Bail Decision Reversed for Father Haynes

Click here to read: “Bail denied for Catholic priest charged with child porn,” by Jeremy Roebuck, The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 4, 2015

Excerpt: “The mounting allegations against Mark Haynes prompted U.S. District Judge Lawrence F. Stengel to reverse a lower court’s decision releasing the priest. Stengel said the allegations, if true, establish a “consistent pattern of predatory conduct toward minor children.”

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  1. Two great points from the article Beth cited above. It is wonderful to read in print that other people GET IT! The AOP and the Pedophiles, their attorneys, etc. act like we are crazy people who are biased against the Church and out for blood, like when they ask what took so long to come forward, he’s just an addict (no relationship there, huh?), he or she is just looking for money,etc.

    “It’s high time that we accept that delayed reporting (of sexual abuse by victims) is the norm,” said Kristen Houser, vice president of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape.

    Another comment by I think a State Rep is that “Pedophiles never retire.”

    Thank you, Beth!

  2. There seems to have been much news coverage from the mid state region of Pennsylvania .Hardly any at all from the Philadelphia region .Why is that so? Bad weather on Monday morning? Not newsworthy? I recently moved back into the Phladelphia area after living in the mid state for the last twelve years. I saw how the Patriot News covered the Jerry Sandusky scandal from top to bottom.It did a standup job.What is the matter with the news media in Philadelphia. Both print and television seem scared to touch this issue.Have they been convinced by the Archbishop and his cronies that this issue is old news.T.V. doesn’t touch it and newspapers bury their stories.An expose’ on the entire mess is long overdue in the Philadelphia Press.Do they have the courage to step forward?

    1. JIm , I was wondering the same thing. Bad weather did play a factor in the supporter’s crowd being smaller. I am not sure about the press. Matt Sandusky was suppose to come but I believe due to illness and weather he was not able to come and I think a lot of the press were interested in hearing what he had to say which is a good thing. Myself and a lot of other supporters were also unable to go because of bad weather and the distance. I am glad despite the bad weather that a large amount of press was present. You make a good point and I think sadly in many cases its “who knows who and who has the money”. I am still shocked that the US government funds so many of the US bishops charities etc.

    2. Jim and Beth, received notification of the news conference on facebook from three different sites and also the charges against child abusers. Hopefully. the efforts of the many groups will protect kids and less will suffer as you and others have. All of you (victims and families) are in my prayers.

  3. how are any of these comments related to the blog post? some advice – pick up the phone and call one another if you want small talk.

    in philadelphia the DA drives what is in the paper and on the news for these new developments. it’s funny that he is not out there broadcasting these historic events. What it shows me is that he got his man in Lynn and that is all he cared about. What the supreme court does in the near future will only show everyone that the false imprisonment of lynn was manipulated by the DAs political ambitions that i hope will disappear with his disbarment.

    1. BL I would be happy to stick to the blog post and discuss it with you. What should we talk about? That Haynes was a deeply troubled individual and his “personal leaves” obviously did not get to the root of the problem? That he trolled the internet for teens? That he had an alter ego named Katie Caponetti ,a pretend 14 year old girl? That he is being accused of sexual abuse? That he had possession of child porn? Or that the Feds now have him and he has been denied bail? What would you like to discuss.
      Or can always call me for the small talk you mention 867-5309. If you are over 50 that will be lost in translation 🙂 Just a little Friday afternoon humor to calm BL down. Why do people come to a blog that upsets them? and then critique what people talk about on a blog that bothers them ? BL always makes me feel like I am back in the classroom about to be reprimanded…hmmm…….

    2. BL its all related. Its obvious to me the laws in PA need to change so people who abuse child especially their authority over children are sent to jail. I have personal experience putting a sexual predator in jail and where there is smoke there is fire and predators never stop at one victim and it takes years many times before the truth comes out. If Fr. Haynes did what he is accused of doing he should go to jail.

    3. BL thanks for pointing out the fact that we are friendly to each other on this site. I have done just that on many occasions having lunch and or coffee with survivors of clergy abuse and they have taught me so much about compassion and humanity. Jim I would love to have coffee with you if you are ever up to it now that you are back in the area. BL that’s what I think the spirit of this website should be reaching out to survivors and letting them know that we care. Following the letter of the law has gotten the church( and all the self importance that comes with that type of thinking) and Archbishop Chaput no where. I asked God years ago to use me to help fight child sexual abuse and he has answered my prayers both personally and publically. It is Gods will we fight against Satan and the damage clergy sexual abuse does to children. The devil is in the details. The big picture is that clergy sexual abuse needs to be stopped no matter the material cost to the catholic church. I myself have donated tens of thousands of dollars to fight sexual abuse in the state of PA. I have done this at Gods direction because no amount of money is worth more than souls. Shame on the AD of Philly for thinking otherwise. Laws are outdated in PA and they definitely need to be changed so that children in PA are protected not sent to the wolves. In the end Lynn had a choice to follow church leadership or follow his God. In many ways we all have to make that decision on a regular basis(to follow God not the world) and I use to be fearful but not anymore. God always gives us the grace to follow his will if we choose to do so. My name is Elizabeth Breece RN and without God I am nothing but with God I can do all thing thru him that strengthens me………..

