Does the Hierarchy Even Know?


Essential Norm #12 From the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People

“No priest or deacon who has committed an act of sexual abuse of a minor may be transferred for a ministerial assignment in another diocese/eparchy. Every bishop/eparch who receives a priest or deacon from outside his jurisdiction will obtain the necessary information regarding any past act of sexual abuse of a minor by the priest or deacon in question. Before such a diocesan/eparchial priest or deacon can be transferred for residence to another diocese/eparchy, his diocesan/eparchial bishop shall forward, in a confidential manner, to the bishop of the proposed place of residence any and all information concerning any act of sexual abuse of a minor and any other information indicating that he has been or may be a danger to children or young people. In the case of the assignment for residence of such a clerical member of an institute or a society into a local community within a diocese/eparchy, the major superior shall inform the diocesan/eparchial bishop and share with him in a manner respecting the limitations of confidentiality found in canon and civil law all information concerning any act of sexual abuse of a minor and any other information indicating that he has been or may be a danger to children or young people so that the bishop/eparch can make an informed judgment that suitable safeguards are in place for the protection of children and young people. This will be done with due recognition of the legitimate authority of the bishop/eparch; of the provisions of CIC, canon 678 (CCEO, canons 415 §1 and 554 §2), and of CIC, canon 679; and of the autonomy of the religious life (CIC, c. 586).

A few years ago I did some research concerning Essential Norm 12. A spokesperson from the Office of Child Protection of the Unites States Conference of Catholic Bishops explained it to me. This norm is refers to “removed” priests. An example would be those who have accepted a life of prayer and penance and might be moving into a residence located in another Diocese. Those residences could include community, convent or monastery with supervision. I was hoping it would include treatment centers such as St John Vianney, but it does not because those abusive priests are coming for treatment and not residence. This was confirmed by the Philadelphia Archdiocese Office of Child and Youth Protection.

So where in the norms does anything exist concerning protecting the children in the Diocese where the clergy treatment centers are located? Well there is nothing…because there are few remaining treatment centers like St Luke’s and SJVC. I was told that I brought up a good point and that I should write a letter to the Bishops.

So the question is, if abusive priests are coming into a Diocese for treatment but reside at the facility for many months, or even years, isn’t that now their residence? Especially if they have been removed from other programs and end up at the facility rather than on the street? Where is this other residence that exists that would not make the facility their actual residence?

Bigger question- Is the hierarchy of the Diocese where a clergy treatment center is located notified as to abusive priests coming into the Diocese, as they would need to be notified if the abusive priest was coming for residence. Is it possible that our hierarchy could be reading about these various troubled priests’ stories in newspapers and thinking “glad they aren’t in this Diocese,” when in reality that removed/arrested priest is on a plane, train, car heading here?

SJVC is not only located in the Philadelphia Archdiocese but is also owned and operated by the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Does this then make Archbishop Chaput technically in charge of the facility since it is under his jurisdiction? Is he notified and does he sign off on any child predatory patient that is accepted? Or is it a simple phone call to the facility from another Diocese and a driver is sent to the airport or a representative from their Diocese simply drives them here and Archdiocese headquarters has no clue and they leave it up the staff of the facility to make the determination?

Also when a priest’s faculties have been restricted by the Vatican or their Diocese, who is making sure that the restrictions are followed when they are in this Diocese for treatment?
I am sure if I had written the letter to the Bishops a few years ago it would have ended up in a trash can somewhere, but of course it is good to know that everyone always thinks that I bring up good points. There are gaps large enough to drive a truck through in these various child protection charters, and a kid vs. a truck is never a good scenario.

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  1. The hierarchy does know and has known since it was established in 1948. The real question is why would they build an archdiocesan high school adjacent to the Center? Where were the parishioners, faculty members, and parents when the school was planned for this site? Until these people start complaining and making it a serious issue, nothing will change. The Archdiocese is not afraid of public opinion or lawsuits. Until practicing Catholics start making inquiries and demands, or leaving the Church altogether, this will continue to go on happening here and across the country.

