Drive the Snakes Out In Honor of St. Patrick

In today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Archbishop Chaput shares his reaction to a recent grand jury report that details the historical clergy sex abuse and cover up that took place in the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown.

Chaput doesn’t mention that an alleged predator priest mentioned in the report was sent to St. John Vianney in Downington. During the approximate timeline of his stay, Kathy Kane raised concerns about safety at Bishop Shanahan High School and in the surrounding community. The Philadelphia Archdiocese assured her and the press that there weren’t any child predator priests there.  And the alleged child predator from Altoona was hardly the only out-of-towner. Vianney seems to have become a destination for problem priests from Cardinal Dolan’s Diocese in New York.

Why would the archdiocese risk housing them? We hear predator priest “patients” like these bring in about $13,000 a month. Call me cynical but I’m beginning to think a profit center like this might help underwrite the cost of victims’ settlements.

You may be wondering why they aren’t in jail. They can’t be criminally charged because of the cover up hid them until the PA statutes of limitations expired. Some are laicized and disappear into our communities. They aren’t on any lists. Those who remain priests go into the prayer and penance program paid for by the Church (your donations). But where are they housed?

For some, the prayer and penance program takes them to St. John Vianney or St. Luke’s in Maryland. There is no cure for child sex abuse according to the majority of psychiatrists. So while they are at Vianney, what is the safety protocol? Admittance is voluntary and it’s not a lock-down facility. It’s not associated with a legally-enforced program.

Although, when we ask questions, they do make them use the back door. We are also told unofficially that they will now be driven into the neighboring shopping centers and movie theater and dropped off rather than having them walk over. Who watches these priests with grounds-only privileges while they are out? When Kathy asked if priests who have child pornography issues are allowed off the grounds, she was told “not necessarily.” So some are? Do we really need more of this in our Archdiocese? These priests have admitted themselves to an inpatient facility. Why the endless hours of recreation out in the community unattended?

More questions. If these priests leave Vianney for good, where do they go next? Are they just shuffled around before anyone gets the wiser?

In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month in April, Kathy and I urge Archbishop Chaput to stop housing those accused of any child-related offenses near our schools and in our communities. Send them all to the Vatican for shelter, meals and mercy.

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  1. Archbishop Chaput says basically nothing in his statement. So sorry for what’s happened. Our children are so important. We’ve made changes. Blah blah blah. If he really wanted to say something useful, he’d explain how this (continuing) coverup and enabling
    has happened in the first place, and he’d commit to not fighting a law to roll back the statute of limitations that has crippled prosecution. He’d be more forthcoming with evidence to aid prosecutors. He’d show enough outrage to be convincing enough that pedophiles would think twice about their usual expectation that their crimes will be covered up. His statement may convince some that he’s being open and cooperative and outraged, but it says nothing to me but business as usual.

  2. Susan, you go, Girl! You are my hero! Well said on everything in your article. God bless you for your courage and your spine! I especially loved your last sentence. Keep up the good work.

  3. Chaput outlines the archdiocese’s zero-tolerance policy, its support for survivors, its efforts for protecting children, its educational and training programs for students, staff, faculty and clergy… “OMG! This is what the archdiocese is doing!”

    This is what the archdiocese is not doing :

    1. Justice for victims in the form of supporting SOL reform. It’s NOT going to pay for its crimes and sins. Mercy, yes, well, maybe. Justice, no… and it will go to the ends of the earth, and pay whatever it takes, to avoid it. (When THEY covered it up!)
    2. It’s not going to provide anything short of a cushy existence for offending or complicit clergy. To do so would be unbrotherly, disloyal and cruel. Clergy are entitled to a sympathetic and lenient soft-touch. “We are a ‘special’ sort of criminal creature.”
    3. It’s not going to be transparent about its sketchy clergy offender rehab/prayer and penance network and its “best practices” but we are to pay for it… and big time!

    Caput. Your basic clerical company man.

  4. Child protection needs to be proactive rather than reactive.

    Remember a few months ago when a C4C follower alerted Susan that a priest on admin leave for possible child porn was showing up places in his clerical attire? From that post a commentor said he had also been to a parish celebration. I emailed the regular cast of characters at the Archdiocese and the ONLY person who responded was Ken Gavin from the communications office. So now when we are giving information we do not even get a response from the appropriate departments.

    Why bother with safety environment lessons when the priest in rectory is under investigation and parents are not informed for an entire year..this happened in the Fr Paul case..what the heck safety lesson is that for children?

