Criminal Plaintiff Files Civil Suit Against Archdiocese

“Plaintiff in Case Against Philly Archdiocese Sues,” by David O’Reilly, The Philadelphia Inquirer, July 26, 2011


“His lawyers say church officials, including Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua, exhibited “callous indifference to the safety and well-being of children” by ignoring a psychiatrist’s recommendation that Avery not be given unsupervised access to children.”

8 thoughts on “Criminal Plaintiff Files Civil Suit Against Archdiocese

  1. I read a post on a blog last night that claimed “homosexuals are 99% of the problem in the Catholic Church.” Now obviously this isn’t something I haven’t heard a million times before, and being homosexual myself, I wonder where people come up with the idea that a consenting relationship between two adult men or women is similar or even exactly like an adult man sexually abusing a child. Do some consider this behavior homosexual because it is a man abusing a boy? So then I must ask the only logical question that comes to mind, “if an adult man has sex with a female child should we blame that behavior on heterosexuality?” The fact of the matter is simple… This isn’t an argument about sexuality, but rather evidence that bad people lurk in the Church, and bad people do bad things.

    When I was a kid and the sexual abuse was occurring, I remember bullies in school pointing at me and saying, “There goes Father Pervert’s boyfriend.” I can’t begin to tell you how humiliating it was and how devastating it was for me to wonder if those bullies spoke the truth. I felt so alone when I was a kid, I bought in to the attention that was given to me by someone I thought I could trust. He said he loved me. He also said he would hurt me if I ever told anyone what he was doing to me. He did hurt me when I threatened to tell my Mom. It’s the worst situation I’ve ever been in. There’s a part of you that wants to run to a parent or the police and spill your guts about everything you’re going through, but then there’s this other part, the bigger part, that truly believes something bad will happen if you tell. He told me many, many times “that God wanted me to obey him.” And sometimes, or most of the time, I really believed it. I grew up in a very Catholic family, nephew of a Cardinal, and bedtime stories of religion. You can’t get more brainwashed.

    I know just what “Billy Doe” and all the other victims of childhood sexual abuse have gone through and what we continue to go through. There will never be accountability for any of us until the minority starts speaking against the majority and the millions of Catholic parishioners who think we’ve only come forward for money. Tell me where I can sign up to take away the memories of a hellish childhood, and I’ll give you every dime I have to my name. Tell me what I’m supposed to do to forget and I’ll give you ever valuable I own. Tell “Billy Doe” and the rest of us for what purpose were we abused. Explain to me why, as Catholics, you don’t demand more from your Church instead of blaming the victims for the only justice we can ever get?

    1. To post above – I am so sorry for the terrible pain you endured in your childhood and for the pain you still carry. Please know there are many Catholics out here who see and understand your pain. And also know that I, and many intelligent people, understand that homosexuality has NOTHING to do with what these priests have done to innocent children. Those priests are nothing more than criminal pedophiles. Pedophiles prey on children. A homosexual just wants a healthy relationship with another person of the same persuasion, who is also the same age. Homosexuals do not prey on children; pedophiles do. Stay strong,, and know that we hear your stories and believe you. Don’t stop telling your story and your pain. I hope everyday that these criminals are brought to justice. You deserve whatever remedy you can find to have these terrible memories taken away.

      1. I beg your pardon, but if you truly understood my pain, you couldn’t be Catholic.

      2. Rich
        I have met victims who are still practicing Catholic – you know this.
        We need the support of everyone – whether they have left the Faith,are on the fence or are practicing Catholics. People are starting to realize the depth and scope of what has occurred within the Catholic Church. Trying to convince people to leave the Catholic Church is an uphill battle you will be fighting the rest of your life. Try to accept the support that is offered although you may not understand how people continue to practice their Faith. A clergy abuse victim explained it to me this way. Many Catholics are balancing themselves on stilts right now,trying to understand and accept how this horror has occurred within their Church. If you come along and kick at their stilts – you will only alienate them.

  2. Wow! After 700+ letters to Tri-State area lawmakers, I finally got a response. It’s not a great response, but nonetheless, other than a holiday card from the White House, in reply to my letter about childhood sexual abuse to President Obama, this is what NJ Senator Jim Whelan wrote,

    “Thank you for contacting my office. We have received your email and will be contacting you shortly to address your concern. As we are handling a large volume of constituent correspondence, we may require additional time to provide you with an appropriate response. We appreciate your patience and we look forward to serving you.”

    Best regards,
    Jim Whelan

    I guess it’s a step forward. Well probably not.

    1. I will eagerly await your call, Mr. Whelan. We’ve got a lot to talk about. 🙂

  3. Excuse me, I am Catholic. But I realize what you are going through, from personal experience. Don’t bite the hand that offers understanding and agreement with your position.

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