Catholic Church Aborts Pro-Life Morality

By Susan Matthews

The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference (PCC) highlighted its flawed morality when it shamed a clergy child sex abuse survivor on its Facebook page yesterday.

Why do you have to troll here Carolyn? Don’t you get enough media attention?”

Pennsylvania Catholic Conference, Facebook Comment, 5/15

The comment was aimed at Carolyn Fortney, who was sexually abused from age two to 12 by Father Augustine Giella.

The originating post celebrated the passing of a bill restricting abortion. Fortney’s comment read, “Next up… statute of limitations Reform with a 2 year retro active window to give victims of Child Sexual Abuse Justice and to EXPOSE pedophiles and co-conspirators who helped to cover it up so we can be #ProChildren and protect them.”


Albert Gnoza, the PCC communications director told Kathy Kane that he didn’t expect many people to see his reply to her comment. Sadly, Kathy had to point out the one person who would absolutely see it is a child clergy sex abuse survivor. Aside from exposing a detrimental deficit of public relations and social media skill, it highlights an alarming lack of empathy.

Gnoza went on to say that Fortney’s comment didn’t relate to the original post. Even if this were an acceptable excuse, he is wrong.

The pro-life movement is intended to protect ALL human life from conception to death. It advocates against abortion, murder, assisted suicide, the death penalty and more. Clergy child sex abuse has often been referred to as “soul murder.”

Bishops Pratice Cafeteria Catholicism

As the public affairs arm of Pennsylvania’s Catholic Bishops, the PCC lobbies for legislation that protects unborn children while it lobbies against legislation that would help to protect ALL children from sex abuse by any adult.

I’d venture a guess the Bishops have spent far more on the latter to protect themselves. Who funds the Bishops? Parishioners across Pennsylvania. Some unknowingly and some whole-heartedly. Shortly after founding this blog, my husband and son were approached by a fellow parishioner after Mass. He loudly told them that what I was doing was wrong. This was especially surprising to me because this man was an active member of the pro-life group. Aren’t children equally important as unborn babies?

The Bishops promote this moral blind spot. Their credibility on social issues crumbles as they defy the answer to “What would Jesus do?”

Carolyn, your life is sacred and worthy of protection. The Church failed you. We will fight hard along with you to ensure children are protected now and in the future.

That’s the appropriate reply.

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10 thoughts on “Catholic Church Aborts Pro-Life Morality

  1. These people are actually “pro sperm” and their pro life stand is limited to that alone, while attempting to deceive both themselves and others.

  2. Some “pro-lifers” have tunnel vision, thinking that being pro-life is only about opposing abortion. The true pro-life stance, however, concerns our attitude toward life from “the womb to the tomb and everything in between.” To disrespect a victim of clergy sex abuse is definitely NOT a pro-life attitude.

  3. Some “pro-lifers” have tunnel vision, thinking that being pro-life is only about opposing abortion. The true pro-life position, however, means having respect for the value of life “from the womb to the tomb and everything in-between.” To disrespect a survivor of clergy sex abuse, who has already been so badly traumatized by a representative of the Church, is certainly NOT a pro-life attitude.

  4. @Eve as U mentioned actually “Pro Sperm” – well said ! Maybe 2 years (or more/less) ago, your post would have probably been flagged as inappropriate etc.. Sadly, these days, as we all learn more & more about unsavory actions within “Our Catholic Church”, UR statement is considered “on” & sadly appropriate, fact, completely up to speed. Oh my, afraid “modern Cathoholicism” has unbelievably gone astray. Their may be no way of reigning it “back in”. 5, 10 years ago, who would have thought.

    1. Thanks, Trent. As a retired Social Worker, I’ve watched this for 40 years. I think I see patriarchy in the reactionary throes of death. Beyond chaos will be change. The wind blows, and I believe the Holy Spirit will prevail! Good and Godly men support healthy change, as well as do women.

  5. @Ms.Fortney, I am so very sorry as to what stole, what violated, your youthful years – a priest, a THEN “father” giella, @albert gnoza, YOU-little disrespectful man – you are the PA catholic conf. communications director. I looked up the definition of communication, here is what was found
    a. exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, writing, or behavior.
    In days here of transparency
    – Sir, YOU NEED TO BE FIRED. -I, a catholic, make 1st call for that-anyone else?

  6. Trent has said it well. Carolyn has been a very strong voice for the protection of all children. She is pulling together the voices of survivors, moms and dads who live with the heartbreak that their little children were sexually assaulted by trusted religious ans then the friends and siblings who try to support their loved ones. We are looking at the character of our PENNSYLVANIA Catholic Church that supports our Pedafile State.

  7. The beginning of Lent I had a dream. I dreamed Jesus was sad that the Crown of Thorns were no longer greatly respected and the feast day was no longer widely celebrated and he wanted it revered again.I googled the feast day which I found was traditionally celebrated the Fri. after Ash Wed. I also learned that this year it fell on the International Woman’s day which has its roots going back to the Soviet Union in 1917 and was brought to this country by the Socialist Party of America on Feb 28, 1909 in NY. Fast forward to the end of Lent and I was saddened to find the Notre Dame cathedral caught on fire. Then I heard a brave priest named Fr. Fournier had rescued the Crown of Thorns.He had done what Jesus had asked. He had cherished this sacred relic. Upon hearing this I could not stop crying.Even the name of this priest had meaning for me.Many years ago I had visited a French exchange student with the same last name in Paris and her family had been very kind to me but she was atheist and thought catholicism was for superstitious grandmothers. I have been reflecting on the meaning of my dream and mediating on the Crown of Thorns and I came across this description on Lifesite news talking about a priest giving a homily in Notre Dame.”His words were all the more striking through the presence of one of the instruments of the Passion of Our Lord, the Crown of mockery and insults whose thorns deeply wounded His Divine face” I was thinking about this in context of the Prolife vigil I recently attended in Philly. Did Brian Sims realize in mocking those catholic woman he was mocking Jesus? When the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference mocks survivors do they realize the excruciating pain they cause Jesus physically, emotionally and spiritually? Currently many are suffering in the Body of the catholic church. Even faithful catholics are suffering from the spiritual abuse of the corrupt “Fathers” which can be paralyzing at times.Sometimes it is hard to see the face of Christ in this world.But one thing the vigils for survivors and also for the unborn have taught me is that Jesus is close to the broken hearted and that love acts….love sacrifices for others and when it does it is truly a beautiful and amazing thing as if heaven touches earth briefly and we see a glimmer of Jesus’s kingdom here on earth. I also know when we mediate on the Crown of Thorns we see the face of Christ more vividly and we begin to know his love for us…..all of us. And when we understand this we understand the necessity to lay down our lives for others so that we can hopefully all get to heaven so one day we may live be in the presence of pure Love.

  8. Any trace of the exchange between the PCC and Ms. Fortney has been removed from their feed. That includes the pathetic apology.

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