Chaput’s Strategy Backfires

Click here to read: “Philly Archdiocese’s push against bill reminds councilman of ‘Spotlight,'” by Daniel Craig, Philly Voice, June 2016


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Click here to read: “Child rapists deserve no safe harbor,”  by Nick Miccarelli, Times Guest Columnist, June 8, 2016,


I was nothing short of shocked when a dear friend of mine sent me a picture of the St. Rose of Lima Church bulletin on Saturday. It read, “State Representative Nick Miccarelli voted in favor of House Bill 1947 which states that private institutions can be sued as far as 40 years ago for millions of dollars, while public institutions may not be sued for any crimes committed in the past.” This statement, printed in the church bulletin, is patently untrue. The simplicity of this statement leaves out much, but most glaringly it leaves out the true goal of the bill. I did vote in favor of HB1947 because as I reviewed the legislation, forefront in my mind was justice for the victims, not sympathy for the predators that committed heinous crimes against children or any public or private institution that allowed sexual abuse to continue unaddressed. HB1947 will allow those who have been molested as children to have their day in court.

There is no one, and I mean no one, with any understanding of the law who would claim “public institutions may not be sued for any crimes committed in the past.” Google “Jerry Sandusky Penn State Lawsuit” if you need to see evidence that public institutions can be sued. What this bill did was to expand the statute of limitations for claims of child molestation. Put simply, it allows those people who are raped as children more time to face those who raped them. I was one of 180 members of the House of Representatives who believe this bill will help victims. We also believe that this bill would let child predators across Pennsylvania know that they will not be free from punishment if they simply run out the clock.


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  1. I think it might be a good idea if Chaput would spend some time contemplating the second reading from today’s mass, an excerpt from the Letter of Saint Paul. It was amazing that this reading appears at this particular time. Perhaps God’s message to our Archbishop!

    1. I have doubts that Chaput cares about Scripture. He has surely read it, but it doesn’t seem to guide his behavior.

    1. Carolyn there is also a link to the video at the end of the first article Susan posted above. The article titled “Philadelphia Archdiocese’s push against Bill reminds councilman of Spotlight”. Anyone who needs a feel good moment Please take a minute to watch it

  2. I have watched Councilman Greenlee’s video a few times and I feel like the theme from Rocky should be playing in the background. Thank God people are finally speaking out in Philadelphia.

    Some organizations that will be participating at the rallies tomorrow:

    Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse

    PCAR Pennsylvania Coalition against Rape

    NOVA Network of Victim Assistance..if the name rings a bell they were contracted by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for the mandatory reporting training all of clergy,staff and volunteers.

    Turning Point

    Jewish Community Watch

    Who has a better idea of what is best for victims and child protection..organizations that actually deal with these issues, or the hierarchy of the Church?

  3. Chaput’s Strategy Backfires? What about the blunders made by loyal parish priests and their across-the-board obedience in fostering Chaput’s strategy? It’s a total clerical meltdown.

    Add it to the long list of things we are to forgive and recover from.

  4. Just returned from the rally in Harrisburg.It was nice to meet some of those who post here: Vicky, Beth and Suzpt. You all made the trip worthwhile. From the reaction of Representative Rossi after the hearing, things did not go particularly well. To paraphrase him he said the deck was stacked against the victims.He was very angry. Only one proponent of the bill was allowed to speak. That was Marci Hamilton.All the other speakers were against the bill. One of those who spoke against the bill was Bruce Castor. He now works with Kathleen the Attorney Generals office. He did such a great job in the Bill Cosby assault case,that he now can determine whether this bill is constitutional.Give me a break. If he were still District Attorney, Cosby would never have faced trial.I also met a lawyer from Delaware by the name of Stephen Neuberger.We talked for quite awhile before the rally. He informed me that Senator Greenleaf had a conflict of interest in dealing with this bill. His law firm represented the Church in the Delaware case against the Norbertine Fathers . He should have recused himself from being considering this bill. It is quite obviously a conflict of interest.So it appears that the Church and the politicians have again ganged up on the victims. What else is new?

    1. Jim, Today validated and confirmed what many of us already knew. The catholic church is too powerful in Pa and it’s corrupt.

      1. I’m sorry but I believe in the power of prayer and until the fat lady sings there is always that hope this bill will become law and even if does not pass there is always hope that one day parishioners will demand a change.

        1. Dennis I totally agree. The fact Chaput lobbied so aggressively against this Bill shows he is/was not confident the bill would be shot down.

  5. One other thing I forgot to mention. Castor was a former partner at Greenleaf’s law firm. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

  6. So happy to meet you Jim! Wonder if this conflict of interest could be pursued? It was disgusting how many senators left after Castor made his presentation They made up their mind without getting all the facts only hearing one side- that of the church and insurance companies

    1. I think it was pretty obvious to Mark Rozzi and Marci Hamilton that this was a done deal before the hearing was ever held .It was pretty much over before it started. It is a shame that this is the way politics works some times but unfortunately the great American ideal that everyone gets a fair deal all the time is a myth .The hearing was all show.

