacy Center.

  7. I try not to post when I am angry but I just watched the evening news and a former parishioner of Fr Paul was interviewed and she stated “she does not believe it” . I am not angry at this woman..when you know someone for over a decade and they appear fine and an allegation from 40 years ago surfaces it is of course questionable..and that is not what happened in the Paul case..there is so much more to the story than the AD press release. I was furious watching that news report..furious at all who continue to go along with this knowing the depravity of what has occurred..

    1. Because they now see him as the doddering grey haired old man who baptized their kids and gave the nicest homilies. Read the stories from McDevitt alums, the stories that are now on the NBC10 and CBS3 Facebook pages from Kenrick and Wood alums. He was a scum!

      It doesn’t help when the AOP puts out that it was one instance of abuse. There are MANY! Will the AOP put out a “correction” when multiple allegations are proven true?

    2. There is so much more to the story, but it does not make me angry today. I have a certain amount of peace today in knowing that it is public knowledge. It makes it just a bit easier for me to tell my story.

      I don’t care if she believes it, but such a good Catholic woman should listen to her archbishop. He believes it. Is she questioning his authority? I get a kick out of the assumption that he is innocent because he never did anything to her four boys. Many assume it is only boys.

      We have work to do.

      1. owlfan..yes with social media and people able to tell their stories it only makes those press releases look ridiculous at times.

        Crazed and Confused..I am going to call you C&C if that’s okay. I am so happy that today has brought you some peace.

        We are going to be examining the Fr Paul case with a fine tooth comb over the next few weeks in a series of posts.

        1. Good to hear Kathy – you know what my biggest question is – three abusers at McDevitt during my time there. Was it a dumping ground? I was witness to Paul and DePaoli – both sick men. Tainted what is otherwise a fine school.

          1. I just checked out some of those comments..obviously people are know longing buying what they’re selling;)

            Owlfan what we have noticed is people thinking their parish/school was a dumping ground only to compare stories and no place was safe/untouched. All the chaplains that were at my high school are now removed..all 4 that were there during the years or shortly after I graduated.

          2. Kathy,
            My high school Chaplain was also removed. I found out because someone here on C4C posted about Drelich as an Oblate who was a major offender. I was blown away when I saw his name and have always wanted to follow up with that C4C poster.

          3. Michele, The Drelich I knew was a brother and has little written about him on bishop accountability. Drelich and Jack Mcdevitt were assigned to Camp Brisson. Drelich was the cook and the campers were between 7 and 14 years old. Mcdevitt was the person that abused a survivor on this site and I heard he had a child on his lap constantly. I have the article that describes how an Oblate was supposed to tutor a 7/8 year old(not McDevitt) but instead he fondled and abused the kid over 900 times. Parents gave the seat of honor and killed the fatted calf when a priest came for dinner. I can’t imagine what it is like for a 7 year old to watch a priest get such treatment while his or her soul is being murdered. In the case of that Fox Chase priest – the child thought the parent was allowing it. That priest they believe had 100 victims.

            The Oblates haven’t been honest about the scope of abuse. Drelich had been in the Philly area since 1985 serving in a parish a few miles away. Parents said there was a “strange” Oblate but were never able to give me a name. Both he and Hermley did have ministries that involved travel, they were involved with children.

            Know the statement that abuse from the Oblates that the abuse occurred in the 80’s and before is incorrect. Some believe that abuse by Drelich has occurred as late as 2009. He was removed in 2010 from ministry – believe his last facebook post was in 2012 – but sure he probably he is still trolling .

            Ask Susan and Kathy for who to contact, Don’t like to pressure victims – bad experience with WOAR and heard some had problems with SNAP. If Drelich had victims in 2009 and if they were young they don’t need to be pressured, but supported. Like that priest from Fox Chase, these abusers have followed their victims well past their high school years. Also, I am not forgetting the many others who have expressed their pain as they survived their abuse or the families who have lost love ones.

            Ed Gun

          4. Ed,
            Thanks for the response. Brother Bob Drelich was the chaplain/campus minister at my high school in the mid-late 80s. It was when you mentioned the last name in a post awhile back that I researched and found him named as a child abuser by the Oblates of St. Francis deSales as part of their settlement in Delaware. I was at first stunned, but also not in disbelief. It was a weird reaction but also one that left me reeling. To this day I wonder if he was sent to my all-girls school because we were girls, rather than understanding they were sending a pedophile to be around children.

          5. Hermley was sent to Padua(all girls) because he abused boys – I believe the same with Drelich. McDevitt when he was in politics could not deal with women(they just kept transferring him). I was shocked to see he ( Drelich)was assigned to an all girls school. Can’t remember how he reacted to the two weeks of girls camp, but I had other issues – getting someone to report the abuse he just witnessed. My parents were shocked to read of McDevitt being ordained after the scandal in the 60’s. All three could not be controlled – I was told of my vow of obedience doubt if any of them were following any of the three

            Did Drelich actually have an in depth conversation with a woman? Heard he is/was a good business manager. He like the other person is only a few miles from where they abused – pray for the survivors as you pass the “Lady Of The Highways” on 95.

        2. I am less crazed and less confused than when this news came out in November, so C&C is fine. Oddly, the tone that he was a victim and announcement of his future plans in his resignation letter and the coverage it received probably brought more attention and outrage than if he had just waited it out. There are many more stories to be told and, I imagine it will be some time before they can review all of the evidence.
          As you cover this, please bear in mind that he was at McDevitt at the same time as DePaoli. Many of the victims from that time period
          never imagined this would see the light of day based on knowledge of how DePaoli was handled.

