No Law or Order With Victim Compensation Fund

Closeup of the neck of a priest wearing a black shirt with cassock and white clerical collar

Victims who were abused by order priests stationed in archdiocesan schools aren’t eligible for the Victim Compensation Fund rolled out by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

This is just another rock solid reason for the PA legislator should pass a two-window for civil cases. It would allow those whose abuse previously fell outside the statutes of limitation two years to file a civil case and seek justice. 

Wouldn’t it seem the archdiocese was serving in a supervisory role, given that these men were working with children in archdiocesan schools. It’s no different than the responsibility they should accept for a lay teacher who isn’t an archdiocesan priest. 

Of course, the religious orders are also responsible for their clergy members and for hiding abuse.

Click here to read: “Catholic Church: Religious orders kept reports of child abuse secret for years,” by Lindsay Schnell, USA Today, Dec. 16, 2018

“Religious order priests make up roughly one-third of all priests in the USA, according to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. They’re often known best for achievements outside the church. The Jesuits, for example, run some of the most prestigious academic institutions at the collegiate level and some of the most dominant athletic programs in U.S. high schools.”

Are you wondering what the difference is between archdiocesan and order priests? Here’s a Catholic classroom link that explains.

3 thoughts on “No Law or Order With Victim Compensation Fund

  1. We are not going to get what we want, an accounting of what the Dioceses and the Orders knew and how they protected monsters who preyed upon the most vulnerable. If the grand jury reports and overwhelming evidence of rampant Roman Collar Crime does not move the PA Senate, it may be necessary to take matters into our own hands and deal with the bishops individually.

    1. I was reading a reflection in adoration that basically said if people make sin/evil irrelevant by denying it exists is it no wonder they can’t see Jesus either. A priest once told me some people tell him they can’t see Jesus anywhere but others see him in everything. I think the difference is prayer. It changes you. In the silence of your heart you meet Jesus and you start seeing him in everyone and everywhere. When you see his goodness and love you see evil and corruption more clearly and you wanna change both in yourself and in the world. I attended a traditional mass recently and the pastor said that we need to build and clear the road so that Jesus can come to us this year at Christmas. By putting the effort to prepare our souls to meet him we help determine how much grace flows thru us. It’s so true. Recently I felt drawn to go to adoration at the spurt of the moment and I ended up running into a friend of mine there. I had needed encouragement and I got it by his presence there. I later attended a dinner with a group of friends in which this particular friend also attended and he told me out of the blue he had felt God calling him to adoration that night he hadn’t planned on going either. Through the years I have had many experiences like that. When you know Jesus and listen to him immediately and don’t hesitate amazing things can happen. I don’t understand everything but I do know faith is a gift and prayer is the tool to find that faith. Even if your prayer is I have no faith please help me to find and know you Jesus. He will come when you invite him and clear the road for him bringing many graces into your life. Merry Christmas, Peace and Be Not Afraid. Jesus loves you very much. Help him find you in the wilderness by cutting some of those trees down in your life and making that road smooth.

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