CNN Special: Priest Predators In Plain Sight

“It’s a story that’s all too familiar. Catholic priests accused of abusing children. Church leaders accused of covering it up. But that familiar story has a disturbing new chapter. For decades accused priests who were kicked out of the church have blended back into society. No one keeps track of where they live. Gary Tuchman tracks down some of the most notorious offenders living among us.” Watch a clip from the CNN TV special report.

Editor’s Note: I think the Diocese of Detroit compiles and publishes a list of such priests. If they can, why can’t other dioceses do the same? I’ll fact check this and write something up on how they go about the process. On a side note, Gary Tuchman covered the first friday vigil in April organized by Voice of the Faithful.

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  1. Here is some more footage from the CNN special.I haven’t been able to locate the entire full length video – if anone has a link please send it to us.

  2. again, they go to any lengths to cover up, hide, ignore the truth. I know that you love your Church, Kathy, but at some point soon, this is going to blow sky high, and for God’s sake I hope the truth will set the victims free, free to live their lives, free to know that they have no shame to bear, free to have their souls returned. The Church I loved and the Church you love must be cleansed and reborn, if that is ever possible.

    1. Abigail,this CNN report is the perfect example of why SOL reform is needed. I have more hope in the legal system at this point to provide the change that you reference. Sad but true.

  3. The sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults, and the cover up by the hierarchy, is but one of the grave sins of the RCC. As I come to understand the role of the RCC in the world today, I begin to see that leading members to Christ is not their goal.

    Alas, I think money and power–at whatever cost–is their most important objective. And, as the hierarchy and the clergy in general are brought to justice, then the other evils will begin to show themselves.

    I’m so sorry to have to accept these ideas. I am ashamed of the church of my childhood and am beginning to believe there is no hope. What the RCC does is not what Jesus would do.

  4. One Philadelphia example was Fr Cudemo. As you can see in the Philadelphia Grand Jury report, he ejaculated on the face of a 10 year old naked girl named Ruth. He got her pregnant at age 12 and took her for an abortion. He went on to rape 17 other children, and page 25 of the grand jury report, he was “transferred each time because of what were recorded in Archdiocese files as ‘particular friendships’ with girls.”

    In January 1997, Monsignor William Lynn presented Fr. Cudemo with a certificate declaring him “a retired priest in good standing in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia”. That’s the same Msgr Lynn that is in the news now. The same one that got a standing ovation from the other priests in Philadelphia. Read page 130 to find out it got worse, and he was working as a priest in Orlando in 2003.

    Cudemo now lives in Florida, paid for by the Catholic church. That means a portion of your weekly contributions pays for him. You think about that when you donate. Another portion goes to dozens like him. Keep thinking.

    God watched that girl grow up. He watched while you did nothing about it for some reason. He watched while you paid for all of them, and were too afraid to ask where the money went. God knows what afraid really is. He saw it in Ruth.

    He will ask you about when you try to get into heaven. Cudemo and Lynn won’t be there. You’ll be all alone. You’re going to learn what afraid is.

    1. Actually if you are directing your comments to the clergy in Philly who have done nothing -then on that we can agree.

      1. Kathy,

        Do you perceive what Fr. Chris has done on this blog and in his priest association to be nothing?

        If you do, I’d like to ask Fr. Chris to comment on how that feels.

      2. That is a fair question and the problem with making blanket statements about an entire group ,I know better than that.I do value that Fr Chris has engaged with us on this site.The feeling I get about the priest’s association is that they are focused on issues in this crisis involving the priests. And in 9 long months I have never heard about a group of priests organizing in Phila. to speak up for the protection of children or do outreach to the victims.

      3. Kathy,

        I took some time to reflect on my question: Considering Fr. Chris’ participation in this blog and in his priest association, can it be said that he has done nothing?

        His participation in the blog has informed people. Few, if any of us, have not acquired, through his posts, a deeper understanding of the evils of clericalism, the fraternal and clubby nature of the priesthood, the mental and moral constraints that the vow of obedience imposes on priests, the silencing that occurs due to the hierarchical nature of the Church, and the seemingly inability of priestly men, possibly due to the vow of celibacy, an all-male culture, and an insulated worldview, to psycho-emotionally experience the feelings that lay men and women experience regarding children, their well-being, their need to be protected, and their being as “gifts.”

