A Must-Read for Every Pa. Senator

by Rich Green

What happened to my constitutional rights? I was just a little kid (beginning at around 7-years-old and continued until I was nearly 15). I was raped! I was physically, psychologically, and sexually tortured by grown men who were entrusted to protect me, not abuse me!

The only real justice in this life seems to be the kind some people purchase with secret handshakes, promises of favors returned, and the enormity of money and power offered for ignoring evil.

However, I’m not surprised with this decision. I haven’t had faith in much of anything in a very long time. I suppose it has something to do with my body being forced against a urinal in the boys bathroom at school, humiliated with my trousers and underwear being yanked down below my knees, threatened with physical harm, and then raped. He told me to shut up and stand still. I tried desperately to stay quiet, but as my front torso was being shoved against the inside of the urinal I was screaming in my mind. I can still hear myself silently suffering all alone, and I can still feel the chill against my face and the salty moisture on my lips from the tears beading down the tile wall he pressed my face against it. When the pain became too much, I shouted and I tried wedging myself away from between he and the urinal.

He became so enraged he grabbed my testicles and squeezed one so hard that it was severely painful, and beyond uncomfortable for me to walk, sit still, and use the bathroom for weeks. After he was through with me, he told me to get dressed and go home. I realized then that he’d actually penetrated me so forcefully and violently that I was bleeding from his evil intrusion. I returned home after school, I ran upstairs to my bedroom, closed the door, and hid beneath the blanket in bed. I don’t believe I slept for even one second of that night following the day Rev. John J. McDevitt told me “this is what guys do together. I’m teaching you to be a man. God approves.”

I’ve never been able to forget the shocking pain of being raped and how it made me feel – Worthless!

Those who preached faith, trust, and a supposedly “loving and almighty” god wrote most of the chapters in my nightmare. As I get older I realize that indeed, evil exists all around us, but obverse to my elected officials, MY INTEGRITY IS NOT FOR SALE!

There’s no grey area within this issue. You cannot legitimately support certain aspects of both sides, because one side incorporated, allowed, and endorsed a network of evil scum who chose to corrupt their own professions by orchestrating themselves as someone society often views as decent and trustworthy. Catholic priests raped children! They raped us!

These political hustlers in Pennsylvania make me sick. It’s obvious Pennsylvania condones adults raping children. If they didn’t they would have protected children today without hesitation, and if they truly felt compelled to vote in accordance with our constitution, they would’ve begun paving a path toward justice. Instead, PA leaders showed me today, had they walked into the boys bathroom while Fr. McDevitt was raping me, they probably would’ve Mike-McCreeried their way right back out.

Rich Green
(Survivor of Abuse, Victim of the System)

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  1. This unspeakable and unimaginable tragedy should be hand delivered and/or faxed to the offices of the 9 State Senators of the Judiciary Committee who voted for Scarnati’s amendment which removed the retroactive element of HB 1947. And such an effort should be done day after day, hour after hour (faxed to the senators’ offices) and demand a response from these 9 Senators to the PAIN, SUFFERING, HEARTACHE, HUMILIATION and DESTRUCTION suffered by RIch Green at the hands of a “Man of God”.

    Ms. Marci Hamilton has demonstrated over and over again that every legal effort to overturn the constitutionality of such “retroactive provisions” in SOL legislation in other states has been defeated and for these 9 Senators to continue to use this excuse is simply reckless, inhumane and unjustified.

    Senators………………your SILENCE on behalf of the Commonwealth’s children, victims and their families is indeed deafening. How dare each one of you turn away from such wanton, criminal and evil sexual abuse and predation as presented by the brave and courageous Rich Green (and hundreds of others in the Commonwealth with strikingly similar horrific experiences).

    Michael Skiendzielewski
    Captain (retired)
    Philadelphia Police Dept.

  2. Rich you Vicky and Jim have probably made the biggest impact on me. Don’t stop speaking your truth. Things will change they can’t stay the same. The truth is powerful.