    Why put child predators from out of state across from a school ..why?
    Why would a school refuse to inform the police that a patient came to the school campus?

    Why put a troubled priest back in ministry only to have him arrested by the Feds for child porn..if someone is experiencing mental health issues or behavioral issues keep him away from kids.
    But god forbid you are a lunch mom volunteer and one of your clearances expired or paperwork was lost…you can’t do lunch duty in order to keep the kids safe! That is where the energy is placed…on us .

  5. How often have we heard that the Catholic Church is the safest place for children these days?

    (Francis too is a major disappointment when it comes to bishop accountability. His Commission for the Protection of MInors cannot do its work for lack of funds, after several years of snail’s progress.)

    Thank you to Kathy and Susan for the truth on this board, instead of the drivel that issues from chanceries all these years AFTER 2002. What would the AG find in other PA dioceses?

    Chaput fought tooth and nail successfully in CO to kill statutes of limitation reform, especially window legislation to allow past victims access to the courts. Don’t let him do the same in PA!

    Windows give a few years for past survivors to file lawsuits, and watch the opening up of new information from secret documents. It takes law enforcement and legislatures to redress wrongs; they have the power to force bishops to respond. Use it! We would know zilch without court orders, investigations, depositions, and so forth. Survivors of course are the heroes who make it happen by coming forward.

    Be prepared though for an onslaught of attack and distortion by the Catholic Conference in Harrisburg. CA, DE, and MN passed window legislation that exposed and removed many perpetrators, released countless secret arcive documents and brought justice to formerly silent victims. It’s a major advance when windows allow cases to be heard, in a world that Law Prof. Marci Hamilton notes has only an estimated 20% of victims report abuse. Think of it – only 20%.

  6. Interesting that chaput chose archbishop ryan high school to deliver his brava speech as this is the scene of the crimes committed the former principal charles newman and regis howitz which resluted in the death of a VICTIM.

    Speeches like these are well orchestrated and most like written by chaput’s legal team and in reality does nothing. I personally am not concerned what the pope/vatican/rcc/hierarchy or chaput does or doesn’t do, I am concerned only with what the elected officials of Pa are going to do to protect children and provide VICTIMS with an opportunity to expose the enablers and abusers , if real change is to come it MUST be in the form of SOL / Survivor Window Legislation anything less is just lip service !

    FYI : charles newman , Wisconson Department of Corrections # 00629248 has been granted an out of State Probation to live with his enablers the franscian friars at 9230 W. Highland Park Ave Franklin Wisconson and his accomplice regis howitz is also living with his enablers at the holy dominion friary highway 93 P.O. Box 270 Syberstville PA 18251, the franscians really do get around !

  7. SOL legislation is so important but it is not going to lock up most of these perps from the past and when speeches and editorials are given explaining how safe kids are now,we will point out what could be done to keep them safer. Will our requests be honored?..well we have been around too long to know better, but we will always point out what could be done

  8. And, of course, Chaput continues to aggressively oppose Statue of Limitation reform no matter the hurt it causes or how much it costs.

    Guest Column: Real action on sex abuse crisis is needed

    By Sister Maureen Paul Turlish
    Delaware County Daily Times (PA) 03/14/16

    “Spotlight” was awarded an Oscar for the best motion picture of 2016 and it more than deserves such recognition. It brings a whole new level of attention to this outstanding film and the problems it addresses especially the abuse of authority in the Roman Catholic Church.

    It is a wake-up call for people in the United States and in countries around the world to recognize the egregious damage done to children and deal with the epidemic, the pandemic really, that childhood sexual abuse is.

    “Spotlight” concerns itself with heinous crimes of sexual abuse perpetrated upon innocent children by rogue priests in a powerful religious denomination while it addresses one institution’s corruption played out in Massachusetts by Cardinal Bernard Law, the archbishop of Boston. Law covered up and protected such priests while supposedly “saving the church from scandal.”

    Read the rest at:

  9. Where is the outrage and the publicity that Chaput paid $5 million to Billy Doe as a settlement prior to his testimony. This was paid to Billy Doe in the last few months. I am disgusted with this church and its hierarchy.

    1. Yvonne, I am going to assume that the settlement saved the reputations of some current clergy/bishops who could have been exposed in the lawsuit as Avery’s name was on the shredded memo and Lynn was certainly not the only person who knew about the memo..nor is he the only one still alive who knew about the memo

      I encourage anyone to ask their questions to the Archdiocese and generate as much publicity as you would like for your questions. We focus on what we believe is the the most important treasure of the church and that is the children .

