3 thoughts on “Former Los Angeles Priest Suspended With Others South of the Border

  1. This is extraordinary news when you think about the control and comfy political associations the Catholic Church has historically had in Mexico. To a large extent, however, the Church continues to enjoy control in much of Latin America and in Third World countries. Victims remain silent and cover ups are plentiful. Hopefully, the events in Mexico will trigger a change.

  2. NCR reports that the Vatican announced today that Archbishop Wesolowski of the Dominican Republic will be laicized for paying for sex with minors. A FIRST!!!! Finally, a bishop’s head rolls! Let’s see if the Church will pay for his retirement and hide his whereabouts. What about the 2 other offending bishops that Francis mentioned on his trip 2 weeks ago???

  3. The New York Times is reporting that Francis will meet with eight abuse survivors next week. Among the survivors are those from Ireland, Britain, and Germany. No Americans. Why, I wonder?

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