  3. Watching this come down from another state, it wreaks of indecency, ineptness, and corruption. No other state in the union can be likened to or deemed comparable to what grand juries and the district attorney have uncovered in PA. PA is in a child sexual abuse league of its own, matchless, and without parallel. To watch its lawmakers fail victims and impede justice when the evidence is clashing and clanging, irrefutable, conclusive, and certain is nothing short of a stunning human failure. PA. Let’s hope it drowns in its shame.

  4. My writings are not the most loved, especially by catholics confused about clergy sex abuse and what side of the fence they should be sitting on. I don’t need to read Rich Green’s essay to get fired up. But, I do applaud Rich for his courage and bravery, two things lacking in the Roman Coward Church and PA politics.

    As an advocate for clergy sex abuse victims, I have two choices, lick the new wounds inflicted, or fight back harder.

    In reality, I only have one choice. I’ll be fighting back harder.

    Stand by your church, stand by your country, continue to make the same mistake time and time again.

  5. Why is it so difficult to exercise one’s power of position to protect the innocence of children and hold accountable those who commit heinous crimes against said “victims”…unless you are protecting someone…I just can’t grasp the concept…and yes, Mike Ference …we need to continue to fight.

  6. Rich, no one knows how sick the Oblates are as much as the survivors. Mcdevitt was a huge sick man who no matter what was said, still was transferred from place to place including that school near St Jeromes along with others who forced themselves on minors and yes, two of them shared an individual at Wilmington. Both sent to philly area schools with multiple states not able to prosecute them because of SOLs. Do you believe with the many tricks they tried they want to act like all is well after the Delaware settlement?

    Hopefully, all of the survivor stories are being documented and held in a safe place so with the permission of the author these struggles are entered into evidence when the time comes

  7. Rich: What “This man of God” did to you and what the many thousands of others suffered who were sexually assaulted in Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania and across the country and the world is a horror that sadly the vast number of humans can rarely understand. It is disheartening that most of the people who call themselves Christians talk the talk put rarely walk the walk .It still is very difficult for me to read your words without tears rolling down my face. This, despite the fact that I have read your story and heard the anguish in your words before.I hear the anguish and the anger and the pure emotion when I read what you have written.I feel your pain and wonder how men who believe they are preaching the word of God can continue to align themselves with politicians who care only about their next election can ignore the pain of yourself and all victims of clergy abuse.It was good to hear from you again. I only wish that the circumstances were better..

    1. Last night I left voice messages at the offices of the 4 who voted for the victims to thank them for trying.
      There is a special place in hell for the others. They are WORSE than the rapists as they know and are doing nothing! I hope when they are up
      for re-election their opponents will point that out

  8. I’m speechless. Trying to stay away from my daughter so she does not see a grown man cry.

  9. We can still keep fighting. I will till my last breath. We can rant here, but need to keep letting the world know what is right and what is wrong
    My letter to the editor of the York paper:

    The Senate rejected a provision approved overwhelmingly in April by the House to restore the ability of older victims of childhood sexual abuse to sue for damages.
    They based this decision on a possible issue of the constitutionality of the provision based on a decision in a 100-year-old case concerning a railroad injury. (Not quite the same as rape of a child!)
    The Senate could have passed the decision along to the judiciary qualified to consider if it was constitutional. Instead they bowed to the interests of the Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Catholic Conference who has spent hundreds of thousands of collection basket dollars to lobby against it!
    I was a Catholic, but will have nothing to do with this institution anymore, as this is unconscionable!
    These Senators protect the financial interest of institutions rather than the safety of our children! It is estimated that the provision would have identified 100 perpetrators and prevented 10,000 children from violation in Pennsylvania Remember this when heaven forbid your child, grandchild or neighbor is raped by one of these monsters given a free pass to keep violating our children.

    1. So what do we do? Do we urge the Governor to send the bill back and fix it? Don’t know what is the next step..Not about to stop now, couldn’t get any support in the 70’s or early 80’s, so with the amount of people who claim to be disgusted, will not now.


      I contacted him already.Need him to send the bill back and add the amendments by Rozzi unless we really feel that we can afford the loss of so many children by child sex abusers as we wait for this law’s provisions to take effect.Child sex abusers that can only be identified by Rozzi’s amendments that will allow the civil suits retroactively.

