Philly Diocese Fogs Up Again

Is there a new transparency issue? Why isn’t Father Louis Kolenkiewicz listed in the online Archdiocesan clergy directory? He is listed in the clerical appointments that went into effect today.

Father Kolenkiewicz is returning from a removal from ministry and his new gig as parochial vicar at the Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul prompted an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Given this, you’d think all the i’s wouldn’t have been dotted and t’s crossed. But as of 3pm today – his name does n

The clergy directory omission is important. Both priests and laity have come to rely on the directory as a source of information. For example, a bride may request a specific priest for her wedding. Her pastor may check the clergy list to see if the priest has full faculties. Some priests don’t want to enable those removed to falsely present themselves. They know these guys bring them down and I’m sure they resent the tarnish.

Child safety and victim advocates also routinely check this list to track information.

If a priest has been removed from ministry for any reason, his name is taken off the list. Priests who do not have a clerical assignment remain on the list as long as they have full faculties. Does Father Kolenkiewicz have his full faculties? Maybe not.

The removal of faculties is a bit different than laicization. It means the bishop has removed that priests ability to perform ministry in that diocese, such as celebrating the Mass. This removal can be temporary or permanent. The removal can be specific or general. An example of specific would be if the bishop said the priest could not give homilies but could say Mass. General means that all faculties have been removed. Laicization is decided at the vatican and can be voluntary or involuntary.

Bottom line: Transparency and clericalism issues persist.



6 Responses to “Philly Diocese Fogs Up Again”

  1. Transparency and The Archdiocese of Philadelphia should not be used in the same sentence. The Only time they are semi-transparent is when if benefits them in the public light. The lack of transparency goes right to the top of the Arch. Chaput likes to claim the Arch is being transparent but, what about the documents in “The Secret Archive” that he still to this day refuses to hand over? How about all of the pedophile clergy who served as chaplains in “Private Schools” whose posts were never documented on their rap sheets? In all honesty Chaput should be charged as an accessory after the fact for continuing to cover up the damming information he has in his possession. So until the doors to the “Secret Archives” are open to the public any claim the Arch has to being Transparent is Null and Void!

  2. As Susan pointed out the list of clergy with full faculties is used in many ways. A priest can check that list before having another priest at his parish and make sure he is in good standing. If the list is not kept current / updated than a priest could make a mistake by allowing someone to come to his parish to celebrate funerals,weddings, baptisms or help with Confesssion. In the case of Fr John Paul a few years ago his name was quietly removed with no announcement made when that happened. All if this affects child protection. Accuracy is essential. If Fr K did start his assignment today while still not listed as having full faculties, then just take the entire liet down as it serves no purpose.
    I emailed Ken Gavin and the Dept of Investigations a few times since the Inquirer article and not a word of response so far. One question I asked was if the Review Board was even informed of the concerns we passed on about Fr K in 2015. We pass on all info/ concerns we receive in order to help assist the safest environment be provided to the children of the Archdiocese. One law enforcement person once said we must be a valuable resource to the Dept of Investigations. I am still laughing at that comment. Valuable? Try even getting a response .

    The list can be found on the Dept Of Investigationd page on the AD website. It is no small issue to be removed from this list and a bigger issue to be acting as a priest if your name is not on the list.

  4. What was the gist of the Philadelphia Inquirer article?

    The archdiocese’s “fog” is purely clerical in nature. It accomplished who serves where for the coming year, and it saved one of its brothers. That a few “details” are missing is peripheral, frivolous, and inconsequential.

    They’ll get around to it.

    ‘Tis the Archdiocese of Folly.

  5. Kate Fr K is the priest case we have been following the past few years involving suspension of porn/investigation into possible child porn and now placed at the Cathedral while remaining off the list as a priest with full facuties. None of it makes sense. This was the article Susan is referring to

  6. Another example where we posted about the problems with the clergy list

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