Prosecuters Hope to Include Former West Chester Chaplain Allegations and Others

Editor’s comment: I’m heartsick knowing the situations in this article merely scratch the surface of what investigators found. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” So many in leadership did nothing and would continue to do so, if left unchecked by the law, media and concerned Catholics. Msgr. Lynn should not be the only member of our leadership on trial. Others knew. The Vatican knows. They don’t want to answer to governments, but they will answer to God.  – Susan Matthews

Click here to read: “Lawyer: Pa. Church Official Threw Peer ‘Under Bus,'” by Maryclaire Dale, Associated Press, ABC News, January 25, 2012

Excerpt from article: The cases include a priest who allegedly pinned loincloths on naked boys playing Jesus in a Passion play, and whipped them, in keeping with the drama; a priest who held what prosecutors called “masturbation camps” at the rectory, having boys strip naked and teaching them to masturbate; and a pastor written up for disobedience for complaining to Bevilacqua about an accused priest being transferred to his parish.

“I truly would love a jury to see how these were handled,” Assistant District Attorney Patrick Blessington said in court. “The more cases they see … the clearer the picture becomes.”

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  1. How much more of this filth do we Catholics have to stomach. Not only do we see clear evidence of priests unable to manage their own behavior, but we see even clearer evidence of how the hierarchy have no idea how to handle the behavior of their “employees.” And, furthermore, the hierarchy have no desire to end this reprehensible behavior. How can we lift our heads to face the world when the tales we heard, and thought were nothing more than anti-Catholic bias, are found to be true?

    What can we do to stop this terrible behavior from continuing? Who can we turn to for help during this terrible time? Do we just continue to cover our heads and cry? So far, no one is listening…What can we do? Where can we turn?

    1. Elizabeth, My therapist will be speaking in march at a catholic parish in Chestnut Hill. On the panel will be her and another therapist who counsels priests that have abused children. It should be informative for all who choose to attend and it might help you with the awful struggle you are feeling. My heart goes out to you. I know what you must be experiencing because I was there once. I am a survivor, raped by 3 catholic priests. I was very involved with my church and truly loved it. Now I have found an inner peace by connecting with the Divine on a very personal level. I talk to God as I would a dear friend and then I get quiet and listen. I hope I have given you some solace.

  2. Kathy, and a child shall lead them, to either Heaven or Hell.
    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.
    There’s another, A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do:
    A woman Must do what he can’t.
    Your little scripture on the right hand side of the page say’s it all, and you are all doing your part by this site, without fear or favour.
    Take heart.

  3. “… a pastor written up for disobedience (for reporting an abuser.)” This is a common situation. I have become friends with one of the other women who were also assaulted by the priest who assaulted me. She told me her sister, a nun, reported an abusive priest to the bishop; and instead of punishing the priest, he retaliated against her by getting her sent away from the diocese. The few clergy members who tried to speak out were systematically squelched by the hierarchy.

    1. Yes I believe they are refering to Fr. Pichard in St. Andrew’s in Newtown for speaking up and the other priest mentioned I believe about the Passion play S and M incidents is Fr. Smith while at Saint Andrews in Drexel Hill and a few surrounding parishes.I could be wrong but from what I read it sounds like them.

    2. Amen Susan! It’s a huge responsibility but we must not go for what we “wish it could be” but “what it is!” A place we sought for refuge , good vs evil and now know that it is it’s just the opposite,

      Everybody… Keep up the “good work “. !!~

    3. Yes, Janet. That is what happens. The heirarchy just retaliates on anyone who speaks up. I know a priest who was banished to an undesireable assignment for speaking up on lesser issues.

  4. The moral way to go is for lynn to cooperate with the DA”S office and expose all those perps and the rcc’s connections to Harrisburg , Law Enforcement , Elected Official (s) and any Government Official who aided in the concealment !

  5. Certainly we are in agreement with the first responder to this blog, Elizabeth T. We are all wondering why there was not a CATHOLIC CAIRO on the streets of Philadelphia when news of this 2nd coverup of sex abuse by catholic priests hit the news. Outrage and disgust should lead us not simply to prayer but to serious ACTION against those responsible who allowed this. Many have stopped their financial support, and many have left and are leaving this corrupt institution.

  6. Please know, as Susan said, this only scratches the surface. The priest who assaulted me was caught earlier on by a fellow priest who found his box of photos- pictures of junior-high Catholic school girls sent out of class by the nuns and other teachers for him to peruse- and reported it to the bishop. The criminal priest had a loaded gun and threatened to kill the priest who turned him in. These are facts I learned from depositions and church documents my attorneys forced the church to release. I am sure there have been a number of unexplained deaths surrounding these cases. Finding out where all the bodies are buried is more than just a figure of speech. I hope I will see the time when ALL the facts come out about the crimes the RCC has committed.

  7. Which New Jersey diocese accepted the perp from Philly? In what year?

    I have my own research I need to do about an archbishop that hails from our great diocese…he landed in New Jersey. There is a big case against our diocese, where this archbishop had to be deposed…essentially, it happened on his watch. If he had anything to do with this case, I’d like to connect the dots.

    I’ll do some digging.

  8. The priest mentioned in the article regardingi the “pins” was from my home parish. He is also the one who met with us for marriage interview and prep. He was on the altar at my wedding along with 6 other priests, 3 of whom have been included in the Grand Jury Report. I am just so sickened to think of him leaving one of our meetings to possibly go to one of these “pinning” sessions. The thought of the 3 of them standing at the altar concelebrating my marriage. Then to think that the other 3 possibly had knowledge of their actions.
    As Susan says, all this is just scratching the surface. I am so sickened by it all and feel as I have been duped all these years. I can’t even begin to feel what the victim’s of these priests actions have truly gone thru.
    I hope the judge allows everything to be presented in trial and I hope the media covers every single minute.

    1. Mimzy, sounds a little like the priest who procured an abortion for the religious carrying his child that went wrong, celebrating her life when she died.
      Included in Sr Marie McDonald, Superior General of the Missionaries of Our Lady of Africa’s report.
      Imagine that.

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