UN Committe Against Torture Criticizes Vatican

Click here to read, “Second UN panel criticizes Vatican on sex abuse,” by John L. Allen, Jr., The Boston Globe, May 23, 2014

Excerpt: The committee suggested that pledges of zero tolerance by church officials aren’t always effectively translated into action.The panel cited several specific cases, including Father Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul, a priest who returned to his native India after being charged with molesting a 14-year-old girl in Minnesota in 2004 and is currently being pursued by American prosecutors, and Archbishop Josef Wesolowski of Poland, a former papal envoy in the Dominican Republic accused of sexual abuse both in that country and in Poland who has not been extradited from the Vatican to face charges.

8 thoughts on “UN Committe Against Torture Criticizes Vatican

  1. “…Archbishop Silvano Tomasi of Italy, expressing gratitude that it (the UN) does not accuse the Vatican of having violated the UN’s 1984 convention against torture.”

    So, the UN’s actions have no effect upon the SOL, True or Untrue?

    1. “ROME—A second United Nations report this year has criticized the Vatican for its handling of the clerical sexual abuses of minors within the Catholic Church, without finding violations of a U.N. treaty against torture” (WSJ).


      “In a statement, the Holy See said the Committee Against Torture had not found it in violation of the treaty, which prohibits torture and other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.
      Panel members bluntly contradicted that assertion” (NYT).


      These statements contradict each other. Did the UN find that the RCC violated the U.N. treaty against torture? It’s unclear to me, but the answer is VERY IMPORTANT TO SOL!

  2. The last person I would look to for insight on what the UN report means is John Allen of the Boston Globe.

    drwho, I found the New York Times article to be helpful and clear.

    I think it takes days if not weeks (and years) for the world to come to understand what exactly the UN report means for survivors, survivor advocates, the Church, etc. It will be interesting to watch things unfold. Let the commentary roll…

    Interestingly, the single largest impact it has had on me, today, is that it has made me decidedly anti-Francis. There is something fundamentally wrong and deceptive that this man has altogether failed to step up to the plate and early in the game. A third immoral and inept pope in a row. To hell with the papacy. To hell with all of them.

  3. Blessed Memorial (Decoration) Day! 😎 I still monitor some of the posts when I get them in my mailbox. Gerald “Marty” Nichols

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