14 thoughts on “Priest Faces Federal Child Sex Abuse Charges

  1. Innocent until proven guilty, right?

    Brace yourselves for the wave of Latino victims…whose families often hold the status of the priest much like U.S. parents did in the 50’s.

    1. The wind of change is blowing through this Church. The reform movement is becoming worldwide. I hope that the UN committee on torture rules against the Holy See. The prelates don’t like it, and that’s a good thing. Their days of unbridled power are coming to an end.

    1. skiadvocat,

      Presently, India has no system for tracking sex offenders although its legal community and advocates are pressing the government to implement a system similar to the one in the U.S. The efforts are organized, influential, and relevant especially because India has its own sex crimes problem. Many believe that a tracking system is imminent.

      The article says that the offending priest’s bishop in India has been notified. For now, that will have to do. Or it won’t do considering the way Catholic bishops have historically managed pedophile priests.

    2. They just gave this ‘perp’ a pass to resume his abuse in a country that desperately needs a tracking system, Insane !

      1. That’s why we need the UN committee on torture to rule against these immoral creeps!

          1. I’m anxiously awaiting the United Nations report; it’s going to be released tomorrow!

  2. Yes, drwho, tomorrow is the day (May 23)! The UN Commission on Torture is expected to release its report. If the Commission finds the Vatican guilty of breaking international rules on torture, it could take the sexual abuse crisis to a whole, new, huge level. Statutes of limitation do NOT apply to international cases of torture, meaning victims of sexual abuse could sue the Church regardless of how many years, decades, or centuries have passed. Justice. Praying that justice will prevail.

  3. Katherine the physical torture maybe in the past but the emotional, mental and spiritual torture goes on for years………….both inside the survivor and the church response to our survivors…….until lately I don’t believe lay catholics and many other people understood this fact.

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