Philly Archdiocese – Transparent as a Black Trash Bag

Click here to read, “Downingtown pastor resigns after ‘inappropriate’ expenses, relationships” by David Gambacorta and John V. Smith


“Some curious parishioners began raising questions about McLoone’s absence more than a month ago on, an independent accountability forum. “There were rampant rumors of financial problems,” said Kathy Kane, one of the website’s editors.

Kane said she contacted the archdiocese and was told that McLoone wasn’t under criminal investigation, but that a financial review was simply being conducted for the benefit of Msgr. Thomas Dunleavy, who replaced McLoone this year on an interim basis. But rumors of deeper problems persisted and she said she urged the archdiocese to address the matter with parishioners.”

Editor’s Note: 

So when Kathy contacted the archdiocese for the facts on this, did the Director of Communications misrepresent the truth or is he only given information that the archdiocese is forced to communicate because of media attention, arrests or legal action? Either way, transparency is pure fiction.

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  1. “Transparency is now a demand in every area of social interaction and consequently will also be an expectation within the Church. Moreover, so long as transparency is expected, any lack of transparency in the Church will result in a lack of credibility.”

    If St. Joe’s parishioners, Philly Catholics, Philly clergy, and Chaput really, really, want to understand what is going on with the McLoone drama– why the archdiocese responds to it one way and parishioners another– they will read the link below. It’s important that we all move beyond the relentless pattern of hierarchical defense mechanisms countered by complaints and pleas of parishioners. Let us all understand what is truly happening, come together, and fix it. The entire credibility of the organizational church and the faith depend on it.

  2. Thank you so much for your always-compelling articles in Catholics4Change! St. Joseph’s is the next parish over from me in Ches.Co. and one in which I have many friends. I also know Father McLoone from many Irish-American events/Masses, etc. I’m shocked that he could do what he did, knowing how St. Joe’s was already under the microscope from Fr. Lynn’s time there! How stupid, to say nothing of how dead wrong, for him to abuse these good parishioners, neighbors, and AD!

  3. Gladys, had been running a book-reading group in the community, which varied in size between six and twelve people. They selected, in turn, a book that an individual had found useful, then, having read it, they shared their reactions. The model is a common one in reading groups across our society. Gladys invited the new Parish Priest to come to the group when the book for discussion was Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. At the next meeting he prescribed another book, and when it was pointed out that it was not now his turn to pick the book, he replied that if they wished to call themselves a “Catholic” reading group, then only he, as a priest appointed by the bishop, could decide what books were suitable. Gladys, rather embarrassed as she had initially invited him, went to see him to ask why he felt it necessary to intervene like this, and was told that “the church is not a democracy” and arguing was setting her at odds with the Pope. Most of the members have now stopped attending the group and Gladys herself no longer thinks it a viable way of finding discussion partners for issues that are of concern to her. Tempora mutans, et nos?
    Thomas O’Loughlin Professor of Historical Theology Department of Theology and Religious Studies University of Nottingham E-mail:

    * My Opinion as an American Democratic Citizen. This IS, EXACTLY WHAT IS MISALIGNED WITHIN OUR, YES…OUR, CHURCH TODAY. We have a sitting Pope, in a never, never land sized piece of the world, whom is told to lead Priests OF THE WORLD, as in a manner in which only he, the Pope & God, “presumably”, sees fit. Their are Communist Catholics, Democratic Catholics, Hindu Catholics, On & On -All nationalities of the world…Catholics. Then we have these Priest’s whom only see fit to follow their Popes agenda, and an agenda, with which they see as a norm. Repeat, “they see as a norm”. Misaligned, Oh my Dear Jesus, yes. Needing a COMPLETE FRONT END ALIGNMENT. Please, are we a Church of the Old, or a Church of the Progressive? Allow us to be progressive, but, this WILL TAKE “TOWN HALL CATHOLIC MEETINGS”, a virtual, set-up, in advanced, SKYPED STYLED MEETING(S). That cannot and will not feasibly ever happen, thus I state, We, Gladys (Bless Her Heart) inclusive, are all in a ( I will carefully state ) a proverbial downward spiral. Down with Old Rome ! !
    We all received Vatican II, now, almost 60 years later are still dealing with & at odds with Vatican II results. Vatican II was an “alignment” into the new age. Sadly, just probably 70 years TOO SOON.
    * If I am going to Church, to hear the Word, I wish for strict Word, as the Bible taught.
    * Also, remember as well, that “The Church” is NOT the building, or the Deacons on UP, rather THE CHURCH IS THE PEOPLE. Now, people whom have all scattered. Gone – Lost.
    * Poor Gladys as she had it correct !

    1. I don’t understand what this post has to do with abuse or what you are posting about. The priest was a guest at a book club; if the club was not a group directly related to the church he had no right to intervene. This bit of nonsense has nothing to do with the pope at all, but seems to be a local priest overstepping his bounds.

  4. A priest can bugger kids all they want, but steal money and the powers that be will throw you right under the bus. The pastor of St Katherine Drexel in Delaware County was also removed last week for “inappropriate finances”. Remember Bishop Cistone, who removed a nun that reported a priest getting child porn in the mail? — he’s up to his old tricks in Michigan now. Two weeks ago his home and the diocese offices were raided by police with search warrants in reference to several abusive priests. Google Bishop Cistone for the story.

    1. Mike I believe you are referring to Msgr McLoone who was the former pastor at St Katherine Drexel and now removed from St Joseph Downingtown. “Former” being the key word,we don’t want to be providing misinformation about the current parish staff at St Katherine Drexel.

  5. Kathy, Thank you for the correction. The story published in the newspaper was a bit misleading. Certainly do not want to fault the new pastor, who must do the difficult job of recovery.

  6. Yes, Msgr McLoone replaced Msgr Lynn at St Joe’s. He was the former pastor of St Katherine Drexel which was mentioned in the article.

  7. What exactly is “inappropriate relationships with adults”? Why the secrecy? Does not our hard earned money we place into the collection plate pay the salaries, health care, nursing home, retirement home expenses of these ‘men of the cloth’. Why the continued secrecy? First 61 priests rape and abuse young children, now this McLoone (or maybe should be ‘Loon’) sets up a secret bank accounts, ‘entertains’ his adult friends and we do not get an explanation?

    1. Tom, I think that the only reason the ” inappropriate relationships” were disclosed was either because others knew of the info and were going to come forward or because some of the money was used for it and this might be exposed if criminal prosecution should take place in the future.
      Priests have inappropriate relationships with adults that are never disclosed, usually the priest gets some time away to “discern” if he wants to remain a priest.

    2. Exactly Tom, why did it take 6 weeks for church to come forward.why don’t we get more information on who are these “adults”. Are these boyfriends girlfriends, dinner dates or other things? Looks like his scam started as soon as he arrived 6 years ago.

  8. The “…with adults” is the key to the statement. They wanted to be clear that minors are not involved in this case. I would assume that Fr McLoone was buying the services of male or female adult prostitutes. We would not have heard one word of this incident if it was his own money that was used. Rape children, no problem. Steal a dollar from the church and you get quickly removed and handed over to the police.

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