      1. Beth: I would very much like to meet you as well as many others who post here. Maybe some day you and I and perhaps Vicky could meet for coffee. I am living in the Hatboro/ Horsham area. I will be going back to work the week after next hopefully. After I get a sense of my work hours, perhaps we could set up a time and place. I am a little afraid of giving too much info on the net. Maybe Susan can help to facilitate this safely.Thanks for the invite.

  4. BL. I don’t see anything not related to clergy child sex abuse in this string. Nor do I see anything I would categorize as “small talk.” How on Earth does a DA drive news coverage other than holding press conferences or granting interviews? The latest events don’t fall into his legal jurisdiction – as the crimes were committed in the suburbs. So far, the archdiocese hasn’t been accused of doing anything illegal in these matters. He can’t charge them with ethical misconduct even if it exists. He got Lynn because he was able to present evidence. Whether Lynn goes free or not, it doesn’t change what Church officials did.

      1. Yes Michael, Lynn’s actions lead to new laws. They are a direct result of the RCC and Penn State actions. So even the DA understands the evil in assigning child abusers to different parishes as did Lynn and our legislatures closed some of the possible loopholes in the laws. How many good vocations have been lost due to the refusal of candidates to bend to the will of superiors protecting these abusers. The passing of the “trash”. has been unbelievable.

        The law protects confession, but reading the above article reminds me why I left. Couldn’t hear the confession of a priest that would prevent me from testifying in court

  5. Father Mark Haynes was our pastor at Annunciation parish in Havertown for about five years & abruptly & mysteriously left our parish with not having a new pastor installed for several months. He officiated my mother in law’s funeral & was at the grave site shortly before his departure to who knows where. Months later he resurfaced at Sts. Simon & Jude in West Chester. He is is the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide of humanity. Many parishioners liked him as he brought our parish out of the dark ages & into the 21 century. His recently discovered actions are disgusting & he needs to be put in jail never to have access to children again. Sadly he is a prime example of why so many Catholics have left the church. Take a look & see that most of the younger adults no longer practice Catholicism. He is responsible for ruining his life. God bless the poor victims of his wayward actions. Also, statutes of limitations for his alleged offenses should be reversed. The Catholic church hides horrors:

    1. R.M. Mueller..the abrupt and mysterious departure. The priest who co celebrated my father’s funeral abruptly left the parish after 13 years the morning after the turned out he was a pedophile. I am sorry that you had to experience this man (Haynes)being the officiant of your mother in laws funeral.

      1. Thank you for your comment. I am very sorry you experienced such a terrible situation. Burying a loved one is very difficult & having had a priest who has been charged with unlawful acts after a burial makes the rest of us feel so creepy after the departure of our loved one. After hearing what Father Haynes allegedly did in a confessional with a teenage girl makes me view confession in a very different light. I have been a devout Catholic for nearly six decades and I am disgusted with how the Catholic church just sweeps unlawful acts with minors under the rug & the deceitful & terrible acts are never talked about. Catholics should be able to discuss their feelings of disgust with the clergy of the Catholic church. The prayer has been changed at mass to really point out that we have “grievously sinned” but seems to indicate a deflection off the clergy to point out how terribly sinful we are. Seriously? The Catholic church seems not take into account that they have faults even after the news media has yet another priest being charged with unlawful acts. What needs to be addressed is that the clergy can & does sin instead of turning the tables on the congregation they minister to. Within my immediate family those who were raised & practiced Catholicism have left the church. I also see that the archdiocese of Philadelphia seems to be in serious financial difficulties with selling out the day to day operations of the Catholic cemeteries as well as property. I guess this money is needed to settle lawsuits of unspeakable acts with children. Priests are not parents & do not understand the unlawful acts that have taken place destroy the very fiber of the youth being led astray by what is supposed to be a responsible adult. I am glad my child was never an alter server even when she expressed an interest to serve.

  6. Today I was at a Bible study and one of the focuses was Mary’s last words which were “do whatever he tells you” and how we should apply it to our lives as she was talking to all of us and that we should do this without hesitating. I felt the need to pray after and I went to my church and prayed really hard but I wasn’t sure what I needed to pray about but just put everything into God’s hands because I cant control anything in the end and then 15 minutes later I saw the above on the news. I don’t understand things sometimes but the good thing is I don’t need to because Gods got a bigger plan and he knows whats going on.