        Hopefully, Fr. Chris’ participation in this blog has been constructive in terms of him coming to know himself better, coming to understand the reality of the priesthood, coming to better articulate the kind of priest he wishes to be, and acquiring a greater sensitivity to the enormous plight of sexual abuse victims. Hopefully, his journey on this blog has triggered similar journeys in the hearts and minds of other priests.

        Rather than nothing, I call these things something.

        However, when I couple this “something” with his participation in the priest association, the “something” quickly reverts to nothing because the priest association shows no signs, whatsoever, of men having been enlightened by their journeys, and empowered by them to act boldly and decisively.

    2. I know someone who had regular Sunday family dinners with Father Cudemo. He would show her and her sisters photos of all his “friends.” All little girls their age. She actually sent me a picture of him showing them the photographs. I guess that might be post worthy.

      You can imagine where this has left her faith in the Catholic Church.

      1. All so strange for grown men. The priest at my old parish, who was later exposed to be a pedophile,used to ask the boys to come to the rectory and play with his train set with him. What grown man has children as ‘friends”

    3. Patrick, I deeply hope that folks reading this blog will simply go to the RESOURCE link at the top of this blog and hit Grand Jury Report 2011, and READ IT.

      I think all of us who connect up with C4C are on a learning curve. Some are highly proactive, some are just beginning to figure it out. But wherever anyone is ….reading the Grand Jury Report 2011, (which Chaput says he has not done,) will surely help to explain this horrific mess.

      1. Just a follow up thought on the Grand Jury 2011 Report, from which Patrick just quoted a short and horrible exerpt.

        Given that AB Chaput, says he has not read the report….what about folks making copies of various parts of the report and mailing them to the Archdiocese?

        There’s plenty of horrific material to copy, but individual folks will have individual preferences.

        Kathy could provide readers with the AD mailing address!

    4. At this point I see six thumbs down. Would any of you who voted this way please explain your rational?

  5. Really Patrick – did nothing? How about working on this issue for the past 7 months,working on a website that has close to 200,000 hits,starting a foundation that will hopefully help all children in Pa. who have been victims of child sex abuse. I don’t know who you are directing your comments too,I think many have already expressed they have left the Church and some who comment on this site who still go to church are responsible for significant donations that can lead to the exposure of more cover up and crime through important legislation being enacted. Get off of your soapbox,roll up your sleeves and get to work!

      1. Patrick ,I don’t know if you got the message I sent you but your Casey Anthony comment made me laugh for days.That was classic.

    1. C4C is providing a huge service to us all. And folks who comment on this blog are really helpful in understanding child abuse, the horror that victims live with, the gross situation in the Philadelphia AD and what one can do about it.

      The fact that there are over a thousand hits a day, and I’ve been keeping track, suggests that many readers are ‘checking in’ on these matters.

      And that’s great.

      One of the major problems with the Church has been the conspiracy of silence and abuse.

      C4C is changing that. Thank God.

  6. In a related story, today was Cardinal Bernard Law’s 80th birthday gala at the Vatican.

    Cardinal Law is a favorite son of the Catholic church, moving dozens of known pedophile priests to new parishes where they raped hundreds of new boys. Cardinal Law admitted in a deposition that he personally approved the transfer of Fr John Geoghan after he raped at least seven young boys in 1984. Law sent him to another parish, working with other boys. Where Geoghan raped again.

    He had a famous TV appearance as the scandal was breaking where he called on the “Wrath of God” upon the Boston Globe for making accusations. Evidently, Pope John Paul II must have made a special dispensation against the “bear false witness” commandment. Evidently, God was busy, or didn’t have voicemail yet. In 2002, the Boston Globe broke the story that dug religion’s most evil story out of the Catholic church without incurring the Wrath of God. Deftly done, Boston Globe. The pen is mightier than…

    The Pope, John Paul II, moved him to a beautiful job in Rome as a reward. Law was at JP II’s deathbed, a faithful servant, a chip off the old block, like Michael Corleone with the Don, but without the honor.