    2. Suzpt: I believe that I read in an article in the Inquirer that this bill needed to go back to the House because it was amended. That is usually the way that amended bills are handled. One of the Republican reps.who was shamed from the altar by Chaput is quoted as saying the House would not vote again on this bill till the Fall session. He made it sound like the fight is not over.I believe that Chaput has made some enemies in the house by using his heavy handed tactics.

  10. Sent this today.

    Dear Governor Wolf, I urge you to send HB1947 back to the Senate for reconsideration to include the ability for victims of sexual abuse to sue. Please see my letter to the editor of the York Daily Record which reflects my feelings. This is followed by the report from the Delaware news media.

    The Senators in the committee to review the bill before the vote did not have all the facts. Most left the hearing BEFORE Ms. Hamilton’s excellent presentation. This is irresponsible and unconscionable considering the impact of the decision on the safety of PA’s children. They had their minds made up based on the first testimony which was presented by Mr. Castor (who has been associated with a law firm representing pediophiles!)

    The hearing was biased as Senator Greenleaf did not allow other testimony other than hers which contradicted the insurance companies.
    My Letter to Editor:
    The Senate rejected a provision approved overwhelmingly in April by the House to restore the ability of older victims of childhood sexual abuse to sue for damages.
    They based this decision on a possible issue of the constitutionality of the provision based on a decision in a 100-year-old case concerning a railroad injury. (Not quite the same as rape of a child!)
    The Senate could have passed the decision along to the judiciary qualified to consider if it was constitutional. Instead they bowed to the interests of the Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Catholic Conference who has spent hundreds of thousands of collection basket dollars to lobby against it!
    I was a Catholic, but will have nothing to do with this institution anymore, as this is unconscionable!
    These Senators protect the financial interest of institutions rather than the safety of our children! It is estimated that the provision would have identified 100 perpetrators and prevented 10,000 children from violation in Pennsylvania Remember this when heaven forbid your child, grandchild or neighbor is raped by one of these monsters given a free pass to keep violating our children.

    Delaware news article:
    The head of the state Senate Judiciary Committee was labeled “biased” and his oversight at a hearing on extending the statue of limitations for child sex abuse victims to file civil lawsuits called “legislative ethics at its worst” because of his law firm’s representation of Catholic interests contesting a similar statute in Delaware.

    State Sen. Stewart J. Greenleaf, R-12, of Willow Grove, headed the Judiciary Committee hearing on HB 1947 Monday. He chairs that committee. The bill would extend the time child sex abuse victims can file civil lawsuits 20 years to when they are 50 years old.

    The Archdiocese of Philadelphia launched an aggressive campaign earlier this month urging its members to oppose the proposal because of the potential financial peril it could pose to parishes and services.

    Thomas S. Neuberger of the Wilmington, Del., law firm that represented more than 110 child abuse victims under the Delaware Child Victims Act of 2007, said Greenleaf has “an irreconcilable conflict of interest” in this matter and called for him to step down.
    Greenleaf’s firm, Elliot Greenleaf, represented the Norbertine Fathers, who founded Archmere Academy, in the case of a student who alleged 33 months of continuous sexual abuse by a teacher and campus minister at the school during the 1980s. In addition to representing the Catholic entities in this case, Greenleaf’s firm also legally fought the constitutionality of this case and a Delaware law similar to the Pennsylvania proposal……

    Neuberger pointed out inconsistencies in Monday’s hearing.
    He said Greenleaf provided 135 minutes and four witnesses of testimony against the bill and 60 minutes and one witness testifying in favor of it. Neuberger said in various criminal proceedings or civil cases before a judge, both sides are given the same amount of time to present their cases…

    Neuberger pointed to the availability and willingness of Delaware Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Lawrence Lewis to testify. According to his spokesman, Lewis was asked to give his personal views on the background of a similar law in Delaware. Neuberger said Greenleaf refused Lewis to testify…..

