Chaput Calls Priest Meeting On Bill

Click here to read: “With abuse bill looming, Chaput calls priest meeting,” by Maria Panaritis,, May 16, 2016

Editor’s note:

This bill would protect all children in Pennsylvania from child sex abusers who have escaped the justice system due to the current statute of limitations. This is not limited to clergy sex abuse cases.

Many other states have enacted this legislation allowing for improved safety and an opportunity for justice. Victims still need to prove their cases in a court of law.

Chaput’s financial concerns are valid. It’s a shame that so many Bishops didn’t apply this same amount of concern to children being raped. Maybe if a parish closes, the faithful will finally stand up and demand real change. The kind of change that will protect children and the future of the Church.


“….the meetings come as the state Senate has begun to meet with advocates about a bill to extend the civil statute of limitations on child sex abuse to age 50. Approved overwhelmingly by the House earlier this year, the measure would allow victims to file lawsuits for abuse that happened in some cases several decades ago.”

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  1. I thought that settlements were paid by insurance, and not directly from the church coffers. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    In my opinion the constitutionality issue is a smoke screen. I believe that the legislators who carry on about constitutionality are doing so solely to deflect the public from knowing that, to date, they have not been supporters of SOL reform. Senator Greenleaf had ample opportunity to introduce SOL reform legislation all these years. I personally contacted him several times, imploring him to take action. I got lip service in return. He chose to ignore the issue. And now he wants to explore the constitutionality of the proposed legislation, when in reality there is no such impediment. Shameful. Cowardice. Hypocrisy. Right up there with the Church leaders who conspired to protect the perpetrators while innocent children were being destroyed.

    The real heroes here are Mark Rozzi, Tom Murt, and all the SOL reform advocates that came before them, and stood tall beside them. Everyone else is just trying to make themselves look good now that public outcry has reached a critical mass.

    I tell you what makes you look good – – doing the right thing, for the right reason.

    And they think we don’t see what is happening. We know truth when we see it, and we know deception when we see that, too.

    I believe the law will pass exactly as written, and that window legislation will follow on its heels.

    For all who are stressed and suffering because of this media storm and issue, I hope you find peace and justice.

    1. Laney: Yes insurance companies do pick up much of the cost but as we have seen in the Penn State case, Insurance Companies do have an out when it comes to how much they will pay when the Institution[Penn State, the Catholic Church] sat on their hands knowing that the abuse was taking place and did nothing.

  2. “It’s a shame that so many so many Bishops did not apply the same concern for children being raped” That’s it in a nutshell. When the real treasure..the human treasure of the Church,it’s children, were being raped and assulted there was silence,cover up and a complete failure to protect the most innocent.

  3. From pope Francis….

    Turning to sexual abuse by priests, the Pope stated:

    For the Church in this area, there can be no statute of limitations: for these abuses, a priest who is called to lead people to God destroys a child. He spreads evil, resentment, pain. As Benedict XVI said, tolerance must be zero.

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    1. To Father Sobus, What is destroyed in a survivor who has been raped by a priest is their connection to GOD. That is the heinous crime and mortal sin committed against the most vulnerable and trusting. This SIN cannot be forgiven by God unless true sincere apology has been offered to the survivor. I say offered, it is NOT a given!

  4. This posting only confirms my previous post that Chaput is scrambling to know what is already being spent for clergy abuse victims. He should have some financial concerns if this bill should become law. With the possibility of a influx of lawsuits that may hit his desk I believe maybe staggering as those victims who have never came forward in the past with the thinking why should I because they feared they would not see justice this time really have a good shot at seeing some justice.

    I don’t believe this meeting is only a get together between an archbishop and his priests as Mr. Gavin would like us to believe. But a meeting whose main subject is going to be about the passing of this bill into law. How individual parishes can cut costs as Chaput prepares for possible lawsuits.

    I only wish I could be a fly on the wall in this meeting because I believe it is a very important one as Chaput will discuss the future of the catholic church and clergy abuse victims.

  5. Excellent article on the aftermath in Delaware when the window legislation was enacted. Sure some tightening of the belts and inconveniences but the Catholic Church in Delaware is still alive and well. I can think of some prime real estate on Woodbine Ave in Downingotwn and City Line Ave that could be sold . The sky will not fall , yes some resources will no longer be available to innocent people who had nothing to do with the crimes and the cover ups and we can thank the history of the hierarchy in Philly for that…the kids were innocent too.

    1. It’s not all about the money for Chaput. What better laws would mean in PA is that when civil cases are brought records, files, etc., etc., etc., will be forced out. That’s what Chaput and other U.S. fear the most – the Truth about what has been going on for decades; not only the predatory sexual behavior of rogue priests but the cover-up, the enabling, the conspiracy that has gone on for the same decades.

      Sister Maureen

      1. For sure, but the money is what is used to strike fear in the hearts of the faithful. They (the victims) will cause your schools.parishes etc to sets up the us and against them mentality that already exists. If anything closes it is not the fault of children who were raped, it is the fault of the people who perpetrated the crimes and those that covered up.

  6. First – a meeting at my “home” parish. You can be sure I’ll be doing a drive by to judge the number of cars in the parking lot.

    Second – yes Kathy – lots of things to be sold. Close the seminary – sell it to St. Joe’s or a developer. Educate priests and deacons to be at one of the Catholic colleges in the area. Or put them at the old Kennedy-Kenrick HS property which sits vacant and unsold after how many years?