    In Boston, at least 826 men still have the most unimaginable lives an innocent Catholic child should have to deal with, thanks to Cardinal Law’s Catholic cowardice, and the support of his superiors and supporters. Hundreds of other victims haven’t come forward yet, although it is the dream of any true Christian that someday they do. Catholic bishops pray they don’t.

    I have the utmost respect for survivors that have had the strength to come forward. No one is tougher. The psychological trauma they put you through is unforgivable. I know you are much stronger than I am.

    I have no respect whatsoever for the cowardly Catholic hierarchy that tried to turn the Wrath of God and a billion bullies and against them.

    You all missed quite a party, even though you paid for it through your contributions. You can read about it at including:

    – lavish birthday spread
    – music of a mariachi band
    – four-star Italian hotel
    – guests rolled up in Vatican Mercedes sedans

    Just like Jesus Would Do, livin large.

    Moammar Gadhafi and Saddam Hussein could not attend, although they have had many similar parties, similarly paid for by their people. At one of Cardinal Law’s upcoming parties, however, Gadhafi and Hussein will be there.

    Look at the flames on your birthday cake, Cardinal Law. In your next reassignment, they will surround you for eternity.

    1. i guess that Joe Paterno cannot have an 85th birthday celebration either now as it appears he is involved in the Penn State Football scandal.. and according to Patrick, he should be judged now too, and thrown into hell’s eternity with hitler et al. before anyone accuses me of pointing the finger at someone else (which i could do on a daily basis ) check the news altho a little light on these scandal. even SNAP and Bob Hoatson has been quoted in the NY daily. this certainly could affect your house bills. i am sure there is a big lobby forming. just sayin’. and i am still asking why noone has ever commented on steve Taylor the SNAP pyschologist serving time in jail for porn charges. why did SNAP barbara Blaine defend him for his years of good behaviour??

      1. Actually,
        Those men aren’t any different.

        I paint them with the same brush as the bishops who didn’t report.

        It’s the LAW, they are mandated reporters and didn’t report. But, even if it wasn’t the LAW, they needed to report CRIMINAL behavior against a minor! What is wrong with people?

        It’s on the radar

        Senga, you come across as if people here think the catholic church is the only entity that abused or lied. Of course we know otherwise.

      2. Senga
        In reading about the Penn State story, it struck me how many times adults simply turn their head rather than protect children. On catholics4change we focus on the issues in the Catholic Church. If I was Presbyterian and living in Nebraska and this was happening in my community,I would be addressing it there,but I am Catholic and living in Philadelphia,this is my community. And after 2 Grand Jury Reports and the suspension of 26 priests,we have every right to be concerned for children.
        Our work with justice4PAkids will help ALL children in Pa. It horrifies me when people nonchalanty point out that others abuse children too.Yes do they do, and nothing about that makes any sense to me. Rather than point out all the different predators that can exist in children’s lives ,wouldn’t it be better to get involved and try to help these children – all children.

      3. Senga, it’s been thoroughly said by folks on this blog…ALL children need protection from predators!

        Catholic Survivors tell me that priest predators are ‘alter Christi’, in place of Christ, which adds a special horror to the molestation.

        And that situation is ugly beyond belief, and puts priest predators in an especially appalling category!

        And priest predators have the protection of a very powerful hierarchy that up until recently managed to get prosecutorial “passes” from law enforcement. One hopes that will END in Philadelphia!!!!!