      1. Thank you for your response, Kathy. When I called the Archdiocese a few weeks ago to ask why they would give $5 million to someone they deny was even abused, the answer from the Archdiocese was they could not provide any comment to me, and told me to send a letter to Chaput with my concerns. I’m sure a lot of that $5 million came from the parishioners and we parents who support Catholic schools by paying tuition. My firm belief is that if I squawk too loudly against Chaput and the $5 million pay off, it will somehow come back to hurt my children who currently attend Catholic school.

        1. Yvonne that is one of the most common concerns that I hear from parents ..that if they speak up on anything it will come back on their kids.My experience has been that it is more like a wizard of oz experience when you get to the end and pull back the curtain and think this…this what I thought was so powerful and fearful?
          They bank on that fear..they know it is real and exists among the faithful..that somehow they will get in ‘trouble” for speaking up. I am sure there are many areas of your life where you speak up as a fully functional adult and do not fear getting in trouble..or that it would affect your kids. You are far from alone in that feeling though when it comes to the Church.
          Then add in the odd dynamic that although many are fearful they also think they matter..that a letter or phone call would even motivate some type of action good or bad ….when in the reality,we really don’t matter to them at all. It has taken me a few years to get that last dynamic straight 🙂

          1. Kathy as you said so many times things are changing in the younger generation. A few years ago my daughter mentioned in class that I was lobbying to keep children safer in light of the Penn State and catholic priest scandal etc and the catholic school teacher at the time had only good things to say to her in response. This was a younger teacher but had been there a few years. Things are changing slowly but surely and education of the public as Vicky has pointed out so many times is key. This is the same parish that let Vicky talk at the Parish meeting. I kinda get the feeling that whether the church leaders like it or not change is upon them and for the lay people that only means good things. Even the type of seminarians going to become priests is changing. I met a few on a camping trip last summer. I am not naïve but at the same time I am cautiously hopeful as Jesus is and always will be my hope and in the end he has the final word with is life.

        2. I sent my son to Catholic school from preschool thru 12. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t do it gain. Ask yourself the hard questions about possible hurt to your children.

        1. The money trail leads to Bishops Cullen and Cistone, both of whom were deposed in the Billy Doe civil case. Again, the deal seemingly struck between DA Seth and Cardinal Rigali: give us Lynn’s head on a platter and we won’t prosecute the bishops.

          Cistone was a witness to the shredding of the list of 35 abusive priests compiled by Lynn. Both Cullen and Cistone were at a meeting where Cardinal Bevilacqua took the list from Lynn, sent the monsignor on his way, and then told the bishops, make sure this gets shredded.

          Lynn, sitting in jail, now knows that he was the scapegoat.

          1. Why doesn’t Lynn broadcast he was the scapegoat? Why doesn’t he “tell” on Cullen and Cistone? Do you think it’s possible that Lynn will be reimbursed for his silence? Will he get the next 5 million dollar check?

          2. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we do practice to deceive. It makes sense. Lynn becomes the fall guy and the higher ups get away with at the very least obstruction of justice. Sometimes this whole mess, seems like a scene out of the Godfather.

          3. I certainly hope he does not remain silent for the next 12 years like he did for the 12 years when he did their dirty work. Although he is sitting in a jail cell..he holds the power now,I hope he realizes that and acts on it.

          4. Lynn’s predicament:

            “In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.” (Czeslaw Milosz)

  10. .

    Pennsylvania is a destination for problem priests from Cardinal Dolan’s Diocese in NY ? ? ?

    Good people of Pennsylvania, my heart goes out to you ALL for being the dumping ground for NY’s Godless Garbage.

    I suggest the Good people of Pennsylvania hold the NY A/D Responsible and Accountable for their recklessness, calousness and cowardice.

    Demand the Justice the church has denied you for far too long !