  7. Don’t remember how many in California had civil suits that was a drop in a bucket. Maybe 1,500 suits or less. Well PA has less than 1/3 the population which means 500 cases tops. The amount of $$$ spent on lobbying is huge. They wouldn’t have that much in claims if this bill could pass. They just don’t want to admit they are criminals and give up control

  8. So should the church have their their tax exempt status stopped for entering into politics ? Separation of church and state issues of course ! Your comments.

    1. I am wondering if Senator Greenleaf should be investigated for his conflict of interest….receiving money to represent oblates and norbetines. He didn’t let the 2 lawyers that asked to speak in favor of the bill speak, he wouldn’t tell Marci who she waz speaking against before the hearing and a whole bunch of other things. Very ironic Chaput talks about fairness and the whole hearing seemed rigged.

      1. It was the lawyer from Delaware that pointed out this conflict of interest to the press after the hearing. Mark Rozzi and Marci also made comments to the press of the unfairness of the hearing. I hope the press publishes and puts there comments on the news. I saw clips of what they said a few places.

        1. Beth: Actually Steve Neuberger told me that he had uncovered the connection between Greenleaf’s law firm and the fact that they had defended the Church in Delaware clergy abuse cases three weeks ago. He has been trying to get the media to report this for several weeks. Until Monday’s article in the Inquirer nothing was reported. If they had picked up on this earlier perhaps this conflict of interest on Greenleaf’s behalf could have forced him to recuse himself. It’s a shame really. I had always thought that Greenleaf was a stand up guy.He has fought for some worthy causes in the past. But I guess the Catholic Church was not involved in those cases.

  9. Is clergy or any sexual abuse also against the constitution ? Come on those in the government do your jobs + perks you so greatly get compared to the rest of us or will the voters make you decisions very clear in the next election ? Your choice of course + all part of my decades of STS research – see my website of course for lot more info – http://WWW.KAYPROSTSNSF.ORG. CHEERS / ENJOY – LIFE IS GREAT IN MANY WAYS STILL !

  10. Also read Stephen Neuberger’s book to publicize the stories of the abused in Delaware when the statute of limitations was extended. The Oblates were required to post them on their website but did not, so he did. But also check their website about what they did have to post and did – sounds like a lot of specific details so you cannot get out of what you have agreed to in court – except these so incredible stories of the abused – you are not alone – many are behind you supporting you but it all takes time as always as the abuse continues -It may help you better understand what is going on here in PA. Remember those names when it comes time to vote – that is the power we have that many other countries do not – with many who have died and greatly suffered and continue to
    for us to have it.

    1. As Ms. Hamiton said at the hearing. Our knowledge of the effects of abuse is growing. The substance the crime can’t be changed, but the procedure (SOL being one of them can) We knew about the problem of a young person taking drugs and alcohol on the brain, now we are finding the effect of child sexual abuse on the brain. Don’t know how many were affected by early abuse, but knowing what was happening and conversations with abusers I know the rcc and oblates had help is keeping the survivors silent.NE philly was a stronghold of roman catholic influence and the oblates were a strong influence.

      “According to victims’ lawyers and a police investigation from the 1990s, Simonds would supply alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana to boys ages 10 to 15 and show them pornography. Victims said he gathered groups of boys and encouraged them to masturbate or have sex with each other, and took photos he would use to keep children silent.
      He also sexually assaulted them, admitting during depositions to abusing at least a dozen children, according to lawyer Antonio Ponvert, who represents three former students.
      One of Ponvert’s clients says he buried a coffee can of pornographic images in the 1980s as potential evidence against Simonds. A dig authorized by a judge last fall failed to turn up anything.
      Attorney Rick Kenny, who has represented four victims, said Simonds made the molestation into something like a game for the children. “As far as these kids were concerned, it was like going to supper,” he said.
      One man who settled with Indian Mountain over Simonds’ abuse said molesters are “masters at identifying those who are vulnerable,” adding: “I think the vulnerability factor is far greater the younger you go.” The Associated Press does not identify victims of sexual assaults without their permission.”

      The oblates

      Guess it is over 10 year, shame those parishioners don’t read how many abusers were transferred to philly or out of philly

      Can’t answer a few of your previous questions ie fed treasury and fed hatch act. Have several confidential agreements that are binding on lawsuits and helping veterans. Do know that as the lawsuits are settle out of court, certain details will not be known.

      One step at a time – we can win this.

  11. Also since I am on a ” roll here ” – yes the church is responsible for their employees as on person posted, but if they do not make them pay, should not the legal system do it ? Should they personally have to pay – their perks, pensions, get a real job to support themselves – but of course who would or even could hire them ? – so just my 2 cents for whatever it is worth and as always all part of my decades of STS research – much more on my website – http://WWW.KAYPROSTSNSF.ORG. Cheers and enjoy as best we all can in such challenging times in so many ways.

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