Second Mistrial for Father McCormick

Click here to read: “Jury again unable to reach verdict in Phila. priest’s sex-abuse trial,” by Joseph A. Slobodzian, The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 11, 2015


“This time, McCormick did not testify in his defense. That prevented him from denying the allegations, as he did the first time.

But it also prevented the prosecution from questioning McCormick – as it did in the first trial – about his two church reprimands for allowing boys into his private rooms.

McCormick also admitted in the first trial that he was among priests investigated in 2004 by a Philadelphia grand jury for questionable conduct with minors.”

30 thoughts on “Second Mistrial for Father McCormick

  1. Hats off to the jurors who did not give in to temptation to convict fr. just because he is a priest. This kid’s name should be sent through the media (paper, social) for the fraud that he is just as mccormick’s name and reputation has been destroyed by one, yes only one, individual who was looking for a nice pay day from the archdiocese.

    1. BL: You assume that it was jurors who failed to find this guy guilty. As you are well aware, it only takes one juror to hang a jury. Talking about names that should be run through the media, how about using your full name. You are a coward who hides behind the anonymity of using two initials. Tell us who you are and what your stake is in all of this. Is your last name Lynn? That would explain your denial of clergy misconduct in every case. Are you a child predator who is afraid that you could be next? Are you a priest or ex priest who has a vendetta against anyone who would accuse a priest of doing anything wrong?What is yiour stake in all of this? You most certainly have one. Tell us what it happens to be.

    2. BL I think in the end we ruin our own name and reputation as the Archdiocese of Philly has done to it’s self. I don’t want to see innocent priests dragged through the mud just as I don’t want true survivors of sexual abuse to be dragged through the mud either. Ironic thing is we follow a King who was mocked and beaten and he said few words in his defense because he knew it was not necessary and because he knew that they “knew not what they were doing”. If the AD had gone about saving souls and not destroying them there would not be the mistrust that is present today in the church. Trust is a very difficult this to regain and at this point I prefer to put my trust in God as people even priests can and do disappoint us.

    3. A mistrial doesn’t mean that this priest was innocent. It doesn’t mean that he guilty. It just means there wasn’t enough evidence to prove one way or another. The fact that the archdiocese had serious concerns about him back in 2004, should caution you against cheering.

    4. BL I just had a thought. I as well as my extended family have contributed thousands of dollars to the AD of Philly and I am fine with them using my contributions to pay out survivors in fact at this point I would prefer that more than anything. too bad we cant vote or have a say in that.

      1. First – to BL – the accuser was not looking for a payday – he did not file a civil suit! No money to come out of this.

        Second – as a survivor, I receive therapy from an approved AOP plan plus mileage too and from my therapist. Big payday for me. I bank those $7.00 mileage checks – I may have enough for a dinner in a month or two!

        Yup – we’re all in it for the money!

  2. BL if you read the article McCormick was already suspended by the Archdiocese for possible inappropriate conduct with children not related to this case. It doesn’t make him guilty in this case but the Archdiocese seems to have concerns enough to remove him..are you going to go after the Archdiocese putting him on admin leave him and publicizing his suspension?

    BL you can admit to no wrongdoing by any priest..even on the Haynes post with him being caught red handed you distract from that with your angry venting .

  3. It continues to amaze me that there are people like BL who are delusional about priests and abuse. Why is it so hard for people to believe the victims? There are much easier ways for people to get themselves a fraudulent “payday” than putting themselves and their families through the torture of something like this. Can’t people like BL imagine a loved one having this happen to him or her? Wouldn’t you believe and support that person? Or would you tell that loved one they were only looking for a pay day?

    1. Because their world would be turned upside down and inside out and they would need to realize the church is being destroyed quicker from within than from without.

    2. i do not deny that there are victims of abuse out there from decades ago. if you look at the cases the DA has brought into the spotlight in the last five years they all have the same cast of characters: father or relative in FOP, mother in healthcare and then the young kid who ended up in the wrong crowd and found drugs and alcohol occupied his life. What parent does not see their own kids life spiraling out of control – most of all a police officer’s kid or grandkid. These kids looking for an excuse to their own failures and the easy escape is to go after someone wearing a collar.

      1. BL that’s not surprising to me……the fact that many of these children had dad’s that were cops and moms or relatives in healthcare. A lot of cops kids are taught to follow the rules and listen to those in authority and a priest is someone in authority. “Knowledge is power” goes the saying and many people are not educated in child sexual abuse cops and healthcare workers are. I myself was a nurse and the predator that I helped put in jail even called me and acknowledged my intelligence in putting the pieces together and ultimately leading to his arrest. He actually asked me if “we could compromise and avoid court” This after he admitted to molesting 3 boys years ago. He said I realize you are well educated and a smart woman…………..on on.These guys are master’s of manipulators and even have you feeling sorry for them but deep down don’t think there is anything wrong with what they are doing. That was the horror factor for me………they knew society didn’t approve with what they were doing but they thought it was no big deal. In their minds they were just teaching their victims about sex. The case I was involved in didn’t involve a priest and we were not seeking money. We wanted the guy off the street so he would not destroy anymore peoples lives. The catholic church in PA along with insurance companies have blocked many survivors from receiving justice but the thing that keeps me up at night is that know predators are roaming around looking for future victims and we cant stop them unless another child is abused.