    1. Dan, the question I get from so many people is why? Why would anyone want that liability of actually bringing problem priests from around the country into the Diocese. And I am not just worried about the school but also the area around it that has been so built up in the past 10 years with the shopping center drawing so many kids

      If the Archdiocese is comfortable with the security offered by SJVC, then sweet Jesus help us all. When I found the patient at the school he was supposed to be on grounds only privilege that day and the staff at Vianney had to come to the school to identify him on the school security one had any idea he left the grounds, let alone came to the school.
      In meetings and phone calls they told me that porn addicts are allowed to take their phones out into the community and no one checks them,the honor system is what they depend on for the whereabouts of the patients off grounds and if I ever found more patients at the school they would be happy to come and get them…only problem with that plan I told then was that parents have no idea what their patients look like and could be sitting next to one at a sports event and have no idea.. they were like “yeah that’s true,you don’t know who the patients are”.
      From what I hear it is like everything else in the Archdiocese, a game of numbers for survival just like the parishes and schools.
      And my number one question..who is in charge of intake approval of patients….Chaput or the director of the facility?

  2. Do they know? They invented it all, many millenium s ago….Our faith in THE LIVING GOD , is such a personal thing its hard to separate ourselves from where we,” feel ” HE IS MOST PRESENT.. But we know differently…. that HE GOES WITH US WHERE EVER WE GO! HE had no place to even rest HIS HEAD , so we know HE will never leave us or forsake us in this whole imperfect world. We must be diligent in our work to Expose this evil as fast & as perfectly as we can justify truth ,even at the cost of the ruination of an evil that. should be. eliminated ASAP!

  3. Kathy,
    Your reporting is all good but what is concerning is Norm #12 says nothing about the move of a potential abusive priest into a different parish being stopped. It only states the receiving parish or archdiocese must be notified so protective procedures can be put in place. What is even more disturbing it mentions nothing about parishioners being informed. I would only assume then if a priest who maybe potentially abusive or has questionable behavior around children can be moved into a parish such as St. Jeromes and as long as Chaput and the pastor knows of the priests past its okay while every parishioner is kept in the dark. You ask me that’s playing Russian Roulette with children.

    1. Dennis, Norm #12 deals with the abusive priests coming into another Diocese which is why I was interested in that in relation to Vianney and if it applies..and of course nothing applies given that 99.9% of other Dioceses do not have to worry about bringing even more abusive priests into their Diocese for treatment.
      Your question about the transfer within parishes would not be under that particular Norm..there are 15 Norms I believe, as well as the Philadelphia Archdiocese own charter that would address that question..

      1. Look at 1102.2.1. in Philly’s charter for your info . I tried to copy and paste it and it was a woedjumble when it pasted..not sure why

  4. Kathy, you have raised many good issues and concerns but, truth be told, Chaput and his management really are not concerned about the safety in and around SJV. It is a non-issue for them and it appears that all of the government, professional and certifying agencies and bodies will not get involved, do not care to, or lack the authority to scrutinize the security, professional and treatment quagmire known as SJV. It is another fact of the USA RCC sick and twisted world created to protect themselves and it suits them just fine. They don’t have to justify themselves and the conduct, decision-making and operations at such a facility at SJV. It is only a matter of time until something happens related to the lack of security and oversight for the patients residing there. Yes, I would expect that children, young adults, families, neighbors, etc. in and around SJV must be exceptionally vigilant since there is little if any information regarding the level of risk of certain clergy being treated at SJV.

    Wonder what would happen if those Catholics willing to take a stand for the safety and security of their high school children from across the street decided to stage a very large sit-in on the grounds of SJV. Is that is what will force the issue and bring about change, focus and media attention to a very dangerous situation to the families and children in the area?

  5. I think all abusive clergy who need risk assessment or therapy for child porn or child sex abuse should remain in their own Diocese and move in with the bishops of their Dioceses who can keep an eye on them and they could receive their treatment right in the Bishop;s residence . It is ridiculous that any abusive clergy or those out on bail are traveling to Pa.for any type of services that are available in their own Diocese.Can you imagine the other Bishop’s joy when they hear there is somewhere to send them? Seriously who wouldn’t
    send them here…bye bye… here’s your plane/train ticket.

    I think my “favorite’ was the newspaper article about the priest from Connecticut charged with 338 counts of child porn of children as young as 2 and 3 years old and the description of Vianney where he would be coming while out on bail ..all that article was missing was a picture of our Vianney commenter “Dyan’ greeting him with her/his open. loving,non judgmental arms.

    Mike I know as a cop you had to deal with adults who harmed children..I did too as a social worker..but we saw the child victims also .It must be nice to not have to see the child victims …you could almost fool yourself into thinking it didn’t happen just like “Dyan”

  6. I believe your article makes clear the hierarchy essentially knows, but their responses, or lack thereof, make abundantly clear that they do not care. Such laxity as Kathy encountered speaks for itself.