          1. C&C – I told Kathy once – I had Paul for Sophomore Year and DePaoli for Junior Year – its a wonder I am not foaming at the mouth with those two losers.

            I know his “victim” statement is what set me off! I still am amazed he wrote it – when he knew about what he did. Some type of sick individual.

    3. Kathy: If I posted only when I was not angry ,I wouldn’t post at all. I guess I need some anger management classes. What really has me angry is that both the Archdiocese and the news media continue to make this seem less horrible than it was because it happened many years ago. I don’t give a damn whether it happened yesterday, last week ,last month, last year or in my case fifty three years ago this June.The fact is that this has devastated, in some estimates I have seen over one hundred thousand adults who were molested as children by members of the Catholic Clergy.

      1. The rcc/chaput and his PR team are very careful when and how information is released, they use the word ‘unsuitable’ to cushion the criticism, these perps have been protected for how many years ! The Victims have been invisible and no amount of influence by the rcc/chaput/catholic conference of bishops and some PA Politicians will stop the necessary changes which will eliminate the SOL and enact Window Legislation ! Do we really believer these are the last two perps who are ‘unsuitable for ministry’, I think NOT !

  8. My late mother loved my abuser’s homilies. She thought his assignment was one the best things that happened to our parish. I can imagine her never believing in his guilt.

    1. Owl Fan, I had all three. I have heard so many people say that they have never had a bad experience with a priest. How did we get so lucky?

  9. Look at this 4 year seminary track record and ask yourself – WHAT WERE THEY DOING? Listed by ordination year –

    1970 – Avery, DePaoli, Gana, Gilberti, Taraborelli, McGuire (6)
    1971 – Bransfield, Givey (2)
    1972 – Trauger, Logrip, Paul (3)
    1973 – Bowe, Brugger, F. Gallagher, J. Gallagher, Hoffman, Kornacki, Perzan, Reardon, T. Smith, Steingraber (10)

    21 priests in 4 years. Ask yourself this question – if Temple University, St. Joes, Penn, Villanova, Swarthmore, etc. graduated 21 sex abusers in 4 years – would not a thorough investigation be done?

  10. Thank heaven my mom didn’t live to find out what he did to me. She thought it was so great to have someone so interested in the youth.

      1. Could be many people including those who defend the Church at all costs..Joyce received so many thumbs down for her concern for the safety orphans in Malawi….
        I wouldn’t worry too much about the thumbs down feeling it is a mixture of pedophiles and church defenders…now that is an interesting combination.

        1. All sites tied into Disquis, for example, the National Catholic Reporter and Bilgrimage, have had their thumbs down feature discontinued as of a few days ago. The thumbs up feature continues. Is it Word Press that C4C is tied into? I wonder if it is considering the same move. There are good reasons for it.

          1. Kate, “Thumbs down” will have to find a new hobby. I was able to remove that feature. Thank you very much for prompting me to do so. We welcome different perspectives, but you shouldn’t be able to hide behind a cartoon thumb.

          2. Susan, it takes some getting used to it for everyone who reads this site. It encourages diverging points of view. It eliminates anonymous hate, hurt, and disrespect. It encourages independent thinking, conscience-raising, and intelligent discourse. It promotes learning and understanding. But it takes some getting used to it for EVERYONE.

            Hang in there, everyone.

    1. The thumb down may cut off connections with others. It may disengage them from their overheated mental associations. It seems to me a thumb down is a release from the fear of being overwhelmed. Fear is tainted and it cannot cope with people on a practical level. Fear believes there is nothing to hold on to or believe in, thus it creates hopelessness. Ah, but faith creates hope. This hope is a deep confidence and living with the Supreme Being without reference to anyone. It is a thumb that can touch inner courage and is an unshakable confidence.

  11. As the victim of James Collins, I would like to express my gratitude to all the people who have posted on this website. It has been a source of comfort to me as I have gone through this process.

    1. Anon I was thinking of you this past weekend.
      The interaction between you and Martin a few months back is something I will always remember..your respect for his initial disbelief and then his respect for your truth.
      Wishing you peace.

    2. Anon, I to am a survivor. Bloging on this site and reading responses from people that have their heart in the right place, also brings me comfort. I have sometimes posted when I am really down and have had so many people reply with such caring. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to raise your head up again. You are in my heart and thoughts as you continue your brave journey.

    3. Thank you for your courage, Anon. I am behind you all the way, as are the other good people on this site. I will keep you in my prayers, as I do other victims.

      I believe the victims and survivors.

  12. Just a crazy thought….have we reached something of a “tipping point” with the faculty at Roman Catholic High School in the late 60’s to early 70’s for someone to consider investigating the RCC for RICO violations. The sheer number of priests that have been removed from ministry, combined with those that were influential in molding future monsters (viz. John Leo Kline’s “mentoring” of James Brzyski) have made it an impossibility for ANY clerical member of the faculty NOT to have known what was going on. If Seth wants to make some noise, this could be the opening.

    1. An excellent point as that era was epidemic at Roman Catholic. However, numbers increased tremendously as well in the suburbs well into the 1980’s 1990’s. The BOYS club wont speak and back then if anyone else knew it was swept under the carpet with the PINK elephant sitting right on top. I know Seth, he and his staff are not chasing anything they cant truly trace, let there be one or two missing pieces and a proceeding is out the window,

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