    Part of the Elliot Greenleaf filings in the Archmere case included a request by the Delaware Superior Court to consider dismissing the case and determining the Child Victim’s Act of 2007 to be unconstitutional in part questioning the right of due process of law in retroactive cases. That court maintained the constitutionality of that law was based on precedence created by the U.S. Supreme Court and opined, “the lengthening of a statute of limitation is the resurrection of a lost remedy, rather than the destruction of a right.”

    In addition, Neuberger questioned the conduct of state Solicitor General Bruce Castor, who was a part of the Elliott Greenleaf firm from 2008 to 2013 and who testified against the Pennsylvania proposal before Greenleaf’s committee. Zappia offered no comment on this matter……

    “This is legislative ethics at its worst,” he said. “Greenleaf should have revealed to the voters beforehand that his firm profited financially in making the same legal arguments in Delaware that failed before its court system. Greenleaf’s conduct does not pass the smell test. The process to consider this bill is unfair and corrupted because it is not disinterested, to the shame of the Senate and Pennsylvania.”

  11. Well if it goes until the Fall, wonder if it would then bounce back to the Senate like a ping pong ball? Maybe the house can make some noise then and we can keep showing up with our letters, calls and signs?

  12. Or a quick passage send to Gov. Wolf and he signs it and they are all happy, they did something. Interesting all this under McDevitt a politician who somehow escaped his crimes joined the Oblates, corrupted seminarians, was transferred instead of being removed from ministry. Clark has to recruit people in the early 60’s that had little chance to fight to again reform government because McDevitt and others. Those elections where so corrupt that reform of the way Philly elections were held was changed. Mcdevitt was at North with another. Priest who received probation after 200 parishioners arrived in support from North Carolina along with McDevitt were at North and what happened there. Same problem when Hermley’s antics were reported in 79 by the nuns who were watching him and the priest who came to check on him Yes, I was there and that priest gave me a list of names included the priest that I had it out with one of many over boundary issues.

    Jim, hope this time the lawyers write in their settlement what the RCC actually did. The survivors stories are most important, but the church needs that pressure to change. The camp was closed down and before limit the religious there. So instead of what we hoped, the pressure did not result in any one going to jail. The pressure and tactics need to be exposed as Chaput accidentally showed as he pressures politicians

    Rich the result of the inaction of the justice system and the Oblates has caused you and others much suffering. No one wanted to \address his need to have 7 year olds on his lap or the awkward way a kid walked. I directly asked those in charge whether those kids are being abused. At Salesianum I did ask any kid t suspected was abused that questions the answer was no or another reaction..

    Rich, Jim, Vicky, Suzpt and all the survivors and families. Thank you for your strength. Hopefully there will be a time that a child will not have to experience your pain or if they are sexually assaulted, they and their family will have the strength to accuse their attacker because of what you share.

  13. My friend that was raped by a priest when she was 6. She said a nun asked her if he bothered her and she said she replied “no”. There is always the feeling as a child that we did some thing wrong (as if it as in anyway our fault!!!!). wonder how many of the kids at Salesianum felt that way.

    1. Suzpt, thank you but you don’t know my life and I don’t have permission to share those stories that will identify them – survivors of child sexual abuse.

      1. Ed not asking for stories.- didn’t mean to suggest that I did.
        Just saying I would imagine there would be quite a few of us that had we been asked would have denied it because as my friend said she was afraid to admit what was happening to her.

        1. Suzpt, there are many ashamed because who would believe them. How many believed me when I suggested it. Salesianum was where an important part of the Delaware abuse story occurred. Also, I shared what happened that directly affected one survivor from the camp and I accidentally overheard in 1979 and was explained to the Judge at the Delaware civil suit. I wrote to Kathy and Susan about that because in my opinion that affected the outcome of the suit. The judge saw through the Oblates gambit and the judge told the lawyer what needed to be done. Again, not clear, but all I can write. That survivor regularly called to remind that priest what happened to him. Because of previous disobedience/whistle blowing episodes my superior and the accused explained their side in 1979 which is what affected the judge’s decision and the same story. That survivor was abused by a priest and was a driving force.in getting the settlement.