      4. ms. kane, respectfully, i am totally not getting why you don’t get it-we have had communication problems before. must have been educated differently. had different logic classes. anyway, patrick in his usual “style” (if you want to call it that) wants to throw everyone in hell-kind of self righteous of him ,i believe-but judging from comments i have read —especially when he is so insulting to people– , not too many pay attention to him anyway (maybe that is why he comments here -where you say it is a PHILADELPHIA community and he is NOT a philadelphian-no one pays attention to him in whatever city he lives) so i will move on. actually the,re are MANY here who are NOT PHILADELPHIANS or CATHOLIC for that
        matter so what are you talking about ???. i guess you missed the point again, clohessy and hoatson commented on the PENN STATE SEX SCANDAL-just sayin and here you go fighting me again for no logical reason.
        Furthermore–i am speaking also about a lobby that will affect your PA house bills. 2) i am still asking about why noone addressed the SNAP psychiatrist-i wannt to know why Barbara Blaine stood up for him when he had 100 counts of child pornography, is imprisoned for 2 years-did he molest anst anyone?

      5. Senga,

        God works in mysterious ways.

        You don’t think Joe Paterno’s 85th birthday celebration will be cancelled. Wait until you see how the public reacts. Wait til you see the way that Penn State and Joe Paterno are viewed for the rest of our lives. Wait till you see how fast those two house bills pass, and how any politician who opposes them is remembered, on the Internet, when you google their name.

        You are a faithful follower of bishops, the Catholic Leage, and other false idols, so you are completely desensitized to child sex abuse. After the Penn State scandal becomes the largest sports scandal of our time, wait until they go across the state to Philadelphia and find 37 times as many cases as there are at Penn State, and 16 pedophile priests that got away with it and are living among us thanks to dozens of Joe Paterno’s.

        I’m proud to be on the other side of the fence from you, and proud to be ridiculed by you and your tons of people. Enjoy Paterno’s 85th birthday celebration.

      6. I certainly hope you are right Patrick. Pennsylvania seems to be ground zero right now for the most horrific cases of child sex abuse and cover up. The legislation is so important for so many reasons.,for so many children.

      7. patrick–i simply do not wish to offend you-but you misunderstand and anything i wrote about joe paterno and penn state-you twist things so you can get your jabs and insults out. why not read and think before you go off on your criticism of me-you are a very small minded and immature hot shot and you turn people off

      8. Senga,

        Don’t worry about offending me.

        You forget that what you said is written down, so you can’t cover it up. Everyone can judge what you meant. You think Joe still deserves a big party. The Vatican believes Cardinal Law did.

        Joe Paterno isn’t as bad as Cardinal Law because he didn’t do this hundreds of times, and he didn’t threaten the power of God against accusers.

        However, Paterno’s new legacy is completely different. He is THE most powerful man at Penn State, and when he heard about this, he had a chance to do the least he could do, or do something to help a 10 year old boy that was raped in a Penn State shower. Heroes get that choice all the time, and some make huge sacrifices. Joe didn’t take a day off from football. He may not go to hell, but he isn’t getting into heaven.

        Enjoy Paterno’s birthday party next month. There won’t be a line to get in.

  7. I have been complaining about this since the first Grand Jury report was released, ask fr. chris or the arch’d of phila where these criminals are, undoubtedly you will be told that ‘due to their right to privacy ‘ there whereabout can not be disclosed, also while you are at it ask cahput where the money comes from that funds the catholic conference of bishops lobbying group and do they pay any taxes on these monies ?

    1. this is my question too, where are these priests now and where the heck are the 21 or how many of those suspended. Off doing whatever they want to do with their own special following, getting paid, getting their health insurance paid and having a great time going to dinners hosted by chaput. Whose paying their salaries and insurance???? The laity of course, who knows what they actually did to bet suspended, not the laity… they can go back to their parish to check their email? Really, do you think they don’t have their own computers?

      1. Abigail, take a look at pages 55, 56 and beyond in the 2011 Grand Jury Report.

        The grand Jury is asking the same questions that C4C are asking about all these ‘Suspended Priests”. And others that should be suspended.

        Not only that, but the Grand Jury came to some very depressing conclusions.

        For openers, the Diocesan Review Bd appears to be lousy.

        The Grand Jury says”…Our review of just some of the priests files shows that the Review Board finds allegations “unsubstantiated” even when there is very convincing evidence that the accusations are true –evidence certainly alarming enough to prompt removal of priests from positions in which they pose a danger to children.”

