With These Shepherds, Whose Afraid of Wolves?

by Susan Matthews

Pope Francis directed U.S. bishops to postpone decisions regarding clergy child sex abuse accountability as they gathered in Baltimore for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. They had planned to vote on a code of conduct and to establish a lay commission to investigate misconduct from within their ranks. They will obey the pope and these measures were taken off the agenda.

My headline is borrowed from a comment posted by a C4C Facebook follower in response to the news. He’s right. This latest development makes me wonder if an entire institution can be classified as sociopathic.

The Vatican ambassador to the United States reiterated the pope’s wishes and warned bishops not to rely on lay investigations.

The Washington Post quotes him…

“There may be a temptation on the part of some to relinquish responsibility for reform to others from ourselves, as if we were no longer capable of reforming or trusting ourselves,” said Archbishop Christophe Pierre.

“Assistance is both welcome and necessary, and surely collaboration with the laity is essential. However, the responsibility as bishops of this Catholic Church is ours.”

He went on to quote a French author who said that “whoever pretends to reform the church with the same means to reform temporal society” will “fail.”

Damn straight. Civil law, ethics and morality mean absolutely nothing within their arrogant clerical bubble. And, they’ve also proven time and again that they aren’t capable of reforming themselves.

So now what?

The “change” in Catholics4Change does NOT refer to a change in the Church. It refers to the change within each of us that has been brought about by the abuse and the hierarchy’s criminal coverup.

  1. Demand that your senators pass window legislation for justice and prevention.
  2. Demand thorough federal, state and county investigations.
  3. Demand the full measure of the law be applied to those found guilty of covering up the sexual abuse of children.

We aren’t sheep.

Coming soon: Coverage from the concierge lounge and lobby bar at the Bishops’ Conference. C4C’s Kathy Kane investigates.

10 thoughts on “With These Shepherds, Whose Afraid of Wolves?

  1. There is a way to effect fast change from the church leadership, but most Catholics are too stupid or scared to do it. Stop giving your money to this corrupt organization. The one and only thing the leadership cares about is income, and when the money starts to dry up, there will be change.

    1. Michael I was at the bishops conference and “faithful catholics” outside were chanting “RICO RICO”. Never thought I would see the day this would occur. It was surreal. More and more catholics are not putting money their parish baskets or specifying their money stay in their parish and not be given to the AD.

  2. Fifth paragraph, . I see as a contradiction. They are NOT interested in assistance or in collaboration with anyone except themselves, there in lies the depth of arrogance. As far as taking responsibility as Bishops all one needs to do is go back years and see how they put themselves above even the safety of children, explain to me where has their been any responsibility on their part? Michael is right, until the people in the pews STOP giving their hard earned money to this evil institution, NOTHING will change! I have said it before, their GOD is money and power.

    1. Yep Vicky “their GOD is money and power”. I totally agree with that and the passed two days reconfirmed that for me.

  3. The diocese taxes (accesses) parishes by how many parishioners are enrolled.

    My two cents is twofold.

    1. Get your name off the list of parish membership.
    2. Stop supporting the church. Give your money to those in need or for causes that you support.

  4. I have to say something here. I seem to remember 2 John Jay Reports, A National Review Board, Two Grand Jury Reports in Philadelphia and of course a PA Grand Jury Report. I remember that John Jay and National Review Board were commissioned by the US Bishops. I also remember in Philadelphia that a woman named Mary Achellies was hired to help sort this out and advise the AD on what to do. She stood beside Bishop Senior at a parish listening session a few years ago.Then she was gone.

    I believe it was in the 2011 Grand Jury Report it was reported that NONE of her recommendations were followed. Then another woman was hired later to oversee this situation. I do not remember her name. Then she was gone.

    The US bishops set up a “Charter for the Protection of Children” years ago. It was revised two more times since it was first published. The bishops themselves are not accountable to follow their own Charter. They created it but they are not subject to it. Really?

    My question: Why does anyone think the USCCB would change things now in November in Baltimore? They had this same meeting in Dallas in 2002 with the same topic and no real change.
    Why do we think that all this would suddenly stop now?

    We must stop being fooled or else we are just stupid sheep. Lets face it, the only one who can change this from within is Pope Francis. Outside the church …absolutely, our lawmakers need to take charge.

  5. Thank you for compiling this information and keeping us up to date. This latest development is unbelievable. The Vatican has shown its true stripes and it isn’t pretty. If there ever was any doubt, there isn’t now: they really consider their world congregation as sheep (and not in a good way, or a I-need-to-protect-you way), and their main agenda has always been, and always will be, to maintain the status quo and protect themselves and their positions. I seriously doubt that looking out for people was ever one of their priorities. Good ol’ boy network again rears its ugly head.

  6. I went to adoration tonite to process what I had witnessed in the passed two days at the bishop’s conference and to talk to Jesus. I told Jesus ” I saw Saint’s outside the bishop’s conference today and yesterday and Jesus said, “Yes you did!” I said “Jesus help us!” and he replied ” I am pouring my Holy Spirit out on all of you!” So take courage my friends. Take courage!

  7. No USCCB vote on holding Bishops accountable? I can sum up the USCCB meeting in a one block cartoon. Charlie Brown, Lucy and a football. And the alleged February Vatican worldwide meeting of bishops – use the same cartoon. I wish I could draw and plaster this on a billboard !
    Instead of asking WWJD , ask WWCBD ? Charlie Brown took control of the situation and changed the outcome.

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