Subterfuge & Strings: Examining the Victim Compensation Fund

hand holding puppet strings

The Archdiocesan Victim Compensation Fund was received by many as a responsive step in the right direction. Under scrutiny, it shapes up to be a very strategic solution – just not for survivors. Its primary goal seems to advance Archdiocesan interests. Participating may be nominally beneficial to some who would never consider civil proceedings. But it comes with serious strings attached.

Those strings could strangle a survivor’s options for future legal justice, public awareness and child sex abuse prevention. Is the confusion surrounding it just another layer of the subterfuge? Click below to read more on this by journalist Max Mitchell in The Legal Intelligencer.

Attorneys Accuse Archdiocese of Sowing Confusion About Victim Compensation Fund

4 thoughts on “Subterfuge & Strings: Examining the Victim Compensation Fund

  1. I am sincerely, genuinely and truthfully shocked that ANYONE who has followed this sad series of events since the 1980s would be stunned by a Catholic organization, diocese or Order trying to weasel its way out of its legal obligations to compensate victims of sexual abuse. Are you kidding me? First and foremost the Catholic Church is an organization. Like all organizations its first duty above all others is to survive. It presently numbers 1.2 billion members. It takes money to administer to those members. That means that the organization like all organizations will cut its’ costs wherever it can. Of course they will try and short change whomever it can to save expenses. Do you know any organization that does not do this? That is why attorneys are essential in this matter. NO ONE should go up against the Catholic Church without an attorney. If nothing else, this horror has taught all of this this sad lesson.

    1. You – Me – & – Every Soul whom Prayed to Christ Jesus using a Church as a “Place of Worship” and / or gave .01¢ or more as a sign of respect & self decency !

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