        And there is much more in the following pages identifying by name various priests who alarm the Grand Jury.

        If Philadelphia did not have a formal, independent entity like the Grand Jury to identify the Cover Up in your diocese, you would simply be stuck with the AD Review Bd and it’s evils. Most dioceses are stuck.

        AND you have an Archbishop who just recently said on TV that he was “reviewing” these matters. Which may well mean that abusing priests get off the hook unless their names are too public to reassign.

      2. Review boards are as useful as the charter.

        Review boards were created to guide a bishop, but quickly became a smoke and mirrors charade to show there was some form of system/policy in place to guide a diocese. The review boards are at the mercy of a bishop and his cronies. So, knowing that…how effective do you think they can be?

        Bishops answer to the Pope and God…and it sounds like the God part is optional.

      3. No argument, SW, on the Review Boards, but the Grand Jury report said it so well, that I was inclined to quote them book and verse.

  8. Just an FYI…I’m not in Philly, but I have to believe this isn’t unique.

    My husband eventually had his counseling paid (after a lengthy battle)…and you know, the diocese cut those checks from an account that was a reception hall. We sat in a room full of victims…some had settlements, some had counseling paid, most hadn’t approached the church. Same diocese…if they had something paid by the diocese, the checks were cut from accounts that were random…a reception hall one time, a catholic “organization” another time…a catholic “charity” another time.

    We thought it was strange that my husband’s check came from an account for a reception hall, but it wasn’t until we started to compare notes with other victims. Then the lightbulbs started going off…this way way they didn’t have to “account” to the laity that they mishandled funds or how much they paid out to victims.

    You don’t have to ask where the money is coming from to fund what the church does…it’s coming from the laity.

    1. Very interesting maybe if the money trail was researched and exposed the laity might be more upset sad but true.

      1. who is going to know? What catholic-paid employee is going to rat out their superiors? Better yet, you think the church would be honest about that? They’ve lied about abusing children. Children they clearly care less about than they do their money…you think they’ll come clean about how they’ve mismanaged the laity’s money? Never.

        The laity is slowly catching on though…and that’s encouraging.

      2. My response sounded snippy…it wasn’t meant that way.

        There’s no way to trace it is really what I meant to say. Is what they are doing illegal? No. Unethical, perhaps.

      3. Beth,
        I see what you meant.

        The victims have had no issue with telling where checks have come from. The victims, once again, have the truth…but who is going to believe us? Heck, we already face the “we don’t believe you” crowds and “you’re nothing but greedy, gold-diggers out to ruin the church.”

        I’m not saying it’s not worth it for others to know…I’m just saying that that is not on any victims agenda at this point since we can’t even get them to tell the truth about raping children.

        When churches close and schools shut down…and people want to know how this all happened…the first people blamed will be the victims for suing the church (they already do this), but give it time, someone, somewhere will connect the dots and realize the victims KNEW once again that the bishops mismanaged their money and the laity was once again….”too busy” to notice.

  9. I do NOT defend the church on this point…but, the question becomes…what in the world can they do with the abusers? They aren’t charged with anything (I know, they need to fight for the SOL to be opened), and now they are “responsible” for these people. Where do you put them? Of course they are going to be in neighborhoods, near children and unsuspecting adults…where else would they be? There will never be a safe enough place…predators create their opportunities to abuse.

    I think it’s important to imprortant to impess upon the public that the catholic church has not “supervised” anyone. They can issue their orders about what that accused priest is supposed to do or not do, but hey, they weren’t supposed to be raping children either and their orders to quit doing that weren’t heeded.

    It should make the public very nervous that pedophile priests who have been laicized (but not charged with any crimes), or those who “retired” are now in their neighborhoods.

    1. What can they do? Let me play pope.

      – bring in 50 victims and 50 parents and ask their opinion
      – get the truth. Make each accused priest take a lie detector test. If they fail, take another. If they still fail, pay for the accuser’s therapy forever. Sell churches to pay for it. Then make a reasonable settlement. Then put the priest in a dungeon. Basic food and water. Rewrite bibles all day. Religious monks in history have done that without being punished.
      – if the priest passes every lie detector test, things get more complicated. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t happen often.

