Will New Grand Jury Report Be Tipping Point?

It’s confusing and sickening that the horrific abuse and coverup revealed in previous Grand Jury reports hasn’t been enough to cripple the lobbying efforts of the insurance industry and Catholic Church. Pennsylvania laws are not where they need to be in order to protect children and offer justice to victims.

How many more graphic details of child rape and molestation will it take? How many shredded memos and clandestine clergy transfers? I guess we need a hashtag, t-shirts and a celebrity.  #KidsToo

Many victims and advocates hope the tipping point will be a Grand Jury Report to be issued later this Spring.

“Grand Jury Wrapping Up Abuse Investigation of Allentown and other Catholic Dioceses,” by Tim Darragh, The Morning Call, April 3, 2018

6 thoughts on “Will New Grand Jury Report Be Tipping Point?

    1. Michael, Hope and persistence will change things. I believe you have both these traits/characteristics or you wouldn’t be posting on this site. It took years to get this way and will take time to unravel and expose the twisted thinking that created this horror. Jesus was killed by the high priests of the faith he followed and present day ” high priests” are murdering the souls of innocents. I don’t understand everything but I do know 100 percent Jesus exists and he loves each of us. I know this by direct encounters with Christ. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t had those experiences because knowing what I know I can’t walk away from my faith or my neighbor. If you really love both you have no choice but to act. I have in the passed year had to call the child hotline to report unsafe situations involving children not involving the catholic church. I also have been able to use some new laws to keep some children safe. Things are changing. I have seen it using the reporting system and by using some new laws. Change will never be fast enough with a horror like child sexual abuse but change is already here. I pray it continues.

      1. Hope is not a method. Persistence is futile against a church that thinks in centuries. There is no short term for them.

        You lost me from your fourth sentence on to the end. I have no faith and I cannot fathom how you have had “direct encounters with Christ”. Please, don’t bother with the explanation.

        Things are not changing and will not change until such a time as the hierarchy of the church is compelled to pay a vulgar price for their crimes. I find it maddening that people sit in the pews on Sunday and tithe to this criminal organization. By supporting the church, you are accepting the actions of pedophiles and their protectors.

        1. I believe we are the “Temple of the Holy Spirit”. Pedophiles seek to destroy that Temple. I agree money should not be given to support legal fights against Survivors and against legislation to protect children. Michael I know you don’t have faith. You have mentioned that before.The only way to faith is prayer. Prayer in the silence of your soul.Finding that silence can be very painful but after that pain is joy beyond understanding. Prayer changes us so that the Holy Spirit and Christ can work thru us and then we change things with God’s grace. Just as God can work thru people so can the Devil. Its all about Free Will. I acknowledge Your Soul and pray the Holy Spirit remains and flourishes there.

  1. I thought it was interesting churchmilitant quoted Mark Rozzi and also urged catholics to write their legislature to change the statues of limitations. They have been covering the abuse scandal very closely.

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