    Important development: This past January, a retired senior priest and canonist from Wisconsin filed a complaint with the Vatican about the USCCB’s conduct with respect to their audits of dioceses’ compliance with the Dallas Charter. See

    Fr. James Connell, the author of the complaint and genuine hero, is part of a group of clergy known as Catholic Whistleblowers. His detailed research is stunning. Please do access the link.

    Speaking of Norms, here is where the beef is in Connel’s report:

    “V Flawed audit process

    Comments in the StoneBridge audit report raise five issues of great importance in the protection of minors and vulnerable adults. These issues, which are systemic in nature,…are in the present time, going on right now.

    (a) Essential Norms is not audited; only the Charter is audited (see Article 9 of the Charter that authorizes an audit of the Charter but with no mention of auditing the Essential Norms; also see “Objective” on p. 7 of the 2014 Annual Report saying that the audit is of the Charter but with no mention of auditing the Essential Norms).

    As a result, no one checks to verify that all the allegations of clergy sexual abuse of a minor or of a vulnerable adult that ought to be sent to the CDF actually are sent….The requirement
    to send cases to the CDF is found only in the Essential Norms (Norm #6); it is not stated in the Charter.

    So, since the Essential Norms is not audited, a diocesan or eparchial bishop, or a major
    superior of a clerical religious institute or a clerical society of apostolic life, could be holding
    back one or more such cases and this deception would go undetected by the auditors.

    The Essential Norms must be audited.”

    So, Kathy, regarding your mention of Norm #12, no matter, basically; its compliance is not audited. Do read the other major deficiencies of USCCB audits Fr. Connell charges. FYI, everyone.

    1. Carolyn I agree. I call the Philadelphia charter the charter to protect the Archdiocese rather than the Charter to protect children. A person can look at the 80 plus pages and think this is great..and then you start reading it..and then you have to re read things a few times because a simple word can change the meaning of an entire sentence..

  7. “Power concedes nothing without a demand – it never did and it never will.” Frederick Douglas. Until those in the pews demand change the power in the all male Vatican will continue evade, side-step, lie, cover up and use religious platitudes and religious power to maintain the status quo. “No institution could ever achieve the morality of the individual.” Reinhold Niebuhr

    Martin Luther King has provided the roadmap and plan to change and to the challenge of power. Nothing will EVER change in the Vatican until Catholics take such action, He changed the thinking, the laws, and the heart of a nation. So did Jesus by taking action. Time to upset the tables of Vatican Indifference. Reid

  8. Kathy’s piece, in its entirety, wreaks of clericalism. Clericalism was a contributing cause of clerical sexual abuse, it is the cause of the administrative abuse that has followed clerical abuse, it frustrates justice for victims, it is an ongoing obstacle to child protection, it impedes healing and reconciliation, and it threatens the future of the Church and Catholicism. It’s a plague of colossal proportions.

    The fact that the laity continues to grant clerics clericalism, and provide them with the necessary resources, does not help. The families at the Catholic high school who sit on their butts while Vianney patients freely circle their campus and occupy their adjacent malls are testimony to the laity’s part in the clericalism problem.

    One thing the hierarchy knows is that clericalism continues to be alive and well… indeed, it is The Consecrated Way. It continues to dictate the mindsets and modus operandi of clerics. Francis has been utterly ineffectual in annihilating it, mainly because he wants to maintain some of it. His mixed messages tell hierarchs to maintain clericalism but to be inventive, rhetorical, and merciful in order to soften the diabolical blow.

    Clericalism is here to stay. Victims, victim advocates, and people who care about the protection of children will be knocking their heads against the walls of clericalism for decades, if not centuries, to come. It will not go away until the clerical culture is infiltrated and fully integrated with men and women from the outside world. The wait will be something like waiting for hell to freeze over.

    Kathy, thank you for your excellent and important work.

    1. micklega, you see the USA RCC leadership for who they really are……..those “emperors” really are wearing “no clothes”……..

      Yes, the majority of the laity just stand (er, I mean sit) idle while the NEROS of the RCC leadership allow our Catholic faith to burn out of control.

      Hubris………..never knew that the depth and breadth of such an evil could be so all encompassing………

      No problem, though. After many years awash in their hubris, our RCC leaders are about to experience and come face to face with our dear friend…….he’s known as COMEUPPANCE.