    Third – stop funding the clergy retirement fund. I am AMAZED that these guys are funded by the Archdiocese. Kathy – how many of them have houses down the shore?

    Finally – if this comes to fruition – we are once again going to see a rash of parish and school closings – including High Schools who were spared last time.

  7. A Catholic priest shared this with me in relation to this post.
    “Turning to sexual abuse by priests, the Pope stated: For the Church in this area, there can be no statute of limitations: for these abuses, a priest who is called to lead people to God destroys a child. He spreads evil, resentment, pain. As Benedict XVI said, tolerance must be zero.”

  8. Reblogged this on Voice of the Faithful ® and commented:
    Fr. James Connell, J.C.D., Catholic Whistleblowers Steering Committee, points out that “the Vatican has removed from Catholic Church law its statute of limitations for the crime of sexual abuse of a minor … Hence, the Catholic bishops of Pennsylvania should support similar legislation. And the people of Pennsylvania along with their legislators should not accept anything less from the Catholic bishops in Pennsylvania.”

  9. The meeting may be about finances. The meeting may be about the new cases of child abuse that will emerge from this legislation and the belt tightening needed. But knowing Chaputs’ history, I believe the meeting will be about circling the wagons. He is not ready to give up this fight . He will urge his priests to contact the senators who will be voting on this bill. He will urge those priests to contact those in their parishes who in turn will contact their state senators. This man will not give without one last fight. It is his legacy. A pretty disgraceful legacy, but his legacy nonetheless.

    1. Chaput…….not ready to give up the fight???? I can’t see him walking away from any fight because that’s not who he is……….that’s seen as a defeat.
      Let’s look on the bright side………in the archdiocesan budget, you can now place a big ZERO under the heading for “harrisburg lobbying expenses”
      The children, victims and their families will eventually win this battle and Chaput may just be sent down to Triple A.
      I’m checking discount deals on Expedia right now………some red-eye specials, dirt cheap, for flights BACK to Denver

      1. There is no doubt Chaput will go down kicking and screaming before this bill becomes law. He is no friend to clergy abuse victims or their families and I can give you 75,000 reasons why. Because that is the amount in dollars I know that Chaput has spent in trying to stop changes to the SOL laws $75,000. There are those here who believe that number to be much higher.

        I do not hide the fact that I don’t trust the man especially after my personal interactions with him. I think he has a agenda and its not the healing of clergy abuse victims. Oh sure he plays the role of a caring priest very well but so did my abuser. I believe he has his sights on one thing and that is his elevation to cardinal and he will step on the backs of anyone who stands in his way.

  10. Good priests will make sure they are in attendance at BOTH meeting-times. They will stand strong and unified at each meeting, repeatedly demanding justice for victims and support for the passage of new SOL legislation. They will not languish in blind loyalty, clerical stroking, and silence. No sickening and neurotic smirks on their faces. Loud and clear, they will give Chaput hell.

  11. Micklega: I am a little slow. Are you being sarcastic or do you really believe that?

  12. Just did a drive by about an hour ago. Parking lot is packed – traffic on 202 very slow as people are turning into St. Helena’s and stopping to look at the news crew on the side of the road. Also two older men with signs outside on the road. I gave them a honk and a “thumbs up!”.

    By the way – St. Helena’s has a large school – dismissal around 3PM? Wonder what the kids will think?

    And, according to their school calendar, a Parent’s art show tonight at 7PM. At the same time as meeting #2!

  13. The pastor at church on Sunday announced the meeting with Chaput this week!

    1. This Sunday, if your pastor dutifully regurgitates Chaput’s take on the matter and implores you to take and spread it, too, please stand up and walk out.

        1. Make up your own – have asked a few in Philly to prepare them . HB 1947, Senate Judiciary Committee with names nd a few choice talking points as above like protect all children.

      1. Did you read the catholicphilly article? They are asking us to write our lawmakers to not pass the bill.

  14. “This bill would protect all children in Pennsylvania from child sex abusers who have escaped the justice system due to the current statute of limitations. This is not limited to clergy sex abuse cases.”
    Does this bill apply to public schools?

    1. Theresa we will be doing a post in the next few days about the catholicphilly article. You can go online and find that explanation of the Bill.
      What I find fascinating is people thinking this is a Catholic issue when many of the perverts are now among the public,having been defrocked and this bill will help all children exposed to depraved former priests. Just like the case of the Philly priest who was defrocked and then going after kids at an apartment complex pool..I think he presented himself as a former Xerox salesman..not a civil or criminal case against him due to the statutes and going after kids in a swimming pool in Texas..far,far away from the state of Pa. and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

  15. I just read the article from catholicphilly online. They want us to write our lawmakers to not pass the bill? Does this take way their tax exempt status? I would rather a bankrupt church than a church like this. Obviously no one is listening to the passed couple of Popes that said statue of limitations in cannon law should be disregarded when there is credible evidence of abuse of minors.

  16. I am amazed by such a lack of trust that God will provide in times of need. The current bills being set forth are necessary to protect children because predators need to be exposed and people in leadership positions and others failed to protect children. These laws bring much needed consequences to evil deeds. Other states have passed similar laws and there are still catholic parishes, schools etc. The AD of Philly has insurance that will pay a large part of this costs. Sorry I know you are going to post something soon but I am here not surprised but more like the day has finally come……….

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