    1. Beth, you express, “I don’t understand things sometimes but the good thing is I don’t need to because Gods got a bigger plan and he knows whats going on.” Your words appear to be comforting and also you are not turning a blind eye to everyone and everything. One difficulty I am having with God presented in the catholic church is the loss of truthfulness. It is like we are all caught in a trance of presenting “images” of God and ourselves as if it were the real thing. It feels like to me we have become so identified with a particular image of God and ourselves that we have become to believe what would be acceptable rather than truthfulness or authenticity.

      The church has learned to develop their image of God and God is even packaged around our sinfulness, rather than what is authentic. It is like the church is accustomed to identifying with our performance to the point we really do not know who we are or who God is. God is so polished and holy I now wonder if this is who he truly is. The image of God is more like what we believe is more acceptable and worthwhile. The catholic church then expects others to support and applaud this God.

      To me if we are dealing with the Essential identity of God we need complete truthfulness. It is even seeing what is untruthful and is causing us to detach from our true nature. Therefore, I feel God’s value is not based on a particular achievement, avoiding sin and getting to heaven, and is more the depths of our heart. It is learning to BE, as God is able to BE, and is the direct experience of himself each living moment. Being is truly being who we are and from this we can love simply and genuinely.

      I am truly trying to be myself and I am rather ordinary. God is also ordinary. I say this because life is so paradoxical, just as God is paradoxical, strong within weakness and maybe God’s real power is the ability to destroy rather than build. He is most likely wanting to destroy evil within good, yet learning to be innocent and deeply human, present and awake, sincere and heartfelt, Being and non-Being is all something I am unable to hold from within. What I hold from within is more like cancer, a vulnerable point, weakness, and God says find power in powerlessness. The closer I get to God I feel there is no plan, no destination, just a journey itself into Truth.

      1. I have also read that our own relationships with our parents can influence how we see God. Many times if we have not experienced love from a father we have a hard time experiencing and accepting the love of God the Father. I think many times I am able to trust God because I truly had a loving father that was also a protector willing to sacrifice for his kids. I trust in God despite the fact I have been hurt lied to and cheated on . These experiences broke me down to my core and lead me to examine a lot of things and learn to be truthful to myself. I also realized that this individual had the exact opposite experience in his life. He had parents that put their needs before his and did not fully love and protect him. The ironic thing is I recently came across a report on how many men that have porn addictions many times have a “Mother wound” deep down but are numbing it with porn. All things are connected and we are truly spiritual, mental, social, emotional and physical and you cannot separate these from one another because just as we are connected to one another you cannot be fully human and cut off one of these aspects from yourself.

  7. Syd,
    All that you say is truly thought provoking.I myself was caught up in a sense of “duty” to God and neighbor but when you truly love God he transforms you and you no longer do things out of just duty but out of profound love and I believe real love is truth and truth love. In fact Jesus even says he is the Truth and Satan is the father of all lies. All I know is that with truth and with love comes a freedom that is amazing. Love and truth make it easier to trust and let go and in letting go we make a leap into the darkness and the amazing thing is we don’t fall because love holds us up.

    1. Thank you deeply Beth for your quality of understanding. It seems when we move into Being with and in God there is lots of letting go and even a leap into darkness, as you express. You appear to be expressing real faith has nothing to do with beliefs and you appear to be expressing love is our actual support of Presence. Your faith is felt Beth. Your inner Essence of what is real and true within you is a moment beyond all beliefs.

      You also speak of porn addiction being used to numb the “Mother wound.” I can understand this in the sense of the wound being felt as hopelessness. It is even strange there is a self in hopelessness that is always looking for satisfaction and seeking imaginary pleasure. This self that indulges in the imagination is a sense of self being kept alive, even as life is being drained out. Hopelessness is self-indulgent.

      Both of my parents treated me as a nothingness and because of hopelessness I got trapped in self-consciousness. My self-consciousness made me feel alienated, so I withdrew from my parents and from others. I gradually turned my aggression against myself because I felt this unconscious fear something was wrong with me. Then I became addicted to alcohol as a way to kill myself indirectly. In my recovery I released my parents for their failings. Now I feel like God has dumped me into nothingness once again and this vanity wants to drive me into trying to make myself feel real and valuable.

      My nothingness wants me to invest my energies in building up my self-image. Truth is telling me, though, I need to correct my false perceptions that I am the source of doing and functioning. My ego wants me to accomplish something. I feel like I am staving for a purpose and then my mental activity defines and divides my vanity into different categories. The best I can tell is I need to accept and surrender into my powerlessness. I feel this is the starting point of faith and even just a place to begin, over and over and over where there is no accomplishment.

      Home in the void and faith in the emptiness seems to be the starting point. Faith counteracts the terror and despair. It is right to say Beth, people like you I am given sufficient support to make this leap into the unknown, death itself. Everything will emanate from there and faith says it will be the source of life. So thank you for the miracle of you and may your faith be spontaneous today.

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