PBS Frontline to Air ‘Secrets of the Vatican’ Feb. 25

Please tune into “Frontline,” PBS’ award-winning news program, tomorrow night (Feb. 25) at 9 p.m. for “Secrets of the Vatican.” The documentary directed by Antony Thomas and co-produced by Jason Berry. Check your local listings for scheduling variations.

22 thoughts on “PBS Frontline to Air ‘Secrets of the Vatican’ Feb. 25

  1. I was not planning on watching because usually shows like this make me so sad or very angry and I do not want to open myself to that “trigger”. The mood changes and the nightmares I can do without, besides what else can this show tell me or others what we already know.

    However, after surfing the web today and going to the catholic league to see who I call the anti-Christ of the catholic faith Bill Donahue post a comment on this show attacking PBS and the show contents, I WILL pull the strength together to watch it. I feel if Donahue is going to give his usual rants there is something in the show he does not want known.

    So if you know it or not everyone I will gain strength from you while I watch this show .

    1. Wish i could watch it with you, Dennis, we could give each other support. Be kind to yourself, if it becomes to much turn it off. You will see many responses to the show afterward. I do have to say I love that Bill Donahue doesn’t like it.

      1. Anything that Bill the Dope doesn’t like – I’ll watch, DVR, and send my contribution to PBS. I may send my contribution in his honor and have them send an acknowledgement to him! Wouldn’t that be great if we all did it!

        1. I refer to him some years back as “What’s his name,” and it really got under his skin. Now that’s the only way I refer to him.

          One of our Catholic Whistle Blowers was asked to write an essay about the documentary to be posted on pbs.org I’ll let you know when I see it.

          Sister Maureen

  2. Twenty minutes after “Secrets of the Vatican” ended, I received an email from my only remaining pew sheep sibling saying: “OMG! Everything you said is right!”

    For a person who has been at the throat of the Catholic Church since 1973, I finally felt the “validation” Vicky speaks about… different circumstances but same validation. I felt that someone had finally said to me, “I believe you,” as we emphatically say to the victims.

    Really, it’s a matter of informing the pew sheep. How so many have missed the informed-boat over the years, I cannot understand. But, when finally informed, or when they permit themselves to be informed, they get it.

    The Catholic Church… a house of cards. Corruption, fraud, nepotism, collusion, pedophilia, scapegoating, cover ups, crime. The common, decent person may not be able to “make this stuff up” but our clerics, even the ones in our own parish churches, have had knowledge of it and have been in the business of supporting and maintaining it for centuries.

    First and foremost, reform the priesthood.

  3. A well done documentary and I am only left with this to say. For every Corporate Collar, Priest and Deacon in Rome or the United States who are engaged in these travesties. One day, when we meet our maker, to you He will say, ” You are not meant to be here.”

    1. I agree Michael and that is what always get me..I don’t conduct myself on a daily basis thinking about my salvation and nothing I am doing is putting me in a place of sainthood or damnation. But these abusers,enablers and corrupt priests who preach the Gospel..who are constantly reminded of the ultimate judge and jury..aren’t they a little scared?

  4. I watched Frontline last night and came away with one conclusion – there is no need for Catholic priests in the church any longer. There is no need for celibacy. There is no need for priest to pledge their allegiance to Rome, to the Pope.

    The ministry of a church can be accomplished by laity, by ministers – both male and female, married and single.

    I asked myself this question last night – has ANY Catholic priest ever had a profound positive impact on my life? No! Yes – I have met many good priests. But their impact has been no greater than teachers who have inspired me, work mentors who have challenged me, friends that have supported and loved me.

    Have I met bad priests who have negatively affected me? Absolutely.

  5. Secrets of the Vatican is also being played again Friday night (Feb. 28) in the Baltimore market – 8pm on MPT2. Unfortunately, I fell asleep the other night before the end of it. I only wished my siblings would be willing to watch this report.

