Priest’s Polygraph Test Indicated Deception

Click here to read, “Prosecutor: Priest failed polygraph tests,” by Mensah M. Dean, The Daily News, March 7, 2014

Excerpt: The Philadelphia Catholic priest on trial for allegedly molesting an altar boy in 1997 was suspended from ministry in 2011 after he twice gave deceptive answers during polygraph tests when asked about touching children’s genitals, a prosecutor said yesterday.

THE PHILADELPHIA Catholic priest on trial for allegedly molesting an altar boy in 1997 was suspended from ministry in 2011 after he twice gave deceptive answers during polygraph tests when asked about touching children’s genitals, a prosecutor said yesterday.

7 thoughts on “Priest’s Polygraph Test Indicated Deception

  1. Ok, here is the way it works : If the lie detector test taken by mccormick showed no deception both brennan & fuschiono would have made this point strenously to the jury however because it ‘SHOWED DECEPTION’ the defense points out that it is inadmissible ! Go figure !

  2. I am not a believer in the polygraph. This is only my opinion, and I am no way on the defense for McCormick but if I think if he should be tossed into prison because of his lie detector results, then only in fairness I must consider Avery’s results of no deception.

    But there is the guy who plead guilty to abusing Mr. Gallagher.

    I am one of those guys who feels that if someone tells a lie long enough they will start believing in their own lie making it possible to deceive a machine.

  3. Dennis, I am not a big fan of lie detector tests either. I am much more interested that McCormick had kids in his private quarters after being reprimanded by the Archdiocese. To help him move.? he couldn’t find some adult parishioners to give him some help..why kids?

    There are so many behavior related red flags in this situation. Hanging around with kids, having them in his living quarters, sending the one kid the letter, the alcohol with the other child. Not saying it proves/disproves guilt but glad the Archdiocese suspended him in 2011… they had reasons to investigate or he would not have put on admin leave prior to this arrest .

    1. Hi Kathy,

      I think it was you, and I would say I am almost sure it was you who defined it as “strange” . I cannot agree more. This is only my opinion and I am only saying it because others may feel the same way. But there is this “strange” feeling I get about this defendant that I did not feel about with the others.

      A feeling that McCormick considered himself part of the gang. The leader of a group of friends. He did not have to separate himself between adult and child because he thought himself as both. I will call it the Peter Pan Syndrome.

      I cannot say this is fact but I would take a guess McCormick probably limited his interactions with adults. He felt more comfortable around kids.

      I would like to say this again, this is my opinion only and not that of C4C or anyone who posts here. But I don’t think we have heard the last about McCormick. I think there IS another victim out there. I truly think he is very dangerous.

      The solace we can gain is knowing children did not go into that basement.

      1. Dennis: Whatever do you mean? You think it is strange that this mans mother is still buying his underwear. And how do you know that children didn’t go into that basement? I also believe there are other victims out there who possibly did go into that basement .Many of these priests have never advanced beyond being twelve years old in many ways :socially. psychologically and sexually. They are stuck there and as such are very dangerous.

        1. Jim,

          Very true. We only know of certain children who did not go into that basement. I too think this underwear issue is questionable but I did not know how to properly enter it into my comment. His mother is almost 90 y.o. I believe it has been reported he is only 57 y.o. What will he wear when his mother passes away ? For his other garments its simple, black shirt, black pants, black shoes and I white collar. But again its simple for anyone to walk into a Walmart and by underwear. I am not joking on what I say next but only trying to understand the actions a little better, was he only taking advantage of the mothers senior citizen discount ?

          Kathy said it earlier “strange, strange, strange. I will only add dangerous, dangerous and dangerous.

          Do you or anyone else know if he was assigned the task of the altar boys or was that something he volunteered for ?

  4. Lie Detector tests are not admissible in a court of law. However law enforcement does use them to rule out potential suspects. Unlike the pope, they are not infallible. So much is determined by who administers the test. Dr. Phil uses a former FBI agent to administer these tests to people who appear on his show .They appear to be on the up and up.

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