    David NY

  11. “I have never been persuaded by arguments against the ordination of women. The Vatican insists there were no women among the original twelve disciples. Well, there were no gentiles. And as a Roman Catholic once said: “If Mary could carry our Lord and Savior in her body, why can’t a woman carry his message on her lips?'” Rev. William Sloane Coffin

  12. From the Grand Jury report released March 2016

    The Grand Jury has learned that euphemisms like “sick leave” and “nervous
    exhaustion” were code for moving offending priests to another location while possible
    attention to a recent claim of child molestation “cooled off’. Diocese approved
    treatment centers like Saint Luke’s Institute in Maryland or Saint John Vianney Center in
    Downingtown, Pennsylvania were used to provide cover for the Bishops as they left child
    predators in ministry. Reliant entirely on the cooperation and self-reporting of the sexual
    offender, these “treatment” facilities would often note that they had not diagnosed the
    offender as a “pedophile”. But when dealing with the safety of children, this language
    matters. The accused.priest had not been cleared of being a child predator. A simplistic

    diagnosis had been offered that insufficient evidence existed to say that the accused was a
    sex offender; which was based almost entirely upon the self-reporting of the accused.
    Hiding behind that tissue thin layer of justification, the Bishops returned these monsters
    to ministry.”

    1. I was reading how euphemistic language can be a powerful facilitator for corruption. For example, behaviors like pedophilia and pornography addiction can take on very different appearances depending on what they are called- “sick leave,” “nervous exhaustion.” Euphemisms are devices for masking reprehensible behaviors or even conferring respect on them. Through euphemisms, destructive conduct is made benign, relieving those who engage in it or cover it up from of a sense of personal agency.

      All in all, euphemisms are common in corrupt organizations, institutions and cultures as they allow “snakes” to rationalize reprehensible behaviors while, at the same time, feel shielded from the consequences of their actions (“ethical/moral distancing”).

      Why can’t the Vianney-like facilities offer a program called Euphemism Detox? They can’t because they are a part of the euphemism problem.

  13. Why am I not surprised that these priests who are child molesters are allowed to roam free? If the Catholic church took responsibility for these perverts it would be an admission of guilt that there are bad apples in the midst of the clergy in Catholicism. The religious are quick to preach that we are sinners at the pulpit but them taking responsibility means admission to there being a problem. The church has an image problem and the lay people are aware of this. If we make a mistake in life we are taught to recognize the evil by repenting and sin no more. How come the ones preaching this are not practicing what they preach? Secrecy and hidden agendas are what are destroying Catholicism. Even with the dwindling number of practicing Catholics the hierarchy seems to be going through life with blinders on as the admission of guilt may be too much for them to accept. Catholics have lost trust in their priests and hierarchy.

  14. I am going to keep an open mind in understanding the concerns surrounding SJV. Through the years, SJV has had some very sick priests- example, Cudemo, Trauger, Gallagher, to name a few. What is it specifically, from the few that are interested, you woyld like to see change? Also, I didnt look up the report on SJV, but I assume they are Joint Commission accreditation.

    1. They do have JCAH accreditation: but, as I mentioned several times before on this topic of SJV on this site, JCAH does not have any different protocol/standards for review of a psychiatric facility when such a facility has patients, treating professionals and the facility itself all owned and paid by one organization – Archdiocese of Philadelphia. In such a unique environment, it seems reasonable that special precautions and checks are needed to ensure objectivity and validity in diagnoses, treatments, and outcome measures.

  15. Hi Mike,Yes ,they have the Joint Commission Accreditation and from the response I received from JACHO explained that they do not get involved in the individual cases of a patients. For example if a patient has been at a facility and develops an infection JACHO examines the protocol/procedures of the facility to make sure they are up to standard for infection prevention.

    What would I like? A few things

    Transparency that patients with predatory behavior towards children are brought there for risk assessments.

    That patients being treated for porn addictions are not given their cell phones and released out into the neighborhood unattended. If they are allowed their cell phones then the cell phones be checked for any photos when they return. The patients are not allowed electronics in the facility where people can actually keep an eye..they are allowed the phones when they leave for their unattended time. It has always seemed backward.

    That the honor system for the alone time in the community is more than a map of forbidden zones and self reporting from patients. And that when a rule is found to be broken that the consequence of that is followed through on. In my case not only did the honor system fail but the consequence that I was told that would happen was not implemented.

    We know about the Cudemo’s etc of the past who stayed there..and now we know about more from the recent years because of the March 2016 GJ report and do we need that brought into a neighborhood of schools,day cares, a facility where the admittance is voluntary and any patient could simply walk off at any time? I do not think that it is safe to bring people with predatory behavior into the community.

    When I met with various staff members a few years ago it was as if Vianney had almost turned into a wellness facility with programs for weight loss and burnout. That a priest who is being treated for depression and would be returning to ministry shortly could surely handle walking to the local Chick Fil A for lunch. And then a follow up conversation where a staff person would not even commit that those there for child porn are not given the same off site privileges. Than later to find out that the off site privileges unattended for patients at an inpatient treatment facility have been up to 8-12 hours a day on weekends

    All I can say is that it was like nailing a fish to a wall in trying to get a handle on the situation.So there are many things I would like to happen.