      2. BL I agree that the recent cases are weaker than some past cases which never made it to trial because of the statutes. When I say weaker I am not saying false.The abuse that happened decades ago is recorded in the 2005 Grand Jury report and guess what? Many of those victims have the same pattern of substance abuse, MH issues,suicide attempts ,relationship issues etc as those in the recent cases. Unfortunately it not uncommon among adult survivors of abuse no matter who they were abused member neighbor..clergy.
        So now that you say you believe abuse happened decades ago..what are our thoughts on the ones that got away and live in Sea Isle across from a Orlando near Disney? I sense your passion for those you feel are wrongly accused/imprisoned..what are your thoughts on the guilty ones roaming around with access to children?

  4. I should not be posting, especially since I know my therapist would warn against it for being a possible trigger. But I must share in all the months I have been going to therapy I have learned something very important and that is as a victim as much as I want to help everyone else who has gone through what I/we have we can’t help everyone. We can’t change verdicts or decisions, What also I have learned is dealing with people like BL. They have their opinion but I will not let them get under my skin. There mind is made up and no matter how hard we try it will be like beating a dead horse.

    UPDATE: For those who remember back in June of last year I hit rock bottom. I let my abuser fill me with so much hate it spilled over on how I treated my family. My wife had left and took our daughter with her with no plans on returning. I turned to this site and received the advice I needed to hear. I searched for a therapist and it was not until I got to the third therapist I knew this was the person for me. Picking a therapist is not as easy as you think because one who I thought was right actually fell asleep during a session.

    Only after two sessions with my present therapist she sent me to a doctor (Shrink) who not only diagnosed me with severe PTSD but for the first time I was placed on medication. I had seen therapists before to end the nightmares when I was younger but when I THOUGHT I was feeling better I stopped.

    I want to make a long story short so I have been seeing my therapist three times a week, and I don’t want to upset anyone but I have forgiven my abuser for what he had done to me, (I still can be mad) and for me the hate I had has diminished, and so has the nightmares.

    Now the best news I will save for last. One thing I gave permission for my therapist to do was to contact my wife and give her any information she wanted to know. With only what I can explain as the power of prayer and returning to the Lord my wife and daughter and I have been one since October of last year and in February of this year we have celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary and with plans for this spring to renew our wedding vows.

    I will not say what is working for me will work for everybody but I do know nothing will work if you don’t try something.

    My prayers and love for each and everyone of you. You set me on a path for a life I so much wanted.

    1. Dennis, you just made my day – make that my month – heck maybe even my year! I’m so happy for you and your family. You didn’t give up. They didn’t give up. Love and nurturing are far more powerful than abuse and hate. Thank you for sharing this hope with others.

    2. Thank you Dennis for acting courageously. Your words are powerful, as truly you have chosen to live a better life. This writing also helps me to act on principles rather than just my moods.

    3. Dennis, I am so happy for you and your family. I am so glad that you kept at it until you found the right fit with the correct therapist…that is often the biggest piece of the puzzle for the real work to begin. I agree with Susan this is fantastic news and I wish you the best on this journey. Your hopefulness and peace comes through in your post and it is wonderful to hear.

    4. Dennis, your journey from darkness to the light is beyond inspiring and courageous. You are an amazing survivor. I am in awe of you.

    5. Dennis – I am so happy for you. This made my day. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working. Peace

  5. Dennis that is great news. I got tears in my eyes. Prayers for you and your family for continued healing. Peace.

  6. Dennis: I am very happy to hear you are doing much better .Many of us are under the illusion that we can deal with the effects of the abuse all alone. We are used to doing things by ourselves. I believe that one of the reasons it takes so long to deal with childhood sexual abuse is that we continue to use what worked for us as children well into adulthood. After I was abused, I built solid walls to protect me from my abuser, but also from anyone who could have helped me. It was the only way I felt safe. I continued to reinforce these walls well into adulthood. What was once a safe place became a prison. To this very day, I struggle with removing those walls .You are right. We cannot help every victim of childhood sexual abuse. At times, we can barely help ourselves. One thing we can do is deal with our lives on a daily basis and get the help we need to survive .In that way we are helping those other victims by modeling how to deal with what has happened to us. You are doing that.

  7. Beautiful story, Dennis. I’m so happy for you and your family. And, yes, there is certainly no sense in letting people with opinion’s like BL ever get in the way of your progress. There are so many others who support you and respect you as a survivor. Also, I think your forgiveness is to be commended. It is surely one of the hardest things you had to do, but probably one of the things that most helped to set you free. Best wishes.

  8. In another article, BL stated that we make small talk in our comments about various problems or trials involving the AOP, and perhaps we should just talk to each other by phone for that. Yet, he posts 2 comments on this one article here. Did we convert you, BL? If not, what kind of trivial things would you like to talk about today?

  9. “Hope is the moment you realize things could be different” said by a homeless man getting his life back together.

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  11. Have things really changed under this pope? About 650 people showed up to protest the appointment of Bishop Baros in Osorno Chile located about 560 miles south of Chiles’ capital Santiago. Bishop Baros is accused of covering up the sexual abuse of young boys by a longtime Chilean priest. About one thousand people have written to Pope Francis to review this appointment. More of the same. This time in South America, the new hotbed of Clergy sex abuse.

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