      Mike Skiendzielewski

      1. Yes, Michael, their final judgment rests with God.

        But that does not mean that we should not incarcerate as many as possible, publicly destroy reputations that merit destruction, advance efforts to include them on sexual offenders’ lists, rally the legislature to provide justice to victims, disgrace them, confront them, question them, withhold our money, and, generally, put the middle finger up to repulsive clericalism.

    2. Clericalism on steroids is knowingly going to a mass celebrated by a child many of us now later in life now have found out that various Masses and sacraments we attended were celebrated by a child abusing cleric and the disgusting feeling that comes with that..but to attend Mass knowing the hands on the altar have been accused of assaulting innocent children is worse than clericalism… it is downright cultish.

  9. Amen. S .Ried !
    They already went through the pain of that scandal. They don’t care & stay the same. Let there be ten more churches. that leave…They have enough gullible people, who love being superior to others, stay & pass it onto the next generation of innocent believing children. We (Iam) are, or. were, part of that scenario! It needs to end. NOW, with. those who have been enlightened & really care!” !!!! If it still reigns superior to all the other churches, so be it, we did what we. could, to warn them of the. existing evil just as Luther & all the rest!! Let GOD BE GOD! HE surely did a good thing, allowing ” Spotlight ” to be the Academy Award winner for Best Picture of the Year!… Id say of this century. It was just the beginning, to see what we’d do.

  10. Yes Kathy, the church misrepresents it’s self to us when these priests are . on the alter serving a god we do not know…This,is so unnerving as to stop one in their tracks and wanting to scream out loud..

    We had 5 pedophiles ( not all at the same time)@St. Maria Goretti Church, Sct. Az. This was our parish church for almost 15 years. We found out a few years later…We were snowed by them. all…..

  11. Absolutely glory be and even a bigger concern when a priest has been removed and restricted by the Vatican if he has still said Mass for lay Catholics.
    I have been to Masses.weddings,funerals etc celebrated by abusive clergy however of course we did not know at the time..anyone who goes to a Mass knowingly celebrated by abusive clergy needs a psych eval themselves

  12. And it is not just saying Mass that is restricted but also includes a prayer service etc.. any ministry that is other than by himself or to other prayer and penance program participants. If another priest or staff is allowing that and ignoring the restrictions of the Vatican it is not to be taken lightly…you know the Church sometimes take those things more serious than misbehavior against children. “Dyan’ I hope you did not witness such things and not report it!

  13. I have said this before, but needs repeating. It refers to the people in the pews and their priests. “Most people don’t really want the truth. They just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth.”

    1. Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed. Nietzsche

      Religion has the capacity to silence critical thinking
      and create blindness in entire groups of people. It
      can infect the minds of follower so completely as to
      allow the most egregious sexual acts against children
      to go unchallenged for centuries. Darrel Ray

      1. Well said. Truth is that the only “religion” God [of the bible] inhabited is Judaism. To be in Christ, as in Galatians 2:20, is not a religion because we don’t do anything, go anywhere, join anything, pay anything etc. We only believe.

  14. A few years ago I attended a meeting in a community where a Little League coach of 40 years had been arrested for the rape of a child in his home. This man had also taught at a school in the area for many years. Barely anyone showed up to the meeting..maybe 15 parents and one father was so upset asking “where is everyone?” if you think of the amount of children that this predator encountered over the years..the parking lot should have been full..standing room only etc ,but instead the meeting room was mostly empty. The speaker answered the question by saying that people just want to ignore this subject even when it hits their own community..she was correct. The parents that were there were passionate and the parents that were not there..simply were not there. Your child could have been taught or coached by a child rapist and you don’t show up to a meeting…not uncommon at all unfortunately
    Then take the issue of sexual abuse of children and slap a collar on it..put it under any category of religion and that the taboo that already exists become two fold.
    People need to read these kinds of stories ,especially the” Dyans” out there

    1. I believe this same issue may be one of the reasons that, at times, you see very few, if any, comments on the Internet when there are articles posted about child sexual abuse. Regarding the Altoona-Johnstown GJR and the numerous articles posted on media sites since the release of the findings, there have been very, very few comments made and in some instances, no comments are posted except by this writer.
      You know the saying…….”You (we) can’t handle the truth”

  15. Mike, people somehow need a visual for things to register and child victims are not trotted out for the news media, and they should NOT be of course. The “Dyans’ of the world have no reality of sex crimes against children so that people like her/him argue against us about bringing child rapists into a community of kids. Now let’s think about this..all communities already have their various troubled citizens,criminals etc who pose a danger for children and we are saying to not purposefully bring more child predators to an area, and Dyan is calling me full of hate. Dyan’s criticisms are comical to me..but it is her/his mentality that is dangerous to children and there is nothing funny about that. Predators thrive on the enablers like Dyan.