    There are many who care about this issue..we can track interest based on what brings people to the site and the people we hear from off site. The analogy I can use is requesting a stop sign for a dangerous corner before an accident gets even more attention once an accident happens, but nothing wrong with pointing out the potential danger before that happens

  16. Also I don’t agree that priests in the prayer and penance should be able to come and go as they please but this is even more risky as Vianney is a treatment facility..if someone is there to be evaluated for their danger to children..somewhere is there out on bail for a child related issue and will eventually be headed to prison or someone who has predatory behavior is experiencing a mental health or substance abuse issue. And of course there are patients with no child related issues. If they need to be inpatient than they should be inpatient, not out and about, but inpatient or activities that are therapuetic and not 12 hours of alone time to hang out a shopping center or take a train into Philly.

    1. There’s probably a very small percentage of known, credibly accused or convicted sexual abusers of children who are sent to places like AOP’s Vianney in Downingtown. More are out there in the general population or housed with ordinary men, retired and/or with health issues unrelated to those who have abused children. They are housed with the general population, have budgets, vacation money, access to cars, are away over weekends, and take longer trips…. “Take a train into Philly?” How about Las Vegas instead? Monitoring? Mostly on paper.

      1. Oh I agree believe me about the defrocked priests being everywhere..or anywhere for that matter. Do we though fly and drive people in from other states while they are out on bail for porn we agree to house predators from other Diocese..all this near schools and kids . I say we have had enough in this Archdiocese..we need more? And just because there is so much we can’t do about much of it, does not mean we do nothing about any of it.

        1. And we really need patients profiled by the FBI right near our kids? way..leave them in Altoona..or New York..or Connecticut….we are at capacity..shut the room at the Inn..that’s all that this archdiocese needs is more predatory perps.

  17. It is clear that the Pennsylvania conference of bishops will never allow a window in the statute of limitations, but what about asking for a humane Christian response to see if they are capable of that. The last time that the Philadelphia archdiocese publicly described their victim support program it consisted of one year of counseling at the expense of the archdiocese with the possibility of a second year if the archdiocese deemed it appropriate. There is currently no public description of the program.

    The fact is that the victims of child sexual abuse have a lifelong increased risk of substance abuse, work and marital problems, parenting problems, health issues, and suicide. The rule in stores that says “If You Break It You Own It” should apply here. We should insist at a minimum that the church sign a contract with victims to provide lifelong assistance at the expense of the local diocese for any problems related to their abuse. They should declare this willingness openly and they should allow the determination of eligibility to be made by an outside arbiter.

  18. The participation of the Federal government and its resources (FBI, Justice Department) in the investigation of child sexual abuse in (and between) our states across the country is long overdue.

    I thank Rep.Mike Vereb for his action and hope that his request to Washington, DC is acted on immediately for the sake of ALL children of the Commonwealth as well as all the PA victims of childhood sexual abuse.

    Michael Skiendzielewski
    Captain (retired)
    Philadelphia Police Dept.

  19. Ms. Kane’s ignorance to the work done st SJVC and her indifference to her as oath as a health care provider (being a social worker) is very disturbing, but she would rather deflect from her HIPAA violations and post pictures of patients with rights. Shame on you Ms. Kane! Feed on people’s fears like Donald Trump and forget the issues at hand. SJVC serves many priests and nuns with many issues and you are getting in the way of their healing with your rhetoric. Let the non judgmental good Catholic health care providers of SJVC get back to their work of healing. We’ll leave you to your work of hate.

    1. We agree that SJVC does important work. However, the archdiocese has misused the center to harbor priests who are involved with child sex abuse and then lied to the community about it. There is nothing that makes that right. Even more concerning is that mandatory reporting laws may not have been enforced. These laws supercede HIPPA regulations. Kathy and I both feel very strongly that mental health issues need more attention. We applaud those who have dedicated their careers to that end. We feel equally strong about child protection. These are not mutually exclusive goals.