          I don’t trust anyone. Don’t know, should I be angry at. The rape group that ruin my life in the 70’s. Part of the reason I entered religious life is I hoped to expose these priests I heard about from friends that went to Catholic Schools. Should I be angry at the police officers that put down victims moments after they arrived at the scene – 2004 report 40% of foot patrolmen did not believe the victim – incidents for people I knew in the 70’s. Or the social workers who decided that a 12 year old wasn’t raped, even with 3 teachers as witnesses. Couldn’t get her to discuss anything specific just that the kids do want ever the men or boys tell them to do. What could I do for her, the judge would not listen to the other teachers.Considering what I have read, how many would have been saved.if the kids spoke out about the abuse at Catholic Homes?

          I can’t imagine what you and others are going through. Have someone hanged at 12 years old and another a week before his wedding. Don’t have any idea why two people close to my family would do such a thing. Now all of you are dealing with a victim of a priest raping a person, hanging himself.W.e don’t know the priests, the teachers and others lost because of the inaction of the RCC

          Please, it took years to get this far. More people believe you, something that was different in the 60s. The juries that will believe rape victims has changed for the better – especially the old BS from the defense attorneys and now, many police departments have units that only deal with rape and instructions to foot patrolmen not to ask too many questions of rape victims – leave that to the sexual assault unit/ DA.Sorry, but the RCC will not understand that they have let loose too many sex offenders on a unsuspecting public. That is their fault, you are doing what you can.

          Thank you for you help.We need you.

  14. On Friday, July 1st , Brian Gergely, 46 was found hanged in his home in Ebensburg Pa. Brian was a clergy sex abuse survivor who was abused in the Altoona/ Johnstown Pa. diocese. Brian had gone public with his abuse story some time ago. He used his given name in an attempt to convince other abuse victims to come forward .His death, although very tragic, is not uncommon. Many of us who were abused by Catholic priests live our lives with severe depression and continuous thoughts of suicide. It becomes a life time battle My thoughts are with Brian’s family and all the other victims still struggling with the effects of clergy sex abuse..

    1. Tragic and so sad. The catholic church has blood on their hands because they fail to do the right thing. Like Judas they sell out the innocent for a few pieces of silver.

  15. Did Brian’s suicide have anything to do with the recent decision by the Judiciary Committee to gut the SOL legislation? We don’t know for sure but the timing certainly suggests that this was a possibility. As important as it is for survivors to advocate for reform to the laws protecting children, it is equally important that we take care of ourselves and get the necessary help to manage our lives. It is a balancing act that is difficult to maintain.

    1. Jim, Very easy to forget to take care of one’s self but if you don’t sadly in many cases no one else will. I am ashamed and outraged by the PA catholic conference and the catholic church in general.

  16. Yes Jim that decision to gut the SOL has been a huge blow. It knocked the wind out of me like a punch in the gut. I lie in bed at night and think of the 10,000 kids that could have been saved from the horrors we have experienced. Thankfully I’ve got some wonderful counseling to fortify me. I would imagine that for some survivors hanging on by a thread, that decision may have snapped the thread. Holding out on the hope to see justice and then having that home dashed. My heart goes out to Brian’s family.

  17. “Words cannot express the sorrow that comes with the tragic loss of Brian Gergely.”……..spokesperson for the PA Catholic Conference.

    For those in leadership at the PA Catholic Conference………abuse victims and their families, as well as all those who advocate on behalf of victims who have been shut out from a voice in a legal public forum to have their allegations and cases heard are interested only in the ACTIONS (READ, “lack of support’) for the retroactive provision of Rep. Rozzi’s legislation and the DECISIONS of the PA Catholic Conference to lobby AGAINST such valuable, important and victim-supporting retroactive legislation.

    PA Catholic Conference – SUPPORT of the victims – “Talk is cheap”

    PA Catholic Conference – Lobbying (AGAINST) victims and their families – “The weekly contributions of PA Catholics flowing unabatedly to influence the legislators in Harrisburg.”

    1. I heard the catholic conference has a total of 40 lobbyists working on different laws. Its absolutely disgusting the amount of money they spend on lobbying. Separation of church and state I think not.