  16. And because people already have an aversion to this issue then you have those within the Church telling people to not read the news that comes out about abuse ..this actually happens..people are advised to not read things..and people listen. Then you have the George Foster’s the devout Catholic parent whose love for his children and all children does not get in the way of him helping to literally break the case wide open in Altoona..because somehow his character was strong enough to resist the temptation to bury his head in the sand and allow children to be at risk. Whether it was a paternal feeling or a testament to his character..he did the right thing over and over for years while no one listened. That is the spectrum you have in the Church..the scary apologists like Dyan and the fully formed, adult functioning, child protectors like the George Fosters

  17. Reread the Mother of Consolation meeting posts from earlier blogs on this site. interesting comments made by Rich and Vicky. Mr. Nines the speaker for the AD was from St Vianney and he spoke at that meeting. Being a nurse and sitting at that meeting I felt like I was in the twilight zone. Having studied Child sexual abuse in nursing school and my own personal experience in helping put a predator in jail I had enough knowledge and experience to know this man was totally deluded. Most predators abuse more than one child in their life time and predators can not be cured. The best thing we can do is keep them away from children. I fell for the whole crocodile tear routine of the predator that I helped put in jail…..he said he was sorry and only abused one child that was now an adult and that turned out to be a lie. The only reason he was sorry was because he was exposed. It was interesting when he went to counseling the counselor asked him to write the names down of his other victims and he refused and walked out. Predators for the most part only admit to crimes that we already know about not to ones where survivors have yet to come forward. My experience is that they don’t have true remorse and see nothing wrong with what they did. They know on some level there are laws against what they are doing but they don’t see it as evil or wrong on any moral level. In fact they don’t seem to have any conscience at all. This lack of conscience has kept me up at night thinking. If we applied everything Jesus taught us about loving our neighbor to a serial killer we would have a lot of dead people on our hands. Its the same with a sexual predator the most humane and Christ like thing we can do is protect society and lock them up and monitor them. Its harsh but the risk is too great in pain and suffering and even monetary cost not to do so.

  18. Has anyone asked the question is Megans Law be applied in this situation? If so is it being followed correctly to inform the public? Does it apply to treatment centers? and especially does it apply for people out of state and living in temporarily at the center.

    1. Beth to the best of my knowledge people have stayed at Vianney while out on bail for various child related crimes..before prosecution, so no Megans Law..and then of course because of the statutes expiring no prosecution for others such as the FBI profiled child rapist in the latest grand jury report who stayed there in 2012.

      You use the term twilight zone..I have said I felt like I was Alice falling down the rabbit hole in some of my conversation with a parallel universe that I have never encountered in my field of study or work. That is why when “Dyan” comes on bashing me and bringing up the fact that I am a social worker it is even more bizarre..correct I have a bachelors and masters degree and have never encountered the mentality I have in my life except with them..and if I think a suspected child molester was looking at the bet I am speaking on that. the “Dyans” want to always put the blame somewhere else.

      One of my first projects as a young intern was working on a committee addressing child abuse among homeless families living in shelters in Philadelphia. I have worked with clients who have been released from Rikers..I have had clients who sexually assaulted women..I have had clients who harmed children back in the late 80’s when an abuser literally almost had to beating a child in public to get the attention of DHS. And the last thing you do is bring these people into a community of kids..have them walking the grounds , cater to them ,feel that others who question the safety are judgmental. They can get the help in their own Diocese, leave them there under the watch of their own Bishops. Abusers are some of the most narcissistic,controlling personalities that exist and the last thing you do is fall for it.

  19. in an email Fr Flavin even said that the two institutions(school,treatment center) being next door neighbors is not an perfect situation. Hmmm you think? then maybe don’t bring child predators here..this is not rocket science. What you do is take an imperfect situation and make it the best you can for the sake of the children in the community..not the best scenario for the child predator but for the children..stick to drug and alcohol,MH and the infamous weight loss program and leave the predators behind in their own Diocese..this is not 1946..there are services available for them in their own Diocese.
    I am far more concerned for the kids in the shopping center than even the kids at the school..oh and don’t let the porn addicts out with their cell phones.