    2. Dyan I never said that no one was helped by any therapist or staff at SJVC. I said there needs to be a balance between safety and the help that is needed, as well as transparency. I cannot control that a facility that treats addictions and mental health also brings in patients who could be a danger to children for risk assessments..or allows patients with porn addictions to leave the facility with their cell phones and when I asked no one checks the cell phones for pictures when they return.Or brings in patients out on bail awaiting criminal charges. I also have many issues with what I was told my the various staff members I met with or had phone conversations and it does not match up with the latest GJ report. I did not drive by Vianney one day and decide to have a problem..I encountered a patient at the school which proves the honor system doesn’t work and then the consequences I was told were not enforced.
      I want honesty Dyan and I sure did not get it and as a parent that concerns me greatly. Also as a social worker I was more than confused by some of the things I was told because it was unlike any facility that I encountered.I think people deserve treatment..they need it and deserve it.
      I have no idea what you are speaking about a HIPPA violation..I receive no paycheck from Vianney and there is man who has stared at me many times as I sat on Woodbine Drive and he resembles a priest who was found credible of abuse from the New York Diocese . Maybe Dyan start putting the responsibility back where it belongs..on the individual people who have harmed kids .
      Sure I am a social worker but I am a Mom first and always will be and this situation is not passing the test either professionally or maternally.

  20. Actually Dyan if anyone just violated HIPPA that would be you in confirming that the man is a patient.
    The only picture I ever took was of the patient in the parking lot of the school..not my fault that he came there..he was also on the video surveillance of the school.

  21. One more thing Dyan I may be a social worker and believe that people need help but I sure as heck am not going to Mass celebrated by a child abuser..that is some sick stuff right there.

  22. And Dyan find me a local facility that has allowed patients to wash the feet of staff on Holy Thursday. People are there for inpatient treatment..period…boundaries Dyan..boundaries. There are necessary boundaries in therapeutic settings. Boundaries and responsibility.

  23. And find me another local facility that is consistently mentioned in Grand Jury reports and criminal trials, Dyan. Sorry but you need to bring more to the table than your weak defense..and as for a wall that was not an idea of mine but the rumor is that a wall or fence will be built when the housing is developed around the facility..not my idea so sorry to also blow your Donald Trump reference out of the water. Go have your feet washed..maybe a child abuser celebrating Mass and collect your paycheck on Friday.. Yeah Dyan it’s all so normal.

  24. Thank you Dyan for informing us that the man in the article link is a patient. I was now able to contact the Archdiocese with my concerns as I believe this is the same man who I have seen numerous times looking over at the kids..unlike most patients who simply walk the grounds.
    This reminds me of the time that someone came on the site to defend a priest being investigated for child porn and informed us that he had recently been at a parish celebration..a violation of his admin leave and we were then able to report that to the diocese.
    Please any and all clergy abuse apologists keep the comments usually leads to a report being filed 🙂

    1. I wish “the non judgmental good Catholic health care providers of CJVC” would be judgmental.

      As a Catholic institution, CJVC has to be particularly careful it does not become entrenched in denial and resistance. It has to be able to scrutinize itself with humility and integrity. It can’t languish in defensive-mode. It has to acknowledge that the protection of children is relevant to, and supersedes, its healing endeavor.

      Otherwise, it’s a matter of time before scandal hits it, too.

        1. You cant get more non judgmental than thinking it is okay for an accused child abuser to say Mass to staff and patients .That is therapeutic? I simply cannot imagine it. I am not only questioning that as a social worker, I am questioning that as a Catholic . I do not think it is even allowed. I have barely even touched on what I question as a parent. I love how Dyan is going after me as a social worker..Dyan I am a Mom ,the most important job in the world and this stuff is just plain crazy. I would last 2 seconds at a place where an accused child abuser performed Mass.
          I am not referring to the official chaplain that might be assigned to the center who performs Mass and other sacraments

          1. A clear indication of the depth and breadth of the evil, criminality, deceit and selfishness……..exhibited when all those responsible for the administration and leadership at Vianney Center perverts the mission and integrity of professional mental health evaluation and treatment…..of course, the end result is the further destruction of our victims and risk to many more victims

      1. I logged on to a local news site this morning and this is what I found..a bunch of arrests for child predatory behavior. This is the real is not about providing walking trails and close to shopping and is not about allowing a person accused of child abuse to act in a priestly role..It is about consequences..with judgement..dear lord if there is on thing that gets the haters out on the internet it is child porn/child abuse. This is the real world and although sentences might not be as harsh as we like or some people will never be caught..judging and putting consequences on people who have harmed children is necessary. Can you imagine a world where we did not?..lock up the kids because we no longer will pass any judgment on those who have harmed children.

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