      Of course, every Catholic reading this will think, “you can’t do that. It would cost money”. No commandment says, in any way whatsoever, to save money.

      Jesus Christ could literally have driven around in a 2011 Mercedes in the year 30 B.C., and they certainly would have known that He was the son of God. He didn’t. He told the truth and lived right. People followed him. He’d be explosively angry at what these bishops are forcing down your throat in God’s name.

      Want to follow a Catholic bishop today? They are in a 2011 Mercedes, driving to the 80th birthday party gala for Cardinal Bernard Law. Membership has its privileges.

      1. patrick, you and the lie detector theory…c’mon.

        I meant more in real life terms. It’s not because of the money, it’s because it’s not realistic.

        I don’t care if the priests drive around in brand new Mercedes, as long as they aren’t lying about abusing children or how they funded that Mercedes.

      2. Let me guess, Patrick. You triple-majored in Medieval theology, criminal justice and automotive sales and service?

  10. My state has a registry where a sex offender’s address, criminal offense and photo are available so that the public can be forewarned.
    The state of NY is making domestic violence abusers wear a GPS locator on their ankle so that victims and police will know where they are at all times. Perhaps clergy abuser could wear special GPS collars; that would be the perfect irony.

  11. Patrick O’Malley, Lie detector tests, PLUS psychological exams AND evaluations, plus past histories, references and evaluations from seminaries, examinations of their bank statements AND computers, AND drug tests would be more thorough and more likely reveal the truth about perpetrators than just one test.

  12. Clarification – psychological *written* tests and comprehensive collective *psychologist interview* evaluations by several professionals – not just one evaluation paid for by the church.

  13. NEWS FLASH……………Full page add entitled Catholic and Proud in this Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer listing all of the local catholic business and social organizations and how many people they either service or employ. The add is listed as being paid for by catholic men and women. Clearly the city and local regions want to keep these businesses up and running with so many tax paying employees feeding the coffers.

    Ironically, the currents section of the same paper on page D2 has a heading entitled “Verbatim” quoting the invocation of Chaput to the Philadelphia City Council on October 20. Part of what he said was: “Leadership requires two virtues that seem very simple until they become very inconvenient: honesty and courage”.

    Pass the barf bag please!

    1. People who have any pride, live it. They don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to convince people to have it.

      Money down the drain.

    2. Donna,
      I fully expect an all out PR blitz in the next coming months. It is the oldest trick in the book,distract people from the real issue at hand. Yes the Catholic Church feeds the poor,provides services for the ill and many other things. I was a social worker for many years in Philadelphia and at times referred clients to Catholic organizations for assistance.But good does not cancel out bad. It reminds me of when my kids screw up in some way and then point out something they did that was good. It doesn’t work that way.
      The part that disturbs me the most is that it says it was paid for by Catholic men and women. Are these people parents? They would probably be the loudest voices screaming,if something happened to their child within the Church.
      We all know how much horrifying and damaging info will come out at the trials. They will continue with the “look over here” tactic and the sad thing is,it will work for many people.

      1. Kathy said, “They would probably be the loudest voices screaming,if something happened to their child within the Church.’

        Children of these parents would never tell…they KNOW they wouldn’t be believed over their parent’s love of the church.

        Same dynamic as before. Ugh.

      2. Sorry,my comment cut off. There are so many dynamics involved in why children do not disclose abuse. Al Chesley the former Eagles player who was raped as a child by a neighborhood policeman,did not disclose his abuse until after his parents were deceased because they would have been horrified to know what had happened to him,he did not want to upset them. Tammy an adult survivor who was abused within her own family, talks of how she did not disclose the abuse when questioned by family members, because they were so upset and angry, that she tought she did something wrong. So many dynamics in the mind of a child. And Vicky who has shared her story with us all, tells how her Mother made her stand in the room for hours wanting her to recant her disclosure of abuse.
        I am involved in this cause for many,many reasons, one of the most important is because of my own children. I want to teach them that you stand up for people who have suffered ,speak up,always try to do the right thing.