      1. Consider the irony. Chaput has made a statement that divorced and remarried people who have not yet had an annulment should abstain from sex. Article in today’s York Daily Record.
        He manages people’s love life in the bedroom and lets 100 pedophiles in PA have continued access to rape children.

    2. Read Mark Rozzi facebook page. This man told everyone and apparently no one took action. Look under the July 3rd – Reading Pa comment from one one his classmates. I know the survivors and their families it maybe too much, but those who question why hb 1947 needs to be passed with the Rozzi amendments, not the senate’s amendments.

      Don’t know anything but there are links to male survivors groups. Not forgetting the female survivors, but there are a few aspects of male rape that were posted here (by a women who works with male survivors) that need to be addressed by only a person experienced in male sexual assault. They may be too sensitive for this forum.

      The RCC has destroyed so many children and their families’ lives and needs to allow all survivors to tell their story not just those under 50.

      Not asking survivors to comment on facebook – as I mentioned I know too many victims/survivors who were not ready yet faced their abusers and are still regretting it. Yes there are many strong survivors on this forum who have.Again thank you.

  18. http://snapsurvivorsnetwork.yuku.com/topic/2440/Oblates-Of-St-Francis-DeSales?page=1#.V4Qgl7grLIU

    This has been posted before so sorry to repeat. McDevitt was at North with another priest was was given probation, while his was at the camp with another – charges dropped. How could we expect survivors to report abuse with such poor results from the Justice system. Remember, until the mid 80’s there was no protection for the witnesses that reported the abuse. Also, the hospitals I worked at would not support legally because of court decisions in 81-82. I believe that a lay person took the hit in the 60’s for the abuse.Families and survivors were not in a good place and hoped the RCC would honor agreements in earlier years.

    So happy for now the judges are beginning to understand the damage child sexual abuse causes especially when done by a member of the clergy. Still can’t believe that case where the priest received probation in 2004 or the arrest of another in the 80’s with charges dismissed. Remember the depression after that – people that hoped these and other cases would expose abuse in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

      1. Ed: The entire handling of this bill reeks with the stench of Powerful lobbyists putting money into the hands of brought and paid for politicians who vote not with their consciences but with visions of dollar bills floating in their heads. I don’t believe Scarnati was influenced only by the Insurance lobby. The Catholic Conference and Archbishop Chaput had as much influence. I am not a rich man, but I plan on making a contribution to Jerri Buchanan,, Scarnati’s opponent in the fall election. Sadly, it seems that money is the only way to get through to some politicians.

        1. Jim, Gordner is my state senator, trying people up here. Get more interest in pet safety than child safety. Since we had an several incidents of pet death, I am using the senate bill for animal registry to show the problems with the inaction of the committee and the problem of how they gut bills like HB 1947. Hope that someone will realize that a 135,000 dollar salary plus perks isn’t too bad. The demographics of some areas are changing so that may also factor in a possible change.Of course the posting do get a response the names I hear (private messages) are some powerful people who could be in trouble if HB 1947 is passed with Rossi amendments and the lawyers have the guts to go after them Been burnt too many times and family harassed to believe that that will happen.

          1. Ed: One of the biggest problems we face in Pennsylvania is the issue of gerrymandering. Legislative districts have been set up to guarantee that they will remain safe in the hands of the prevailing party. Note that I said prevailing and not majority party. The Republican party is the prevailing party and the Democratic party is the majority party. There are close to a million more Democrats registered in the State and yet Republicans control both Houses of the Legislature. This is due to gerrymandering where Republicans have drawn up districts to favor their control despite the difference in registered voters. This is about to change. In 2017, districts will be redrawn. Two members each from both parties along with one member selected by the State Supreme Court will make up the committee that will redraw congressional districts. Because the Supreme Court is now in Democratic hands, a more equitable redistricting is quite possible. Myself, I believe we need to find a new way of setting districts. There is way too much politics involved in the way things have been done.The issue of gerrymandering is not only a problem in Pennsylvania but throughout the country. In some states ,it is the Democrats that have gerrymandered voting districts. But whoever has done it, it needs to stop. Gerrymandering is not illegal but it seems to go against the ideals of equality and fairness that most of us share.

