Judge Comments on Catholic Church Sex Abuse Crisis

Click here to read: “Sex abuse ‘widespread’ in Catholic Church, judge says,” by Jeremy Roebuck, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb. 1

Excerpt – Reviewing a list of questions to be asked of potential jurors, Common Pleas Court Judge M. Teresa Sarmina arrived at one that read “Do you believe child sex abuse is a widespread problem in the Catholic Church?” and hesitated.

“Anybody that doesn’t think there is widespread sexual abuse within the Catholic Church is living on another planet,” she said, recommending the question be stricken from the list.

20 thoughts on “Judge Comments on Catholic Church Sex Abuse Crisis

  1. I have sent my letter to Judge Sarmina today. As a survivor of priest abuse from 3 catholic priests, with Msgr. Lynn’s trial coming up of which I had several meetings with, my letter is truthful and powerful. It speaks volumns of who is truly is as a human being. Copy of my letter will be emailed to Kathy and Susan amd Sister Maureen. Any survivor out there, please take some time and write her. Letters can not only be powerful for the judge to read, but healing for the survivor, it speaks to you empowering yourself!

  2. Bravo, Judge Sarmina. Now she must lift the gag order, release Bevilacqua’s deposition video and compel Chaput to release all the AD’s secret files. It is over a decade since the first grand jury began uncovering a widespread conspiracy to rape defenseless Philly children. Bevilaqua’s powerful lawyers have enabled him to run out the clock. Seth Williams must now bring Lynn to trial–no backroom plea deals. And when is Williams finally going to criminally investgate Rigali–will he be allowed to run out the clock as well? Will Lynn dislose what Rigali did and knew? Will justice be denied innocent children once again?

    1. I would like you to explain who you are and whom you represent? Thank you. You have been around for a long time but I don’t see too many, if any, fruits from your Org. gs.

    2. Great to see you here Voice of the Faithful! Thank you for your work.

      Keep the faith. Change the Church.

  3. Will Bevilacqua now become the “fall guy” for Lynn since he has passed away and has nothing lo lose?Might that be the lawyers’ tactics…..that Lynn was following direct orders and was adhering to his vow of obedience to Bevilacqua? If so, could it work?

    1. This isn’t rocket science. They had professional PR people in there, and the best lawyers that your money can buy.

      They knew that at 88 years old, Bevilacqua wasn’t going to last long, so you can’t prove this, but they could certainly get Lynn to beat the legal system by having a “blame the dead guy” defense.

  4. Vicky,

    Please regard this note from me as 4,000 thumbs up.

    Love to you, and I hope you have found better men in our life.


  5. To Reid and Theresa: Reid, A profound thank you. You are gifted to be able to see beneath the surface into the very core of ones pain. Your comments are always surrounded in truth. I want people to know that God is in charge of everything that is going on and I believe with all that I stand for, TRUTH will win.
    Theresa, here is the address of Judge M. Theresa Sarmina: Common Pleas Court, 258 City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa. 19107. In one short paragraph of my letter I said: Has society as a whole missed the truth? please don’t allow the truth, as it stands before you, tall and proud, be driven from this case.

  6. Vicky, thanks for Judge M.Teresa Sarmina’s address. Thanks also for the suggestion to write to her. I was not abused, but, I will write on behalf of a person I know who is the most courageous human being I know. I will express and describe to Judge Sarmina the pain he has endured, let alone the rape and loss of his childhood. Again, Vicky, thank you for your courage and suggestions, and for the TRUTH of how you have lived your life. Remember: “Kindness and TRUTH shall meet; Justice and peace shall kiss; TRUTH shall spring out of the earth, and, Justice shall look down from Heaven.”


    “Earlier abuse claims to be allowed at priest trial
    The Associated Press
    Updated: 02/06/2012 02:54:51 PM EST

    PHILADELPHIA—The judge overseeing a child sex-abuse case involving three Roman Catholic priests in Philadelphia will allow prosecutors to reference previous molestation claims against other clergy at trial.

    Common Pleas Judge M. Teresa Sarmina ruled Monday that the abuse allegations are relevant to the upcoming trial of Monsignor William Lynn.

    Lynn is a high-ranking church official charged with shuffling predator priests to unwitting parishes.

    Prosecutors want to show a pattern of behavior in how Lynn handled the careers of priests credibly accused of molestation.

    The defense wants to limit evidence to Lynn’s handling of the priest and ex-priest on trial with him. The Rev. James Brennan and defrocked priest Edward Avery are charged with rape.

    All three defendants have denied the charges.”

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