New PAC Exposes Legislators Who Are Blocking PA SOL Reform

I recently founded a political action committee (PAC) called Protect PA Kids. Kathy and other dedicated professionals joined the board and generously donate their time to working for candidates who work hard to keep our commonwealth’s children safe. Why a PAC? Lobbyists for financially-driven issues drown out the voices of grandparents, parents, law enforcement officials and advocates. As a PAC, we can leverage our collective resources on their behalf. We support candidates who are working hard to protect children and hold those who aren’t accountable. Please considering joining this PAC. Information is available at The PAC is non-partisan and not connected to any organization, candidate or ballot measure.

While we focus on issues ranging from teen driving laws to educator background checks, we’ve prioritized child sex abuse Statute of Limitations (SOL) reform. Child predators could be living in your community because of the current SOL. Bill blockers in the state house may say the current ages of 30 for civil and 50 for criminal are adequate. But we know that recourse doesn’t apply to all victims whose abuse happened prior to 2002 and 2007, when those laws were enacted. Our state representatives and senators should not be concerned about whether a particular bill will lead to the financial duress of institutions, will cause insurers liability, give victims false hope or allow lawyers to profit. They should act on behalf of voters and children.

Delaware, Minnesota, Illinois, Massachusetts and other states have enacted SOL reforms. With institutional cover-ups making headlines, including those involving Penn State and our Church, isn’t it time for Pennsylvania to do the same?

We’ve provided a Voter’s Guide for this upcoming election on Nov. 4. Please check it to see if your legislators are child protectors or bill blockers.

8 thoughts on “New PAC Exposes Legislators Who Are Blocking PA SOL Reform

  1. Though I do not reside in Pennsylvania, I applaud you for undertaking this worthy cause. My heart felt prayer is and always has been that ALL children be protected. You, Susan always come through with rays of hope when it seems all is lost. As a survivor, I extend my utmost gratitude for your on going commitment to safe guard our children. Thank you!

  2. Where it says “To find your legislator click here”, it says “the page can’t be found” when you click.

    Just thought I’d let you know.


  3. How can we count on PA elected officials to enact legislation to help victims of clergy sex abuse with statute of limitations laws lifted when so many just think pornography, sexual exploitation, sexual trafficking is nothing more than a joke.
    Read for yourself, from the PA Supreme Court Justices to the prosecutors in the PA Attorney General’s Office victims of clergy sex abuse do not have a chance in PA; never did and never will.

    1. Mike, I am disgusted by these elected legislators and judges involved in this scandal. I totally agree with you. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to eventually find out that some of that porn involved children. They have acted in a most unprofessional way. They need to be voted out. I still hold some hope because of people like Susan, Kathy, Maureen doing all they can without giving up. Remember Mike, like yourself, their are some good people doing what’s right you just don’t hear much about it.

    2. Mike, I think it is interesting that some PA Legislators are bending to the will of chaput / catholic conference of bishops /
      lobbyists & insurance companies trying to sell the necessity of the SOL. Meaning the VICTIMS are bound by an antiquated legal rule,which demands they come forward under time restraints , while the enablers and perps have no time restraints or limitations on the number of years they can and will continue to prey on VICTIMS ! Time for the playing field to be leveled !

      1. Exactly and many people do not realize this. If they had to deal with the system they would be horrified like I was.

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