  19. I would encourage the opponents of these legislators to sling mud exposing these pedophile protectors.

  20. So these meetings are supposed to be quiet? Who is Chaput protecting as that person traveled to Dallas,TX to prey on others? Chaput along with our lawmakers continue to protect these predators – as they go to so many vacation stops. Are your kids safe after the gutting of HB 1947? COr know the RCC has allowed so many priests into the community? Think of that on your vacation, we have on this website posted many articles about those spots like the eastern shore and several family attractions.


    Artgicle posted on Mark Rozzi’ facebook

  21. Keeping secrets is one of the key tenets of the Catholic Religion. If we make a settlement with you ,you must sign a confidentiality agreement .If Chaput is to meet with you, you can’t tell anyone about it.Let’s face it, Chaput and his ilk would much rather you commit suicide, than confront them about all that they have done to victims of clergy abuse.That way you are out of their hair, and they can continue to rape children.

  22. I just reached a settlement with Boston after 3 1/2 painful years of scrutiny dissecting every bit of my emotional, physical, financial…. history down to treatment for an ingrown toe nail.
    It was so invasive and horrific, but now i am free to tell the whole world how Fr Joseph McInnis SJ violated me!
    (BTW the settlement was not big bucks but it was worth a million to get his name out there to help other survivors)

    1. suzpt: I am sorry you had to jump through all those hoops,in order to get the justice you so deserve.I am also happy that you didn’t have to sign a confidentiality agreement, as so many victims have had to do. I know all the idiots out there who think SOL legislation is all about money but how wrong they are. It really is about getting some kind of justice for each and every victim.I can’t even name my perpetrator because he doesn’t appear on the Bishop Accountability website, despite the fact that I went public in a Philly newspaper back in 2002. IT’s really crazy. I can’t name my perpetrator on this site because of libel laws. I could be sued. Yet he was able to molest altar boys and suffered no repercussions.We need to change the laws.

      1. He got a free pass. I have friends in my town who were violated a neighbor. They lie in bed at night wondering if he is raping a child tonight and are helpless to say anything because being accused of libel
        This has to stop! They say clergy are 5% of the pedophiles but the church has protected not just its own but all rhe other monsters too

    2. Thank you for going through hell to make sure his name got publicized. There’s not enough money in the world to undo what was done, but I hope what you received helps in some small way to make your life a little easier.

    WHAT: Rep. Mark Rozzi to address church leaders callous disregard for victims at Monday news conference
    WHEN: Monday, July 18, 2016, 1:30 PM
    WHERE: Outside front entrance, Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, 1723 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
    Directions – Nearby Parking
    CONTACT: Charlie Vaihinger
    House Democratic Communications Office
    Phone: 717-787-7895
    Email: Cvaihinger@pahouse.net

    HARRISBURG, July 15, 2016 – State Rep. Mark Rozzi, D-Berks, announced today that he will be joining with victims and advocates for a news conference next week to discuss the callous disregard and disrespect church leaders have recently shown to victims of child sex abuse.

    The news conference, which will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, July 18 at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, will focus on the recent death of victim Brian Gergely and the cancellation of a scheduled meeting between victim John-Michael Delaney and Archbishop Charles Chaput.

    Participating in the news conference will include:

    • Marci Hamilton, University of Pennsylvania Fox Distinguished Scholar
    • John-Michael Delaney, victim of notorious Rev. James Brzyski
    • Patrick Conlin, whose meeting request with the bishop of the Diocese of Allentown was denied.
    • Victims featured in You Have the Power video; and
    • Advocates and community leaders supporting Statute of Limitation reform for child sex abuse

    Additionally, Rozzi said he intends to discuss the status of House Bill 1947, a statute of limitation reform bill from which the Senate stripped his retroactive amendment, which was overwhelming approved by the House in April.

    CONTACT: Charlie Vaihinger
    House Democratic Communications Office
    Phone: 717-787-7895
    Email: Cvaihinger@pahouse.net

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