      3. Kathy is right, there will be a full blown media blitz, underwritten by conservative folks. It would be interesting to know who designed and paid for the Inquirer ad?

        A commenter on a NCR blog recently made a really good point about fiscal priorities for the Church.

        He said compensating victims of abuse caused by the Church (and protecting children from further abuse,) was a DEBT that had FIRST PRIORITY, before any other church funded activities.

        He used the example of paying his mortgage or utilities bill…He said, ” I can’t tell the bank or utility that I have a charity I must fund, BEFORE I pay these fundamental DEBTS”.

        Your Archbishop, as fiscal steward of the diocese, needs to pay his debts to victims FIRST and THEN allocate funds to diocesan programs.

        AND he needs to protect children from all those abusing priests, BEFORE he does any other “Church Business.”

      4. Joan and Kathy,

        So right on all accounts.

        The hierarchy knows it would financially bankrupt the church to pay the debt to the victims first….they are the only ones who fully understand the scope of it. They have the secret files.

        For every victim who comes forward, there are more who will never do so, but the church knows.

  14. No argument (again) SW, relative to those secret files and the Churches behavior. Which is WHY it’s so important that Seth Williams prosecute fully.

    Philadelphia is in a very unique situation. You guys have two Grand Jury reports that are scathing, relative to clerical abuse. I checked this out on the Internet and I couldn’t find any similar Grand Jury reports that nailed the Church so clearly, anywhere in the US. Of course you have had a horrible mess in Philadelphia for a really long time, abuse-wise.

    I feel like a broken record, but I really hope blog readers will go to the top of the page, to the RESOURCE link and READ the 2011 Grand Jury report, I suggested earlier that, as your Archbishop has said HE hasn’t read the report, perhaps C4C folks would send him excerpts from the the 2011 report.

    Perhaps Kathy could give us the AD mailing address!

    1. Joan, the address to the Philadelphia Archdiocese is 222 North 17th St. Philadelphia Pa. 19103. We will add the address to the contact info in the Resources section .

  15. ms kathy kane– when you disparage anyone who tries to make an independent point instead of dribble the same thing all the time, you loose people. i know tons of people that this blog completely turns off–and others that wouldn’t bother even checking it out– they would not waste their time–does that mean that they don’t care about kids-NO! but my experience has been pretty negative as well. i must go have a nice evening.

    1. Senga I think the best person to answer your question about Barbara Blaine would be Barbara herself. I have never met nor spoken to her. I believe that the email addresses and phone numbers of the SNAP officials are listed on their website.
      Finally Senga,we can agree on something,I too find Patrick’s posts to be self righteous in many ways and I know his comments turn many people off,especially those who are maybe just getting involved in this issue,figuring what they can do,how they can be most useful,what impact they can make. That bother me a lot because I don’t want any person turned off by his comments to now not get involved in the efforts that many Philadelphia Catholics are undertaking. I will give him thnumbs up for his sense of humor however I would like to see the lie detector tests and dungeons for priests comments disappear. There are too many realistic positive actions that victims,child advocates and those involved in legal/law enforcement have been outlining and working on.

      1. thank you kathy-i will try to find out when i have the time to devote to my curiousity on the SNAP psychiatrist Steven Taylor porn conviction in louisiana. info never posted here or SNAP -only on abuse tracker and . why a SNAP person would stick up for him it would be troubling to wonder if he was not checked out before he councelled abuse victims and did SNAP check and see if he possibly acted out beyond the 100 counts of kiddy porn that the authorities found. i believe he pleaed to get less time in jail.

        i will need to refrain from commenting on the immaturity and irrelevance of some of the posters here. i am glad that you are
        aware of how they completely turn people off. really not humorous either unless you mean sick humor..

  16. Maureen Martinez and Bob Riley of justice4PAkids and Pa. State Rep Duane Milne Republican, will be interviewed on Channel 6 Action News tonight during the 4:30 and 5:30 newscast to discuss the fall out from the Penn State crisis and the need for SOL reform

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