  20. Vianney has to be careful it does not operate as a parallel universe, separate from and perceiving itself as having no relationship or responsibility to the world beyond its own front door. It can’t be insular. It can’t be ignorant of or uninterested in matters outside its own experience, especially matters directly related to its experience.

    I think the Vianneys in the world are anomalies in the minds of many people. Vianneys deviate from our common notions of treatment centers mainly because of the incongruity present in them. The incongruity being priests and nuns having addiction issues, criminal records, and the like. The juxtaposition of the sacred and the profane inclines us to perceive Vianneys in a different, more trusting, and less threatening light. The juxtaposition has the same effect on the people who run Vianney facilities. But the effect on everyone is altogether irrational and dangerous.

    1. Kate there was news recently of 2 nuns who were in trouble with the law. One got a DUI and the other was arrested for shoplifting. Not major crimes and if they were not nuns the news would not have gone any further than the local papers in their area..instead the news went viral because they were nuns and what nuns would ever shoplift or drive drunk? That mentality still exists in society.They are human before they are anything and they are just as flawed as everyone else and people cannot believe that..and they should be treated as everyone else also.

  21. This scenario reminds me of one of the first whistle blowers; Father Gerald Fitzgerald who founded the Order of the Paracletes back in the early 1950’s. The order was founded to treat priests and nuns who were having problems with addiction and other psychiatric problems.The treatment center was located in Juarez, New Mexico .By 1959 Bishops from across the country were sending their problem priests[child molesters] for treatment to Father Fitzgerald.. He did the best he could but came to the conclusion by 1960 that these priests were untreatable. He complained to those in the Hierarchy who dismissed his concerns. In 1963, he traveled to the Vatican to meet with the Pope. His concerns were also dismissed there. Mind you this is 1963, long before the “Crisis’ hit the news .Father Fitzgerald went so far as to put a down payment on an island in the Carribean to house priestly predators. In the meanwhile, priests were molesting more kids in the surrounding community. Father Fitzgerald was eventually forced out and someone more compliant was installed.

    1. I wish all of the employees at Vianney, including Dyan, its director and other administrative people, would sit down and very seriously and honestly take stock of how “compliant” they are.

      1. Today ironically the principal of our school sent out an email to all parents saying a supicious man was parked in his car watching the kids practice sports and he was approached by staff and apparently wasnt related to any kids practicing outside after school. The man was told to leave and the police were called and a report was made. Today with schoolreach technology etc It is so easy to reach out to parents about the safety of their kids and I am glad when it’s done properly. They gave description of the guy, they went over personal safety with all the kids and asked parents if they had any questions or concerns to contact the school. Anytime there is an issue or a concern the school staff are notifying the students families. I think recent communication was improved greatly after the past few school shootings etc but I am glad they are sending information out when necessary.

  22. Good to see common sense was used because a stranger/patient from a treatment center a few feet from the front door of a school only got a phone call to the archdiocesan attorneys..I had to make sure a week later that the parents were informed and a month later when I found out the police had never been informed, I had to file the report. Amazing how common safety sense changes when the stranger danger is coming from an Archdiocesan facility. I am going to venture a guess if the facility was named Downingtown Treatment Center rather than a Catholic facility it would have been a different story.

  23. The distance from the walking path at Vianney,where the patient was supposed to be, to the front doors of the school is probably about a 1/4 of a one is accidentally walking by the doors of the is set back from the road. The patient did not have child related issues but it shows how easy it would be for someone who did have bad intentions.
    When I bring up the safety issues to the Archdiocese I am always told that the facility has their safety plans as does the school..correct and I witnessed both is not like I drove by the facility and decided to make an issue..their patient was in the school parking lot. So don’t bring child predators to the facility..this is not rocket science

    1. Kathy in many cases the pastor and or principal sets the tone for the school or parish unfortunately. It depends if they see child safety as a true priority and aren’t just giving lip service. Some schools do better jobs than others. Some are more backwards and outdated. This treatment center seems to be both. I really don’t see how they can group people with drug or alcohol addictions with predators especially being so close to a school. Many drug addicts will say they need to remove themselves from old friends and living situations which enable their addiction. The same could be said of child predators they should be far from schools and places that child gather especially when they are in acute stages of therapy.

  24. Does the Hierarchy Even Care? It clear that they don’t. The Catholic conference is still lobbying against extending SOLs. What more evidence is needed?

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