    1. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxdont rhink it was the food, rather from all the jids hehas been hugging, the joke among teadchers is that kids are walking germ carrieers- 1st things they learned to do is share-their germs.
      greatly surprisd only 16 replies to Frontlibe program- unless yoi censored them!

      1. KathyXRCC,

        There’s not much more to say (because most people on this site “get it!”) other that what Katherine FitzGerald already said in her post regarding the program. Namely, “But, when finally informed, or when they permit themselves to be informed, they get it.”

        Unfortunately the majority of people attending Mass will never “…permit themselves to be informed…” even if a show like “Secrets of the Vatican” was on everyday. For them, the indoctrination is so complete that most will only see it as anti-Catholic rubbish.

        I highly recommend Fr. Emmeit Coyne’s book, “THE THEOLOGY OF FEAR” for anyone wanting to understand more about how the RCC works.

  6. A few years ago, I had a meeting with the head of my local PBS affiliate and some other people regarding a program she wanted to put together about business opportunities for women in developing countries. Since I had lived and worked in one, I was invited to the meeting. Somehow the conversation diverged into a discussion on the role of women in the Catholic Church… or should I say, the lack thereof. I tried to explain how the Church’s (and Islam’s) oppression of women acts to culturally cement and condone the misogyny that is rampant in developing countries. All of a sudden, the PBS lady’s eyes filled with tears and she managed to angrily blurt out, “I won’t sit here while you disgrace the Church I love.” A rather personal comment at a business meeting. Her feelings about the Church paralyzed her ability to consider the feelings of other women in light of the Church’s position on them. No way was she going to reflect on how the Church compromises women in developing countries. No way!

    “Secrets of the Vatican” played on my local PBS affiliate last week and I have wondered innumerable times since then how the PBS lady mentally got around two hours of Church disgrace in living color. Maybe all a person needs is love and a Kleenex.

  7. Kate, a very interesting story! May I hire you to come to Thanksgiving and make certain members of my (very defensive, indoctrinated) extended family cry?! I’ll provide the Kleenex!

    … “The church she loves.”… I think the PBS lady has “love” confused with “dependence”.

  8. Just came across my Philly.com –

    VATICAN CITY (AP) – Pope Francis is coming under increasing criticism that he doesn’t get it on sex abuse.

    Three months after the Vatican announced a commission of experts to study best practices on protecting children, no action has been taken, no members appointed, no statute outlining the commission’s scope approved.

    Francis hasn’t met with any victims, hasn’t moved to oust a bishop convicted of failing to report a problem priest, and on Wednesday insisted that the church had been unfairly attacked on abuse, using the defensive rhetoric of the Vatican from a decade ago.

    Victims’ groups cried foul, saying his tone was archaic and urging Francis to show the same compassion he shows to the sick, poor and disabled to people who were raped by priests.

    Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/nation_world/20140305_ap_63f65c52f7dc486b9b0f722be9b6cc69.html#IwKiqBsWH6OXT8jj.99

    1. “Instead, he has focused on introducing the world to his merciful vision of the church and reforming the Vatican bureaucracy”
      Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/nation_world/20140305_ap_63f65c52f7dc486b9b0f722be9b6cc69.html#8sEH9C6VpkxWqGAp.99

      And the survivors wait.

      “To be sure, Francis adores children like a father – it’s on display every Wednesday during his general audience – and he has continued to defrock pedophile priests. But unlike Pope Benedict XVI, he has rarely spoken out about abuse, indicating it clearly has not been a priority in his first year as pope.”
      Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/nation_world/20140305_ap_63f65c52f7dc486b9b0f722be9b6cc69.html#8sEH9C6VpkxWqGAp.99

      My Father and my God protects children we need more than a display We need the RCC to demonstrate their commitment now. Only need a little over 12,000 signatures to reach 200,000 for the petition to remove Finn – the one Dennis posted on this site.

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